tagGroup SexOn Set With Axis Ch. 02

On Set With Axis Ch. 02


This is the second part in a series. For the action leading up to now, see On Set With Axis.


Lilith Blackheart. That was the name of the director, but she did not look like a Lilith to me. The name evokes a black-haired witch or dominatrix, but Ms. Blackheart was a red-head whose long straight hair flew about unhindered and who wore a loose, flowing, flowered wrap. She looked rather hippy-ish. She was moving about the set, checking up on camera angles and coaching the two blonde girls who were about to have sex with each other.

I was trying very hard to pay attention to what Ms. Blackheart was doing. I felt that if I concentrate on the work aspect of what was going on, I might just shed my lingering sense of humiliation.

By the time I'd made it back into the coffee-shop area, Big Buck had let everyone know that I'd been fucking his wife Jill. BB's intentions had been good. He just wanted to reassure everyone that I was not a pro and that Jill's fucking me did not violate her promise to him about avoiding risky sex with men who fucked for a living. Still, he apparently couldn't resist making a snide comment or two about seeing my limp dick flapping in the wind, ensconced in a used condom.

Jill gave me a hug and said some comforting things, but the crowd just let out an exaggerated, "awwwwwwww, how sweet," and Jill decided I'd best be left alone.

Axis came to the rescue and pulled me over to sit in Lilith's director's chair right next to her. She told me that she was the assistant director in this shoot, and learning from Lilith, so she'd have to pay attention to what was going on even though it wasn't her scene.

"This is a lesbian scene that turns into a four-way. The plot is that the waitress comes onto the patron after spilling coffee on her. Two guys walk in to buy lunch and discover the two girls having sex and join in. They also swap partners which is very hot stuff. Enjoy."

I watched with rapt attention as Lilith coached the two actresses. They stood huddled together, the three, Lilith in her flowing flowered gown and the other two butt naked. They could have been twins, as both were short, thin, and blond. One, was a bit darker in complexion than the other, and she had smaller breasts and a tighter body. The lighter toned of the two was curvy and sported large bulbous boobs with giant pink aureoles. I found her incredibly beautiful.

I had missed the build-up scene in which the two girls began their love affair and lost their clothes. Now they were in the middle of their passion, but Lilith had wanted to regroup and change some camera positions for the intrusion of the two men. She seemed a bit upset, but it wasn't clear to me about what. Axis also seemed confused.

"What's up Lilith?" she asked as the director came back to reclaim her seat behind the main camera and I got up to stand behind Axis and rub her shoulders.

"Wait and see. Watch what happens and let me know what you think." She told Axis and then yelled, "ACTION!"

The darker of the two women pinned her lover up against the counter with passionate force and they kissed in earnest. Their legs parted and intertwined such that each woman was rubbing her thigh against her friend's cunt. Moans and the smell of sex began to fill the air around us.

There was no need to yell "quiet on the set." Everyone was tuned in to the sex scene unfolding. I managed to tear my eyes away for only a moment and look around the room to find both men and women putting a hand to their groins. My hands were busy rubbing Axis's shoulders, but I could feel her muscles flex as she fingered herself with one hand. Only the camera men -- 'people', I should say, as one was a woman -- seemed oblivious to the steam rising from the set.

The fair skinned object of my lust was now seated on the counter as her tanned girlfriend attacked her pussy. Within a few minutes she was climaxing, and it definitely looked real.

"Now watch." I heard Lilith whisper to Axis, their heads leaning together conspiratorially.

Just then a bell tinkled as the door to the diner opened and two well built men entered the scene.

"Ho,ho,ho, Johnny! What do we have here?" Guffawed the taller of the two.

"Geez, Bill. Two honeys doing the nasty!"

"Think they'll mind if we join in?"

"I sure hope not. I'm droppin' my pants and moving in."

"Way ahead of you, good buddy."

That was it as far as the conversation went. Both studs tossed their shoes and dropped their pants and moved up to the girls with their erections full tilt ahead of them. The darker girl moved her ass back a bit and the taller guy impaled her with his 12 inch porker. The shorter guy climbed on to the counter awkwardly and then moved forward to present his cock to the waiting mouth of the girl whose snatch was still being licked.


"What's wrong Lil'?" a (very cute) set assistant asked.

"Axis?" Lilith asked, "why did I stop the shoot?"

"It looks forced."

"IT LOOKS FORCED!" Ms. Blackheart screamed to no one in particular, adopting and confirming Axis's critique. "How can we make this flow? What would happen in real life? I want this film to have INTEGRITY!!!"

As she screamed out "integrity", she shook her hands in the air like a profit of doom crying out to the Lord. Her red hair shook in all directions and her flowered robe opened up just enough for me to catch a glimpse of her bright red pubic hair. So she was naked under there, I thought.

The naked actors stood there and began debating what they could do to improve the scene. Various ideas were tossed about and I couldn't help but be amazed at how their seriously these naked actors took their work. My attention was also absorbed by the men's undying erections. I wondered if they were using Viagra or not. But the two actresses were stroking them gently and I knew that two of the girls sitting to the side were "fluffers" whose job it was to suck them hard before they entered a scene.

Basically, I was spacing out a bit, drooling over the fair-skinned lass who'd noticed me staring and gave me a wink. I was just beginning to wonder if I could get a piece of her when I realized Lilith was speaking to me.

"What would YOU do?" She asked. "You're a normal person, you're closer to sexual reality than we perverts are, and Axis tells me you like to write. How would you make this scene natural?"

"Um...." I was scrambling to get my mind back in gear. "Let's see...

"The situation is that the waitress seduced the customer or vis versa?"

"Right now, we have the waitress spilling the coffee onto the customer and then, while drying her off, she starts rubbing her breasts and getting intimately close, until they kiss."

"Okay," I continued, beginning to walk around the set and pace as I do when being creative. "So our waitress is the initiator and our customer is a bit more passive. We have to stick to that.

"Now then, when two guys walk in and find this fucking going on, they're not going to be so sure of themselves as to how to act. Even if they're best buddies, they're going to feel awkward making a move. You might want to consider bringing them in individually."

"No." Lilith decided, "I like where you're going with this but have them come in together and make it get sexy quick. I want it natural and realistic, but sexy, like me." And she sat down in her director's chair and began rubbing her breasts and pussy. "Get me going."

"Okay, so the guys come in together, but they don't announce themselves. They come in naturally, but when they notice the fucking, they cringe and back up a bit, unsure how to react. Also the customer, who's now sitting on the counter being eaten out, doesn't know how to react. She sees them first and quickly covers herself up with her hands, surprising the waitress eating her out.

"Now the guys can't have hard-ons already. What happens is that the waitress turns around and approaches them. She approaches them because she is the dominant one here. She challenges the two men with a come on line like, 'hey guys, like what you see?'

"The guys'll be petrified and may not be quick to react, but she'll figure out which is the more dominant of the two and move in on him, putting her breast to his mouth. While he switches gears from passive to aggressive, the waitress reaches over to the other one and warms him up with gentle caresses to his face and chest. Then she either tells him to take care of her friend or calls her friend over to help with the second guy. Whatever seems better to you."

"Maybe we can shoot it both ways," Axis suggested.

"Either way," I continued, "I'm thinking it should start as two by two and only later meld into a foursome."

Lilith had begun working her fingers into her cunt and when I finished my suggestion she pulled them out, sniffed them and sucked them.

"Okay," she said, "you're getting me wet, but I want something more."

"Well, I was thinking,"I said, suddenly inspired, "that if there's a waitress and customers, then there must be a short order cook, or a manager that can watch from a different room. If we put a male and female character in the kitchen they can watch from the window and justify a voyeuristic camera angle from in there."

"YES!" Lilith yelled, and I wasn't sure she wasn't cumming from all the friction she'd applied to her pussy as I talked. "That's it. We'll do a parallel sex scene in the kitchen. The short order cook and the female manager will catch the four-some and instead of interrupting it, they will begin fucking as they watch. He'll have to do her doggy so they can both keep looking out the window. Oh this is good. I like it. Let's set it up."

"But Lilith," Axis asked. "That's an extra sex scene and we don't have unaccounted for actors. We can't have the same actors playing different roles."


"I've got it!" Axis suddenly cried out. "My friend here and one of the fluffer girls could do it."

"What d'you say, Sandra?" Lilith asked a young black girl with short straight hair and a full breast.

"I'm in my period, but he could fuck me up the ass if you want."

"Great idea," Lilith announced with ever growing enthusiasm and jumped up from her directors chair. "The anal will add a dimension, and it makes sense because the short order cook would obviously want to fuck his manager up the ass. He's probably taken a lot of shit from her and wants to pay her back. Are you up for it?" She concluded, turning to me.

"Of course he is," Axis answered for me. "Don't worry," She then said to me. "I'll give you some pointers and help you out. You'll be perfect."

Setting up the scene took nearly an hour. They had to add a camera to shoot the cook's point of view out the narrow kitchen window into the main eating area. I began to realize that they couldn't do this complicated a scene in one shot. They would film the foursome from all the angles, and then regroup and shoot my sex scene with Sandra independently. I would have to pretend I was watching something out the window. This fact got me a bit more nervous than I already was as I realized all eyes would be on us.

But Axis's coaching was terrific. She calmed me down about being watched and helped me get over my biggest concern: not getting up. She told me that I would have time to get to know Sandra a bit and to pretend as if it was a date between us. If the chemistry between us worked, I shouldn't have any trouble. Sandra, for her part, would jam a giant dildo up her ass to get her opening ready for a less than expert penetration.

Sandra was very warm and outgoing. She came right up to me and gave me a peck on the cheek, then gave Axis a long lingering kiss on the mouth.

"I just love Axis, don't you."

"I do."

"Did you see me and her in her film 'Axis Boldly Loves'".

"I did! I remember you now!"

"Great! I love to meet the fans."

"How come you act sometimes and sometimes just fluff."

"No reason in particular. I'm open to any job on the set, really. Pays the rent you know." And with that, Sandra grabbed me around the waist and waved goodbye to Axis. "Let's go someplace quiet for a few minutes," she continued, "It'll be a bit before the filming starts."

We walked together hip to hip into the kitchen and then past the refrigerators to an area where a cluttered desk stood under a dim desk lamp and a Penthouse centerfold from 1984.

I sat down on the rickety wooden chair that Sandra pulled out for me, and then she sat on my lap. She leaned into me and we kissed. There was some awkwardness at the beginning, but soon our kiss was warm and passionate and my hands were warming her back with circular rubs.

Slowly, our kiss broke.

"You're so gentle, I love your kiss." She began, and then added, "Where are you from, originally?"

"I flew in from Ohio, but grew up in Chicago."

"Yeah!?" Sandra nearly shouted, "I grew up in Peoria!"

"Coupl'a hours down the freeway. Been there a few times."

"Whenever I see a CAT shovel or tractor, I get homesick."

"Where do you live now?"

"LA... la la land. I moved there for the sex films."

"Why'd you want to get into porn?"

"I started fucking young. I was 14 and pretty developed already when a cousin of mine and some of his friends did a train on me."

"Isn't that like rape?"

"It can be, and a lot of girls get hurt by it, but mine was sort of set up. I'd already fucked this cousin, when he told me he wanted to score some points with his friends. We set it up and I fucked seven guys about two times each. One of the guys kept saying it was just like porn. That's what gave me the idea." Sandra shifted a bit in my lap to get more comfortable and began rubbing my leg as she continued.

"Over the next few years I began noticing that I liked cock a lot more than most girls. I mentioned this once to my best girl's older sister. She'd always been like an older sister to me too and we talked freely. One day we were talking about sex and I said I was going crazy thinking about cock all the time. She told me it was natural and gave me some good advice about having fun without getting into trouble. I guess the conversation was working her up because she then asked me if I liked cunt too. I was like, 'say what!?' but sure'nuf, I ended up learnin' to eat pussy that day with her and her sister my best friend. So you could say that by the time I was 19 I was pretty experienced and pretty talented and looking for work I enjoyed. So it just clicked."

As Sandra told her story, she'd been rubbing my leg, and I'd been rubbing her ass. Soon her hand was at my crotch and we began making out again.

Our kisses were really warm and caring. A real passion seemed to be developing. Then Sandra broke it off. A string of saliva still connected our lips when she said, "How's about we do this naked?"

"Okay," I let out in a whisper, hardly able to think straight.

Sandra jumped to her feet and began to disrobe. It was a sexy but direct striptease. Her arms crossed over her stomach, grabbed the hem of her t-shirt and then pulled up. Her firm round and rather large breasts bounced free, unhindered by a bra. Her dark nipples simply mesmerized me, and I only came to my senses when I heard her giggle lightly.

"You like?" She asked as her thumbs found the waistband of her sweats.

"I do, I do." I said as I watched her turn away and moon me.

For the first time I noticed Sandra's impressive fingernails. They were long, but not overly so. What struck me was that each one was intricately painted in different pattern, albeit with the same shades of red,white, blue and an orange.

"You like?" She asked again, and for a moment I thought she was talking about her finger nails, but then I realized I was meant to be appraising her vagina and anus.

"Indeed I do." I replied and reached out to touch.

"Lick it." She ordered and then added, "Don't worry, I wipe with baby wipes."

A small white string dangling from her pussy reminded me that she was in her period and I decided to focus entirely on her ass hole. I was a bit nervous at first, never having done this before, but pushed on ahead. Falling to my knees, I replaced her hands with mine upon her ass cheeks and began rimming her. Her hands moved forward, one reaching for a chair to brace herself against while the other shot up to her breasts where it kneaded, tugged, and pinched.

As I got used to the idea of licking her spunk hole I indulged in it more urgently, probing her bowels with my tongue. She moaned and growled softly, vocal vibrations which grew even more intense as I introduced a finger to her puckered star.

Soon I was standing again, leaning against her as one hand held her hip and the other finger-fucked her ass.

"I love this," she cried and then called out for Axis.

Axis hadn't been too far away and seemed to know what Sandra wanted as she suddenly appeared with a rubber sex toy designed to penetrate her ass. Axis had told me about this step, so I knew just what to do. Adding my saliva to the rubber plug I worked it in rather easily to Sandra's rear. Once in, she turned around to face be and to undress me.

We chit chatted as I unbuttoned my shirt and Sandra unbuttoned my jeans. She laughed about having to remember to take out her tampon before the shoot and how full her ass felt with the plug. She told me that I'd almost made her cum with my ass licking and how much she'd have liked to have me do that to her cunt. Then in an almost technical tone, she began discussing with me the state of my cock and how we would try to get it hard without bringing on an orgasm.

"How does it feel right now?" She asked cradling my limp member in her right hand. We were both completely naked at this point.

"Good," was all I could think of to say.

"No, you have to be more descriptive, and give me information I can use. Are you turned on a bit? Does it feel tingly?"

"Yeah, it wants you to squeeze a cum out of it."

"Okay, that means you're too close. Don't touch the head and try to think about other things, like the set. Look around while I go down on you okay?"


Sandra went down to her knees, but didn't begin sucking me as I'd expected. She gave a perfunctory kiss to the top of my shaft at the base near all the short and curlys. Then she took the base of my cock firmly between her thumb and fore finger. With her left hand she gently cupped my scrotum which became taught both from the stimulation and a slight chill. She extended her left hand fingers further between my legs and began fingering my ass hole. Then with her right hand she began waving my cock about, still holding on with only the two fingers.

"Now I know you had sex already and came, so don't be so eager to squirt. We want to move you away from there to a nice stiff erection that doesn't want to cum. How are you feeling?"

I didn't need to answer, and couldn't really. I was just amazed at this woman's skill and professionalism. In a sense I felt like I was at a doctor's office, a thought that helped me curb my enthusiasm. In an odd inversion of my general experience, my cock was becoming stiffer, while my desire to ejaculate was dissipating.

When my boner became more pronounced, Sandra's tongue entered the fray, taking long dry licks at by balls and the underside of my cock. She was careful to avoid the head of my cock with a brief exception when she quickly deep-throated me and doused my organ in her saliva. I was now sporting a proud erection that curved beautifully upwards and with an abundance of lubrication from her spit, she loosely stroked my hard cock with her fist.

Sandra was now on her feet and admiring her work.

"I think we're in business. Together we'll stroke it just enough to keep it semi-erect. Watching the others go at it will help keep you aroused as well, but don't go over the top. You have to get into my ass and pump at least five times before ejaculating.

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