On Target


I work in one of those large department stores; you've probably shopped there. I work in the customer relation's area where we have to deal with all the rude shoppers that always want things their way. Even with all the rude shoppers and all the work we have to do, we still have the time to have some fun. And lately, it has been more fun than usual.

I am a somewhat average looking girl. I have long dark brown hair and dark brown hair and dark brown eyes, to some both my hair and eyes look pure black. My most memorable feature would have to be my very large breasts. I wear a 36DD. I've worn that bra size since about age 13; I am now 23. But beyond that, I am fairly average. I'm average height, about 5'7", average build, just an average type of girl. However, my coworkers always marveled at my more than average ability to remain calm with the customers; surprised that my Italian feistiness never caused me any problems.

Now there is a gentleman I work with, a year or two younger than myself, that is anything but an average man. I have found myself attracted to him ever since he started at our store. This is unusual as I am rarely this attracted by a guy, and because I always try to separate my professional and private life. And even so, every time we worked together I couldn't keep myself from flirting with him constantly. I fantasized about what it might be like to fuck him, and on several occasions I dreamed about doing so.

Let me tell you why I was so attracted to him. He is a beautifully dark black gentleman, who stands about 6'5". He goes to a gym so he is decently toned and muscular, nothing too serious though. I mean he is no Mr. Universe, but who really wants that anyway? I've never been with anyone like him before: tall, dark, and handsome you could say. I've never been with anyone more than maybe 3 inches taller than me, so just to stand next to him towering over me makes me feel very intimidated and very, very, aroused. You have to wonder, with his height and the size of his hands, just how enormous his cock would have to be.

I was content to merely flirt with him by day, and masturbate thinking about him by night. After all, he had a girlfriend, and I had a boyfriend, so it could never work out between us; or so I thought.

One Wednesday evening we were scheduled to close together at the customer service counter. Now would probably be a good time to explain the area where we worked. We have a separate area near the store's entrance, completely enclosed in glass. We have a counter up front with a couple of registers on it where we process returns for customers waiting on the other side. Behind us is a short ledge with carts underneath for sorting out the items that have been returned. There is a narrow walkway to the back of customer service where there is a back wall, room to push carts in and out, and a locked door we enter through.

So, anyway, we were scheduled to close the store together. I felt like dressing a bit nicer than wearing the same old khaki pants and red t-shirt, so I grabbed a semi-short khaki skirt and a tight, low cut red top. I couldn't wear anything too revealing, as I would be sent home. I decided against wearing stockings, as it was far too warm out. Technically we have to wear stockings with any skirt, but I knew the manager I had that evening wouldn't mid. It was then that I realized I had never put my laundry in to wash earlier, and had no clean panties left. I was always doing that. I considered running quickly to a store for some, or grabbing a pair at work, but decided to save my money and just go without. I also styled my hair nicely and put on just a bit of makeup. I looked pretty good, if I do say so myself.

Soon I was ready and headed off to work. I got a few comments on how I looked nice. My manager, who I mentioned earlier, actually commented on my having "great legs" as he said it. I should have been thinking 'sexual harassment lawsuit' but instead I just smiled and blushed. I knew my team well though. I should have been reprimanded for now following dress code, but instead I was inappropriately complimented.

I walked over to the customer service desk and entered in through the back door. All my female coworkers greeted me by teasingly whistling and commenting on my outfit. James peaked around from the front of the customer service desk to see what all the commotion was about. He saw me and merely smiled and went back to work.

The night went on as usual. One by one all the morning ladies left for the evening, and after 3 hours it was just James and myself. We flirted over the course of the evening, but just the usual nonsense. Every so often I noticed him watching me, out of the corner of my eye, as I worked. All of my scheming and dressing up didn't seem to affect him all too much.

At about half an hour before closing, someone on the other side of the counter needed help with our employment kiosk computers. Being as I am always the one to fix them as I am the only one who know how they work, without a second thought I hopped up on the counter, swung my legs to the other side, hopped back down and adjusted my skirt. James looked as though he needed to pick his jaw up off the counter. I smiled.

"Did you forget that you're a girl again?" James asked jokingly.

"Nope," I said, "I am well aware." I smirked.

I walked over to the computer, it seemed to be frozen and it needed to be restarted. I walked back up to the counter, leaned over and rested my elbows on the countertop while James finished helping a customer. I could see he was looking down my shirt, but I just waited patiently.

"Can I have my screwdriver please?" I asked with a raised eyebrow. James smirked, knowing what I meant, and after some searching he found it and handed it over. I smiled and thanked him, and walked back to the kiosk. I squatted down and reached under the desk to restart the system. My back was to James, but I could feel his eyes burning on me as he stared at my ass. I started to think maybe I was causing too much trouble, or being too cruel to him. Maybe I should stop.

As I slowly stood back up, I heard him whisper under his breath "nice ass." I was not sure if he meant me to hear or not, but I quickly spun around with a big smile and said a very enthusiastic "THANKS!" He looked embarrassed, and I figured that I was in fact not supposed to hear his compliment. Oh well, he said it, I thought to myself.

I strutted myself back up to the counter where I had just jumped off. "Little help?" I said flirtingly. I hopped up on the counter and slid myself toward the end. My skirt slid up my thighs nearly exposing my bare cunt. I had my arms out and expecting him to grip me under my arms and lift me off the counter. Instead he grabbed my hands and held them as I hopped down. I fought the urge to sigh. I really wanted an excuse to feel his strong hands on me. I just giggled instead.

"Probably couldn't pick me up anyhow," I scoffed.

James had a shocked look on his face as I walked off to the back of customer service. Once back there, I gasped to myself, having noticed the fairly large bulge growing in his pants. He continued to help the customers as I stayed in the back sorting out all of the items to send to their departments. He was quiet the rest of the night, he stayed out front and I stayed in back. No chit-chat, no flirting, no anything. I was kind of worried I had really done something awful today; he'd never acted this way before. We always flirted and talked during work. I was really starting to regret my actions.

The closing announcement rang on the overhead. The store was closed, they shut the lights off, and the customers one by one waited to be rung up at the registers. James and I sorted out the returns of the night in silence, in absolute silence. I loosened up a bit when I noticed him making little glances at me. I started bouncing about flirty like, throwing the items into their proper carts. I caught James smiling once or twice, though he still didn't say a word.

Our work was done for the night, and we were about to go home. We both walked out the back door of customer service, and as we began to walk toward the employee entrance, James grabbed me by the arm. His warm fingers wrapped clear around the top of my arm. His touch sent chills down my spine. I looked up at him seductively.

"Did you forget your cell phone inside again?" He asked.

"Oh shit!" I exclaimed. I ran back to customer service, unlocked the door, and headed inside. I went to the front of customer service and started tearing through the drawers. I couldn't find it. I was sure that I had put it in the center drawer but it wasn't there. I was throwing pens and papers about, when I suddenly heard the door to customer service close. I walked around to the back and there standing against the shelving was James, with a it of a smirk on his face. I walked around in front of him, and leaned on the back wall.

"You know something I don't?" I asked, quite calmly having recovered from my frantic search. He just smiled and put his hand down in his pocket, and pulled my cell phone from it. I smiled and reached out to grab it. He held it above my head, out of my grasp. I tried to jump to retrieve it, but couldn't. He shook his head and set it down on the top shelf. I was fairly confused, not understanding the game, but I played along anyhow.

I leaned back up against the wall, facing him. He just stood opposite me, looking at me. His eyes slowly drifted down my figure, taking the time to study every detail of my body. Slowly his eyes returned to my face, a smirk and a raised eyebrow greeted them.

"See something you like?" I asked.

"I was just thinking about how funny it was your saying that I couldn't pick you up." He replied, completely dodging the question. He shook his head and laughed.

"Yeah well, you probably couldn't." I teased.

He got a devilish look on his face. "Oh yeah? We will just have to see won't we?"

Wit that he lunged toward me, and before I could move out of the way he had grabbed me from under my arms, lifted me a good foot off the ground, and slammed me against the back wall. I exclaimed "OW!" out of pure shock, not because it hurt. I expected him to put me down after proving his point, but he just held me there. I began to squirm and smack at his arms, half seriously half playfully. Nothing. He lifted me up a dad higher, now my head was above his and my chest was right at his eye level.

I struggled about for 30 seconds, but soon realized that he was much stronger than me and I was stuck up in the air until he let me down. He looked up at me and smiled when I sighed in defeat. I thought maybe, now that he knew he'd won he might put me down. H didn't. Instead he just held me there, smiling. We both just stared at each other in silence. It began to get kind of awkward. It was like the joke should have ended a few minutes ago, and yet we were still in the same position. He started at me while I was helpless in his arms, 2 feet off the ground.

I began to squirm for a second, and that just made him grip his hands tighter at my sides. I moaned softly. It was as if for the first moment I forgot that I was being held off the ground and just felt his hands on me. I hadn't realized that when I moaned, I must of closed my eyes. I opened them and looked down at James. He was smirking, with his right eyebrow raised.

"Anything wrong my dear?" He asked.

"Could you please put me down?" I asked with the best sad face I could muster up. I wanted to be put down; I wanted to be back in control. At the same time though, I did not want this feeling to end.

For the first time since he picked me up, his eyes traveled away from my gaze. He looked me up and down. His eyes stopped, looking straight ahead, at my chest. He closed his eyes for a moment and breathed in deeply. "No, I don't think I will," was his reply.

It occurred to me to try to struggle and get away. He'd have to drop me eventually right? But I didn't want to. I couldn't make myself move away from him. I knew my breathing had quickened, as did his. He still was focused on my breasts. I could feel his thumbs stroking up and down the sides of my breasts the best he could reach as he held me there. I stared at him, and bit my lower lip trying to keep from moaning. I had a feeling this was going to turn into something wrong, something very wrong.

He looked up at me, and proceeded to walk toward me, effectively pinning me against the wall. His face was buried in my chest, and he just stood there, inhaling deeply. My skin felt on fire with is body against me. He slowly started to lower me down, my body rubbing against his as he did. I put my hands on his shoulders as he continued to lower my body against his. As we became face to face, I pushed against his shoulders, and he stopped and held me there. I was pinned, face-to-face, between James and the wall. I wondered if he had intended on still holding there, or if my subtle gesture begging him to hold me there was the reason my feet were not on the ground.

He pressed his lips against mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck and just melted into his lips. It felt amazing to kiss him, our tongues exploring each other's mouths for the first time. It felt wrong, but so good. I held him tight while we kissed. His grasp on my right side loosened; I held tighter to keep from falling. He slowly slid his hand down my right side, slowly caressing my skin. His hand made it down my thigh. He pulled my leg up and wrapped it around his back.

Between holding around his neck and my leg adding support, it left James with a free hand. With his free hand he explored my body. We kissed so passionately while his hands traveled over my skin. I arched my back, pushing against the wall behind me. I lifted my other leg, and wrapped it around his back just like the first. James gripped his hands on my shoulders and pulled back away from me, ending our passionate kissing.

I stared at him hungrily, my legs wrapped around his back, my back arched, and my shoulders and upper back pressed against the wall to support myself. He looked back at me with the same look of hunger and desire. He seemed a little surprised that I was as willing and desiring to do what we were doing.

His hands traveled down my body, briefly massaging my breasts, and then continuing down my body. His hands moved with such purpose, with such pressure. I groaned as he touched me. It dawned on me that we hadn't said anything to one another. It was almost as if we were in this alternate reality, and if we spoke, we might break the spell. His hands reached my thighs, tightly wrapped around him. He rubbed my upper thighs, deeply and strongly.

He walked back into me, pinning me back against the wall, squeezing me between the wall and his body. His lips pressed against mine. I moaned. He moved his hands up to my waist, where he then put pressure. He pulled slightly away from me; his hands at my waist prevented me from moving with him. I tried to wrap my legs tighter to keep from falling. He pushed harder against me.

When he got me to stay the way he wanted, his hands began to rub down my body again. His fingers reached and rubbed against my naked cunt underneath my skirt. He pulled his lips away from mine and grasped, staring at me. I simply smiled. He slid his finger up and down my wet cunt, teasing my clit. I groaned and squirmed. He inserted his ginger into me; all I could do was gasp. He pushed his finger in and out of me twice, and then pulled it out. I sighed and moaned and looked at him with the best puppy dogface anyone has ever seen. Then I heard it. I heard his zipper lower on his pants.

After a bit of moving around, I finally felt his hard cock pressing against my pussy lips. My cunt stretched as he began to push himself inside of me. I groaned and moaned as he thrust deeper inside of me. I hadn't seen it, but I knew his cock had to be enormous. I had never felt something that big inside of me before. It seemed like an eternity, but finally at long last his entire cock was inside of me. I looked at him, eyes wide open, mouth gaping.

I inhaled sharply as he began to thrust in and out of my cunt. I gripped his shoulders tightly, digging my nails into his flesh. I pulled him close to me, and pressed my lips against his. We kissed, we moaned, but mostly we just breathed into one another as he fucked me hard against the wall. I kissed his lips, then his cheeks, then down to his neck. My head rested on his shoulder, moaning all the while he is fucking me like mad.

Then, all of a sudden, something made me look up at the ceiling.

"Oh shit! The camera." I yelled.

It hadn't dawned on me until just then, that all the while the security camera was recording our every move. Even my exclamation about the camera didn't slow James down one bit. He continued to fuck me like crazy. My back scraped up and down against the cinderblock wall. I moaned like mad, and wanted so much to just forget about the camera and enjoy this amazing fuck fest, but I couldn't. We could get fired! We probably already would get fired.

Again I said, "James, the camera!"

This time he paused, buried deep inside me. He looked me in the eye and said, "What's wrong, you don't want anyone to see us fucking?"

I looked back at him. "No. No. Oooooh." I groaned as he thrust in and out of me again, and then stopped.

"Do you want me to stop fucking you then?" He asked.

"No, no oooooh." I groaned again as he teased me once again, thrusting in and out of me and then stopping inside of me.

"Oh, so you want me to fuck you." He said. "You just don't want anyone to see it, or know about it. Is that right?"

"No. I mean yes. I mean... Oh!" That was all I managed to say.

James started fucking me like mad again. Slamming me against the wall. I t was amazing, so good, so good. I didn't want him to stop, but I wanted us off the camera. I started telling him no, and to stop, and for us to leave, but I was telling him to fuck me all at the same time.

Then all of a sudden, James pulled me from the wall. He held me up in the air, still impaled on his cock. I gripped him round his neck. I was afraid I would fall.

"Don't worry. I am not going to drop you, yet." With that he bounced me up and down three maybe four times on his cock. "God, I can't get enough of that tight cunt of yours."

But with that he began to slowly walk, me still in the air impaled on his cock. I was shocked; where was he taking me? We were nearing the front of the service desk. I started hitting his shoulders and back, and whispering quiet for him not to do it. I really couldn't imagine that he was going to do what he was about to do, but still I knew it wasn't good.

"Here we go." He said.

Any of my half hearted struggling was to no avail. Before I knew it James had thrown me onto the service desk, for all to see. He started pounding me on the desk of customer service. Some of the closing cashiers were still cleaning up the front lanes. It was like I could hear the entire store stop as they all turned to watch what was going on. But by now, I didn't care. I knew there was nothing I could do to stop it, and the feeling of James' cock ramming into me was too great, and too much to let me think clearly.

"Oh yes. Harder James, fuck me harder." I spoke quietly in his ear.

"What did you say?" He asked.

I repeated, "Fuck me harder James."

"I still didn't catch that," he said as he fucked me furiously.

"FUCK ME HARDER JAMES!" I screamed at the top of my lungs.

One thing was certain; anyone who had not noticed us fucking surely did now. I didn't care. He was obviously going to have me either way, and I was defiantly going to enjoy it.

I laid spread out on the desk, James standing in front of me, pounding my hot wet cunt. I noticed people standing about watching what was going on. I was a bit embarrassed, but the longer he fucked me, the less I cared.

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