On the Beach

byKen Nitsua©

"You were so hot for me you threw caution to the wind. End of story," I say.

"And who was cruising me all afternoon at the 24-hour Fitness?"

I turn my head and grin. "Let's call it even."

It's fifteen years to the day since that afternoon on Waikiki when I met my partner. Back then David and I had different lives, lived in different cities. Even though we hit it off right away it never seemed as if we'd be able to make a go of it together, certainly not in Hawai'i.

Life, though, has a way of figuring things out for you. Here we are, the two us, living in paradise. I look at my man and think, what did I do to deserve him?

"Dinner was great, wasn't it?"

David nods, then yawns. Darkness is falling quickly. Soon the incessant chirping of the night frogs is going to start up. It drives a lot of folks around here crazy, but we like it.

"Yeah. Made me sleepy."

"Oh no, you don't. You promised."

He smiles, a little bit resignedly. "You are a horny devil. Are you ever going to slow down?"

I shake my head. "I'll stop being horny when I'm dead. Let me wake you up." I slip off my chair and sidle over to his on my knees. I take his flaccid cock, bend down and slide it into my mouth. It takes a little longer than it used to, but my attentions have the desired effect. As his organ hardens in my mouth David sighs and runs his hand through my thinning hair.

"That a boy." I get up and walk over to the wooden railing that rings the deck, which juts out over the yard below. Once darkness falls it's pitch black here, except for a few lights from neighboring houses and the stars above. I take hold of the top beam and bend forward, planting my feet far apart. "Come and get it."

I hear David's bare feet pad toward me. He wraps his arms around my chest and we share a quick sidelong kiss. His hard cock slides between my butt cheeks. I reach behind, take it and guide into my ass, already lubed. I gasp at the familiar sensation, mixed pleasure and pain.

"Oh yes," he says.

"Fuck me, David."

He's gentler than he was that first time so long ago, but doing it outside still gets us going. Soon, panting and the thudding of male bodies making contact fill the air, competing with the tweeting of the night frogs. I begin to jack myself off in rhythm with David's thrusts. All too soon I hear the strangled grunts that mean he's shooting his load. The thought of his seed filling my insides pushes me over the edge, and with a muffled groan I come into my hand.

My partner withdraws from me and turns me toward him. To my surprise he takes my cum-smeared hand and licks it clean. He must be very turned on tonight. Before I've fully recovered from that surprise he really stuns me--pressing his lips to mine and forcing me to taste the slimy salt of my own cum. He doesn't release me until he's satisfied I've swallowed it.

"Wow," is all I can say. It's totally dark now, but I can imagine the wicked twinkle in David's eyes. He's gotten me good.

"Happy Anniversary, love," he whispers to me, and clasps me to his chest. We stay that way, joined for what might be eternity, under the palms, under the stars, by the restless ocean.


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