tagGroup SexOn the Beach Ch. 02

On the Beach Ch. 02



I got Jo's email as soon as I sat down at my desk and turned my laptop on. The subject line was innocent enough, but when I opened the message and began to read, I glanced across at Jo and pantomimed fanning my face to cool it.

She'd written a pretty explicit description of what we could do with Tim next time we got together, and I felt myself getting quite aroused as I read down. Her message finished with "Up for it?" and I quickly hit the reply key and typed "You bet!" then hit send.

I saw her nod, then her fingers moved briefly over her keyboard, obviously messaging Tim.

All three of us got on with our work for the rest of the day. Just after lunch I needed to speak to Tim about something, and my anticipation of the evening increased as he managed to keep his face from giving anything away; only a distinct glint in his eye held a promise for later.

At five o'clock – Jo's usual finishing time – she closed down her computer and took her jacket from the back of her chair. I glanced over at Tim, and smiled to myself as I watched his eyes follow her across the room. She reached the door, and turned, giving Tim an unmistakeable saucy wink before heading down the stairs.

The clock was approaching six when I saw Tim get up from his desk. He came over, and casually said, "You ready for your lift, Beth?"

I nodded. "Thanks, Tim."

I picked up my bag, and we walked together out of the building and over to the car park. Tim opened the car with his remote, then opened the passenger door for me.

"Very gentlemanly," I grinned, sliding into the leather seat.

He closed the door, then walked round to his own side and got in. We pulled smoothly away, and Tim turned out of the car park onto the main road.

When we passed the last set of traffic lights out of town, I looked across at Tim. "Can you drive with one hand on the wheel?"

He grinned, getting my hint, and reached across to put his hand on my thigh. I shifted in my seat, and parted my legs so that my skirt rode up a little. Tim slid his hand upwards, and glanced across in surprise.

"I bet if you'd known all day I had no panties on, you'd have tried to catch a glimpse," I teased. I put my hand on his, pressing his fingers against my wet entrance.

Tim began to explore me, slipping a finger inside me then withdrawing it to touch my clitoris. I groaned under my breath, and moved my hands to my breasts to touch my now-erect nipples through my t-shirt. I pushed my hips against his hand. "Mmm," I said, "this is a great starter for what Jo and I have in mind."

I flexed my hips more urgently, and began to gasp. I felt my muscles begin to tense, then my whole body shuddered as I climaxed under Tim's hand.

He glanced across again as my rapid breathing gradually slowed. "Can't wait for the main course," he grinned.

I straightened my skirt and sat up in my seat. "Do I look a bit dishevelled?"

"You look fine," he said. "Like the cat that got the cream."

"Anyway, Jo'll get hers soon enough once we're there," I grinned.

After a few more minutes Tim turned into Jo's drive and drew the car to a stop. He got out, and again held the car door open for me. I walked ahead of him to the front door and rang the bell.

Jo answered the door straight away. I watched Tim's eyes widen as he saw her; she was wearing only a lacy basque and matching French knickers.

We went in, and Jo closed the door behind us, then wrapped her arms around Tim, kissing him on the mouth.

I followed as she led him into the living room. A fire was burning in the fireplace, and a bottle and three glasses stood on the table.

Jo poured the wine, and we chinked our glasses together then drank.

"So, Beth, do you remember our plan?" she asked teasingly.

Tim glanced across at me, obviously wondering if I would tell Jo about the car journey.

"Sure, Jo," I grinned, undoing the buttons of my blouse and dropping it on the floor, then slipping out of my skirt.

I walked over to Tim and kissed him. I began to undress him as Jo watched, her hands already on her breasts caressing herself through her basque.

When I'd finished removing Tim's clothes, I moved behind him, pressing my breasts against his back so he could feel that my nipples were hard again. Jo knelt in front of him and took the tip of his rapidly-hardening penis into her mouth.

"Remember, Jo," I said, "don't take him too far – it's my turn today."

She wrapped her hand around his shaft and just for a few seconds moved her mouth on him, swirling her tongue round his tip. Then she released him, turning her back to him and standing with her legs apart, her silk-clad bottom inviting.

Tim needed no further encouragement. He reached out his hands and began to caress her bottom through the thin fabric, then moved one hand between her legs to slide his fingers across her entrance. After only a few moments, Tim slid Jo's French knickers down, and she stepped out of them, then once more parted her legs for him to continue touching her. He slid a finger inside her, then used the wet tip to briefly touch her rear opening while he caressed her breasts and nipples with his other hand.

Jo began to moan as his fingers returned to her clitoris, and she began to push herself back against Tim's hand as her climax approached. He moved his hand more urgently on her, and she orgasmed with a loud cry, her body shaking.

Tim wrapped his arms round her waist and pulled her close to him, kissing her hair. After a few moments she drew away from him and sat down on the sofa, her legs apart. She watched his face as she slowly removed her basque, then began to slide her hands over her body, her expression dreamy as she started to touch herself.

I decided it was time to remind Tim of my presence, so I reached round and gently grasped his penis with my hand, using my other hand to caress his chest and then his nipples.

"I hadn't forgotten it's your turn, Beth," he said, a smile in his voice.

I rubbed my breasts against his back, and said, "Come on then, lover boy, show me what you can do."

He turned to face me, and said, "Well, you've already had your starter..."

Over his shoulder I saw Jo's enquiring look and winked at her.

"So I think you're ready for the main course," Tim continued. He guided me toward the fireplace, and I sprawled on my back on the rug, the deep pile soft against my skin.

I drew my knees up, parting my legs and pushing my breasts together with my hands. Tim knelt by me, leaning down to use his mouth on my nipples.

I slid a hand down my stomach towards my mound, and Tim said, "Naughty, naughty – be patient."

He continued to suckle each of my nipples in turn, and my arousal increased until I gasped, "Tim, please."

He smiled, and shifted position so that he was between my legs, lowering himself so that his hard tip pressed against my entrance. Then he slid into me, our bodies pressing together as he penetrated me to his full length. He wrapped his arms around me, and I began to run my hands over his back.

He flexed his hips, and I felt the combined pleasure of him moving inside me and his shaft pressing against my clitoris. I mirrored his movements, and watched his face, his expression showing clearly how much he was enjoying being in me.

I felt my pleasure once more begin to build, and I moved more urgently against him, angling my hips so that my clitoris was getting maximum stimulation from his movements. I began to moan, quietly at first then louder, and I could see him holding back his own release. My hands grasped at his back and shoulder blades, and as the wave of pleasure began to build inside me, I hooked my legs behind his and pulled him against me harder at every stroke.

Finally my climax hit me like a tidal wave, and I lost all coordination, my body shaking against his as I tensed against him. I saw his face change, an expression of intense release overtaking it as he reached his own orgasm, his warm fluid spurting into me and tipping me into another climax.

I lay in his arms, breathing rapidly, and held him tightly as he remained inside me.

I heard Jo's voice from the sofa. "Wow," she said, "that was amazing. It's really got me going again."

"Well, fair's fair," I said, turning my head to look at her. "You've only had one orgasm, I think I'm up to three already."

I grinned at Tim. "Want to even up the score a little?"

He nodded, and eased off me, his penis slipping out of me. I glanced up at him. "Don't worry – you'll be back there soon enough."

We moved over to Jo, and I knelt on the sofa and began to kiss her breasts then to suckle her gently, while Tim moved his head between her parted legs and started to use his tongue on her.

"Gosh," she said, "I'm closer.. than..."

Her voice trailed off, and her body shook as Tim took her clitoris in his mouth and suckled to match the attentions of my mouth on her breasts.

When her climax had subsided, Tim moved up onto the sofa to hold her, and I leaned my head on her shoulder, my hand resting on her stomach just above her mound.

"I really like your plan," said Tim softly.

"Well, just let us know when you have some room for dessert," Jo replied with a grin.

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