On The Bus

byChantilly Lace©

It's Saturday night, party night. They where at the club, dancing the night away, but it was getting late. So the whole clique decided to leave. Most of them hat brought their cars, but they had come with the bus, since both of them had wanted to drink some alcohol. They where lucky, the last bus was just getting ready to leave the station. Both of them where running and waving at the bus driver to wait for them.

Finally and out of breath they reached the bus and climbed in. Going all the way to the back of the almost empty bus, they sat down on the long bench. The night was a little bit chilly, and with her flimsy dress, she was cold, so she snuggled close to him, seeking warmth. Wrapping his strong arms around her tightly he pulled her close, while draping one of her legs over his lap. Putting his left hand on her right thigh, he started to gently stroke her leg, just above the knee. Closing her eyes and leaning her head back against his shoulder, she is enjoying his caresses.

Once the bus started moving the inside got dark, with just the streetlights illuminating the interior of the vehicle. Since the bus is almost empty and the other occupants sit further up front, nobody is hearing her gently moaning, as his hand is moving up her thigh. While his left hand is busy feeling her leg; the right is slowly making its way across her shoulders, gently feeling her soft skin with just his fingertips.

Gingerly he is working his way towards her breast, feeling her nipple harden through the thin material of her dress. Just using his index finger he is running circles around the already hard nub, sometimes pinching it ever so slightly with his thumb and forefinger. Her moans of pleasure are getting louder, and of fear of getting discovered, he turns his head around and starts kissing her. Deep, passionate kisses, letting their tongues play with each other, while both of his hands continue to feel her body.

His left hand is now almost at her crotch, feeling her inner thighs. Working his way up even further, his thumb is brushing up against her pussy through her panties. He can feel that she is already wet, the material is almost soaked. Still just using his thumb he keeps on rubbing across it, using a little bit of pressure now and then to stimulate her more. Finally she can't stand the teasing no more, she gets up quickly to slide her underwear off, stuffing them in her purse next to her. Sitting back down, she drapes her knee back across his lap, opening the other leg even wider to give him better access.

Returning to his finger play, this time without the bothersome panties, he continues to kiss her as well. Gently he opens her outer lips with his fingers, tracing the inside walls with his index finger, as his thumb found her clit and is stroking across it, while he is inserting his middle finger in her wet hole, slowly going in and out. Her hips have started to move with his hand, gently rocking back and forth on her seat, while she can feel his other hand still rubbing her breast. Wanting to feel skin there as well, he drops the halters of her dress, so that the dress falls down around her waist, leaving her whole upper body exposed.

Braking the kiss and bending his head forward, he runs his tongue around her nipple, teasing the nubs with his soft organ, then taking it into his mouth gently sucking on it. She moans out load, not caring at this point if they are discovered or not, her breathing is coming in short gasps, her mouth is open with her tongue running across her lips. Not wanting anybody to notice them, he returns to kissing her to keep her quiet, but not stopping his hand from playing with her pussy.

He can feel her insides contracting around his finger as he slides it in and out, while his thumb is still stroking her clit intensely. Knowing that she is getting close to orgasm, he is moving his fingers in a faster and faster rhythm. Her moans are almost screams now, muffled by his kisses, as she has a powerful orgasm. He continues to stroke and feel her till her climax subsides, and her moans are a mere purr of pleasure.

His erection is pressing hard against his jeans now and while still kissing her deeply, he opens his zipper to free his engorged member of its prison. Reaching her hand down she circles her hand around him, rubbing up and down the hard shaft a couple of times while stroking the tip with her thumb. While feeling him, she moves to sit on his knees, one leg on either side of him, straddling him like a rider. Her dress is bunched up in her middle, her upper and lower half completely exposed.

Scooting forward and sitting up a little bit, she takes him and eases just the head of his dick inside her wet pussy. He doesn't have any problems entering her, since she is still so wet from his finger play. Moaning she gently lowers herself onto him, till he is all the way to the hilt inside her. Not moving yet they both just enjoy the feeling for a little while of being joined, just kissing each other and his is feeling her breasts, gently kneading them and touching her sensitive nipples. Ever so slowly she starts to move her hips, rocking back and forth, up and down, circling them. It seems that she is almost moving her lower body with the motion of the riding vehicle, it speeds up, so does she, it slows down and she is following.

Her arms are thrown over his shoulders and he is holding on now to her ass, pulling her even closer to him and enabling him to push deeper inside her. With each of their thrusts the motion gets faster. Their breathing is now coming in short pants, interrupted only by their moaning, the mutual climax only a short while away. With a last few thrusts of his and a few more hip movements of hers, they come together in a powerful orgasm. Still not wanting to stop, they keep moving, slower now and not as frantic as before, but she is still very horny as a second climax shudders through her.

Finally she relaxes against him, he folds her into his arms, french kissing her deeply, while still fondling her breasts. She sits up and smiles at him, realizing that they had just done the craziest thing so far in their lives, making love on a bus. But it's also the most exciting place they had made love so far, the chance of being discovered just added to that. Pulling up her dress, and sitting down next to him, he puts her arm around her, just as the bus pulls to a stop at their station. They walk up front and get out, while the bus driver watches them leave with a sly smile on his face.

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