tagGay MaleOn the Cusp of a Dream

On the Cusp of a Dream


I sat in the darkened room, illuminated only by the flashing scene on the television monitor mounted in the wall. My pants were down around my ankles and my cock was still wet from the incredible blow job I had just received. Slowly, I rose to my feet. Pulled my pants into position, and left the booth with my eyes cast down. At that moment I wanted to do nothing more than get out of this store and into my car.

Don't get me wrong – I enjoyed that blow job more than any other than I had ever received. Its just what I wanted... well almost everything I wanted. When I sat down in the booth I intentionally left the door unlocked. I knew that before long someone would come along and find his way in. And sure enough it took only a few minutes before a crack of light appeared at the door.

What I wanted, what I was looking for, was for this man to come into my booth and stand in front of me. I wanted badly for him to unbuckle his pants and lower them so that his cock would be freed right in front of my face. In my fantasy I saw him wrap his right hand around his dick and alternately stroke and wave it in front of my face. He could see my discomfort. Somehow he knew right off that I had never had a cock in my mouth before.

I couldn't quite bring myself to meet his eyes. He laughed at me and slowly, but deliberately placed his cock under my chin and used it to lift my face until I was looking him squarely in the eyes. He looked straight at me without blinking. There was a slight smile on his face as he continued to bump his dick under my chin with a regular rhythm.

I couldn't hold the gaze long and began to lower my eyes first and them my head. He wasn't going to have any of that, using his left hand to grab my by the ear and pull my head back up. "I know what you want," he said. "Open your mouth." I was hesitant, or slow, or something because he increased the pressure of his hold on my ear until it began to hurt. Then he brought his cock up and pressed it against my lips.

I wanted this so bad. For the longest time I had been fantasizing about having that first cock in my mouth; but I could never bring myself to do it. Whenever I was on the road I would take the opportunity to search out an adult book store and hang out in the video booth area. I'd make sure I was in the booths with the windows. I'd leave doors unlocked or cracked. Occasionally this would result in my dick being sucked but it never went where I wanted it, where I needed it to go.

In my fantasy I submitted to the pressure this man was placing on my mouth. I parted my lips and teeth and allowed him to slip his dick over my tongue. I can taste the pre-cum as it oozed from the tip of his dick. After only inserting the head of his cock he withdrew almost all the way. Then he pushed back, a little more this time. He laughed again at my inexperience and said, "This is it, isn't it? This is what you wanted." How did he know, I wondered. Was I that transparent?

He brought his left hand up and grabbed my other ear. Now, with two hands on my head and his cock in my mouth began to develop a rhythm. In and out, all the while giving me instructions. "Suck in the head, you little pussy." "Swirl your tongue around." Open wider." His voice was taunting. I knew in that moment, for that time, I was nothing but his fuck toy. And in that moment, for that time, that's all I wanted.

All of this was going through my mind as this man I didn't know had positioned himself between my legs and was deep throating my cock. No one has ever done that before and I was getting into the sensation. As I looked down on him I saw my self in the position I wanted to be in. So I grabbed his ears, gently but firmly, and held his head in place. I began to raise my hips and fuck his mouth. He acquiesced so completely to this that I began to thrust with more force and started to bring his head down to meet my thrusting hips.

The pressure began to build in my balls and I knew I was about to come. I let him know it was happening but he made no move to back away. So with incredible pressure I came in his mouth while his nose was buried in my hair.

It felt so good... but I wanted it to be me. He stood before me as he adjusted himself. For just a moment his denim clad cock was right in front of my face. I felt my hand twitch as if to reach for this prize, but I hesitated and he was gone.

Maybe next time. I hope.

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