tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOn the Dance Floor

On the Dance Floor


I'm out at a club on a Saturday night when I see you – looking lovely standing there in a short green skirt and a white lace blouse, your legs shown off to great effect by a pair of pumps. From the way the light shines off your beautiful tan I can tell you aren't wearing any stockings or hose underneath. After we trade a few glances and smiles I pick up my beer and make my way over to where you're standing alone. On getting closer I find out that you're even better looking than I thought, and I decide that this one is definitely worth the effort. You smile at me again as I introduce myself, and we start to trade a few minutes worth of small talk. Before I know it, we're laughing and carrying on like we've known each other forever.

When we've both finished our drink a catchy, fast song comes on and you drag me out on the dance floor despite my protests. I'm normally not much into dancing myself, but it does give me an excellent opportunity to admire the way your body moves to the beat. I can tell how much you love dancing as you spin and twist in time with the music, and your enthusiasm is certainly contagious. The different strobes of the dance floor light you up wonderfully, and with a few of the shades I can even tell that you're not wearing a bra under your blouse with the cinnamon of your nipples visible as they brush against the material. I can't resist the urge to try and look lower as well, and am rewarded with a couple of tantalizing glimpses of your thighs as your skirt rides up with your movements.

We dance through the next couple of songs and then move to a booth for a short break; you even surprise me by ordering a couple more drinks and a pair of shots with an interesting gleam in your eyes. We're both starting to flirt a little more openly now, with little hints and innuendoes that make me think this night will be a success. I love the way the tip of your tongue will dart out between your teeth and tease your lips as you make a particular comment or jest; your hand feels smooth as it rests on my arm gently rubbing up and down. Before I realize it we're even closer than before, leaning into each other as we talk and joke softly, interspersed with soft, teasing kisses. I love your smell as I breathe you in; a mixture of perfume, your soft hair, and a whisper of musk underneath that hints at what might come. I take the opportunity to let my hands explore a little of what my eyes have been admiring; letting my hand caress the smooth skin of your thigh just above the knee, running my fingers briefly though your hair to tease you just below the ear; even the thrill of feeling you press one of your breasts into my arm. The soft pressure with that hint of a hard nipple is enough to make me instantly stiffen in my jeans, and your eyes twinkle at my soft gasp. Our tongues are dueling now, exploring the taste and feel of each other's lips as you move until you're sitting in my lap.

I don't even care that we're in the middle of a crowded bar now as we make out; all I'm concentrating on is the feeling of your body as my hands rub up and down your back, the taste of your mouth under mine, the feeling of your hips grinding softly into the hardness contained by my pants. I take your hint as my hand reaches up to cup your firm breast through the lace of the shirt, massaging gently and then using my fingertips to draw the nipple to tautness. A gasp from your mouth is my reward, as you grind even harder into my cock. I move to the other breast next, repeating the teasing touch as I move my lips to kiss and nibble gently that sweet spot under your ear, then kiss lower down your neck; the heat and throb of your pulse beneath my mouth as your hands grasp the back of my head pulling me closer. I swear I can already feel the moistness growing in your own crotch through the fabric barely separating us, and it brings a smile to my face.

Another song comes on, slightly slower and you pull away from me. Before I can voice my disappointment you've taken my hand and drawn me to the dance floor; my eyes on that bouncing ass in front of me take my mind from the erection throbbing in my jeans for all to see. As we reach the middle of the semi-crowded floor under the lights you turn towards me and begin dancing again; this time a hot, sensual dance – if it wasn't for the location I'd swear you were performing in a strip club somewhere. The others around us notice as well, men and women smiling and laughing in approval as you grind and twist against me. It's all I can do to even pretend to keep the beat as I work to keep my eyes on your every move. At one moment you're in a mad spin, causing that tight dress to ride up and threatening to show everyone what is and isn't underneath; the next you're grinding into me with one leg wrapped tight on mine, and at the same time leaning back to show off the cleavage under that low-cut blouse. All of this combines to keep me hard as I watch and enjoy the feelings, and I don't even care – the only reaction I'm getting from anyone else are thumbs-up and grins as they imagine what I'll be enjoying later after the show.

And then you surprise us all. I feel your hand back on my crotch, rubbing along the length of my hardness and I laugh since I think you're just continuing the tease. But then it moves up, smoothly unbuttoning my fly with a practiced move as you work my cock out into the open air and begin stroking up and down softly. I gasp, looking around and waiting for some reaction as you move closer, whispering into my ear "Let's give them a real show… I want you now…" Before I can even answer or realize what you mean, you've dropped to your heels, crouching down as your tongue reaches out to bathe the head of my dick in warm wetness while your hand continues to slowly stroke the bottom half up and down. People are beginning to look in our direction and point, but no one seems to want to interfere, and you certainly don't seem to care. My moan is lost in the continuing music as you look into my eyes and slowly move your lips forward, wrapping them around my cock as you begin to barely bob your head. I look down as our eyes meet, the sultry glint in yours letting me know that this is only the beginning.

Your head begins to move faster as you suck more and more of my cock in; at the same time you lower yourself to your knees and stick your ass out at the crowd. Your short dress rides up at this point, and with your legs slightly spread I know that they can see everything; I envy them the view but I also know that none of them feels this incredible sensation that I have in my crotch right now. The men and women are gaping openly as you give me the most wonderful head I've experienced; your ruby lips stretched around my shaft as you move down taking me deep into your throat, holding for a second with your nose buried in my pubes and then your head pulling back as your tongue swirls and teases the length while you continue sucking. One of your hands reaching back between your legs to rub and tease your slit as the people on that side watch, they can see your wetness growing as you start to massage your clit. Both of us moaning slightly, my hips barely pumping as you work up and down on my throbbing cock.

You pull your fingers from your cunt now as you look up at me, holding just the tip of my cock in your hot mouth as you take your slippery hand and jerk up and down rapidly on my shaft. Your hand squeezing tightly as you let all of us see your tongue licking and teasing the slit in the middle of my head, and then working it all around the flared base. I can't help but moan louder at this, and I swear I even hear a few of the crowd join me as they crowd around watching. My hands take this opportunity to reach down as well, resting in your hair as I try to pull your mouth further onto me. You just giggle at my efforts as you move lower, extending your tongue to slowly run it along my length from my heavy balls, along the underside of my shaft, and up to the sweet spot just below the head again. We can both hear a few muttered words from the people around us now, encouraging you to go further and to show more. Just when I think I can't take any more of your teasing you wrap your lips around me and suck hard, at the same time your head lowering with a swoop as you take me deep into your throat. I can see your cheeks hollow as you suck harder, your mouth moving up and down just an inch as you suckle me. And then you make it worse as you pull your mouth from me.

My moan of disappointment is matched by that of the watching circle as you stand, moving close to kiss me with that wonderful mouth as your hand reaches down to stroke my painfully hard cock. But you show us all that we're wrong as you finish your kiss and place a hand on my chest, pushing back as I lower myself to the ground. Lying on my back I finally have a view of your sweet pussy as I gaze up at you straddling me; the lips glistening with moisture and your shaven slit swollen with your own need. Your eyes watch mine the whole time as you slowly lower yourself down onto me, one hand reaching to hold my stiff cock angled up as I feel your heat coming closer. The silky, hot, wet feeling as I first touch your skin with mine – your own eyes close as you bite your lip in pleasure, your hand rubbing the head of my cock between your cuntlips slowly, then rubbing the clit barely. And then you move it back slightly, both of us gasping as you finally descend, your wetness wrapped tight around me as my cock slowly fills your hot pussy.

The crowd is as close as they can get now, barely leaving us a circle as you begin to ride me up and down; they can see every detail from the way your coral lips are wrapped around my shaft to your pause at the bottom of every stroke to grind into me, your swollen clit visible between your lips. A few of the men are openly stroking their own cocks as they watch, and one or two of the women rubbing their crotches covertly. My own hands move up to touch you, the buttons of your lace blouse easily falling open at my touch, an appreciative crowd smiling as your firm breasts come into view. My fingers begin to tease and lightly pinch your cinnamon colored nipples as you rest your own hands on your thighs, pausing for a moment with my cock fully inside you as you gasp your own pleasure.

You begin to move faster now, up and down on my hardness as you show off for me and the watchers around. My other hand cupping your ass, pulling you close with each stroke and rising to meet you. Your skirt high on your waist with your shaven cunt visible on one side stretched to take my cock, and the other side your firm asscheeks bouncing slightly as you rise and fall. Our audience is watching every move we make, half of them silent in shock, the others pleasing themselves or each other as their arousal grows from our passion. As for myself, I can't believe how wonderful you feel as you fuck me; it's everything I can do to avoid emptying myself into your slippery hot cunt right now. The sounds of our sex fill the air as our bodies meet, our eyes locked, the smooth muscles of your legs working as you slide that sweetest distance up and down. I move my hand from your stiff nipple downwards, my fingertips rubbing and teasing the throbbing clit, spreading your moisture around it as I hear you moan a loud "yes…." Your own hands reaching up to tease and caress your breasts for the crowd, at the same time you lean back improving both the depth of my penetration, and the view of the crowd. Faster and harder we fuck, pussy and cock meeting each other in time with the music as we both get closer, fingers gliding over swollen clit, pinching stiff nipples; mouths open in pleasure and need. I'm loving the view as much as the sensation, my eyes torn between meeting the passion in yours, and taking the chance to admire your body as you ride me, leaning back so wonderfully exposed.

Your moans are so loud now I swear they could be heard outside; at the same time I can feel your heat growing impossibly stronger; you push yourself down one last time as you bury my thick cock within you and I feel and hear and see you climax; your pussy spasming and squeezing around me, soaking us both in slick hot musk; your teeth biting your lip so sexily as your eyes close and your body shakes. I push my own hips up to meet you and grind my crotch into yours as you continue, feeling every sensation as your dripping cunt tries to milk my cock; I continue to barely tease and glide my fingertips over your clit all the while; the sensations are driving me mad with need. Just when I think you can't possibly cum anymore and you'll pass out I hear you gasp in a shaky breath, and your eyes open meeting mine again. Before I can begin thrusting again you've risen up slightly and eased back, my cock sliding from your slick hole as you grasp it firmly and stroke it up and down for all to see – it's the final straw and I cry out as my sticky cum erupts; long strands jetting out to cover you as you jack me off. Sperm reaching almost to your face from the first two spurts, then several smaller following as they pool on your stomach and the upraised skirt. My hips thrusting still as your hand continues to work, my moans faint in my ears as I die in passion, and barely heard the moans and gasps of some of the crowd around us. The final bits of cum oozing out as they cover your hand. When I can breathe and think again I look up at you once more, a lovely woman still straddling me, white ropes of sperm starting to run down your chest and stomach, pooling obviously on the green of your skirt, and glistening as they mix with the juices still slick on your wet cuntlips. You smile sweetly at me as you pull me to my feet and we kiss, the crowd applauding as you finally ease your stained skirt down and pull your blouse together to lead me by the hand out the door… All I can do is grin!

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