tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOn the Deck of the Ferry

On the Deck of the Ferry


This happened to me on a Greek ferry traveling between two islands a few years ago. I was with my girlfriend, Val. It was afternoon, and we were catching a nap on the side deck of the ferry, up towards the bow, in a kind of cul-de-sac. We were both lying on our backs, side by side, on our bedrolls. I was wearing only my silk running shorts (and a pair of Marks and Spencer briefs), Val had on shorts and a tank top.

But enough about Val. She napped through the whole thing.

I don't know why I opened my eyes, but when I did the woman at the rail quickly turned her head away. She was maybe 25 years old, in trim short shorts and a tank top herself, and she was leaning against the railing a few feet away from me, from my feet, that is.

It was the way she was leaning: with her hands on the top rail and her feel planted several feet away, so that her back was more or less level with the deck. Actually, her back curved down from her bottom and then up again to her shoulders. I noticed that her skin was exposed at the small of her back and her belly, where the tank top was rippling in the breeze.

She had long hair, and that too was blowing around. She was wearing sunglasses and looking out to sea. But i felt sure she had been looking at me. She hadn't been there when I closed my eyes. No one else was close by, though there were some other passengers further away at the railing. But a low steel triangle beyond the girl slightly blocked them from my view.

I thought I might be imagining things, but I suddenly felt very turned on. Her pose, if that's what it was, was provocative, as if she was inviting some stranger -- me? -- to take take her from behind while she held on to the railing looking out to sea. I was tanned and fit and feeling sexy myself after episodes with Val that I have already written about. The idea of showing myself off to a woman ten years my junior while my girlfriend slept beside me appealed to me. I put my hands behind my head, provocatively, stretched a little, and closed my eyes again.

But my heart was beating and my mind was rioting. And that can produce physical changes in a man. I felt myself twitch involuntarily inside my shorts, inside my briefs, to be precise. It happened again. I was going to get an erection whether I wanted to or not. I decided I wanted to. I'm sure the movement in my shorts must have attracted her attention. I kept my eyes closed and imagined her looking right at the shape in my shorts, which only excited me more.

But there was a problem. My briefs were confining me. I could feel my prick straining against them at an awkward angle. There was only one solution. Still with my eyes closed, I reached down my right hand and straightened out the situation inside my shorts, in one quick liberating motion. My stiff shaft surged past the elastic top of my briefs. The swollen head pressed up against the silk of my shorts, below the waistband.

I took a peek, and once again I caught the girl's head turning away. I felt very exposed: the knob of my cock was pretty clearly outlined against the silk, and the beating of the blood in my body meant that it wouldn't sit still, but pulsed like a throbbing vein. I covered my eyes with one forearm, like one of Michelangelo's slaves. But I could peep out below my arm and see the girl's legs, and ass, and smooth tanned tummy without being seen to do so, and she could be free to watch me without fear of being detected.

What I saw was her hand arriving between her legs. She pressed it there, and then she began to move it on the outside of her shorts. That produced a pounding in my loins, and I stiffened and throbbed as if a demon had taken possession of me and was preparing for an orgy.

I knew she was watching. I imagined slipping my shorts down a couple of inches, which would have been madness. Perhaps she was imagining it too. She thrust her hand inside her shorts, discreetly, so that no one could see (except me, and she may not have realized I was watching). To avoid being seen by the other passengers she had to turn towards me a little. i could see the outline of the back of her hand, and I could see her fingers moving inside the crotch of her shorts.

My chest was rising and falling with excitement (I exaggerated it slightly for effect). But the excitement was real. I'd never known a woman to be so forward. But of course she could size up the situation. My hands were tied (to Val). She could have her voyeuristic way with me and depart. I parted my lips and thrust my hips upward a little. The tension on my silk shorts was killing me.

I turned on my side away from Val and towards the sea side of the ship a few feet away. And I did something i had never done before and have never done since. I reached down and slipped the waistband of my shorts down to the top of my thighs. My cock sprang out as if it had been gasping for air. She could see everything, but I kept my forearm positioned so that I could only see her from the waist down.

With my right hand I reached down and pressed against the base of my cock, on the top side, at my pubic bone. I kept my eyes down, and I saw and felt myself extending into space like a rocket lifting off. I was as rigid as a lead pipe. I looked down at myself, purple, stiff, throbbing, with the veins standing out. I was exposing myself for the first time in my life.

My head swam. I knew it was what she wanted, I told myself it was OK, but I also knew that I was risking arrest (in some alternate universe where policemen patrol ferries), and the danger intoxicated me still further. I watched the girl quicken her hand motions like crazy. I heard her come, though she tried to muffle the sound, which was already somewhat muffled by the surging of the boat through the water. I watched as she wrapped her legs tight around her hand as her pelvis shook -- discreetly, but spasmodically.

I was ready to do the same. She owed me one. I took hold of my erection with both hands. I raised my eyes and looked her in the eyes for the first time. She was pretty, and even innocent looking. She understood what I wanted. She slowly raised her tank top to show me her whole luscious belly. She raised it higher to expose her ribs and solar plexus. She raised it on one side to show me her bra, and she raised her bra above one firm young breast. I riveted my eyes on her taut pink nipple and came convulsively, thrusting as if I was driving my cock inside of her and shooting sperm onto the deck of the boat.

I glanced anxiously at Val. Sound alseep. I quickly covered up. And the woman composed herself and walked away. I never saw her again.

Don't feel sorry for Val. I attacked her in the hotel as soon as we'd closed the door.

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