tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOn the Edge...

On the Edge...

byRough Idea©

You sperm-slurping, dick-craving, clit-rubbing, fuckwhore cunt...it's been a long, long time, hasn't it, bitch...but we both know you are still the same faithless, worthless, cock-seeking cum-slut that you have always been, don't we, whore...oh fuck yes we do...we know that you still have relationships with worthless, trusting men because they fill up the dead spaces in your life and provide you with some sort of half-assed crutch...but you lie to them, don't you bitch, after a while...you lie to all of them eventually right through your teeth because you are a slut and you can't stop being a slut and you don't want to stop being a slut...do you, fuckwhore...

You are what you eat, and you eat what you are, and you eat cock and sweat and cum and words like these, hungrily, because they fill the empty spaces inside you that nothing else can reach...empty, aching, dead spaces that can only be filled with the mirror-image reflection of the lust and worthlessness you feel inside...and, hey, that last relationship of yours worked out really well, didn't it, dick-licker - or, it worked out right up to the point where the sheer drudgery of it all drove you out of your freaking mind and you dressed up one night in a mini-skirt and high heels and no panties and drove off in a frenzy to the wrong side of town, so you could get your fuckholes stuffed with hard, strange, cum-shooting dick...and hey, wouldn't you know it, my cock is hard right now, whore, as I type these words of sex to you, because I know that you are on your way over to my hotel, right now, and I want you to read this when you go home tonight, while you sit in the darkness and play with yourself, after you have spent a half an hour or so nodding in agreement with everything your "boyfriend" says to you as you smile and act like you've been shopping while my cum drips out of your pussy and ass, right into your fucking panties...

Because you do like that feeling, don't you, cunt...you like to stand there and realize you fooled his moronic ass yet one more time while you feel that slow, oozing, drip-drip-drip of semen into you thong...while you stand there and nod and think about the suck marks on the insides of your thighs and the bruises on your legs and ass and tits, and exactly how you are going to avoid being naked in front of him for the next few days, so you can extend this little game you play just a little bit longer...

You play the game with him because you need validation - if you don't have someone to fill up the dead spaces in between the times you are playing the good girl, and the times you are getting raped - with someone who loves you and is totally fooled by you, someone you hate because he doesn't see the real you - well, you will go completely insane then, won't you, whore, instead of partially insane, like you are right now...but I understand all of this and the men who fill up the dead spaces in your life, they just don't get it and they will never get it because you have to hide what you really are from them...

We both know your self-esteem is determined at any given moment by the number of men who express an interest in fucking your brains out...yeah, slut, I get it...you could have the best freaking day in the world, where everything goes right - but if not a single man gives you the eye, or smiles at you in a way that lets you know he wants his dick buried in your cunt, you feel worthless...don't you, slut...and you ARE a slut and you can't BE a slut all the time because you have to get by in the world, even if you hate the world in which you live...and yes, I get it, it's a tough nut to crack - so you let nuts crack all over your face and inside your fuckholes whenever the fuck you can get away with it...

When you get here this afternoon I have a surprise for you, cunt...four big surprises, in fact...me...and three of my big-dicked friends...and we are going to rape the fuck out of you and videotape it and play it back for you, and rape your fucking ass again and again, over and over and over, until you lose your fucking mind and let yourself go and wallow in that red blur of straining cock and grunting lust and red-faced release and orgasm after orgasm after fucking orgasm...yeah slut, I know what you need like no one else ever will and that's why you come back to me again and again even though you hate yourself for it...and my dick is harder now, slut, as I type this, because you will be here in about 10 minutes and I love the way your tramp stamp looks, as I mount you like a dog from behind, while another big dick is already pumping way inside your tight, pink, wet, grasping pussy from underneath, while I slide my thick cum-shooting cock into your asshole and bite your neck and whisper, "Let the games begin...bitchhhhhh", low in my throat, the way you love to hear it, the way you need to hear it as you tilt your head to the side and start to grind against the hot meat stretching you out like stove pipes, as you give into their big-dick thrusting - tilting your head just so, as the muscles tense up in your neck, and your jaw starts to clench and your eyes start to roll back inside your head and you moan in total release while your hands reach out frantically and grab hold of the big cocks that have been bobbing against your face for a couple of minutes, and you finally let it all go, don't you, fuck-slut, you finally let go of all your inhibitions ("Rape") and you stuff the dicks into your wet mouth ("Suck it, slut") and you suck and bite and lick the undersides of them, and inhale their scent, until you drift away to that world where nothing else matters, until you smile like a fucking cum-drinking slut who has finally come home again, and we keep pounding your holes until you cum so hard that you think you are on the edge of death itself...

Because that's the only time that it all makes sense.

See you in a few minutes, bitch.

(To be cunt-tinued.)

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