tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOn the Eiffel Tower

On the Eiffel Tower


They entered the elevator first, ensuring they could stood in the corner and face the doors on the ride to the observation deck. His hand rested in the small of her back, idly stroking it. His gaze traveled down from her curly auburn hair, to her dark blue sand-washed silk jacket and pleated skirt, to her calves. He loved the graceful curve of calf into ankle into instep. In passing, he wondered how she had managed to find blue suede pumps which exactly matched her suit. The thought that only he knew the secrets the pleated skirt and boxy blazer concealed pleased him.

His hand slid lower, caressing the curve of her buttocks. His thumb slipped between two pleats. Her skirt was tailored so that where there should have been a zipper, there was an open placket at the back large enough to admit his hand and permit him a good degree of movement. He slipped his hand into the opening and began caressing her bare buttocks through the thin film of her slip. As he stroked and kneaded her flesh, he stealthily bunched her slip, raising it to expose her buttocks to his roving hand. Stroking, rubbing, softly kneading, he watched her face.

She turned to boldly meet his stare, her brilliant blue eyes challenging his chocolate brown ones. He could tell by her dilated pupils and full lower lip that she was aroused, and he could feel his groin tighten as his erection grew.

The elevator jolted to a stop. Steadily she held his gaze, silently daring him. To all outward appearances, the man in the dark grey topcoat’s hand was resting in the small of the lady in the blue suit’s back beneath her jacket. Only the two of them knew he was caressing her bare buttocks as they spoke softly, admiring the arches and whorls of the Eiffel Tower as they walked to an unoccupied corner of the observation deck.

Once they reached the corner, he withdrew his hand from the placket in her skirt. He stood behind her and wrapped his coat around her as if to shield her from the wind. Holding her to him with one arm resting beneath her breasts, he slipped his other hand into his coat pocket. Like her skirt, his topcoat had been specially tailored. On the inside of either coat pocket, near the top, there was an opening in the lining which permitted him to reach through his coat into his pants pockets. As they looked out over the crazy quilt of Paris, he reached his hand through the opening in his coat pocket and began to raise the back of her skirt. His penis began to swell as he slowly brushed the fabric of the skirt over the skin of her buttocks. Once he had completely bared her backside to him, he stepped even nearer and rested his erect and aching penis, still clothed, in the cleft of her buttocks.

He continued to stroke and knead her derriere, moving lower to the tops of her thighs. Using his cheek, he brushed aside her hair and began to kiss and suck the back of her neck. As he paid particular attention to the place where her neck curves into her shoulder, licking it with his soft, warm tongue, he brought his hands around to her belly. Threading his fingers through her trimmed pubic hair, he parted the outer lips of her vagina. As he brushed his fingertips across her clitoris, she moaned softly. He ran a fingertip along the crest of her slick, engorged inner lips and she began to grind her backside against him. She responded to his gentle pressure on her inner thighs by spreading her legs apart, arching her back, tilting her hips, and pressing her buttocks firmly against his pelvis. Having positioned herself for entry, she grabbed the mesh of the chain-link “suicide fence” for balance and support. He answered her not-so-subtle hint by inserting the middle finger of one hand into her vagina, squeezing her breast with his other hand, and sucking wetly on her neck.

Noting that she was ready for him, he withdrew his finger. She whimpered at the loss. He moved his hand to the fly of his pants, trailing his fingers across her belly and hip. He brought his thick, hard penis out of his pants and placed the tip against the moist lips of her vagina.

He pushed the tip of his penis into her slippery vagina as she wiggled against him. He resisted the temptation to drive swiftly and deeply into her and kept only the tip inside her. Kissing her neck, wetly tracing her pulse from her collarbone to her earlobe, he distracted her as he moved his hand from his penis, over her hip and belly, to the lips of her vagina.

Spreading the lips of her vagina with his thumb and middle finger, he began to tease her clitoris with his index finger. As he teased her clitoris, he allowed her to wiggle against his penis and take it more deeply inside her. Feeling her wiggle herself against him caused his penis to swell even more.

Unable to bear the tension, he began to slowly and steadily thrust into and out of her. With every thrust he felt his scrotum tighten as the tip of his penis parted, then plunged past the lips of her vagina.

Growing more excited, she turned her head and rested her cheek against the chain-link fence enclosing the observation deck. As she did, his soft Australian voice whispered, “Yeah, you like that, don’t you!”

His thrusts became faster, harder, and deeper as her vagina became more and more moist. It became increasingly difficult to remember to rub her clitoris. Just as he felt his penis begin to twitch and his scrotum tighten, he felt her tremble and release her own warm, sticky ejaculate. With one final plunge, he nipped her earlobe and released his thick, white semen inside her.

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