tagErotic CouplingsOn the Job Assistant Ch. 02

On the Job Assistant Ch. 02


*When going to sleep with a tiger make sure you are a tiger too*

Gus White was sitting as his office flushed and very pleased with himself. He had quite the successful two months. His productivity had gone up and he was now getting regular blowjobs from the new girl -- Stephanie something. In fact she had left only a few minutes ago and he was still coming down from the rush.

His heart was pounding and he lied to himself saying the sex had been great for both of them. His doctor would have frowned at the exertions, but he had no intention of telling his female doctor he was getting BJ's from the smoking hot new girl on the floor. The rumor was she was a whore and he was glad the rumor was true.

That would teach his bitchy ex-wife about whining that he couldn't get it up. All it took was a little extra effort. Gus had no problem making the woman his new assistant floor manager. She was much better looking than Sarah and besides Sarah would never put out. Stephanie was also good at her job; clearly the most productive member of the team. The floor supervisor hardly noticed one of the office assistance come into the room and point out some of the late night figures coming in from the Far East.

Gus was previewing them when a film of plastic wrapped itself around his face. Instinctively he sucked in a breath, sealing the material over his airways. One hand clamped over his face while a second one pushed him down in his chair. Gus struggled to get up and got nowhere. He felt his heartbeat thundering in his temples. His lungs were on fire. Pain went shooting down his left arm.

Gus twitched and thrashed about as he lost control of his bodily functions. Nathan kept his hands on the man for a thirty count before removing the plastic wrap. Gus' eyes were wide open. Using the wrap to cover any possible prints, Nathan opened the top desk drawer and pulled out Gus' heart medication. He opened it and dumped it over close to Gus' hand. It looked like he almost made it to the pills before his heart attack overcame him. Nathan slipped out of the office. The only thing he left behind were the Far East figures, which happened to be abysmal.

"Congratulations," Nathan said when Stephanie got in around ten. Nathan looked ready to hit the sack. Stephanie was feeling a bit tipsy from the celebratory drinks she had hoisted with her co-workers. A few of the men, and one of the women, had tried to score with her, but she only had sex on the way up, not with those beneath her. She would be more careful now to not totally stomp on everybody, but still planned to pluck these losers for everything she could use to advance herself. There was one person she broke that rule for.

"It is only temporary," she giggled to Nathan. "Of course there is no one else for the job."

"Since Trent slipped in the restroom, I have to agree," Nathan said. Trent was still on the job, but his 'accident' had threatened insurance premiums. It was enough to poison his name in the minds of floor manager -- Stephanie's new boss.

"Floor Supervisor Lamborne," she murmured. It was still a bottom rung, but a higher bottom rung and all within three months. All it had taken was a little judicious purloining of data and two actions by Nathan. She, along with some help from Nathan's contact had accomplished the first. How Nathan did what he did wasn't her concern. "You should have seen the look Mr. Kitchener gave me," she added sexily. Kitchener was the Floor Manager.

"I'll start working on him tomorrow," Nathan stated.

"So will I," she smiled. Nathan shook his head.

"Give it a month. Look good, but don't let him touch. He's got a wife, but no kids. That is probably not a happy marriage. Let him think he's earning it."

"Are you lecturing me on sexuality?" she wondered.

"I'm only repeating what you've been telling me to do," he responded. "Make them think it is all their idea. It makes them feel culpable for what happens." Stephanie nodded.

"I want you," she said as she sat down on the sofa next to him. It was warm in the apartment so all he had on was a pair of draw-string shorts.

"No," he stated calmly. He had held her off for three months.

"I'm clean," she responded with deep hunger. "I've been careful. I see your eyes on me. I know you want me. Why do you keep saying no?"

"Knowing that you are beautiful is not the same thing as wanting you," he sighed.

"Why don't you want me?" she all but pleaded. The more threatening he became, the greater she wanted him. The more he said 'no' the more desperate she became to make him want her too.

"Being physically attractive isn't enough for me," he continued patiently.

"Do it for me then. Do it to celebrate the promotion you gave me -- the one you killed for," she said hopefully. His response was to stand up and take her hand. He pulled her into the bedroom.

"Strip," he commanded. It was his lack of passion that turned her on because she knew it hid a burning storm of anger and rage at the world. It was how he killed without remorse. She hurriedly obeyed. Her shirt and bra came first, done with trembling fingers. When her bra came free she reached out and cupped on breast. He teased and pulled on the nipple.

Stephanie threw down her skirt and pushed her hose and panties half way down. She sat down on the bed to kick them free. At the same time he dropped his shorts and his rigid member sprung free. He moved one knee on the bed and was about to push him down when she stopped him and placed her mouth over the tip of his penis. She soon was sucking him in.

Nathan's hand came down on her head and put forth a steady pressure that she struggled to keep pace with. She fought down the urge to gag and was skilled enough to overcome it. She began bobbing up and down, keeping over half of it in her mouth at all times. She moved around until she was on her belly and propped up with one arm. She used the other to massage his nuts.

He leaned over her, his fingers working down her shoulder blades toward her ass. He slowly moved until his side was on the bed. One hand found the folds of her ass and began threatening her anus. The other went around the front and teased her cunt. She opened her leg to give him better access.

Abruptly he pushed her back and aside. She was forced her onto her hands and knees without talking. He entered her without warning and pushed into her somewhat painfully. She grunted as his pelvis pushed against her ass. His hands reached around and cupped each breast as he pumped into her. Steadily he drew her higher and higher up until she was on her fingertips.

Nathan's kneading her breasts was vigorous and highly stimulating. When he pulled her up onto her haunches he slammed even deeper into her. His hands moved to her arms and slowly pulled them behind her and placed them between their bodies. One hand went down between them while to the other one traced a line up around her breastbone to her neck.

His lower hand pushed a single finger into her anus. Each push of the hips edged it forward until it popped her O-ring. She gasped from the pain. Now each thrust drove it degrees farther in, just enough to be painful but not so much she couldn't bear it. His upper hand started to grasp her throat and squeeze. Right as it began to become uncomfortable, he drove deeply into her, pinning her arms down and pushing his finger in as far as it would go.

His grip began to choke her out and Stephanie began to violently struggle against him. She was really afraid. Nathan had already killed one person this week, why not make it two? She squirmed, her body thrashed and she came in the deepest, darkest orgasm of her life. Her ass clamped down on his finger. Her vagina grasped his penis snugly like a glove. He shot off inside of her it what felt like gallons. She tried to scream but couldn't. All that energy passed back into Stephanie, driving her nuts just as her vision began to fade from lack of air.

Stephanie flopped forward totally exhausted and spent. Her vagina and ass ached from her climax. She was struggling to make sense of the world when she felt Nathan's hands on her hips pulling her back up. She was powerless to resist him. She felt his rod press against her ass. She wanted to beg him to take it easy, but she could only rasp out a strangled gasp.

"Ooohh," she managed as Nathan started driving into her. He was without mercy. Even though not fully rigid, he kept pushing in. Nathan became harder inside her, re-aroused by her helplessness. He was soon balls-deep in Stephanie; all she could do was grunt as he bore in. Stephanie bunched up the covers and bit into them. Stephanie had no doubts anymore. She was in love.

Kikki Sato had wrangled another opportunity to go to the trading floor. She finished her job quickly so she could head off the senior officers area. She didn't want to see any of the Floor Supervisors; she wanted to see one of the new personal assistants.

"Hey Nathan," she said with a smile. Nathan looked up from his desk and smiled back.

It wasn't the normal polite smile she got; there was something else about him. Nathan was ... intense. When he looked at someone, he looked right at them. The man had penetrating eye contact. Kikki came inside the cubicle and leaned next to his computer. She let his eyes roam over her body.

Kikki was in good shape, her work kept her busy and she ate well. Nathan on the other hand worked out. He had incredibly strong hands; he had picked her up once and his fingers were like iron. It made her feel all tingly to think about what that would feel like on her naked flesh.

"Hey Kikki, it is good to see you again, though I hate to see you slumming it with us on the lower levels," he responded.

"Oh, I don't mind coming here ... to see you," she said and regretted it. It made her sound desperate.

"You know I'm getting a raise with the new position," he said calmly. "Maybe, if you don't have any plans, we could go out Friday."

"Yes!" she blurted out. She had been wondering how long it would take her to ask him out because she was sure he would never ask her and now here he was surprising her. "Wait, you didn't ask me out because you didn't have the money?"

"Of course," he stated. "I've wanted to say something for a while." Kikki blinked then grinned wildly.

"Where do you want to go?" she babbled.

"I thought we could catch a movie around eight then hit the 49th Street Grill. I understand they have the burgers in the city," he suggested. Kikki can only stare. He'd actually thought this out; it wasn't spontaneous. "Is that okay; not too low-brow?"

"Oh no," she hurriedly said. "When do you want to get together?"

"I was thinking that I usually work on Friday's until six, but I could change in the restroom and pick you up on the ground floor."

"You change here?" she asked and was starting to feel stupid.

"I am a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy. I hate wearing a suit," he told her.

"Me too," she beamed. "I'll strip in the Women's room and meet you anywhere."

"With or without clothes," he grinned. Kikki blushed beet red. "I'd like to see you naked, but I'm will to wait a while," he added very quietly. Now her heart was pounding. She knew of a supply closet close by.

"Nathan," his boss called from her office.

"I have to go," Nathan smiled and shrugged to Kikki. She watched him go into his boss's office. The woman looked like a total slut. She wasn't sure of what their relationship was like, but she was sure Nathan wasn't sleeping with her. He wouldn't do that to her.

"What was all that about?" Stephanie asked Nathan once he stood before her.

"I asked her out," he answered evenly.

"Is that really necessary," Stephanie demanded.

"You really need to question yourself why you are asking me that," he countered in a detached manner.

"Point taken," she grinned. This girl, 'what's-her-name' was a tool for her advancement. Nathan was a psychopath. He wasn't likely to get attached to anyone ... besides her. "I need you to hunt down the Chicago people. I want their numbers and e-mails aren't doing it. Lean on them until they squeal." Nathan nodded and left. He still had his regular job to do.

(Eighteen months later)

"Thank you for coming Ms. Lamborne," Mr. Thomas Cosgrove said to Stephanie. It was past business on Friday and she was curious as to why. She'd only secured her latest rise on the corporate rung on Monday and she wasn't aware that Cosgrove knew she was angling for his job.

"What do you need?" she replied with an extra wiggle to the hips. That made him smile slightly.

"You've shown real initiative Ms. Lamborne. I can admire that," he stated. Stephanie grinned.

"Unfortunately for you I've been made aware of what you did to Aaron Palmer. It was sleazy and underhanded," he gave as a toothy response. "Company infighting in my department is something I won't allow. I'm giving Aaron your job. I expect you to be out of the building in an hour. You are fired." Stephanie was stunned. Nearly two years of work tossed away.

"Please," pleaded, "don't do this to me. Aaron can have my job, but don't fire me for this ... misunderstanding."

"You threatened to ruin this man's marriage with accusations to his wife of sexual misconduct. Seriously, did it never occur to you that he would come to me out of revenge? That was very stupid on your part," he declared.

"I'll do anything. Please don't fire me," Stephanie begged.

"I don't see what that could be, Ms. Lamborne. You are not as young as you used to be," he taunted her. Stephanie gulped.

"But I'm more experienced," she said hopefully. He arched an eyebrow.

"I won't make any promises," he offered, "but I'm willing to see how desperate you are."

He stood up and came around his desk. She came up to him and started to kiss him but he put a hand on her head and pushed down. She went to her knees and pulled down his zipper.

"That's a good girl," he said, keeping his hand on her head. As she took his member into her mouth, she slipped her phone out and dialed the first number. She knew she was on the losing end of this proposition. She was desperate, but Mr. Cosgrove had no idea how desperate.

Soon Cosgrove had Stephanie's legs up on each shoulder and past pumping into her. His knees were on the floor and he had his soon-to-be-fired employee lying on the sofa. It was good to finally fuck her. He had always thought she was a hot piece of ass, and now he could bang the bitch and show her the door as soon as he was done.

She was even groaning like a whore. She was getting louder and louder. Cosgrove was glad the floor was deserted. She was also really wet, but surprisingly tight for such a slut.

"Do you like it Lamborne?" he panted. Her eyes grew bright and she beamed.

"I think we will both find this unforgettable," she moaned.

Thomas Cosgrove felt two hands on the opposite side of his head, but only for a second before his head twisted and his neck snapped. He was yanked off of Stephanie and shoved face first into his black leather sofa. He was dead in under a minute, but had passed out long before then.

"Thank you Nathan," Stephanie purred as she came down from her own orgasm. She looked down at the semen Cosgrove had sprayed all over the sofa cushion and carpet.

"Get dressed," Nathan said calmly. If anything he seemed slightly let down by the whole thing. Stephanie stood up and stepped over Cosgrove's corpse. She picked up her thong panties and slipped into them. She looked over to Nathan hungrily. She was hoping he would pick up on her signals and do here right on top of the desk. She was looking to Nathan when Kikki walked in.

She looked at the two people. She looked over to the corpse of Mr. Cosgrove.

Nathan and Stephanie looked at Kikki.

No one said anything for the longest time.

"Is he dead?" Kikki asked.

"He sure is," Nathan replied. Kikki was impressed at how unfazed he sounded.

"Did you kill him?" she asked next.

"Yes," he responded.

"Cool," she gasped. "What did you do?"

"I broke his neck then suffocated him," Nathan said in a totally reasonable way.

"Cool," Kikki repeated enthusiastically.

"Are you ... weirded out?" Stephanie wondered out loud.

"Oh, I knew Nathan was cool, but I didn't know he was this cool. Oh, if that's semen you will find organic cleaner in the lower left drawer of his desk. He keeps if for when his wife brings their annoying mutt around," Kikki informed them.

"Stephanie, why don't you get the cleaner and clean up the cum," Nathan suggested, "Kikki and I are going to get the rug from your new office and wrap Mr. Cosgrove up in it."

"Can't we leave him?" Stephanie asked somewhat concerned with the strange turn of events.

"Nope; I snapped his neck and he has your vaginal fluid on his crotch. We need to get rid of the body."

"My uncle has a hog farm," Kikki offered.

"Seriously?" Nathan sounded impressed.

"It is about two hours upstate, but if we can get him to my car, I'll drive us there," she grinned.

"Are you for real?" Stephanie asked.

"I'm doing this for Nathan. Mr. Cosgrove was a real bastard and I won't miss him," Kikki explained. "I doubt his bitch of a wife will miss him either. He has no kids."

"We'll make him disappear," Stephanie grinned. "If they never find a body ..."

"You work on that side of the plan; we'll dispose of the body."

"How about get together at the 49th Street Grill," Kikki suggested, "say in five hours?" Stephanie studied Kikki and did her own survival calculations. For now Kikki had a purpose, but Stephanie knew that she would have to watch her. Nathan had come through yet again, but she couldn't afford to let him become attached to this bitch.

Not only did he get rid of the body in a place no one was ever to find it, Nathan even had the balls to take the carpet to be cleaned -- his cover story for taking rug out of the building. Stephanie already had a plan when her two accomplices sat down.

"I need to make two million dollars disappear," Stephanie began. Nathan looked nonplussed.

"I don't think I can arrange for you to steal two million dollars," Kikki the IT gal responded.

"No," Stephanie grinned, "I want it to 'look' like two million has disappeared."

"Oh," Kikki's eyes lit up, "you want to create a two million dollar account and then make it vanish! I can do that." Nathan looked confused.

"We aren't actually stealing anything," Stephanie explained. "When they do the accounting they won't find the end destination of the accounts but they will assume Cosgrove hid his money trail. He's embezzled the funds and has had to run off before he was exposed."

"And you will expose him Monday morning," Nathan completed. Stephanie smile triumphantly.

"We are going to have a busy weekend," Kikki exulted. She looked at the other two. "I don't know about you, but I've never done this before. Is it always this exciting?"

"You shouldn't ask," Stephanie warned.

"It isn't exciting," Nathan observed. "I don't know what the big deal is." Kikki arched an eyebrow.

"He's a psychopath," Stephanie informed Kikki. Nathan shrugged.

"Cool," Kikki responded. Nathan sighed.

"I'm not sure I actually like killing," he said after looking around. "I simply do what needs to be done. It is never personal."

"What about tonight?" Stephanie teased.

"He shouldn't have threatened to fire you," Nathan told her. "I can't risk that."

"Oh, that's sweet," Kikki grinned.

"I did it to save my job ... and Stephanie's," Nathan explained.

"Would you do it to save my job?" Kikki asked.

"Yes," Nathan said without hesitation. Stephanie looked at him.

"Kikki, what are you looking for?" Stephanie inquired.

"Do you know what the head of IT makes at the company? $125K. Do you know what the head of Market Analysis makes? $750K plus stock options; guess which job I want?" she informed them.

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