tagInterracial LoveOn The Job Training Ch. 2

On The Job Training Ch. 2


I looked up at that little fat man and held my hands up and said don't shoot little man! And he said "oh you have it all wrong I'm not going to shoot, you guys are" he laughed. He walked over and took his little pudgy hand in Cynthia's hair, and said, "So this is your fantasy huh?" And she shook her head yes looking up at him with her mouth full of Black cock! She backed of the cock long enough to say guys this is my husband Al he's the one that turned Mr. into such a slut for black cock. And we all high-fived him and started banging again! He pulled his little fat chub out of his double knit pants his hands were covered with hair and he started pounding that little sausage! And a stream of filthy profanity started flowing like he was a fucking poet or something. "Fuck that piece of white trash"

"give the bitch what she wants" He looked over at Ray and said! "Hey you with the Python Dick I want you to fuck my wife in the as"! And he said sure thing pops how do you want me too do it? And Al said, "make her feel it brother" Ram her hard! And Ray walked up ass I was pounding her mouth listening to her whims through the side of her mouth; He rammed that 12-inch Black Dick so fast and hard that I felt her bite down on my cock! The next thing I knew Al jumped up and ran across the room and smacked her across the cheek and asked? Did you bite him Cindy?

And she looked up at him and shook her head yes, and Al said OK bitch that does it every time I arrange to have a group of the blackest mother fuckers I can find you do this shit! You're going to be punished! Al said to all of us Back off you horny ass fuckers we have to teach her a lesson that she don't bite cock, you suck cock! So we all backed up and he made her bend over his desk and he pulled out two sets of handcuffs and locked her arms, then he told us all to stand in line, and we did! And I was thinking to my self that this is one crazy mutha fucker! He pulled out this big ass paddle with holes drilled trough it and he spanked her three times and yelled, "HIT IT" and Jerome said what? And again he said "HIT IT NOT ASS HOLE I MEAN STICK THAT BLACK SNAKE IN HER ASS"! And Jerome said yes Sir Boss I hits it right now! And that's exactly what he did showing no mercy her plowed her plump whit ass and Cindy was screaming DON'T STOP!

And Al said "WITHDRAW" and we knew what he meant then SO we went on like this for I know a good forty five more minutes, and I look at Ray and said I cant hold it much longer! Ray said I cant either! So Al said you guys ready to pileup haha he laughed. And I said Yes Sir Boss! So he reaches into his dresser drawer and pulled out yet another trick up his sleeve. A funnel and a long hose the funnel had to be 20 inches wide at the top! Al looks around and said come on you sweaty black fuckers do what you do best! Circle jerk! So as we all were there above the funnel we were really hott! As Cindy started screaming that nasty talk!

"Come one fill me up with that black cum! Fill this black cock-loving whore up with that Nasty cum! Stroke it you Black Bastards! And when she said that we all started moan and squeezing our black cocks right into the funnel watching every drop pour into her fat white ass! Al said, " I want every last drop! In her! And as we all collapsed on the floor, the next thing we knew here's this crazy white fucker on a step stool poking his fat little chub into her ass! And Cindy started Freaking! Yes Yes Yes Al fuck my Big Daddy!

You're proud of your white whore wife aren't you! And He grunted and moaned and said "Yea Cindy you're my Black cock loving Wife! And you have been very good so you get a treat! So he Jumps off of her and sticks this hose in her ass and runs it up to her mouth! And commanded her to suck! "Suck you Slut every drop! Don't waste any of it and as she sucked our hard days work through the tube! She started cumming like a fountain! Squirting every where! And Al pulled the hose out and said, "Kiss me Baby" And she did! And they both looked up at us and said! " Thanks men! Now get your sorry asses back to work! So needless to say this Black Master really had some on the job training today!

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