On the Prowl


So some good news and some bad. The bad, I'm taking a pause on 'My One True Love' for a little while. The good news, seeing as I finally got some response on it, I will continue the story, though it will probably be on a short leash and will most likely be on a chapter to chapter basis.

I had this story in the works for a little while and feel that it is ready for viewing. It's shortish but I think it gets the job done.

Hope you all enjoy!

Mmmm, Friday nights. Love 'em! It's been a while since I've gotten any action and tonight was going to be a great night! I just knew it! I hadn't had a nice juicy pussy in a week and tonight, that was going to change!

I got myself ready before going out tonight. It was just before 10 pm before I left for a night of hunting. I went to my usual watering hole, a bar not too far from my place. It was a cool night, maybe in the 50s, but it was nice out. The moon was out, shining brightly and lit the way for me as did the walkway lights.

I opened the door and was greeted by the loud music, the smell of alcohol, and a place nearly three quarters full. It was still early in the evening but I guess people wanted to get their party on. I noticed many of the other patrons, some regulars some not. There were lots of men and women, some men dancing with other men, some men and women dancing together, and some women dancing with other women. Though, I think a lot of the women here danced with other women just to get the men's attentions, which is fine by me. No harm no foul. Whatever boats your float.

Yeah, sometimes I have lysdexia.


So I entered the bar. I was checking out who was here and who wasn't. Like I said there were some regulars and some not. I nodded to the few people I knew and made my way to the busy bar line. My favorite bartenders were here tonight, Tim and Jane. Tim was a cool guy, he was gay, so a lot of the gay guys hit on him. Jane was cool too; she was a lesbian, not super dyke-like, the more girly kind. She was actually quite pretty this evening. She had a nice blouse on and plenty of cleavage showing. She did it for show, for the straight guys who had no clue, hey whatever, it got her more tips. I tipped her more than some of the other bartenders usually.

The line was long and busy and loud. The music was blaring, people were talking. Well when I say talking...

I mean more like shouting at each other to have a conversation.

Standing in line did give me a chance to check some of the eye candy. It was a mixed crowd. Some older people, maybe in their 40s and some younger kids in their 20s. I lived in the city so the bar brought in anybody and everybody. Like I mentioned before it brought in all walks of life, gays, lesbians, straights, and bi's.

Tonight I was really frisky. After not having any for the entire week, I was starved for some action. This particular night I wanted a nice blonde pussy to bury my face in. I wanted to hear her scream and squeal under me. I wanted to suck on her juices and make her drink her own cum. I wanted it all! Now when I say I wanted a blonde for the night, that didn't rule out brunettes or redheads, or anything else in between. I just preferred blondes.

So I was still standing in line scoping out the place. I watched as the people interacted with one another. There were quite a few guys hitting on girls, some of them quite clumsily I might add! It seemed like people were with other people they knew. There were a few couples on the dance floor. Some were other women dancing with other women, but like I said earlier, these girls didn't look like the type to be sleeping with other girls. Those girls didn't interest me.

I must've waited a good 10 minutes before I finally got up to Jane and Tim. We said our hellos. I chatted with both of them, or at least as best I could over the noise. Tim was having a rough night. He'd lost his boyfriend to some other guy, a hunk apparently. I offered to buy him a drink but he politely declined. I then talked to Jane, the cute little thing. She was a little ditsy for my tastes but we flirted occasionally. See I lied earlier, Jane isn't strictly a lesbian. She definitely prefers women over men. I'd seen her flirt with a bunch of guys, but usually that's for the tips. We'd talked a lot in the past and she told me about her preferences. She preferred more feminine guys, or sensitive guys, not the macho-macho men.

Jane had gone through some tough times as well. Growing up she was confused with her sexuality, she'd had boyfriends in junior high, high school, and college, but to her they were unfulfilling. She experimented in college with girls and had more fun with them. She had some bad break ups and...


Why am I telling you about Jane? Tonight is about me!

Okay, back to my story...

So I finally got a drink from Jane, a martini, extra dry, two olives. I took my drink and looked around for an open area. Just by chance there was one so I made a B-line to it. It was a high top which meant you sat up in a high chair, I always hated those. I made myself comfortable and continued to watch the crowd.

I sat for maybe half an hour before things started getting interesting. It seemed like people came in waves for whatever that's worth. Soon after I sat down a crowd of older people came through, maybe in their mid-thirties. And then right about the time 11 o'clock rolled around another crowd came in. This one was a younger crowd. They looked to be in their mid-twenties, so around my age.

There were some really good looking people, some handsome guys and some really smokin' hot girls. They all looked to be together though, so that killed my confidence. I had been sipping on my martini for the past half hour and needed a new one so I got up, not worrying about losing my seat, to get another drink. Once again the line was long and I had to wait a good 10 minutes before I looked to Jane and she knew what I needed. She mixed my drink and I was as happy as a clam again.

I turned and hoped that my seat was still vacant. My heart fell when I saw it occupied by someone, I couldn't really make out who it was, not that I knew them. I was surprised that the area was so dark, maybe that's why no one had approached me or bothered to sit there. It's funny; I never noticed that seat before that night. Which I guess explains its secluded-ness.

Okay, enough about the stupid seat!

Sorry, I keep getting side-tracked...

I was curious as to who was sitting in my seat, my! seat. I made my way, pushing bodies out of the way and finally snaking my way to the high top. Even standing not five feet away I could barely distinguish the figure.

Finally out of the light and in the darkness I saw who was sitting there. It was a pretty little thing; she was a short red head. And when I say red head, she was dark red, it didn't look like she dyed her hair, it looked natural. She had these curls which draped over her shoulders and, I assumed, past her back a ways. The curls rolling down her front, emphasized the white blouse she had on, not to mention her cleavage! Despite being a small girl she looked to have 34 or 36 C's spilling out her top. I took in her features all within just a couple of seconds before I greeted her.

She smiled to me, or what I thought was a smile, again it was hard to see her. I took one more step and finally I was out of the red light that was shinning in my face. She really was a cute little thing, her smile was infectious. I couldn't help but smile back. We said our hellos and I asked if I could take a seat.

"Sure," she smiled again. I took the seat next to her, so we were sitting adjacent to one another.

"So what brings you here?" I asked.

"Well I work not too far away as a realtor. What about you?"

"Well... I frequent this bar a bit. But for my day job, I'm a retail manager at a clothing store in the mall."

"Oh really? Which one?" she asked.

"It's nothing fancy, just the Louis Vuitton..." I smiled.

"Wow! Nothing special!? Are you kidding me?"

"No, it's just my way of joking..." I smiled again. She smiled back and caught on.

We ended up talking through the night and learned her name was Elli. I offered to buy her a drink, a cosmo, whenever she got low. We danced on the floor a few times, taking breaks every once and a while. By the end of the night I had had two and a half martinis and she had who knows how many cosmos. Let's just say it was enough.

The night was starting to come to a close for us, I was pretty drunk and she most definitely was drunk. We'd hit it off so well, I was about to ask her back to my place but she jumped the gun.

"Wanna, come back to my place?" she asked in a drunken haze.

I replied, "Sure," trying not to sound too enthusiastic.

Before she left she went to the ladies' room to freshen up. When she came back out I smiled and took her arm. As we stumbled out of the bar we chatted along the way back to her place. It was a chilly night out and we shivered our way back to hers. It didn't take long, maybe 15 minutes or so.

By the time we got to her place we were all over each other. I was getting excited as I was sure she was. We barged into her door, hanging onto each other; we still hadn't kissed. Her place was very nice; she had a smallish one bedroom apartment, from what I remember her telling me. The living room was nice and so was the kitchen. It was a little disheveled with some pots and pans in the sink, nothing too messy though.

She offered me the couch in the living room while she got us some much needed coffee. I sat there quietly taking in her place. Her tv was decently sized, maybe 32 inches, flat screen. She had a large dvd collection, she had told me she was a movie buff. I fancied movies as well, but not to the extent of Elli's collection. I got up and browsed through her collection. I admired all the old movies she had, lots of Hitchcock, Buster Keaton, Monty Python, she had the whole lot!

"Like what you see?"

She startled me as I turned to see her smiling at me. She had two cups of coffee and set them on the coffee table.

"Yeah, nice movie collection you've got here," I said.

"Thanks," she smiled.

I walked back to the couch and took a seat at the far end, while she was at the other. It wasn't a large couch but enough for one more person in the middle. Like at the bar we started talking again, this time without yelling into each other's ear.

It was a very peaceful talk. The coffee was good and was sobering me up a little. The coffee, and the water we had at the bar, was helping Elli as well. After our first cup Elli went and got us another. When she returned she sat a little closer, I noticed.

Our talk started to become more intimate, she'd ask about me and my partners, as did I to her. Elli would adjust something on the coffee table, only to sit a little closer to me each time, until we were sitting side by side. Ever since we started talking more intimately the sexual tension rose. It was at its peak when we were sitting side by side. I felt her hand on my thigh. I looked to see it gently rub back and forth along my pant leg. I looked back to her and she was smiling seductively.

The next thing I knew my lips were pressed against hers, our lips locking. She reciprocated and opened her mouth enough for her tongue to explore mine. I didn't hesitate one bit and our tongues wrestled. As we kissed Elli moved her way onto my lap. She straddled me with her legs pressed against mine. I couldn't see in between her legs, but I just knew her skirt was splayed open. I wondered what color her panties were and was quickly getting excited.

Moans escaped both our lips as our bodies devoured each other. Both of our breathing was getting louder. Elli finally was the first to pull away. She smiled to me, very sexily I might add, and got off my lap. She stood in front of me with a huge smile before she let the straps of her top off. With such grace her top fell and her red lace bra was exposed. Her breasts looked delicious. My chest began to heave in anticipation. Elli didn't even bother to tease me any longer; she unclasped her bra and let it fall to the floor. Her C-cups jiggled out and looked fabulous! Her soft pale-ish skin was a stark contrast to her pink areolas and hard nipples. I could see, despite the dim light, that her nipples were sticking out like mini erasers. I wanted to fondle her nipples and breasts, feeling the soft warm flesh against my hands, but she had other plans. Her hands were busy all over her body. She kept winking and smiling at me as her strip show progressed. It wasn't long before she teased at undressing her skirt. My eyes gazed upon her small stature and was amazed at the beauty before me.

My eagerness almost got the better of me as Elli played with the waistband of her short skirt. She swayed her hips back and forth, back and forth, before she finally edged her skirt down her shapely hips. She'd drop her skirt and raise it back up before doing it again and again and again.

My groan made Elli giggle and to my relief she let her skirt fall off her hips and pile on the floor below her. She stepped out of the mess of clothes, nearing me. She stood just a few feet away from me. Her panties were the only garment left. I looked to her gorgeous face and she smiled before saying, "do you like surprises?"

"Mmmm," I moaned, "I love surprises!"

"Good," she winked.

Elli hooked her fingers into her red lace panties and pulled them down. She bent over just enough, her breasts hanging, to let her panties slide down and the drop from her legs. She smiled as she rose and giggled at my shocked reaction. This short woman had a cock! It was a big one at that! It looked to be 8 inches in length and pretty thick.

She was hard and her cock was standing straight out. There was a slight curve to her length, leaning towards her left. The pink mushroom head bobbed in the dim light and I was so aroused. I'd never been with this kind of girl, I knew she was a girl, I didn't even question it.

"So what do you think?" she asked.

"I love it!" I beamed. She clapped her hands playfully and approached me. Her cock swayed with her steps. As she got closer I reached for it with my hands, I wanted to feel her, touch her most private part. My hands grasped her strong length and we both gasped. I was really starting to get hot now and couldn't help myself as I grabbed onto her butt and pulled her into me. She giggled as I did this and took her in my mouth. I struggled to get even half of her cock in me, rarely ever doing this in the past. Elli seemed pleased though as I swirled my tongue around her bulbous head. I looked up to her to see her head back, and I assumed her eyes closed as I worked her. She was delicious, I never knew cock tasted so good, or maybe it was just hers.

Pretty soon I was working really hard and Elli pushed me away gently, "Okay baby, don't get carried away, I don't want to finish just yet!" she giggled. I pouted but knew she was right. "Now let's see what you've got for me!"

I scooted forward on the couch and Elli knelt just in front of me. Her small frame was sssooo cute in front of me, I could have just eaten her up! I started to pull at my zipper but she insisted that she do it. I thought that was great so I let her do it instead. She pulled the zipper down and unbuttoned my jeans. She could see my underwear and smiled at my choice for the night. Her hands went straight to my hips and she grabbed onto the material. It took a little effort but we were able to slide my jeans off. She playfully took each leg out of the leggings before tossing it to the side. She smiled to me again and grabbed at my shirt. In one heave, it was off. My belly exposed to the cool night air in her apartment. Elli edged closer to me and we kissed, her hands on my body and mine on hers. The kiss was too short lived as she smiled and backed away. Her busy hands grabbed at my waist and rose. She glided her little hands to my back and unclasped my little prison. I shivered slightly as my bra came undone, falling in my lap. My nipples were already hard; they had been most of the night. Her fingers teased my mounds, rubbing along my nipples a few times before her hands eventually fell to my panties. Like my jeans, Elli hooked her fingers in the material and I rolled my butt so she could take off the, now damp, undergarment. Before tossing them aside she took a long and loud whiff of my scent. I often did that when I couldn't find a partner for the night and smiled as she did the same with my panties.

"Mmmmm, such a nice smell..." I saw her tongue gently lick the gusset of my panties and I shuddered seeing her do that. "Mmmm, you taste nice too..." With the way we were sitting I had to open my legs. I was so wet, there was a small pool forming on the couch just below me. My own hand found my wetness and grazed over my aroused sex. Again I shuddered and felt myself gush a little. My hand was drenched in my sex and I just had to taste myself. Seductively I took my hand and licked my juices.

"I want some too!" Elli giggled. She took my hand and guided me to her mouth. I felt her warm tongue on my fingers and she took all four fingers into her mouth, sucking on them like she would another person's cock. "Mmmm, you are so tasty!" we both smiled to each other as she stood. I'd almost forgotten about her uniqueness until it came into view. It was glistening with my saliva and I wanted it again. I started to lean forward, since I was more on my back, but Elli stopped me. I laid back so my butt was just hanging off the edge of the cushion and waited for her.

Elli grabbed both of my ankles and raised them up until I was mostly upturned. My feet were near my head and my butt was sticking up in the air, giving her a good angle. I wanted her so bad at this point, I nearly begged her to fuck me. She motioned for me to grab my legs and I did, holding myself there so she could prepare herself. I was so glad that I did, I watched as her cock descended to my wet slit. She teased me by just nudging her head around my sensitive lips, gently grazing my button a few times. I shuddered and giggled each time she came too close.

Elli must have spent five minutes just getting herself ready, I was more than ready, I was dying to get fucked by her meaty thing. I couldn't contain myself any longer, "Please just put it in me!!!!!" I begged. Elli smirked, it almost looked evil, but she finally took her thing out of my hungry slit. I couldn't wait, I wanted, I needed it, I just had to have it. I don't know why, but I had been on birth control, just in case I did happen to pick up a guy, and I was glad. I wanted to feel her thing. It'd been a while since I'd had a real manhood in me, I'd use toys here and there but not on a regular basis.

One last tease, Elli thrust her cock along my clit, showing me how wet I got her. It was perfect, her womanhood glistened and looked like it was completely coated in my juices, dripping even. She raised herself just off of me and watched as her meat throbbed, bouncing to her heartbeat. I had to resist every urge in my body not to frig myself right then and there. I knew waiting would be make it that much more.

"Ready?" she grinned.

"Oh god baby, put it in me!!!!!!" I growled, so hungry for her.

"Okay! Here it comes!!!!" as she said 'comes' she rammed her thing into me. I yelped out in blistering pain. Instinctively I tried to pull away but she held me in place by grabbing onto my hips. I began to cry the pain was sssssssssooooooo bad. Not until she had buried her 8 inches did I fully realize why. She rammed her huge cock up my ass!

I kept crying, while still holding my legs back for her. I had never done anal before and here this girl rammed her huge cock up there. Elli smirked down at me again, "I don't fuck pussies," was all she said. I didn't get it at first, but then it dawned on me. She never meant to fuck me where I wanted it. I tried getting away but her surprising strength kept me down and in her grasp. I struggled and struggled but to no avail, I was just no match for her.

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