tagLesbian SexOn The Rebound Ch. 03

On The Rebound Ch. 03


Kate and Lex fell into an easy routine over the next couple of months, spending most of their time together if possible.

They hadn't actually discussed how their relationship was progressing, however both girls new that they had fallen head over heels in love with the other and both hoped that they would stay this way forever.

They spent most of their time at Lex's house for several reasons; firstly it was bigger and nicer than Kate's rented flat and was set in open, rolling countryside with no close neighbours; on top of that she had the biggest bed Kate had ever seen!

Another reason was that Kate's psycho ex-girlfriend didn't know where Lex lived and both girls were very keen to avoid any more scenes if possible. She had already driven into one of Lex's bikes and made various threats so it seemed best to just keep away from her.

Fortunately they hadn't seen or heard from her recently and were assuming she'd moved on to torment some other poor fool.

The summer had started to wane and the leaves were starting to turn on the trees but the weather was still warm and bright for the most part and they had gotten into the habit of taking long walks in the countryside whenever they had time.

The extra exercise had made a big difference to Kate and although she still had a voluptuous and curvy figure, she had shed a few pounds and was looking better than ever.

Lex had been very firm and fit to start with but the walking had toned her legs even further and Kate often had to restrain herself from running her hands over the tight muscles when they were in public.

Both girls had spent a lot of time taming Lex's vast and unruly garden during the summer and with the nearest neighbour a mile away they were usually very scantily clad, leaving their bodies sun bronzed and gorgeous.

In short they made a very striking couple as they strode across the rolling countryside, always arm in arm or hand in hand.

On one such occasion Lex stopped abruptly as they reached a style and pulled Kate into her arms for an unexpected but very welcome kiss.

'Hmmmm you really shouldn't do that when we're outside in the open,' purred Kate 'you know I have a thing for the outdoors and you can't kiss me like that without making me horny!'

'Oh I know Babe, it's amazing we ever got the garden finished, but I wanted to make sure you were paying attention 'cos I've got something to ask you.'

'Ooh this sounds serious, what's up?'

'Nothing's up but I haven't been to visit my Mum for a long time and I really should go soon -- I was wondering if you'd come with me? I've told her about you on the phone and she's keen to meet the woman that's been distracting her wayward daughter.'

'Why so serious? I'd love to meet your mum! Besides you're not wayward; you're one of the most down to earth people I know'

'Oh you'll understand that comment when we get there. Thanks for coming with me, I hope you don't regret it. You might find that she quizzes you a bit, so be prepared.'

'Oh Babe stop worrying! It'll be fine, I just wish that I had some family to introduce you to but I don't have anyone left.'

'Oh yes you do -- you have me and I love you Kate, more than I've ever loved anyone.'

'Oh Lex, I love you too!'

So there it was, out in the open. The feeling that had only been expressed in actions had now been verbalised and it felt amazing! They sealed their love with another blistering kiss and then hurried back home to celebrate properly in Lex's enormous bed.

A few day's later they bundled overnight bags into Lex's Jeep to drive to Lex's Mum's house. They stopped by Kate's flat to collect a couple of things and jumped into the car ready to go but before they drove off Lex turned to Kate and took her hands, fixing her cobalt blue eyes onto Kate's.

'You know, the first time I sat here outside your flat with you was when I brought you home the night you split with Debbie. In some ways it still feels like yesterday but it also feels like I've known you an eternity.

Kate -- do you have any special attachment to your flat, or a desperate yearning to stay independent? If not, why don't you move in with me?'

Kate was lost for words initially and tears welled in her eyes as she stared back into Lex's bright blue orbs. Finally she lifted one of Lex's hands to her lips and kissed the back of her knuckles as she managed to squeak out her answer 'Yes Lex, I'd love to move in with you!' and she hugged her lover tightly, afraid to speak further in case she burst into tears.

'Good! that's settled then!' grinned Lex 'we can sort out the details later, right now I need to fill you in on some family history on the drive to Mum's.

As they drove Lex provided a potted history. She told of how her parents had almost welcomed her coming out as gay, as it explained her somewhat strange teenage behaviour -- why many of her friends were boys, but never actually boyfriends; her insane obsession with motorbikes; her dislike or feminine clothes etc etc.

She told of the pain when her father died from a heart attack when she was 21, and of how her mother had taken the reigns of the family engineering business and surprised everyone by making a huge success of it.

She told of how she hated her private school education and her mother's disappointment when she turned down the opportunity to join the family business in favour of starting her own.

'And the thing you need to know most -- I love my Mum but she can be insufferably nosy and interfering and to make matters worse, she doesn't trust strangers easily. She liked Sandra and was disappointed when we split, so don't be surprised if she gives you a bit of a hard time.'

'Lex will you stop worrying! If she doesn't take to me right away that's fine -- she'll get to know me over time and everything will be ok. I promise I'll be on my best behaviour, we're only going for 1 night, we'll manage!'

The drive went quickly as they discussed Kate moving in, arguing gently when Lex said she didn't expect Kate to pay anything toward the upkeep of the house and generally trying to sort out the logistics of where to put Kate's things.

Soon enough Lex turned off a quiet country lane onto a private road that seemed to go on forever, until rounding a bend a house came into view beyond some trees.

Kate sat still and quiet as the enormous house loomed into view, seeming to grow even larger as they drew near, and towering above them as they pulled into the sweeping drive in front.

'Holy shit Lex! you didn't tell me we were visiting royalty!'

'OK, now's the time when I tell you the bit I left out. My Mum has money. Lots of it. The business was doing well before Dad died and is making a mint now, since Mum started to specialise in medical equipment. It's part of the reason why she distrusts strangers, she's had a few people try to fleece her in the past. With no siblings this will come to me some day, not that I particularly want it.'

Kate was gobsmacked and sat there open mouthed until Lex leaned down and kissed her, bringing her back to reality. 'Just treat her as you would anyone else. She may have money but she's pretty down to earth really and she hates it when people assume she's posh just because she lives in a bloody mansion.

I've been trying to get her to downsize but she swears she couldn't live in close proximity to anyone else; I guess that's why I like living in the middle of the countryside so much. She also says she couldn't live without her pool!'

They grabbed their bags from the boot and Lex took Kate's hand and coaxed her up the wide steps to the front door which swung open suddenly before Lex had a chance to use her key.

'Alex, darling!' cooed the tall, glamorous woman that stood in the doorway, 'I thought that was your monstrosity of a car I heard' and she hugged Lex hard, obviously pleased to see her only daughter 'at least ou didn't come on one of those ghastly motorcycles!

and this must be Kate, I'm very pleased to meet you too -- Alex has told me so much about you I feel that I know you already!' and Kate got a hug that was nearly big as Lex's.

'I'm very pleased to meet you too' squeaked Kate, starting to regain her natural exuberance after the hearty greeting 'unfortunately Lex hadn't told me very much about you until just now, so you have the edge on me' she smiled.

'That sounds like Alex, I think she's embarrassed about her old Mum' and she winked conspiratorially 'my name is Christine but my friends call me Chrissie. I have a feeling we're going to be friends so that's what you should call me. Now come on in you two, I feel a gin and tonic calling.'

Chrissie left them to stow their bags in Lex's old room while she went to pour some drinks

'I warn you -she makes a lethal G&T; if it's too strong make her put more tonic in it or else you'll be on the floor before dinner!'

Lex took Kate into her arms and wrapped her in a wonderful embrace that had Kate leaning into her and wanting more, so she tilted her face up and kissed her lover with such tenderness and emotion that Lex felt her heart would burst.

'God I love you Kate' she murmured into her hair

'Love you too Babe, and your mum seems lovely, I don't know what you were worried about'

'I've never seen her be so instantly nice to someone, it makes me suspicious - maybe she fancies you too' laughed Lex as Kate poked her in the ribs 'now come on, lets get downstairs or else she'll be up to find out what we're up to.'

Kate wasn't used to daytime drinking; maybe the occasional glass of wine or bottle of beer with lunch, but never spirits, and Lex had been right about Chrissie mixing strong drinks. Kate coughed heartily on the first taste and even after requesting more tonic it was still strong enough to tranquilise a horse.

'I'm so pleased to finally meet you Kate. When Lex described you to me I thought she must be exaggerating but she wasn't at all. If she described your personality as well as she described your physique you must be a very nice person.'

'Jesus Mum! You know how to embarrass someone!'

'Who am I embarrassing dear? You or Kate?' grinned Chrissie

Kate, feeling the effects of the gin was no longer shy and retiring and found all of this highly amusing.

'Kate warned me that you might be a little....cantankerous, shall we say. I think you've just got an evil sense of humour!' she laughed

'Oh bless you child!' chortled Chrissie 'Alex, you've finally found a woman who's worked me out, well done girl!'

There was plenty of good natured banter for the next hour or so and Kate found herself warming to Chrissie immensely.

'So where do your parents live Kate?'

'Mum! Stop asking so many questions!'

'It's ok Lex, I don't mind. Unfortunately both my parents died a couple of years ago; my mum from cancer, followed within 6 months by my dad with a massive heart attack.'

'Oh god, I'm sorry Kate -- I wouldn't have asked if I'd known, I was only making conversation.'

'Please don't worry, it's ok. Mum was sick for a long time; it was almost a blessing when she passed. I think dad died of a broken heart. I still miss them like mad but they were wonderful people and left me with some very happy memories to keep me going.

I also have their old house in Kent but I rent it out; I didn't want to live in it but couldn't quite bring myself to sell it either.'

Chrissie had gone to pour more drinks as they talked but stopped suddenly 'Oh no! Alex we seem to be out of tonic, I know there's some in the garage would you mind popping out and getting a bottle?'

As soon as Lex had left the room Chrissie plonked herself down on the sofa next to Kate and took her hands in hers. Kate recognised the gesture as one that Lex used when she was being earnest, and at that moment realised that Lex also had her mum's eyes -- Chrissie's were less vivid in colour, but amazing none the less, with that same intensity that left you feeling bare under their gaze.

'Kate, I'm sorry to ambush you like this, I know we've only just met, but I need your advice on something.

From what Alex says, you two are as close as two peas in a pod.' Kate nodded dumbly, wondering what on earth was coming next. 'I'm so glad she has you to sort her out after that dreadful Sandra woman.'

'Lex said you liked Sandra?'

'Oh she was ok I suppose, but she was never right for Alex; not that I'd have told her that, we all have to make our own choices and our own mistakes. The way they ended broke her heart; Alex thought they were going to get married, have kids and live happily ever after -- just goes to show. Still, it's good they broke up -- you seem like a real and grounded person Kate and I can see by the way you two look at each other that you're very much in love, which brings me to my point nicely!

Alex's dad died quite a few years ago now and I've never found anyone else -- never wanted anyone else -- but sometimes love comes when you least expect it, and I've met someone!'

'That's great, what's the problem, surely Lex would want you to be happy?'

'Hmmmm, it's not so much that I've met someone that's the problem, it's more about who they are that could be an issue.'

'Chrissie, listen to me. Lex told me that you were great when she came out as gay, so it would be totally hypocritical of her to be anything less than supportive of you. Lex is very like you, she'll be fine, and if she needs someone to talk things through with then she has me.'

'Good, because I invited them to dinner tonight and .......'

'What are you two up to?' enquired Lex, walking through the door to find her mum in close conference with Kate 'You look like you're planning something!'

'We were just talking about dinner tonight, now where's that tonic, I need a drink!'

After another gin and tonic Chrissie suggested that Lex show Kate around the gardens while she made a couple of business calls, so the two lovers strolled outside. Kate couldn't help giggling when Lex steered them toward a golf buggy, but when Lex explained that the 'garden' was 43 acres she swallowed her laughter and climbed in obediently.

Once they had driven about half a mile away from the house, Lex stopped the buggy under a stand of tress, climbed out of the buggy and beckoned Kate after her, admonishing her to be quiet.

Slowly they crept through the trees and bushes until Lex crouched down, pulling Kate with her.

'Look over there' whispered Lex, pointing toward a clearing about one hundred metres away, and as Kate peered through the branches she was rewarded with the sight of a small herd of red deer; 5 females, 1 stag and 2 fawns.

She had to clap her hands over her mouth to stop herself squealing with delight and she sat on the ground in front of Lex's kneeling form, leaning back against her legs as they watched the gentle creatures grazing, the fawns chasing each other around the clearing.

After about 15 minutes the deer must have caught their scent and bounded off into the trees.

'Oh Lex that was wonderful, thank you!' and she tried to turn around, but Lex's arms held her in place between her knees.

'You're welcome gorgeous. Now, are you going to tell me what my conniving mother was up to earlier?' and she bent to run her tongue around Kate's ear and down to her neck.

'Mmmm that's nice. She wasn't being conniving honest!'

Lex's right hand cupped Kate's left boob, caressing and squeezing until the nipple was standing proud and erect under her fingers and Kate was pressing back against Lex and moaning.

'You sure?' asked Lex as she ran her tongue along Kate's hair line at the back of her neck, raising goosebumps, her right hand still teasing her tit.

'Yes, really' gasped Kate as she felt Lex's left hand travel down over her tummy and flick open the button of her jeans.

'I'm not sure I believe you' Lex chuckled into Kate's ear as she undid the zip and slowly inserted her hand down the front of Kate's jeans and inside her pants.

'Oh god Lex! Really, it's all good I promise!' as 2 of Lex's fingers gently and slowly massaged little circles around her clit.

'So there's no problem with you telling me what you were talking about then?' as her hand slipped lower and the fingers found the already slick folds of Kate's waiting pussy.

'I, um, I -- oh Lex this isn't fair, I can't concentrate!' panted Kate as Lex's fingers found their target and pushed easily into the dark wetness of Kate's core.

'Oh sorry -- I better stop then!' and Lex stopped kissing her neck, stopped caressing her hard nipple and removed her fingers from their warm, wet home with an audible slurp.

'Don't you dare you hussy! You can't leave me like this!'

'Well -- if you tell me what you were up to I promise I'll make it worth your while!' grinned Lex as she bent down and claimed Kate's mouth, her tongue stopping any further conversation for the moment.

Kate turned and drove Lex backwards onto the ground, laying on top of her and returning the kiss for all she was worth.

'Like I could ever keep a secret from you anyway, now fuck me before I die of frustration.'

Lex rolled Kate over and tore her shoes off so she could pull her jeans and pants over her feet. The cool air hit Kate's hot, wet pussy making her moan aloud and as soon as Lex's tongue speared her, a mini orgasm rippled through her ripe body.

Kate's hands roughly pinched and pulled at her own nipples while Lex's mouth tormented her clit furiously, her fingers fucking Kate hard and fast, bringing her quickly to an enormous orgasm.

Lex held Kate in her arms kissing her, allowing her lover time to calm down and recover, until she felt her shiver. It suddenly occurred to her that Kate was still naked from the waste down and she jumped up and grabbed her clothes -- running into the clearing where she knew Kate would be reluctant to follow.

'Hey! come back with those!'

'Do you have something you'd like to tell me now?'

'OK! I promise I'll tell you if you give my clothes back.'

'Oh no, other way around Hon, spill the beans and then I'll give them back. Are you sure you want your panties back, they're very soggy.' she grinned, enjoying teasing her lover immensely.

'You are truly evil, you know that?' but Kate couldn't help laughing, she really did love Lex an amazing amount and she knew she would have struggled to have kept the conversation with Chrissie secret from her.

'Right, so your mum seems a bit worried about telling you that she's met and fallen in love with someone.'

'Huh? I've been trying to get her to go out a socialise a bit more for years in the hope that she'd meet someone, why would she be worried about telling me?'

'I don't know Babe, can I have my jeans back now while we discuss it -- I'm bloody freezing!'

Lex obliged and returned the clothing, laughing at the twigs and leaves that were stuck in Kate's jacket and hair as she watched her get dressed.

'I told her that I couldn't imagine you being anything other than supportive and she just said that you might have a problem with WHO it was. She didn't say anything else because you came back in -- other than that they were coming to dinner tonight, so I guess we'll find out in a few hours.'

'Oh god -- she had a gardener that worked for her a few years ago that had a total crush on her, I do hope it isn't him! He was a nice enough looking bloke but he was a real creep. He used to spy on us through the pool windows and watch us when we swam.'

As they returned to the house Chrissie met them in the hallway, bursting out laughing when she looked at Kate. 'I'm guessing you two might want to clean up before dinner' she chuckled 'and I want to go for a swim; lets meet in the library about 7ish?'

As they girls walked up the stairs Kate turned to Lex in confusion. 'Jesus -- there's a library? and why was your mum laughing at me?'

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