tagErotic CouplingsOn the Road

On the Road


She hated semi trucks. She had no qualms telling me that when I first answered her question about what I did for a living.

"Ugh, I can't stand trucks. They're just so massive. They scare the hell out of me to be honest. I hate 'em... can't stand 'em."

"Have you ever taken a ride in one?" I countered.

"Hell no... if I don't like them, why would I take a ride??" she retorted.

"Well, you may not have yet, but you will... trust me... I'll get you out on the road in my rig..." I said.

"Yeah, right... that'll be the day..." she had responded.

From that moment on, I was determined to take her for a ride in mine. It helped that she's hot and I'd love to get her out on the road alone for a night... I bet that would help cure her hatred of trucks.

It took about a week or so of flirting, sweet talking and nudging before she finally agreed. Actually, the only reason she agreed was I needed her help with studying for a huge exam I needed to take the day after we'd get back. She couldn't say no to that. The date was set and I couldn't wait. It would be an over-night run, almost a thousand miles total for the round trip.

Around 7 o'clock the following Monday, her friend dropped her off by my truck yard. Unfortunately, the weather had been pretty nasty all day and it didn't seem like it was going to be getting any better.

"Between my hatred of trucks and the weather, do you realize the amount of trust this is taking right now?" she asked as she climbed into the cab.

"Yeah, I know. But it's the only way you're going to get over your fear and hatred. So buckle up and let's get going." I told her as my mind was racing... God she's hot. She's actually here. This is gonna be one hell of a night I know it...

It took us an hour to pick up the trailer I'd be hauling out to Missouri. She was in complete awe in the cluster-fuck of a truck yard. She just couldn't get over how anyone found anything. The innocence that was exhuding from her at that point was strong enough it almost made me lose control of myself and kiss her then and there... but I contained myself and made myself wait till we were in Missouri.

We talked here and there as we drove. The radio did a lot of talking. For as much as she hated trucks, she was quickly enjoying herself with me. She took to the road easily. She even understood the CB radio better than most do their first time listening to it. I wanted her more and more as each mile passed behind us.

We made it to Missouri without a problem and dropped off the one trailer and picked up the one to haul back. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your point of view), the weather had gotten worse and she was starting to get nervous. I've driven in rain worse than what it was that night, but since we were both tired and she was starting to freak out, we pulled off the highway and into a truck stop for a few hours. Hopefully the worst would blow over soon and we could hit the road again in two hours.

The whole ride, the sexual tension kept mounting as we flirted and teased. Now we were stopped with not much to do till the weather cleared up. We tried to stretch out side-by-side on the bed in the back of my rig, but trying to give each other space and room wasn't doing much for comfort. I knew what to do. Lying on my back, I stretched my arms and then laced my fingers behind my head, exposing my chest.

"Oh no... you didn't just do that... that's too tempting damn it." she half-heartedly complained.

"What? Oh, this?" I pointed to my chest and she nodded in the dim light. "Well then, come here." I held out my arms to her and she fit in them perfectly. She laid her head on my chest and wrapped her arms around me. She sighed this little sigh of contentment when my arms encircled her. We managed to lay that way for a time before we both had to shift due to our arms falling asleep before we could.

I ended up lying on my stomach and she stretched out on her side. We had only one pillow to share and we were face to face on it. I wanted her... I wanted her so badly...

I nuzzled the tip of my nose to hers...

She giggled...

God the innocence she exhuded...

She nuzzled back...

Slowly our faces drew closer till we were breathing each other's breaths...

I don't really know who kissed who first but the passion in that first gentle exploratory kiss...

We started to get lost in the kiss as it became more passionate and deeper...

Then she broke it... she tickled me!!!! On purpose!!!!

The foreplay had begun.

She put up a good fight in the tickle fight... she's stronger than I first thought too... I finally managed to position myself on top of her and she wrapped her legs around my waist holding me where I was.

Just as she reached to tickle me again, I thrust my harded dick against her... her hands froze mid-air and as she gasped, her whole body trembled making me harder and hotter.

I leaned over and kissed her like I had the first time... soft and sweet... she began to melt beneath me... I shifted my hips just so and rubbed against her again... she trembled once more.

"Why do you tremble when I do this?" I asked as I repeated my previous movement.

It took her a moment to compose herself to respond... "Because I want you and because that feels so good..."

"I was hoping you'd say that." I kissed her again, deeper this time... I slipped my tongue into her mouth and her tongue found mine. They danced for a moment before she started to suck my tongue as she would my dick... that made me shudder.

She reached to peel off my shirt and I let her take it. As I reached for hers she stopped me. "No... you first... me later..." I didn't understand right away. She pulled me back on top of her and started grinding her hips against mine... I understood fully.

We rubbed against each other for a time, both of us getting hot and steamy. Then she caught me off guard and flipped me off of her and she mounted me before I realized it. "Like I said, you first..." she whispered as she started kissing my neck and chest.

I know she's been with other men, but only those other men only numbered three. If I hadn't known that, I would have guessed it in the twenties for as good as she was. She knew right where to kiss to get me hotter and harder... she even found a few spots I didn't know could turn me on.

As she slowly kissed my chest and stomach, her hands found their way to my shorts and were massaging everything around my hardened dick... she was good... the temptress... all at once, she was starting to undo my shorts to take both them and my boxers off... I helped her out a little mainly because I was eager for her to go on with her torture.

"A litte eager aren't we, love?" she questioned as her fingers lightly breezed up my upper thigh to my hip, just past my now-exposed manhood.

"Uh-huh." was all I could muster... I was already in her control...

"Mmmmm... then perhaps I'll torture you a little more first, eh?" Her mouth found its way to my hip... she kissed so gently and then she lightly blew across the moisture her lips had left behind... the result was earth-shaking... my whole body shuddered as hers had done... I couldn't believe it...

My plan had been to do this to her... I only wanted to please myself by pleasing her... yet here I was, completely naked and she wasn't even missing her shirt...

As she repeated the same steps on my other hip my thoughts were jarred back to the moment. I ran my fingers through her hair and gently led her face back to mine where I kissed her long and deep.

"What was that for? I haven't done anything yet..." she teased.

"Oh, you've done more than you know my little lover... more than you know." I released her and she went back to torturing me... she repeated her kiss-n-blow steps on my inner thighs and I was so hard all I could think of was either fucking her long and hard, or the sensation of her pleasuring me with oral sex... My thoughts had wandered far enough again that I hadn't even noticed she had stopped.

"What is it? What's wrong?" she asked, this little pout on her face. "Did I do something wrong? I know I haven't done this in a long time, but..."

"No, no... you're doing superb my little lover... I'm sorry, I just got so lost in the pleasure... really... it's okay."

She smiled and before I knew it, her tongue was gently caressing my dick... she licked oh-so-gently up and down the length of my shaft. A little pre-cum seeped out and she enjoyed that fact. She knew she had me. She nibbled gently down the underside of my shaft and when she reached my balls, she began to gently suck them... taking them in her mouth one at a time, her tongue dancing in swirls around them... a little more pre-cum escaped my hardened self...

While her mouth worked miracles on my balls, her right hand was working my shaft and her left hand was helping her keep her balance... I moaned... she had me in her complete control... I didn't know I could get that hard anymore... I didn't know I could be filled with that much burning desire anymore... I'd been with the same girlfriend for over five years... my little lover knew this long before this play of desire had begun... yet, that's what else made this so good, it was forbidden in a way... I was spoken for... but God how we wanted each other...

A number of times my little lover brought me to the brink of cumming and numerous times she would stop just short of sending me over the edge... the torture was almost unbearable...

Her mouth and her hand worked together up and down and up and down... I could feel myself racing to the edge and as if she sensed it was well... she'd slow down, sending me reeling again... then she worked me back up all over again...

"Now then my love, show me how to make you cum... show me what you like..." she whispered and she looked me in the eyes, her hand still working my dick...

I placed my hand over hers and showed her how hard and how fast to stroke me... I kept my hand over hers and we kept stroking and stroking...

"Oh sweet Jesus... oh God... oh fuck... oh fuck... I'm gonna cum... Uuunnnnnnhhhhh..."

What a sweet release it was when I finally came... her hand still working with mine until every last bit had been released from my dick...

"How was that lover? Was it what you'd hoped for tonight" she teased.

"Oh fuck yeah... it was waaaaaaaaayyyyy beyond what I'd even thought of for tonight." I answered as I pulled her to me for a long deep kiss... "May I return the oral favor?" I sweetly inquired between kisses.

"No... that was something I did just for you... now, let's get you cleaned up and see if we can't still get some rest."

It wasn't until we started to clean up that I realized just how strongly she'd made me cum... it travelled up my stomach, across my chest, and ran down the back of my left shoulder. It had even gotten on the wall of the bed compartment a little.

I looked at the clock and realized we'd been stopped for almost four hours. It was definately time to hit the road again... no time to rest now. We grabbed some breakfast and headed back to drop her off at home.

I think she's over the larger part of her fear now... I know one thing for sure... that's one truck ride she'll never forget... then again, neither will I.

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