tagGroup SexOn The Road Again

On The Road Again


My wife, Marlene, and I had spent the weekend in Pensacola and were on our way back home to Tampa when we decided to stop at the next rest area. We had already been on the road for almost three hours and had almost that many more to go. The rest area was situated on a high hill (high for Florida) nestled in an grove of towering oak trees covered with Spanish moss; it overlooked a saw grass prairie that stretched for miles to the distant tree line.

I opened the car door for my wife of over four years and was treated to the beautiful sight of her new spring flower print, bikini panties as she opened her legs to get out. Of course I had seen them earlier that morning before we left the motel and several times along the highway as we enjoyed a little playful petting to break up the monotony of long stretches of desolate Florida highway. I never tired of that little pleasure in life and enjoyed it as often as possible. Marlene seemed to enjoy showing off for me as much as I enjoyed seeing her.

After using the restrooms we held hands and walked across the grassy knoll to stretch our legs and enjoy the aroma of the blooming Oleander and Hysteria. We saw a man walking a beautiful, obviously young, Irish setter coming in our direction; it may have been the dog walking the man, it was hard to tell. As they got closer Marlene asked the man if she could pet his dog; he readily agreed and moved closer to us.

Even though she was wearing a rather short skirt Marlene squatted down to pet the overly friendly, overly energetic, young dog. She was not against giving a deserving stranger a quick peek and a man who loved animals certainly qualified as a deserving stranger. As she began talking to the dog, rubbing its ears and head, the dog tried to jump on her which, in turn, sent her sprawling backwards onto the grass with a rather loud shriek. Her legs were spread wide open, her skirt went up, and the dog's owner and I both got a beautiful view of her new spring flower print, bikini panties.

The dog's owner wasn't sure just what to do, enjoy the beautiful sight, help her up-since he was the closest to her, or turn away like a gentleman until she recover her dignity.

He offered his hand saying, "I'm so sorry. I'm trying to train him to be more disciplined but he is so full of energy. Are you okay?"

Marlene stood up with his help by the time I got close enough to help then she brushed the back of her skirt, "I'm fine, just a little hurt dignity over showing a complete stranger my ...ah, everything." She said with a chuckle.

The man added, "Well I think you handled it with your dignity completely intact."

He held out his hand again to Marlene, "I'm Com....uh, Ted and this is my buddy, Riley. Sorry I've been trying to break the habit of using my rank since I retired. Old habits are hard to break."

Ted was a six foot, fiftyish man with a very obvious military bearing wearing a faded Naval Academy tee shirt and class ring.

I offered my hand, "I'm Will and this beautiful woman is my wife, Marlene."

We stood in the shade of one of the Spanish moss laden oak trees and talked for several minutes. Ted had retired several months earlier as a Lieutenant Commander after twenty-eight years in the Navy. He bought a motor home to tour the country before deciding where to live and settle down.

Marlene continued to pet the dog as she also listened to Ted and I talk then she interrupted with, "Guys I hate to break this up but I am getting hungry and it will be a ways down the highway before we find a place."

Ted immediately injected, "I have some fresh barbecue I'm keeping warm in the oven. Why don't you guys join me?"

Then he looked at Marlene saying, "I know Riley would love for you to stay." motioning towards the young setter licking her face.

The motor home was very nice and somewhat roomy but still close quarters. Until we got settled around the small table there was plenty of brushing against each other. Well, let me put it another way, both Ted and I found it necessary to brush against Marlene as we moved about and it was easy to tell she enjoyed it by the way her hard nipples pressed against the light fabric of her top.
Her top was really just a piece of fabric attached to a cord around her neck and another one around her waist with the back and sides completely open. As she moved her arms away from her body the sides of her breasts were often exposed.

Another exciting event occurred when Marlene came out of the small bathroom and Riley stuck his nose up her skirt and into her crotch. She squealed loudly and pushed his head away as Ted turned to see the cause of the commotion. Ted immediately scolded him and motioned for him to go to his bed.

Marlene tried to lessen his concern with, "Well he certainly knows how to make a girl smile."

Everyone chuckled then Ted added, "I wish I could get by with some of the antics he pulls."

Marlene looked him in the eye and asked, "Are you absolutely sure you cannot get away with them or are you just being too much of a gentleman?"

Ted blushed and replied, "Like I said, old habits are hard to break."

Over a delicious barbeque lunch we got to know more about our new friend and his dog, Riley, who sat beside Marlene with his head in her lap. I could tell that her interest in Ted was building as she sat on his side of the small table and exchanged touches during the conversation. Marlene and I had opened our relationship to others from time to time; sometimes it would be with an interesting woman we had met and sometimes, like this time with Ted, it would be with an interesting man.

When he chided Marlene about the early mishap with Riley that left her exposed she responded, "Well at least I remembered to wear my panties today."

Ted came back with, "Yes and they were very appropriate for the season too."

Everyone laughed a good natured laugh and this time no one blushed or felt uncomfortable.

I could tell Marlene wanted to get the conversation on a different track, a more adult track, "So is it true what they say about sailors, a girl in every port?"

Ted thoughtfully replied, "Well when you have been at sea for weeks, even months, at a time you have to make sure you maintain all systems. The oil has to be changed and the pipes have to be cleaned so sludge doesn't build up."

Marlene wasn't going to let that go and asked, "So do you have to turn to highly experienced professionals or can anyone do that type of required maintenance?"

I chuckled as Ted wiggled in his seat at her brashness then admitted, "Well luckily there are experienced people around our local Embassies who are willing to help sailors in distress. Or we are invited to parties by local dignitaries when our ships bring hundreds of sailors with money to spend to their ports."

Marlene then asked, "Would it offend your sensibilities as an officer and a gentleman if you were invited to join ...ahh, a married couple for routine maintenance?"

Without missing a beat he quickly replied, "Absolutely not. I have had some experience with couples but I must warn you, I am absolutely straight."

I chuckled, "I assure you I am also absolutely straight but Marlene does enjoy a double penetration from time to time."

Ted stood up and removed the dishes from the small table and stored the food in the fridge. Marlene moved to the end of the bench seat so when he turned back towards the table she moved her hand to the very obvious bulge in his shorts. I raised my eye brows as he smiled at me.

Marlene asked, "Should I begin routine maintenance now?"

It was a rhetorical question and obviously needed no answer. Ted reached down and unfastened his shorts and lowered his zipper. Marlene slid his shorts and navy issue boxers down as he raised his tee shirt over his head. She ran her hands up his torso before taking his almost erect cock in her hand to inspect, or maybe to admire, the equipment.

She smiled and mentioned, "I love it when they wear a turtleneck." referring to the foreskin of his uncircumcised cock.

She lowered her head and flicked the excess skin with her tongue. I could only sit and watch as she took charge of the maintenance operation and Ted untied the cord that held her top around her neck. With her breasts bare he began lightly pinching and twisting her hard nipples which she loved. She always claimed that her nipples were hard wired directly to her cunt-she never liked the word "pussy".

She had Ted's foreskin skinned back and her tongue circled the glans of his engorged purple head. Ted's eyes were closed and his face showed he was straining to maintain control.

"If you don't stop that I will blow my wad all over you." He said straining.

Marlene looked up at him saying, "We need to drain all the old fluid out so we can replace it with new fluid."

I was both jealous and envious of the attention he was getting then his purple head disappeared in her mouth as her head began to bob up and down on his shaft. He rested his hands on her head as she engulfed him again and again. A loud moan escaped his mouth as he let go and flooded my wife's mouth with his creamy fluid. Marlene didn't miss a drop as her cheeks dimpled from the suction needed to completely drain him.

"I'm sorry I was so quick. It has been sometime since I have enjoyed such pleasure." He almost staggered backward to lean against the fridge trying to catch his breath.

Marlene assured him, "Don't worry about that I'll have your systems back up and running in no time."

Marlene stood up then leaned against the end of the table and lifted her skirt, "Would you like to stop and smell the flowers, my spring flowers?"

Ted quickly moved to his knees and pushed his face into her crotch to inhale the scent of her "spring flowers" before lowering her panties over her sweet ass and long shapely legs. Once she stepped out of her panties she handed them to me as Ted lifted her feet to his shoulders and opened her legs to enjoy the sight of her open cunt.

Marlene lay back on the table supported by her elbows and gave me a chance to play with and kiss her rigid nipples while Ted obviously enjoyed the taste and aroma of her sweet juices. She used her feet on his shoulders to give her leverage to grind her pelvis into his face as his tongue worked its magic.

Marlene had the ability to experience what she called mini-orgasms one after another building up to a major orgasm that would explode in every cell of her body. She was well on her journey when I stood beside the table and rubbed my engorged cock over her nipples. Her head moved from side to side, grunts escaped her lips, and her hands pulled the head between her legs closer into her crotch. Squishing sounds could be heard between the sounds of her grunts as she moved closer and closer to her explosion.

Finally she gasped, "Oh god that was wonderful!" as she pushed Ted's head from her cunt and set back up with her feet back on the floor.

I untied the bottom cord and removed her top completely as Ted regained his feet. It was easy to see that enjoying the taste and scent of Marlene's cunt was enough to recharge the blood needed to engorge his cock again. All systems appeared up and ready again.

Marlene reached out to take the shaft in her hand and pull him closer to her. I unfastened her skirt and lowered it to the floor so she could open her legs. Ted kissed her as she rubbed the foreskin covered shaft through her soaking wet slit.

She whispered to him, "I've wanted to feel you in me ever since you helped me off the ground."

Marlene rested her sweet ass on the end of the table then lifted her right leg up and rested the back of her heel on his hip. Again she skinned back the foreskin of his shaft and guided him into her warm hole. I supported her upper body as she leaned backward slightly; I kissed her shoulders and cupped her small breasts in my hands. It was easy for me to see Ted slide in and out of my wife's cunt which left him glistening with her juices. My cock had been rock hard for almost an hour and would need some relief soon.

Ted took control by holding onto Marlene's hips as he slammed into her again and again; her body shook as his powerful flanks delivered the piston deep into her. I had to use my entire body to counter the force he delivered.

"Oh Daddy! Yes! Yes Daddy!" She screamed as she reached her earth moving orgasm.

Ted slowed his pace and motions to allow her to recover her breathing asking, "Do you need me to pull out?"

She wrapped both legs around his hips and her arms around his neck then responded, "No, just move me to the sofa. I want to be on top."

He had to get Riley to move off the sofa before he could lie down on his back with Marlene astride and on top. When she was comfortable she motioned for me to stand beside her. I removed my shirt and shorts and stood beside her. As she began a slow grind on Ted's still hard cock she reached for mine and began to cover it with kisses.

She leaned forward and kissed Ted, "Do you mind kissing me after I've had my husband's cock in my mouth?"

He took her head in both hands and pulled her down for a deep passionate kiss. She sat up again and went back to sucking my cock then began a series of alternating between sucking my cock, kissing Ted, and then kissing me. Neither of us objected to her antics even though my kisses still had a slightly salty taste from Ted's earlier blow job.

Marlene looked Ted in the eyes and asked, "Could you deal with Will entering me from the back while you are in me?"

He replied teasingly, "Mam I was the Captain of a U.S. Naval Ship of War, I live for new adventures."

Marlene gave him another passionate kiss as I moved onto the sofa above her. We shifted enough to allow me to stand on the floor with one foot and straddle them with the other one. Riley lay on the floor nearby watching as everyone entangled with everyone else. Marlene lay forward on Ted to open her cheeks and give me access to her sweet tight ass. As she relaxed her muscles I easily pressed the head of my cock in then held it there until she relaxed enough to take me in to the hilt.

Ted and I began to slowly move in and out of the warmth of Marlene's cunt and ass. With only a thin membrane separating us it was easy to feel each other as we set up a rhythm everyone could enjoy. Although we had only experienced a few double penetrations we had often discussed how she enjoyed being penetrated by two men at the same time; this time was no different.

After a few minutes of getting used to each other Ted and I soon had a pace and rhythm Marlene was enjoying and we were well on our way to fulfilling an experience that most people only imagine. The pace was getting faster and Marlene was entering the zone of pleasure where her body and mind could process being touched, kissed, and penetrated by two men at the same time.

Once again she cried out, "Daddy, oh Daddy!" as her body collapsed on top of our new friend. Riley stood and barked several times before being reassured by his owner. I'm not sure which of us came first but as we recovered and moved off of each other the evidence of our creamy fluids oozed from both of my beautiful, sexy wife's holes. I reached in the pocket of my shorts and recovered Marlene's new spring flower print panties and handed them to her.

As always I watched with great admiration and pleasure as she stepped into then pulled the panties up her long shapely legs. Ted and I sat on opposite ends of the sofa our shrunken, slimy cocks no longer standing erect and proud. Marlene chuckled and moved to take each one into her mouth to clean them up a bit then she kissed both of us before telling me, "Darling we need to get back on the road so we can get home before it's too late."

Ted sat with his head in his hands, "Wow! Did I just dream all of this?"

Again Marlene chuckled and gave Ted a quick kiss saying, "You shouldn't need to change your fluids again for another 3,000 miles."

Once we were back on the interstate Marlene cuddled up close to me and talked about our adventure. I knew as she was also enjoying the fluids that were leaking into her new panties. By the time we got home the fluids would be dry and the crotch of her new spring flower print panties would be stiff.

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