tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOn The Road to Dublin Pt. 02

On The Road to Dublin Pt. 02


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This is the conclusion of a two-part story. It won't make any sense until you've read On The Road To Dublin - Part 1.

This my first story of any kind. Please remember to rate and comment so I can improve.



The bright sun awakened me, alone in bed. I cleaned up, dressed in a T-shirt and gym shorts and drifted downstairs on the glorious coffee aroma. I'm not worth a damn 'til I've had my first mug of morning coffee.

Lynne was standing with her back to me at the kitchen breakfast island, coffee cup in hand, lost in her own thoughts. I'd have traded the inventory of the vault at Fort Knox for those thoughts.

This gorgeous woman had prepared my favorite breakfast of country ham, scratch biscuits and grits with redeye gravy.

"This must be heaven." My voice startled her out of her reverie; she gave me a quick smile.

She was sexy as hell in a see thru pale blue blouse I had not seen before and a thin, flowing navy blue wrap-over skirt with little pink rosebuds. Her long legs were in nude sheer stockings and were made even more enticing by the three-inch navy blue pumps. Her hair and makeup were perfect. Her only jewelry was the pearl earrings from last night and her wedding ring set. I couldn't help noticing that her pink nipples were a perfect match for the little pink rosebuds on her skirt.

She shyly raised her skirt, allowing me a glimpse of a tiny pair of lacy pink panties and her thigh highs.

"Like my panties?"

"Love 'em. You make those panties look gooood." We both giggled.

"Would it please you if I dressed this way when I go out?" I sensed a longing in her voice.

"Please me? Oh, hell, yeah."

"You wouldn't mind that other men would see my rosebuds and, if I was careless, my little pink panties?" Her voice sounded more hopeful than convinced.

"Nope. Sounds hot. I want you to be happy. Just never forget who loves you and where home is."

"You're a wonderful husband. I'll always love only you and will always come home to you."

Nice to hear, but I wondered what that was all about.

"Have a seat; breakfast is ready." Lynne placed a loaded plate and mug of coffee in front of me.

"Dig in." She walked out of the room and I heard car keys rattle and the front door being unlocked. I made an intuitive leap to exactly the wrong conclusion.

"Lynn, aren't you going to eat breakfast?"

She retraced her steps to the kitchen. "I've already eaten."

She gave me the hand-on-hip and arched eyebrows look. "Didn't you just say you wouldn't mind my going out dressed this way?"


"And that you wanted me to be happy?"

"Well, yeah." I knew I was toast.

"Alright then. I'm going out. I'll be back later. Love you. Bye." With a saucy smile and a wink, she was gone, just like that.

The front door closed. It got quiet. I heard the car door open and close.

Well, crap. This wasn't the way I had envisioned our morning going.

Minutes passed. No car engine. I eased into the living room to look out the picture window but retreated to the kitchen when I heard her heels on the walk. A minute later, she came back into the house.

I asked, "Forget something?"

"Not this morning. But we did leave my jacket and necklace unlocked in the car all night."

"You said you were going out." I was confused.

"I did go out. Out to the driveway to collect my things before they walked away." She was grinning.

"Then why are you all dressed up?"

"Doofus! I'm dressed up for you."

"So no one saw your outfit?" I guess my disappointment showed.

"Well, you saw it. And there was Mr. Tuttle."

"Tuttle?" The Tuttles are our retired neighbors across the street.

"Yep. I noticed he was getting his riding mower ready to cut his yard so I strolled down the driveway to check our mail and waved good morning to him. He actually came all the way across the street to chat with me a minute. I can't remember the last time he did that." She was smiling innocently.

"He's drooled over you for years. Seeing you in that outfit is the closest to heaven he's ever going to get."

"And there were the joggers."

She just left that hanging in mid-air as she twirled a strand of her black hair.

"Joggers?" I bit.

"Athletes from the University. They stopped to chat as Mr. Tuttle was going back to his mower. They're nice boys. Polite. And big."


I know. She'd hooked me like a trout. You would've taken the bait too.

"Oh, you know: Tall, muscular, bare-chested, glistening with sweat, smelling so manly and wearing those snug fitting spandex running shorts with the big bulges in front and the tight little butts in the back. Imposing. And so - vigorous."

She had me. She knew it; the smile gave her away.

"They seemed fascinated with my rosebuds." She put on her best innocent face.

"Um, what did y'all talk about?"

"Oh, you know. Just the usual stuff. Favorite bars, phone numbers, scheduling, things like that."

"You gave them your phone number?!" Now I was worried.

"No, silly. You know I wouldn't do that." She followed up with a reassuring pat on the arm.

"Besides I didn't have to. They both insisted on giving me theirs." She drove that thought home with a serene smile and a twist of a strand of her hair.

"Tell me you threw those numbers away, please." It was suddenly harder to breath in the kitchen.

"Sorry, honey but I just can't do that. Not for a while, at least."

"Why the hell not, Lynne?" Ok, breath deep, keep cool. Not working.

"Because they wrote 'em on the paper boy's bill, that's why. You are so cute when you get all huffed up and jealous. I love you for it. By the way, I did scratch out the numbers after the boys left. Wouldn't do to leave that kind of temptation laying around."

She poured fresh for both of us and settled in across the breakfast table from me. She took a slow sip of hot coffee while considering how to start.

She noticed Junior poking out the leg of my gym shorts and gently took him in hand.

"Come with me, husband. I have an adventure to tell." Her smile and gentle pull on Junior propelled me after her to the living room love seat facing the bay window.

Lynne sat beside me and took a deep breath that, incidentally, looked great in that see through blouse. Just saying . . .

"Honey, I have had a need, a hunger, to let men see my body since I was a teenager. I don't know where it comes from or why I need that, but I do."

I guess she could see the question written all over my face and kept going before I could interrupt.

"You've encouraged me to dress more suggestively for years and I've always been stubbornly reluctant, I know. And you're wondering why. I'm not exactly sure myself except that I know I was concerned you would think badly of me. I was afraid you'd think I was a slut. So I resisted the hunger. But your constant encouragement made the need in me stronger and, the last year or so, my desire has just become more than I can resist. I'm sorry."

Fascinating. She had Junior's, and my, full attention. Pun intended.

"I began undressing in our bedroom with the drapes open. At first I only did it at night and with the lights off. I could see out and could walk right up to the windows but I don't think any of the neighbors could actually see me. Still, it was exciting and, for a while, it was enough. I was just careful never to let you see me do it.

"Then I did it during the day, when you weren't home. Standing in front of those floor to ceiling windows, looking at the neighbors' windows, knowing they could see me if they happened to be looking made my heart pound. I actually got light-headed I was so turned on.

"Then, a couple of months ago, the night of the Charity Ball, I did it with the lights on in the bedroom. I was already aroused from all the dancing and I just opened the drapes and slowly took off my dress and stood in front of the window in only my panties and stockings. I could see people across the way out on their patios and decks. I knew they could see me easily. It was the most wicked thing I'd ever done and I loved it. My heart was pounding so hard I was sure you could hear it down in the den.

"I stood at my dressing table combing my hair, then strolled back to the windows and looked out. I discovered I could see my reflection in the glass. I let my hands roam over my breasts, pinching and pulling my nipples and electricity raced through me. I slid my hands down my tummy - down between my legs. My panties were sopping wet."

Her voice had faded to a whisper and her eyes were focused on another place and time.

"I slid my hand into my panties and gently rubbed around and around my clit. I had never felt my clit that large before. It was so sensitive. I was getting there fast. I slid two fingers inside me and had just begun losing myself in my orgasm when I heard you coming up the stairs and was embarrassed; I didn't want you to catch me. I swept the drapes closed and dashed back to my dressing table and grabbed up my hairbrush just as you walked into the room."

Talk about a pounding heart, mine was doing a pretty good imitation of a Gene Krupa drum solo. The images in my mind alternated between the stage performance I'd watched last night and the scene she'd just described happening months earlier in our bedroom.

"Hon, that is so erotic. Now I understand why you attacked me when I came upstairs. From what I remember us doing that night, I sure hope your bouncer friend didn't get as lucky as I did.

She stared at me. Her face and neck colored. She looked down at her hands in her lap.

"He didn't, did he?"

"Well, as you saw in the video last night, he had a pretty good night but, no, he didn't get what you got," she murmured.

While I mulled that one over she hurried on.

"He's actually their 'greeter' and part owner of the club. He doesn't like being called a 'bouncer'. He's a retired Ranger."

"Park or Forest?" I asked.

She smiled. "Army!"

Didn't see that coming.

She continued, "As I was saying before we got sidetracked, the idea for my stage performance was born the evening of the charity ball.

"I've often fantasized about being a stripper. Just fantasy; I was never serious about it. Mostly I lacked the nerve. And I never had a clue how to go about it. I was mortified that you would divorce me if you even suspected I had such fantasies. And I can't dance all that well. The closest I had come before yesterday was a wet t-shirt contest in Destin during Spring Break my freshman year.

"So stripping remained just a fun fantasy until we spotted the billboard for the gentleman's club yesterday. When you suggested we have lunch there, I got so excited I could hardly think straight. Until our lunch I'd never seen the inside of a gentleman's club and had never actually watched a stripper perform. It was so erotic!

"Watching the girls taking their clothes off with all those men watching made me want to do it so much my kitty and nipples were aching. When I heard the manager talking about being short two dancers I realized fate had given me a chance that might never come again. I knew if I didn't seize the opportunity I would spend the rest of my life cursing my cowardice; I also knew if I did seize the opportunity I might spend the rest of my life cursing my brazenness, but I couldn't help myself. I had to do it.

"When I excused myself from the table I went directly to the manager's office and introduced myself. I told him I had overheard his conversation with the bartender and wanted to perform for them."

"You told him your name? He knows who we are?" I asked with concern.

"I introduce myself as Lynne. I did not give them my last name, address or phone number," she reassured me.

"Smart girl."

"He asked if I had ever performed before and I admitted that I hadn't.

"He asked if I could dance and I confessed I wasn't any good at that. I was so embarrassed. I knew I had to do this so I blurted out my fantasy and what I've been doing in our bedroom for the last couple of months. He got interested.

"He said 'Okay, take your clothes off.' That floored me. He just said it so casually like it was perfectly routine to tell a married woman to take her clothes off. Then I realized it was only fair that he see what I looked like before he put me on stage in his club.

"As I took my jacket off he asked me to wait a second and made a quick phone call asking someone to come to his office. He explained that the co-owner of the club also had to approve new performers and it would save time to have them both see me together.

"In walked Greg with an ear-to-ear grin. Hal sat in front of me while Greg stood behind me. With my heart pounding and my knees shaking, I unbuttoned my blouse, slid it off and laid it on top of my jacket. I next let my skirt slide off and folded it atop my other clothes.

"There I stood in just my lingerie with two strange men staring at my body and I got so wet my panties were soaked. I felt so sexy. I burned to let them to see all of me. I can't explain it.

"I turned to face Greg, staring straight into his eyes as I unhooked my bra, slid it down my arms and handed it to him to put with my clothes. His eyes feasted on my breasts. The pulses in his neck were pounding, probably nearly as hard as mine. I could hear my pulse in my ears. My nipples flushed and got hard. I was having trouble keeping my hands off of them.

"I turned back to Hal and there was a look of pure lust on his face as I hooked my thumbs in my panties and slowly pushed them off my hips exposing my slit to a man not my husband for the first time in my life. Bending at the waist, I slid those little white lace panties you bought for me to my ankles and handed them to Hal to put with my bra. I was well aware that I had displayed my sex to the man behind me as well.

"Both men had bulges in the fronts of their pants. My body did that. A thrill washed over me. I can't find the words to describe how it felt. My shakes were gone.

"As I stood naked with those two men I gave up trying to keep my hands away from my breasts and began pinching and rolling my nipples with my fingers. I was both horrified and ecstatic when my body shuddered and orgasmed, just from playing with my nipples, with them watching.

"Greg picked up my panties, held them to his face, inhaled deeply, and slid them into his coat pocket.

"Smiling he said, 'You won't need these again today.' He nodded at Hal and walked out.

"The surprising thing was that neither man tried to touch me at all and neither said anything else to me. They were pretty business-like about the whole thing.

"Hal asked who you were and I explained and reassured him that you would be okay with what I was doing and that you were going to be gone for the rest of the day. I didn't tell him that I was thinking of telling you I had waited tables and just not mentioning performing. He told me to finish lunch and report back to him. So I dressed and came back to you."

"You were going to lie to me about what you were doing? Why?"

"I was afraid you'd be ashamed of me and divorce me if you knew I was even thinking about taking my clothes off in that club. Please try to understand. I love you with all my heart and couldn't bear even the thought of losing you, but I knew I had to do this. The need was just too strong to fight anymore but I was terrified of how you would react. The only way out I could see was to hide it all from you. I'm sorry I even thought that, but when you jumped to the conclusion I would be working as a waitress and never even considered that they might find me attractive enough to be a performer it hurt my feelings and made it easier to not correct your thinking."

"So before we even ate lunch you had stripped naked for two strangers and given away your panties."

She arched her eyebrows at me. "I did not give away my panties; he took them. Greg is very - assertive. And I was still wearing my stockings and heels."

While I just gazed at her, she thought that over and sighed. "Okay, you're right. I got bare ass naked with two strange men and lost my panties before lunch."


I understood now why Greg grinned so big when I asked him to keep an eye on my wife. He'd already seen every square inch of her and was planning to spend the rest of the evening seeing her. He'd already inhaled the scent of her arousal and had her panties in his pocket when he shook hands with me as I was leaving.

Lynne pulled me back to the present. "After walking you out, Greg sent me back to Hal's office to 'take care of the details' as he called it.

"Hal turned me over to Rachel, the lead dancer. She sort of looks after the girls and they all affectionately refer to her as 'Miss Rachel'. You can thank her for getting my head screwed back on straight and shocking me out of the idea of concealing from you what I was doing.

"How so?" Rachel sounded to me like a pretty good mother hen.

"Miss Rachel is the tall natural redhead with the spectacular figure you were drooling over when I got back to our table after my audition. She is a sweetheart. She graduated from Old Miss with a degree in interior design. Her husband got a good job offer right out of college and they moved to Macon. While he worked as an engineer for one of the largest construction companies in the South, she started her own interior design company.

"She asked me why I wanted to be on stage and I explained about my need to show myself. That got a smile and kind of far-away look out of her. Rachel has had the same hunger all of her adult life. She's a kindred spirit, so we traded stories.

"Rachel spotted the Club one day shortly after moving to Macon, while on the way to Atlanta to meet a client. On the way back she stopped in and watched the girls perform while she ate supper.

"Just like me she cornered Hal and begged an opportunity to dance. Since she's so gorgeous, he was happy to oblige. She did a three-song set, stripped naked and loved it. She was showered with applause and had nearly $250.00 stuck in her garters when she left the stage.

"She also realized her husband would probably not be understanding about it so decided never to do it again and to keep it to herself.

"It was only six months later the construction industry took a nosedive and her husband got laid off, being the junior engineer. Her business was beginning to make a little money but couldn't possibly pay the mortgage on the house they'd just bought and keep groceries on the table.

"Her husband worked like a Trojan, day and night, looking for a new job. He finally found an inside sales job which at least provided insurance coverage, gas money and food on the table. They were still going to lose the house and the bank was threatening to repossess their cars. Things were desperate.

"Rachel knew her business would not produce in time to do any good. She was wracking her brain for a solution when she remembered how much money she'd made dancing that one set at the club. The idea was so dangerous she rejected it at first. Then the bank repossessed her husband's truck. If she lost her car they'd be on foot and her business would die.

"Without discussing it with her husband, she went back to the club and explained things to Hal and Greg. She asked to work two day shifts and one night shift per week, figuring she could tell her husband she was meeting clients. They wanted to help and also knew her dancing would be good for business.

"So that's how Rachel got started as a dancer. Once she learned how to do lap dances and private performances in the VIP area she was making more than $1,200.00 per week and running it through her business checking account so her husband thought the money came from interior designing. She planned to dance only until her husband got his career back on track.

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