On The Road With Mom

byJoe F.©

Mom put her beer down on the nightstand and moved to a sitting position, her face directly in front of the quivering flesh of my raging manhood. She looked hungrily at the rigid flesh of my dick and moved her fingers up to the waistband. I tensed my buttocks slightly as she hooked her fingers under the waistband and expertly pulled the underwear down and off of my body. The motion of my final disrobment caused my engorged member swing back and forth its' purple head looking like a helmet on a totem pole. She gazed at it enraptured, almost like she had never seen it before and I could see her tongue unconsciously move over her lips. She wrapped her hand around its rock hard flesh and I saw her eyes grow large and then glaze with passion as she ran her supple fingers over its length. She seemed to be amazed at its size and girth and she said, “Damn, it is even more impressive up close!” She lowered her warm sweet lips to kiss the fevered flesh of my waiting cock. She kissed the raging purple head softly, once, twice, then extended her tongue and gently ran it over the tip of the globe. I thought that I was going to cum right then and involuntarily jerked my hips, but the feeling passed and she continued to run her tongue over the tortured flesh of my raging cock. She turned her face up slightly toward me, gave me an impish grin and immediately started to run her tongue down the length of my fevered shaft. As she slowly made her way to the base of my dick, I thought that I was going to go out of my mind, the feeling was so very exquisite. She would stop to kiss and lick my hot fevered flesh in a rite of exquisite torture. Then as she moved slowly and lovingly back up the length of my dick I felt like I was going to simply explode, and my flesh involuntarily quivered beneath her touch. When whe finally reached the purple head she ran her tongue lightly over its hot flesh, licking the precum like a child licking the icing off of a cupcake and then she parted her lips and slowly slid steele hard flesh into the raging inferno that was her mouth. She took as much of it into her mouth as she could manage and began to move back and forth, in and out, sucking and licking. Her hand moved between her thighs and she masturbated while she moved her mouth over the flesh of my dick. I saw her body jerk or convulse slightly and I heard her moan as she came a time or two in just the first few strokes. After a few minutes of ecstasy she slowly pulled her mouth free, turned her face up at me and said, “I feel like I haven’t had a man in years. I am so horny, so fevered. I think it is having you finally that excites me so much. I’ve been wanting this for a long time, maybe too long.” She looked up at me and asked wickedly, “Do you like your mommy sucking your dick? Would you like me to suck it some more?”

“Oh yeah, Mom. I love it, do it all night.” I replied between gasps of pleasure as her tongue once again played over my dick and balls. “Suck me mommy, suck your baby off.”

She moved her mouth back over my dick and I watched her move up and down the length of my cock, I could hear the slurp as she sucked passionately on my dick and I knew that she wanted me to blow into her mouth. But, she pulled her mouth from around my dick, rolled back on the bed, patted the spot next to her and said, “Lay down here next to me and mommy will make you feel really good.” Then she lay back and waited with a grin on her face.

I climbed back onto the bed and as I moved to the spot that she indicated, I straddled her body for a moment and kissed her on the lips. As our lips met she reached up and grasped my Johnson and I thought that we were going to fuck right then and there. But, a slight upward pressure from her hand on my dick moved me on over her prostrate form and I rolled onto my back next to her. She rolled over with me and crushed her lips to mine as her breasts rubbed my arm and the hairs of my chest. Her hand was on my dick and it was gently and insistently stroking up and down on the steely flesh. Her lips left mine and she ran her tongue over my cheek and down my neck. She stopped to suck on each of my nipples, lightly nibbling on each of them as she moved down my body, finally devouring my penis once more with her ravenous mouth. She moved her mouth up and down my rigid cock while her hands gently and sometimes not so gently massaged my balls.

As she maddly sucked on my riggid member she somehow managed to get up on her hands and knees and swing her legs across my body so that she was straddling my head. Then she slowly lowered her steaming pussy onto my lips. As her hot wet flesh touched my waiting lips my tongue began to trace the line of her slit and move over the swollen lips of her cunt, tracing the line of the labia through the full bush of dark and wet pubic hair.

I ran my tongue unto the depths of her slit and lightly massaged the walls of her cleft. Then I ran my tongue up the length of her pussy and began to stroke and suck on the swollen flesh of her erect clit. I stroked it slowly from base to tip and then back up, I pulled the engorged flesh of her love button into my mouth and lightly sucked on it while I ran my tongue over its swollen head. I felt her lower her buttocks almost dislodging my lips from her clit. I tickle it some more before releasing it to move my tongue along the steaming cleft to her cavern of pleasure.

I ran my tongue over the sides of the opening for a few seconds before I plunge it into her as far as it would reach, probing and tickling around the sides, stroking the tender tissues of her pussy. I put my hands on the cheeks of her ass and squeezed and stroked them like I would her breasts, then I ran my fingers down the cleavage of her ass and gently stroked her anus, gently inserting the tip of my finger and then stroking in a gentle pulse with the same rhythm as my tongue inside of her vagina. I could feel the flesh move and tremble as she reached one small orgasm after another. She flowed freely, her copious juices flowing over my tongue and down my chin to drip on my neck where they mixed with my sweat. I loved the taste of her pussy and the taste of her cum, it tasted sweet like honey to me and I lapped at it eagerly drinking it in, smearing it on my face.

I felt her move her body above me as her lips engulfed my dick again and again. I spread my legs and raise my hips to make it easier for her as she devoured my dick with her mouth. I could hear the little grunts of desire and the slurp of her lips moving on my shaft. I wanted to cum right then, to shoot my wad down her waiting throat, but I knew that it is not time yet and held back as best I could. I felt her buck against me again as she came again, this time more violently than the last.

She sucked more passionately than ever before, and then she suddenly released my dick and began to suck and lick on my balls. I could hear her mumble, “Damn your good, damn your good.” And she returned to sucking my still rock hard member.

Then she slowed her strokes and released my dick from the friendly confines of her mouth. She ran her tongue down the length of my cock, lightly kissed it and reluctantly raised her head from her human lunch.

I was still caught up in the thrill of eating her gloriouse pussy as she she moved her body from above me. I was somewhat confused, I thought that I must have screwed up and disapointed her somehow. But she gave me a warm kiss and a big smile as she turned on the bed and leaned over toward the nightstand.

She opened the drawer to the nightstand, and pulled something out. It was a small foil package and I quickly realized that it is a rubber. She opened the pack and took it out. Then she leaned over and skillfully unrolled the prophylactic onto my penis. For some reason this caused my dick to soften slightly and she placed her mouth around it and stroked it until it is once again rigid as an iron rod.

She then sat upright and swung her legs over me so that she straddled me once more, this time facing me. She reached down and grasped the rock hard flesh of my crank with her soft hand, guided it to the opening of her steamy wet pussy and slowly lowered her body, impaling her vagina on the upright length of my rock hard cock. She leaned back and reached down to take my hands and place them on her swollen breasts, she moved them about, crushing them to her flesh as she began to ride up and down on my swollen member.

I slid slowly in and out of her lovely wet pussy. She was not tight so I thought that this would last quite a while. Then I felt the muscles of her cunt begin to clench and unclench around my dick, there was a look of concentration on her face and a small smile and I felt her pussy tighten to an almost strangle hold on the dick inside of her. She began to pick up rhythm and soon I am sliding in and out and she was stroking faster and faster. She leaned back and I felt her pussy tighten around my dick. I raised my knees up and put my feet flat on the bed so that I could thrust up into her as she rode me so expertly.

I felt her flesh quiver as she came again and she leaned over to cover my mouth with hers in a mad, wild, crushing kiss. Our stomachs slapped together as I drove up and into her, spraying sweat with each contact. Her mouth left mine and her lips slid down my neck to the flesh of my shoulder. I felt her violently bite my shoulder and then she was screaming, crying out in passion as she had one very violent orgasm after another. I could feel my orgasm coming too. I thrust up and into her again and again as I felt my dick begin to swell and then I exploded inside of her, sending my cum into the latex receptacle around it, but in my mind I was cumming inside of my mother and the feeling was ecstasy.

I slowed down my stroking and moved to pull out, “No” she said ”No don’t pull out now, I want you inside of me until you are completely limp.” We laid there silently, her body on top of mine, her tongue gently moving over my sweaty skin until finally she released me and she rolled off of me. We lay there panting and sweaty and she began to lightly laugh.

I asked her, “What is so funny?”

She replied, “I never thought that I would lose control like that. I really wanted you to cum inside of me. You are really special in bed son.” She looked down at my now limp dick and said, “I had better clean you up there.”

She leaned over and slowly unrolled the rubber from my cock and began to lick the cum from my dick making cute little appreciative sounds as she did. She looked at me and said, “I’ve always liked the taste of semen, but yours tastes especially sweet tonight.” She smiled at me and went back to licking me clean.

She took my crank into he mouth and began to suck passionately. To her surprise I began to swell again and soon I filled her mouth as she moved up and down on me sucking hungrily. I knew that I was not going to last long this time so I was ready to relax and enjoy the ride.

However, Mom has other plans and she pivoted her body and swung her legs over me so that she straddled my head, the next thing I know I was once again looking into the depths of my mother’s sweet pussy. I grabbed a couple of pillows to go under my head and began to avidly devour the sweet juices of her cunt.

I ran my tongue into her slit and twirled it around stroking the sides of her cavern of passion as she feverishly sucked on my steely rod.

Before too long we were both ready to cum. I could feel the juices of my passion well up from the base of my cock and I sent my hot juices into her waiting mouth.

This seemed to trigger an even greater passion inside of her and she furiously tried to swallow all of the copiouse juices that I shot into her hungry mouth but there was too much for her to handle and it began to squirt out of the corner of her mouth and ran down my dick.

Her juices are coating my face and I lapped at them hungrily. Soon we are both spent and she reluctantly released my now limp dick and rolled off of me. She grabbed the beers from the nightstand.

“These beers are warm.” She said with disgust.

“Well, they were cold when we started.” I replied and we both laughed. She moved over and kissed me on the lips and we cuddled for a while.

I must have dozed off for a few minutes because I began to dream of warm lips on my tender cock. My eyes fluttered open, sleep subsided, but the sensation remains and grew stronger. I looked down to see my mother frantically moving her lips and tongue over my engorged penis.

She glanced up and seeing that I am awake and says with a little chuckle, “It got hard and I hated to see it go to waste.” Then she slid her mouth over the head and began to go after it with real passion. This time I just laid back and enjoyed the ride.

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