tagGay MaleOn the Roof Ch. 01

On the Roof Ch. 01


It was a hot day, and I was out doing my laps in the pool when the roofers arrived. They had started the previous afternoon, just diddling around and getting their supplies where they wanted them. The older of the two was a well-turned-out, chiseled-featured, and solidly built dude, probably in his early forties, with prematurely graying dark hair. He looked like he'd taken real good care of himself, most likely from a good many roofing jobs. It was the younger guy who had caught my eye, though; Blond, tanned, and lithe, but with good muscle tone and an easy-going brilliant, blue-eyed smile. All and all, however, I hadn't given either of them much thought. I needed to work on my own tan to be ready for the premiere of my latest action-adventure film.

I was alone when I started my laps, but I had heard a noise over by the house and had looked up when doing a turn at the far side of the pool, to be startled by seeing the two men there at the house end of the water. The older guy had his eyes glued on me doing my laps. He had stripped off his shirt and was wearing loose-fitting painter's pants that dipped well below his navel. I had been right in thinking he was a solid, well-built dude; heavily and very nicely muscled, with good abs that hadn't started going to a beer belly yet. But what I saw beyond him took my breath away. The younger, blond guy was standing more over toward the house, not looking toward me, and was just then stripping off his tank top, to reveal a deeply tanned, well-developed chest that tapered down to a thin waist. He was wearing short shorts and big cloggy hiking boots. He had an equipment belt tied around his waist that pulled the top of his shorts down to nearly an exhibitionist level. He twisted his torso around, while he was gathering his long, blond hair at the back and tied it into a pony tail.

I rose up out of the water and waved hospitably in their direction before resuming my laps. The older dude grinned and waved back, and the younger man just acknowledged my gesture with a tilt of his head and a shy smile before he started up the ladder to the lower part of the house roof.

Sometime later, while I was laying out on the chaise to dry and add to my tan, I sensed something blocking out the sun and opened my eyes. Standing over me was Ricky, my agent and occasional lover.

"Just checking in, Steve," he said, as he sat down and laid a hand on my upper thigh. "Have you had time to read the Hersey script I sent over yet?"

"No, not yet," I answered. I unbuttoned two buttons down low on his shirt and snaked my hand in to run up his abs onto his chest and tweak one of his nipples. Ricky's hand traveled on up my thigh and covered my basket over my swimming briefs. He leaned down and gave me a light kiss on the mouth.

"You're lookin' good," he said, "and so inviting. Unfortunately, I've gotta' run; lots to do today." Despite this, he pulled my trunks down to free my dick and leaned down, pushed the foreskin off the glans with his lips, and gave me a sucking kiss on my cock before covering me up again and rising.

"Ciao, baby. Gotta go. But you can bet I'll be back later."

I hadn't even thought about the guys working on the roof, but obviously they had seen my encounter with Rick. Very soon afterward, I found I was being blocked by the sun again. When I opened my eyes this time, there stood the older dude. He was standing there with a somewhat sloppy grin on his face, his fingers notched on either side of his pants tops bring them down to within a fraction of an inch above where his cock was rooted. As it was, he was showing a good deal of skin and pubic hair.

"Excuse me, Mr. Remington, but there's something I think you need to see up on the roof before we do any more work."

"Yes, sure, I'll come up and have a look," I answered. I rose up off the chaise and took a towel and started toweling myself off as we crossed to the ladder. The older dude motioned me to go up first, which I did, with him following close behind, but my foot slipped when I was about two thirds of the way up. Before I could go off balance, though, two strong hands were there to support me. One caught me on the left thigh, just above the back of the knee, while the one on the right caught me right in the crotch, and I felt a thick finger slide up under my swim trunks and touch the base of my cock, under my balls. We hung there for a long moment, before I managed to say, "I've got my footing now, thanks. I can go on up."

When I got to the top of the roof, I asked which direction I should go, and the older dude directed me up toward the peak of the lower roof over a section of the house screened from the street by the two-story main house. I could see the younger dude's upper body and I headed over that way. He was standing or kneeling beyond the peak of the roof. His smile was still a little shy, but this time I could see that he was checking me out, probably wondering where he'd seen me before and not realizing that it had been on a movie screen, where I did strip down to the waist in every movie to give the voyeurs a buzz but where I usually was more fully clothed than now. I could still feel the older dude right behind me, one beefy hand on my hip to help steady my progress.

When I got to the peak of the roof, I gasped and just stood there agog. The young dude had stripped off his shorts, although he still had his tool belt on, and he was encasing his long, thin cock with one hand. As I watched, he reached up with the other hand and undid his ponytail and shook out his long blond hair around his shoulders. He was still looking a little apprehensive, but managed to stumble his question out.

"We . . . we have a slight problem, Sir. It's hard working up here when we are all tensed up. And . . . well . . . me and Jake are pretty tensed up this morning. Do you think you would help us with that, Sir, so we're not quite so . . . tensed up?"

"Oh, I might be able to help, I said," with a little laugh. "I must admit I'm getting a little tensed up this morning myself."

"We sort of noticed that," the dude behind me said in a low voice. "We saw you and your visitor and thought maybe you'd gotten a little tensed up, like us, and could use some relief."

"What sort of relief were you thinking about," I asked, directly my question at the young man.

"Well, Sir," he mumbled, as he moved closer to me, near the peak of the roof, "I sorta like to be bottom when I'm with a real hunk. And you, you, Sir, are a real hunk. I can't help but wonder if I haven't seen you before somewhere."

"Here, do you like to do this yourself?" I asked, as I reached over and wrapped a hand around the hand he, in turn, was wrapping around his dick?

"No, no," he answered, "Not especially."

"Well, then, let me work on your tension here a bit," I said, as he dropped his hand and I took over the squeezing and stroking duty. My other hand went to cuddling his balls, and he leaned in closer to me.

"As far as having seen me, did you go see the movie Thunder from the Mountain?"

The light bulb went on over the young man's head and his eyes filled with adoration. "Oh man, that's you."

"Yes, that's me, the man of action," I said, as I leaned over and put my lips on his. His lips opened to a sweet kiss, and he took my head in his hands.

Meanwhile, in back of the ranch, Jake had come up real close behind me, and I now felt his hands come around me and encase my chest, where he ran his fingers through my chest hair and played with my nipples. He began nibbling the back and sides of my neck. One of his hands slowly ran down my chest, along my belly, under the rim of my swimming briefs, and explored my engorging dick and balls.

"Do me, Do me, now, please . . . ," the young dude whispered, and he turned around, laid my towel across the peak of the rook, and lowered himself on the towel so that his hips jutted up from the peak and his legs ran down between my feet. As he went down, he took a small tube of salve from his equipment pack.

"Here, use this. And, please . . . hurry. I want you in me."

As he was saying this, Jake was working my swimming briefs down my legs. When he got them down to the ankles, I stepped out of them. At the same time, I spread the young man's legs apart so that I now stood between his legs. He went up on his knees, thrusting his butt up in the air. With one hand, I lathered up his asshole with the salve, and I slid the other hand through his legs and cupped his rod and balls. His asshole puckered up with my attention and the hole slackened considerable. He obviously had done this before. After rimming him a bit with my fingers, I slid a couple of fingers in his ass to open him up, but it became obvious that he didn't need much loosening up. He was giving little moans of pleasure at my attention and was murmuring "Take me, fuck me. Jam it up there. Now, please."

I was pretty hard now, thanks to Jake's continued attentions. I wasn't quite sure how I was going to get the proper leverage, however, until Jake pulled two wrapped stacks of tiles over from either side, so that I'd have something to rest my knees on that gave me some height. I went down on the packs and found that my dong was at a good angle against the young man's butt. With one hand, I squeezed and pulled his left butt cheek away so that I got a good view of his puckered asshole. With my right hand, I guided my cock to his hole. He shuddered and whispered, "Yes, yes, yes," as I inserted my dong in his hole up to the rim of the glans. And he whimpered when I rotated the head of my dick around in his hole right at the surface a few times and then pushed in another inch or two, only to draw back and rotate the dick head again. "Gawd, all of it. It's got to be longer than that," he whimpered. "I want to be stuffed."

"Then stuffed you shall be, My Pretty," I said, as I plunged the full eight inches up to my root.

"Gawd! Oh, gawd, yes," he yelled in triumph, as he brought his torso up and wrapped his arms back and around my head. He brought my lips to his and pushed in with his tongue. I grabbed his left nipple with my left hand and snaked my right hand down in front of him to squeeze his dick. He came in two explosive squirts that spurted out over the roof. I continued pumping him deep, and he rotated his hips in rhythm with my thrusts and parries.

Meanwhile, in back of me, when Jake had pulled my swimming briefs down to and off my ankles, he remained down there. He had both hands on my butt cheeks and was squeezing and separating them. His mouth had found my asshole and he was giving me a royal rimming and tonguing in there. I could feel myself moistening and opening. It wasn't long until he had a finger and then two fingers and, finally, three fingers in my ass. His tongue replaced the fingers. And then, as I was exploding inside the young dude and collapsing across him at the peak of the roof, my own ass went up in the air and met something a whole lot larger than Jake's fingers or tongue.

Solidly built covered a lot more than Jake's physic. His dick head was so big around that all I could think of at the moment was one of those huge sausages they hang in a meat market. The first couple of inches were the toughest, but when he was in and past the prostate gland, pain turned to pleasure and I moaned my delight while he pumped me until he had cum.

Rising up from the heap of roofers, I pulled my briefs back on and headed for the ladder.

"So, do you think you released enough tension to finish this job today?" I asked before I descended.

Both of the roofers sat up and grinned back at me. "Sure thing, Action Man, the job should go real fast now."

"That's good," I responded. "Because I've heard it's going to rain later today or tomorrow."

With that, I climbed down the ladder, walked briskly to the side of the pool, and dove in for twenty more laps. I returned to the nice, wide chaise lounge nearly exhausted but invigorated and mind racing. I had initially been attracted to the younger roofer, but had I really given the older one, Jake, his due? I regretted now that I hadn't even focused on his package while we were up on the roof, which a strange thing to have to admit, since he'd had his cock a good distance up my anal track already. What I'd been able to feel inside me and been all man, and he did have those rugged good looks of one who had always been good looking and well cut. That graying hair only made him more distinguished and attractive.

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