On the set of Supergirl


Karen added, "I agree with Supergirl. Black Manta seemed like killing Lena was his priority. I also can't see why she would involve herself with the Legion when she stands nothing to gain by them and everything to lose if she were caught mixed up with them. It must have been something else. Maybe some kind of tech.?"

Melissa spoke again saying, "Could be some tech. L Corps might still have all kinds of Lex Luthor's tech in there hidden away. If Lex was orchestrating this all somehow, he might have been trying to get his sister out the way so that he could take over."

Cisco pondered, "That may be so. We should try to figure out what Black Manta was after. Can we question him?" The girls stared at each other for a second with guilty looks.

Melissa turned to Cisco and said, "Well, I don't think he's going to be answering any questions soon. We... I mean I sort of accidentally might have killed him earlier. Oops!" Melissa blushed beat red.

Cisco looked surprised. "Oh. I didn't expect that. Wow. Okay, no problem. We will just have to ask Lena Luthor then if she has any of Lex's tech laying around the place still," he surmised. Melissa nodded her head and smiled trusting that her friend would help.

Karen shook her head. "Wait. Sorry Supergirl. I know that she's close to you and that you trust her but we have to consider all the angles. Even if there is a tiny, one percent chance that Lena is involved, going in and asking her for full disclosure would be a critical error. She could steer us away and cover any evidence because we trust her. So long as there is a fraction of that chance, we can't risk that approach. Believe me Supergirl, I want to trust her too, I really do. You're most likely right but the world is at stake and the stakes are too high. I recommend a stealthier approach," she suggested.

Cisco nodded in agreement. "Sorry Kara, Batgirl is right. The risk versus reward. We have to approach this as if Lena had something to do with it. I hope for you and her both that we are wrong but it's the right move. The safe move," he told her.

Melissa looked angry at both of them. She was near steaming. "Well, I know that you're both wrong about her. She's good. You'll see," she said before sighing, "But you're right. It's the smartest way and the stakes are too high. So what are we going to do?"

Karen leaned forward, "First, we hack into L Corps' main computer system and search for inventory. Something might pop out at us," she suggested.

Cisco didn't look too enthusiastic about it, "I tried already. Their system has a multi layered firewall system with state of art security encryption. If I can't hack in than no one can," he told them.

"I'd like to take a crack it," Karen said with a grin. Less then five hours before that moment, she couldn't even change her Facebook password. Suddenly she felt a confidence she had never felt before. "Where's your laptop?" she asked Supergirl.

Melissa looked at her funny then scanned the room. Yes, there was always a prop laptop on the set of her apartment. Sure enough, it was sitting on a shelf under the TV. "Over there, but it's always just been a prop," she said.

Karen grabbed the notebook and opened it up. She started banging away on the keys frantically. Melissa and Cisco looked on. The computer was truly functional. "Nice Facebook page Kara Danvers. Relationship status uncertain. Geek much? Hey look, honeymoon photos from Alex and Maggie from Rome. Did they just get married?"

Melissa squinted. "Huh? Oh ya, I forgot we filmed that episode last week," she informed Karen. Cisco looked puzzled. She then corrected herself, "I mean filmed the wedding, you know with my camcorder. Right. Anyway, what are wasting time on that for? Aren't you supposed to be hacking into L Corps?" she scolded.

Karen looked up unconcerned. She smiled and said, "I'm multi tasking. I'm running an encryption algorithm which takes a while. Meanwhile I'm looking to find some other interesting stuff including the latest on the JLA disappearances and Lex Luthor's status. I'm also getting a schematic of the L Corps building."

Cisco excused himself to use the bathroom. As soon as he left the room, Karen turned to Melissa, "Want to see something else juicy? Have a look at ourselves on this earth." She turned the computer to face the blonde. Melissa saw two photos of two women who looked somewhat similar to themselves but not quite right. Karen explained, "Here on this earth, Karen Gillan is a housewife in Aberdeen Scotland with four kids. She's missing a bunch of teeth and weighs over one hundred seventy pounds. Her husband is a used car salesman. As for Melisa Benoit, she is a mousy haired convict in an Arizona state prison with a tattoo on her face of a spider web and a Mohawk haircut doing ten to fifteen for selling drugs and assaulting police with a weapon."

Melissa exclaimed, "Wow! We're real losers here. I guess we're both pretty lucky to be doing what we're doing." Meanwhile, Cisco returned to the room. Karen ditched the files on their doppelgangers.

"Anything yet?" Cisco asked Batgirl.

The redhead flung her wet hair over her shoulder and stated, "I got past nine of ten firewalls so far, waiting on the last one. Wait, there, I'm in. Okay, let's have looksie." Cisco pulled up a seat next to her and admired her handiwork.

He smiled at her and said, "Nice work red. I'm impressed. You might be as good as Felicity Smoak. What do we have here?" He pointed out something on the screen. They both stared and then frowned and then sighed. "Damn it!" Cisco said in frustration.

Melissa was waiting for answers uncomfortably. "What? What is it? You're in right? What did you find?"

Cisco sighed. "It's another dead end I'm afraid. The departments are linked into a mainframe which is cool, but the sensitive data is wiped daily from the system. The data is compiled onto a hard drive which is removed and put into a closed internal network which stands alone. It's impossible," he proclaimed.

Melissa said, "Well, I guess we'll just have to trust Lena then and ask her."

Karen stood up, looking around the room and noticing the rack of clothes, announced, "Wait! I just got an idea."

An hour later...

Two smartly dressed women, one blonde and the other a redhead show up at the security desk at L Corps. The guards recognized Kara Danvers, the reporter from CatCo who had been there numerous times and was known to be a personal friend of the CEO. She was wearing a simple grey pencil skirt and a pink sweater and low heel grey shoes. Her hair was up in a ponytail and she wore the big dorky glasses that were her trademark. "Ms Luthor asked me to come over," she told the security guard who didn't hesitate to buzz her in. They had all received the notice from the boss to always allow Kara in.

The redhead approached them next. She was in a crisp blue skirt suit with a white blouse. She wore sensible black low heel shoes with her outfit. Her hair was also up in a tight, military looking bun and wore big framed glasses. She presented her ID to the security guard. "Detective Barbara Gordon, homeland security. I'm here to look into this attack by Black Manta," she announced. The guard had a swipe station which he used to scan the ID tag. Karen looked on confidently. His monitor showed a positive match with homeland. Her fake ID was flawless. She and Cisco had also planted the ID in homeland's actual database without them knowing. He phoned up to Ms Luthor's office to tell her that Detective Gordon was coming.

The two of them went over the plan again in the elevator. Karen went in first. The door was still missing, replaced only by police tape and some debris was still on the floor although the body of Black Manta had been removed. A tapeline on the carpet marked where the body had been. Karen announced herself, "Ms Luthor I presume. My name is Detective Barbara Gordon, homeland security. Got here as soon as I could. What can you tell me about today's attack?"

Lena Luthor began telling the story as best as she could remember which was pretty much as Karen remembered it herself. A couple minutes into the story, Kara Danvers stuck her head into the office of her friend. "Lena, I rushed here as soon as I heard the news. Are you alright? Oops, sorry, I didn't know you had company. I can come back later," the awkward girl announced.

Lena stood up and smiled. Her face beamed at the arrival of friend. "Kara? No, come in please. I'm so glad to see you," she said. Lena came around her desk and gave Kara a big squeezy hug and kissed her cheek. "You were worried about me. I'm so glad you're here. What a bad day I've been having. Oh, excuse me, where are my manners. Kara, this is Detective Gordon from homeland security. Detective, Kara Danvers, a reporter from CatCo and my best friend," Lena introduced.

The two women looked at each other and shook hands. "Please to meet you Kara, call me Barbara please, both of you. Look, Ms Luthor, I can see you're emotionally distraught right now. We can talk a bit later. I can let you catch up with your friend. In the meantime, I'd like to review all the security footage from these cameras if you can give the access," Karen asked.

"Okay sure detective, I mean Barbara. I can set you up at the security terminal on this floor, down the hall. Kara, wait here, I'll be right back darling," the L Corps CEO instructed. Kara blushed when she heard Lena call her darling. Her eyes were so intense and she felt herself get a little damp in the crotch with every eye contact into those deep blue pools.

Lena took Barbara Gordon down the hall to the security station by the elevator. The guard who had been there earlier was in the hospital and since so many guards were injured or dead, L Corps was short staffed. Lena insisted that her floor was safe enough and that the remaining guards be posted at the lobby and other sensitive areas. Lena turned on the computer and logged in with the company password. She opened the security feeds and recordings for the detective. Karen thanked her and Lena returned to her office to see her friend.

Melissa was seated on the sofa and stood up to hug Lena closely again when she came into the room. The feel of the other woman's body pressed against hers made Melissa weak in the knees with lust. Lena breathed in the fresh scent of Kara and squeezed her close. "I'm glad you came over Kara. My day has been more fucked up than usual. I thought I was a goner. Thank God for Supergirl and her friend Batgirl or I would have been sushi. I don't know why that monster was after me," Lena told her. She was almost in tears.

"Yes, thank God for Supergirl, again," Melissa responded with a hint of jealousy. "That's a good question though Lena. What has the Legion of Doom got against you? Or do you think they were after something here at L Corps?" She asked casually one friend to another.


Karen Gillan, posing as Barbara Gordon, a detective for homeland security had been busy. She ran a patch from the security terminal to the in house closed circuit data feed. As soon as she completed the connection, she got to work hacking the internalized network. She ran her algorithm to decrypt the secure server. She needed time to complete her mission.

Back in Lena's office. ..

"I don't know Kara. The only connection is Lex. Maybe he is trying to assassinate me from prison. Why he want to do that is beyond me," Lena suggested. She held Kara out at arms length. Her deep blue eyes locked onto Kara's sky blue eyes. Lena let out a soft sigh and said, "Well Kara, thank you again for dropping in and checking in on me. It means a lot to me. I should really be getting back to that detective though. I can call you later when this all gets settled down."

Melissa began to panic and held on tight to Lena. "Wait!... uhm. You know what Lena? When I heard that you were attacked today, I was so worried. I felt like part of me was missing. I cried at the thought of loosing you. I just wanted to say... uhm," Melissa fumbled with her words. Lena looked deep into her waiting for more. "Uhm, I just wanted to say that life is short and you never know when something might happen to you; Something bad happen to you. We don't want to miss out on things that we might regret later. We should seize the moment and do what we feel in our hearts because we may never get that chance again," she continued. It was her mission to keep Lena distracted.

Lena took it all in. She smiled at Kara, "You're so right Kara. That's true. Maybe next time we can talk about those things that you want to do with your life. Let's get a drink or something later," she said. Again she motioned that their meeting was over and was about to show Kara Danvers out.

Melissa panicked some more. "Wait Lena! Uhm..." she said nervously. Lena waited with her patience wearing out. Melissa saw that she was losing the attention of the foxy brunette. She blurted, "I can't hold this back any longer. Lena..." she paused. "Oh, fuck it. Carpe Diem," she said and planted a hot kiss on Lena's mouth. Lena was not expecting the kiss and tensed up. Melissa Benoit, posing as Kara Danvers embraced her love interest with passion. The kiss was genuine. Even in her own world, their had been a mountain of sexual tension between herself and costar Katie McGrath who played Lena Luthor.

A few seconds into the kiss, Lena began to melt and opened her mouth to her trusted friend. Soon she too was overcome with passion and returned the kiss with heat and love. Soon her arms wrapped around Melissa's waist and pulled her tightly to her own body. Her tongue invaded Melissa's mouth, probing inside and tasting the cute blonde's tongue. Her hands roamed down to Melissa's butt and lightly squeezed her taught bum through her skirt. Melissa moaned with pleasure and sucked on Lena's tongue. The kiss got even more heated. Melissa began squeezing the breast of the voluptuous brunette. Her tits were so big and full and meant to be played with.

Lena finally broke the kiss in confusion. "Wow Kara! I had no idea. I mean I've been fantasizing about this ever since I met you, but I always thought you were totally straight. I have to say that I'm pleasantly surprised," she confessed. The entire time, Melissa was kissing Lena's neck. Lena was melting but interrupted, "Now may not be the best time for this however. Don't get me wrong, I'm loving this but..."

Melissa had to act quickly. She pulled Lena over to her big executive office chair and pushed her down into it. Lean was surprised and in shock at Kara's strength and aggressiveness. Lena panted in heat. Melissa was happy to see that. She leaned into the sexy CEO of L Corps and kissed her forcefully again. Lena tried for a second to protest but her body betrayed her. She opened her mouth to Melissa's kiss again and her pussy grew damp as a used sponge. Melissa licked the inside of Lena's mouth expertly and then moved herself down to the floor.

Once in the kneeling position in front of Lena, Melissa forced the skirt up on the woman. Lena scooted her butt to allow the skirt to rise up over her ass and end up around her waist. Melissa was very happy to see that the hot brunette was wearing stay up stockings instead of pantyhose. Her panties were a tiny little black lace number from Victoria Secret. Melissa kissed the inside of Lena's thighs from her knees up to her crotch. The womanly aroma of Lena's sex was powerful. Melissa breathed it in like perfume. She ran little circles with her tongue around the exposed flesh at the top of Lena's stockings. Lena was moaning at the teasing she was receiving from her new lover. Melissa finally reached Lena's crotch and took a good long suck on Lena's panties and drank in the juice. "Mmm," Melissa moaned as she savoured the taste.

Lena began wriggling her hips in anticipation. She grabbed onto Melissa's ponytail and directed her into her now wide spread legs. Melissa pulled off her glasses and then reached up and hooked her finger inside Lena's panties and yanked them to the side. Lena's little pink clam was exposed and fully flowered with excitement. Melissa dove in with her tongue and immediately began tongue fucking Lena's pretty and well groomed snatch.

Lena groaned and bit her lip. She had been dreaming of that moment for so long whishing for it but never expecting it. The young blonde's tongue was so talented too. Lena had a hard time believing that it was her first pussy eating experience. She felt Kara's hand reach inside her designer blouse and forcefully grab her luscious C cup boob. Lena undid her own buttons to make it easier for Kara to feel her up.

Melissa's tongue moved rapidly and she occasionally pulled out to lick at Lena's exposed clitoris. Lena was going nuts with ecstasy. She pulled Melissa's head in tight to her box and was humping her hips at the blonde. Lena's cunt was juicy and wet as Melissa slipped three fingers up inside it. Melissa lapped away with a fury and kept swallowing down mouthfuls of Lena's liquid. Lena was in tears and her body shook. Melissa clamped her lips around Lena's clit and sucked hard on it while circling the tip with her tongue. She pressed her fingers up against Lena's G spot. Lena cried out and screamed, "Fuck Kara, I coming! Your tongue is amazing. Holy fuck, comingggg!"

Melissa sucked and licked as Lena squirted even more lady cum onto Melissa's face. Melissa kept lapping away throughout Lena's orgasm. She drank all the delicious fluid down surprised by how much the woman delivered. Melissa made sure to lick it all up from Lena's thighs and her butt crack. She teased the brunette's little starfish with the tip of her tongue while she did. Lena thought that she was in heaven. She had never had her pussy eaten so well in her life by a man nor a woman. She took deep breaths. She began to pull the girl up to her face to kiss her. She smiled and asked, "Damn girl! Where did you learn to munch rug like that? That was the best face I've ever had. It was...super!"

Melissa giggled. She had plenty of experience after all. Some was only a couple hours earlier. Kara Danvers however was a sweet innocent girl who was possibly a virgin. That could pose to be a problem. She giggled innocently and blushed. "Beginner's luck I guess," she evaded. To keep Lena from inquiring further, she kissed her again on her open mouth and allowed Lena to enjoy the flavour of her own pussy from her tongue.

Lena was still hot and in the moment. She grabbed Melissa by her shoulders and spun her around to take her place in the chair. Melissa allowed Lena to manhandle her. She sat back in the leather chair which was still hot from Lena's ass. Lena dropped to her knees in front of the blonde. Melissa quickly remembered the glasses and put them back on in haste. "I want to see your pretty face down there Lena," she covered. Lena smiled at the compliment. For a second there she thought Kara looked a bit like Supergirl when the glasses were off. That was another fantasy though. She skillfully maneuvered the pencil skirl off of her new lover. She was pleased at the sight of her cute little pink, cotton panties. Lena ran her hands up to them and yanked them off the hard, fit legs in front of her. She was pleased to see the smooth, shaved lips of Kara Danvers with little pink folds and protruding pink clit right in front of her face.


Karen Gillan, posing as Barbara Gordon had finally hacked the internal server of L Corps. There was too much information to examine in the short time frame so she downloaded it all onto a zip drive. While it was loading, she poked around inside the cyber system looking for clues. She spotting one thing of interest. She made a note of it and waited for her download to finish. She just hoped that Melissa was doing her part to keep Lena distracted.

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