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On-the-Side Pleasure


From the author: if you haven't noticed, my stories tend to focus on infidelity. I find the notion exciting and express it with words rather than deeds. If you want background on the following story, I suggest you read "Marriage Troubles", which documents how Jamie and Nita get together. However, reading that series is certainly not a prerequisite. I will summarize the background here: Nita is Jennifer's old, close friend and Jennifer is Jamie's husband. Nita is a beautiful Indian woman who barely stands at five feet in height, and has a gorgeous body. Jamie is a tall, handsome white man. Both are in their early thirties. Nita is having marriage troubles -- she is in her sexual prime, but her older husband is not interested anymore. Jamie recently solved that problem. And now, for more excitement...


Two weeks later, on a Saturday Jamie drove his wife, Jennifer, to a function hosted by her friend Nita and her husband. He has not been getting any from Jennifer lately -- for one reason or another -- and has been masturbating like crazy thinking about the beautiful Indian woman he had slept with recently. They had spoke on the phone once since their trysts together, and she had mentioned that she knew of a way for them to get together while the party was going on. Just the idea of another meeting with her drove Jamie nuts.

He was in no condition to see Nita at her hottest.

He walked in the front door, and there she was -- at her hottest. The first thing he noticed was that she had on a long skirt that went down to her ankles and bare feet. His first thought -- easy access. The next thing he noticed was her warm smile, followed immediately by her long, sexy hair down over her shoulders. It was wet. Or rather -- she had it gelled into a 'wet look' (is there anything sexier than that?). She also wore a black, short-sleeved blouse.

Whatever she had planned, he definitely hoped it worked. She looked fuckin' HOT!

Six o'clock turned to seven, which turned to eight. Finally, Nita pulled him aside. She looked up at him with beautiful, beady little eyes.

"Go downstairs." She said, quietly. "Turn right, and in my parents room is a washroom. Go there and shut the door. Wait for me." Jamie nodded, trying to stop the hard-on from pushing his pants out too far as he walked past Nita's husband. He then headed to the stairway. Looking around the living room, he quickly determined that no eyes were on him. Nobody went downstairs -- the party was up here. The washroom downstairs was off limits. Perfect.

He turned, and walked down the stairs quickly.

Not all eyes missed him, however. Nita saw him go down.

So did Eldora.

Eldora was also Jennifer's friend, but she was very close to Nita. She was a Latino in her late thirties. She was also a small woman -- about five feet tall, but she was so skinny that it gave the impression that she was taller than she actually was - 90 pounds soaking wet! She had a nice set of tits, and long, sexy hair. Her looks were average -- her face was pretty enough. Her skin was a light brown and she had those pouting Latino lips.

Eldora was a very intelligent woman with a high-paying office job, and her children were smart thanks to her genes.

Anyway, she noticed Jamie head down the stairs and she knew something was amiss. She kept her eyes on the stairway and five minutes later, he still had not returned. The party was really happening. Nobody was keeping track of anybody. All she knew was that this man -- a big, strong, attractive white man, went to an area where he should not be.

When Nita slipped down those stairs, Eldora's eyebrows raised. Now, she wasn't jumping to any conclusions, but her curiosity was aroused enough to get her to find out a little more. Five minutes later, when neither of them reappeared at the top of the stairs, she stood up and made her way towards them.

Jamie waited for what seemed like an eternity, but in actuality it was about six and a half minutes. He was in a strange bathroom that he had never been in before, in an area of a house that he had never before seen.

His heart soared when the door opened and Nita flicked on the light, shutting the door behind her. She had the biggest smile on her face. She stepped right up to him, got on the tips of her toes and put her arms around his neck. He bent and kissed her, and the little minx immediately slipped her tongue straight into his mouth. His hands went right for her ass. He could clearly feel it through the thin material of her skirt, and he could even feel the triangle of her panty line. He squeezed those soft cheeks as his own tongue shot into her mouth.

She pressed her little body against him, and her breathing grew more labored. She wanted this man so badly! He was all that she had been thinking about for two weeks now. In her sheltered little world, he was her only option for good sex -- and she thought of nothing else but his cock. Nita had no doubt that her pussy was sopping wet. She broke the kiss.

Hiking her skirt up, she got down on her knees before him, her hands fumbling with the button and zipper on his jeans. She quickly pulled them down to his knees, unleashing his rock-hard manhood. Tingles surged through her body at the site of it, as well as a desperate longing to have it fill her up. Her hand grabbed it and bent it towards her. Not wasting any time, she slipped it right into her mouth.

He sighed, placing his hands on the back of her head, her long hair was hard from the gel that was in it. He watched those thick, gorgeous lips of hers slowly slide down his shaft. When his cock was most of the way in her mouth, she looked up at him. He nearly came at the sight. This was Nita! Those beautiful, full lips of hers were wrapped snugly around his cock, and those pretty, dark, beady eyes were looking right at him. She began to bob her head back and forth on his manhood, slurping hungrily. She knew that she didn't have a lot of time, but she wanted to suck him very badly -- even if it was for just a minute.

She pulled him out of her mouth, and got to her feet. She looked at him, nervously.

"Will you..." she began, shyly, "eat...my pussy?"

How he didn't cum right there, he'll never know. All he could do was nod stupidly. He spun her around roughly as he fell to his knees. Nita leaned over the counter, up on her tiptoes, as Jamie began to slowly raise her thin, black skirt up her ankles to her knees. He continued to push it higher until it was over her amazing ass. Only her white lace panties covered it. He threw her skirt over her waist as he prepared to worship her ass. He kissed her ass cheek, just underneath the triangle of her panties. He kissed her other cheek. Grabbing those panties, he slipped them down her short legs, exposing her perfect bum. He slid them right down to her pretty feet, and she stepped out of them one by one.

Nita's naked ass was directly in front of him. It was all his. He leaned forward and kissed her smooth ass cheek. He placed his hands on her cheeks and spread them apart, exposing her tight little asshole, as well as the wonderful pussy underneath. He couldn't be any harder.

He buried his face in that ass, slipping a tongue into her delicious pussy.

"Ohhhh..." she moaned, as she felt his expert tongue enter her. Her juices were flowing like crazy, and he eagerly gathered everything he could with his tongue, tasting her. He pulled his tongue out of her twat, and slowly ran it along the skin between her asshole and her cunt.

Her heart pounded like crazy when she realized where that tongue was heading. This wonderful man showed her so many new things!

The tip of Jamie's tongue reached the rim of Nita's asshole. He slowly circled the entrance to her anal passage, worshipping that ass of hers like it deserved. He kissed the inside of her crack on one cheek, and then the other. Ducking underneath her, he slipped his tongue back into her hot, needy vagina. He heard her sigh again as he pushed his tongue as far into her pussy as possible. His eyes were an inch away from her tight little asshole. He still could not believe that he was seeing his wife's friend this way!

Nita's pussy was tingling like crazy, and when she felt his tongue again leave it to slowly lick towards her ass the tingling nearly overwhelmed her. The kinkiness, excitement, and dirtiness of what they were doing turned her on to no extent!

Jamie ran his tongue up the skin between her pussy and her asshole, and again teased it around the rim. This time, he pushed his tongue inside.

"Ohhh!" she moaned. It felt weird -- but in a good way!

He pushed his tongue as far inside Nita's anus as it would go, spinning it around in there. He pulled out, kissing her ass again, before sucking the lips of her sensitive pussy into his mouth. He placed a finger at the asshole that was right before his eyes as he ran his tongue back and forth across her trapped pussy lips. He watched her asshole slowly absorb the tip of his finger. He pushed it in to the first knuckle, his tongue still lashing across her slit.

Bolts of pleasure shot up her body, and she couldn't stifle a groan.

It was right then when Eldora reached the bottom of the stairs, rounded the corner and headed straight for the bathroom. She was familiar with the area, being somewhat close to Nita. The music was loud upstairs, and she could not hear a thing in the bathroom. She placed her ear against the door.


The quiet, high-pitched moan could be heard quite clearly now that she had her ear on the door. Nita! And Jamie! Her jaw dropped. This would bring huge controversy to their circle of friends! Eldora also had an unexpected feeling inside her -- jealousy. She rarely got laid, and she felt okay about that with the knowledge that her good friend Nita really wasn't either. But who knows how long she has been screwing her friend's husband? It wasn't fair!

"Unh!" came through the door. Eldora realized that her pussy was tingling. She suddenly wanted to stay and listen!

Jamie licked at Nita's pussy lips that he held in his mouth as he watched the top half of his index finger sliding in and out of that tight little asshole. She was writhing her ass back against him, moaning softly.

She could feel an orgasm approaching, and she rushed to embrace it.

"Ohhhhhh yesss..." Nita moaned, biting her lip to stifle it as she came. All of her muscles tensed, and her face was wincing as bolts of pleasure exploded inside her. The inner walls of her pussy were pulsating, and the small woman nearly fell backwards. He was barely able to keep her pussy in his mouth, she was writhing around so much.

He slipped his finger out of her asshole, and kissed each of her ass cheeks one time. He stood up behind her, hard-on in hand. She was so small, and he was so huge that he had to really crouch to get his cock underneath her. Grabbing her waist, he lifted her up. She threw herself half onto the counter, helping him out. Her feet were no longer touching the floor.

He placed the head of his cock at the hot entrance to her treasure and pushed forward. The head of Jamie's penis slowly entered Nita's horny vagina. He continued pushing, squeezing two inches inside her tightness.

"Ohhhhh..." she sighed, loving the feeling of that thick cock stretching her wide.

Jamie was in heaven. Her skirt was thrown above her waist, and his hands were gripping her hips tightly. He could see clearly right under her ass where her dark pussy lips were making the top part of his manhood disappear. Her pussy was incredibly tight -- and hotter than he ever imagined! He pulled back a little, until his fat mushroom head was stretching the dark entrance to her treasure. He slowly pushed forward again, watching as inch after of inch of his white cock sunk into her Indian pussy. This time he got about five inches inside the small woman.

"Ohhhh...yesss..." she moaned again, arching her head back. She hadn't felt penetration in nearly two weeks! As her husband hosted his wife and the rest of the party by himself upstairs, Nita felt Jamie's thick pole slowly ease out of her again. The sensitive walls of her pussy could feel every inch of him slide out of her.

He slammed back inside her, forcefully. This time his entire penis was sheathed in her vagina to the hilt.

"Unh!" she let a rather loud groan escape.

Outside the door, Eldora's eyes widened. They were definitely fucking!

Jamie held Nita's slim hips and began fucking her from behind. There weren't a lot of views in this world that he enjoyed more than the one that he had right at that moment. His white groin smacking against that beautiful brown ass of hers over and over, causing those sexy cheeks to ripple each time he hit them. Her dark pussy lips were being pulled outward each time he withdrew his fat organ. He began fucking her harder as she moaned before him.

She was starting to slip down off the counter, and he suddenly realized that she couldn't be comfortable. He pulled his cock out of her and let her slide back down, and she put her feet back on the floor, turning around.

Nita sat up on the counter, hiking her skirt back up again and placing her pretty feet on the edge, legs spread wide. He could see that she had trimmed her bush into a nice little rectangle around her treasure. Her dark pussy lips were swollen and quivering as he stepped up to her. She eagerly grabbed his hard member and placed it at the entrance to her needy pussy.

He pushed forward again, and slid his rigid pole inside her in one hard stroke.

"OHH!" she cried, again a little too loud, eyes closing and head arching back as she felt him pierce her. Her legs immediately went around his waist, holding him inside her for a moment. She looked up at him and his mouth was on hers. The two lovers kissed passionately as he held his penis all the way inside her vagina. Her tongue swirled around in his mouth, eagerly. This was, without question, the highlight of her last two weeks!

She was a great kisser, and her mouth moving against his only served to somehow make his cock swell even bigger inside her. He began slowly moving in and out of her as his tongue explored her mouth. They were breathing laboriously into each other's mouths, and their kissing started to get sloppy, growing so loud that Eldora could hear the kisses from outside the door.

Jamie began moving in and out of Nita faster, breaking the kiss. She looked up at him with those beady little eyes as she took his cock inside her over and over.

"Oh! Unh! Unh! Unh!" she moaned quietly, loving every second of this experience.

"I'm gonna cum." He whispered. Her heart soared at his words, and her own orgasm drew closer.

Eldora didn't quite hear what he said from outside the door, but she clearly heard Nita's next words.

"Cum inside me!" Nita pleaded. He kissed her hard, tongue going far inside her mouth as he thrust in and out of her rapidly a few more times.

Jamie slid his penis all the way inside Nita's vagina and held it there as they kissed. Her short legs squeezed him tight, holding him deep inside her. His cock exploded. There is no other way to describe it. Thirty hours of holding it in, and being turned on to no extent all day, and now he's fucking such a hot girl -- he exploded inside her. A huge wad of his cum fired out the end of his dick and shot far inside her fertile womb.

Nita sighed into his mouth, cumming at the same time. Her pussy was so sensitive that she could feel his manhood swell up inside her, throbbing as it fired bullets of semen into her. The inner walls of her cunt were squeezing and releasing him, pulsating around him, pulling his seed deeper into her body.

He moaned into her mouth, penis jerking again, unleashing another rope of his hot, thick cum and spraying it off the back of her welcoming pussy. In rapid succession, his member was twitching and twitching, each time releasing still more of his sticky sperm into his wife's hot friend. He was grinding against her. Somehow, still more of his jism was pouring into her hungry twat.

Their mouths had been pressed against each other, but now they began to kiss again. Nita squeezed him tight with her legs, her arms around his neck as her tongue touched his throat as the last of his seed dripped into her vagina. The two lovers were out of breath, but they could not stop their passionate kiss.

Eldora thought it best if she went upstairs, and so she turned from her post at the bathroom door and walked away. Thoughts were swirling in her head.

Jamie stayed inside Nita for another two or three minutes, kissing her tenderly. She was smiling. They were both smiling. In awe over how fantastic that was. He finally slipped his softening penis out of her, and he caught a glimpse of his pearly-white semen pooled a little at the bottom of her dark pussy before she slid off the counter and her skirt fell back down.

As he pulled up his underwear and jeans, Nita bent and picked up her panties. She surprised him by stuffing them in his right front pocket.

"I don't want you to forget me!" she said, nervously.

"How could I ever?" he replied.

"You never come and see me!" she complained.

"You live far away, you live with your husband, kids, and parents, and you don't have a car!" All good points.

"So!" she laughed, shyly. "Try harder!"

He kissed her full lips.

"I will."

Nita went upstairs first, ready to distract anyone who might be paying attention to the stairs. Nobody was. Except Eldora.

She was only one to notice Jamie rejoin the party.

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