On the Subway


Your traveling on the subway again, you've only been using it for a few weeks but you don't really like it, it's so cramped, you feel yourself pressing against people and unable to move.

I've been watching you for the few weeks you've been on, you're my next target, your full breasts, pressing against your blouse and suit, your skirt often riding up your legs to display lovely cheeks and panties.

I have moved behind you, I look at my watch, in 5 minutes we pass into a tunnel, and I know for a fact there will be a 30 min delay in tunnel and no one will be able to see, it happens every month ... I watch as you reach up and grab the hand rail with both hands as we enter the tunnel.

This is my opportunity, I move behind you and snap a pair of cuffs around your wrists over the hand rail, your arms are now tied above your head, you start to cry out but the cloth over your mouth stops you, the sent on the cloth is making your head spin, making you dizzy.

You suddenly find a ball gag pressed into your mouth, my hands free now I reach and slowly undo your suit front and blouse, I cup your breasts. I can feel your body shaking and your moans through the gag. I squeeze your breasts hard and pinch the nipples, your body shudders violently, I move my hands and slowly raise your skirt tucking it into your waistband.

I slide your panties down now, you are thrashing around trying to get free, but the press of the crowd makes it impossible to do little more than sway, I slip your panties off and put them in my pocket, a trophy for later, I force my knee between your legs and spread them, stood behind you I reach under your ass and begin playing with your pussy.

I spread your pussy with my fingers and slowly insert the tip of my index finger into your wet hole. I can feel you so wet, the juices slowly flow over my fingers. I reach and slowly unzip my cock, freeing it from its confinement in my now tight pants.

It springs free, hard and ready, I move, my hand on either hips, lifting you up and dropping you down on my cock, I am between your legs and letting you slam down onto my cock, I hear your scream into the gag as my cock plunges into your pussy.

I slowly behind lifting and dropping you up and down on my shaft, impaling you over and over, my cock becoming slick with your juices... I reach round and rub my thumb over your clit as you bounce up and down on my rod.

I hear you scream into the gag again and feel your pussy clench around my cock, your juice flow down your legs and over my cock, wetting up both, I keep bouncing you up and down on my shaft, plunging in and out of you, over and over, harder and deeper with every thrust, my cock is now wet enough I pull out and grab your ass cheeks with both hands.

I peal them apart and press my hard shaft against your tight ass. Suddenly you realize the man in front of you has figured out what is going on, you breath a sigh of relief, your ordeal is over now.

I ram my cock into you, splitting you apart and your muffled scream can almost be heard, I hold myself still and lean close, the other man an hear me.... "Hey mate, her pussy is wet and ready for another good fucking" you can't believe it, he won't surely, but then you hear his zip go, NO, its not possible.

He pumped his cock into your pussy, you feel so full, a large cock in your pussy and another in your ass, you rock back and forth with the motion of the train, you didn't want this, you don't want this but you can't help but enjoy it.

The cocks in your pussy and ass begin sawing back and forth, the pain in your ass balanced by the pleasure in your pussy. Your moans continually vibrating your gag as you are slowly fucked from both sides, your orgasms almost continuous now, you cum over and over, your body shaking as my cock rips in and out of your tight ass whilst his cock pounds your pussy hard, your juices are flowing, his cock is slipping in and out easily, whilst I force mine into you then rip it out.

Finally I cum, gripping your ass in both hands and ramming my cock all the way in, my hot white cum flooding out and into your tight dry ass. Within seconds your ass is slick with my cum and the last few pumps of my cock slip easily in and out.... the guy in front empties his balls deep into you and quickly zips up and pushes through the crowds till he is lost from sight.

I pull out of your ass and press the strange smelling cloth over your nose again, you sway from side to side, the dizziness overcoming you and before you realize what has happened your hands are free and the gag gone and so am I... You quickly pull your skirt down and fasten your blouse, you find a scrap of paper telling you that if you ever want a fucking again the stand with your hands on the railing in the same place.

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