On The Trail


The mid-December afternoon was perfect for hikers and for hiking. Bright and sunny with just a few high clouds it was a little warmer than usual for the time of year but a light jacket still felt pretty comfortable along the shady parts of the trail. Katherine was a little surprised that there were not more hikers out today, there had only been one other vehicle at the parking lot where the trail began, but it was nearing Christmas and she thought they might all be out shopping. But not her! She would have considered it almost criminal to waste such a lovely day by spending it in the malls. Shopping could wait until it was raining. She loved being out on the trail far too much to let the holidays interfere with her weekends. She sometimes thought she might have made a poor career choice by having a job which required her to be indoors all the time. But it was too late to worry about that now and besides, only being able to hike on the weekends and holidays probably made her appreciate it all the more.

Katherine Wilson and her companion Fizzy, an eight year old Golden Lab with the imposing name of Felicity, hence the abbreviation, were on a four mile round trip hike in the southern Appalachian Mountains on one of her favorite trails. It was rather remote and not well known to the casual hikers but Katherine was not a casual hiker. She had been reared in another part of the country altogether but for the past sixteen years had been researching the trails in the area where she now lived and probably knew more about them than almost any of the native residents of the community. Excepting, of course, the inevitable brotherhood of deer and bear hunters. She didn't expect to encounter any of them today as the hunting season had just ended.

As she came to the top of a rise she saw two other hikers, likely the owners of the SUV she had seen at the parking lot, coming up the trail towards her. She called to Fizzy to come and clipped a leash to her collar in case the other hikers might be nervous about dogs. Fizzy had never met a stranger and as a guard dog would probably befriend any would be attackers with her tail wagging before trying to provide any protection. As they neared she saw that it was two men who she did not know.

"Are you going all the way up to the top?" asked one of the men.

"Yes," answered Katherine.

"Have you been up here before?" This from the other of the two men. Both men appeared to be in their mid thirties and were nice looking men. One of them had a mustache while the other was clean shaven. They were dressed for the trail and Katherine took them to be experienced hikers.

"Oh, yes. Many times," she answered. "This is one of my favorite trails. I don't think I have ever seen either of you here. My name is Katherine." She held out her hand in greeting.

The larger of the two men took her hand and said, "I am Kenneth and this is Lewis. We're happy to meet you. This is our first trip up along this particular trail but we like it."

"Pleased to meet you both. Enjoy the hike," she answered, and turned to go. As she walked away she resisted the urge to turn to see if they were watching her.

Katherine was an attractive woman in her mid-forties, trim and athletic in build, and she didn't do all of the things most women did to make themselves alluring. But she was aware of her sexuality and knew when men found her appealing. She had recently been experiencing at work the knowledge that one of the English professors had been paying more than passing attention to her and she found that she liked that. Her job as the head librarian at a university library didn't provide much in the way of intimate relationships. At least on the surface. But she knew her way around and she liked it when men gave second glances at her trim behind. She smiled as she thought of the English professor and let her mind wander as she walked. She might have to give him an extra smile the next time he came to the library.

She went on to the top of the trail and took a few minutes to enjoy the fantastic view. She had been here many times but she never tired of it. "Why don't more people come to enjoy this?" she wondered aloud. She was proud of the fact that she could identify almost every mountain peak visible to her from where she stood. She called to Fizzy to come and prepared to start the hike back to the car. She knew when the sun would set and as experienced as she was, she preferred not to be caught in the woods after dark. She had in her back pack everything she would need to even stay overnight but she still wanted to be back to her car well before dark. She and Fizzy started walking briskly back the way they had come.

She was nearly half way back to the car when she saw Kenneth and Lewis sitting beside the trail. A tingle of alarm rose in her as she approached them. Why had they not gone on back to where their car was parked? Were they waiting for her?

"Hello, again," said Kenneth, the one with the mustache. He reached out and took the leash she had looped around her neck and leaned down and snapped it onto Fizzy's collar. "Here, Lew. Tie this mutt up over there."

"Wait just a minute!" Katherine said indignantly. "Just what do you think you are doing?"

"Oh, you will see what we think we are doing." answered Kenneth, laughing as he spoke. He reached out and took Katherine's arm. "You might even like it by the time we get through." He pulled her roughly to him. He was almost a foot taller than Katherine's 5'4" and held her easily despite her struggles.

Katherine's mind was racing. She knew that the likelihood of anyone coming to her rescue was slim and she knew that she had no chance of besting either of the two men singly, let alone both of them. Her only chance was in running. She twisted free for a moment and started to run down the mountain but Kenneth was expecting this. He caught her long braided hair and jerked her painfully back. She fell almost at his feet. He sat down on her, his knees on either side of her waist and leaned over her. She screamed as loudly as she could and Kenneth slapped her with a jarring blow.

"No more of that, bitch, if you ever want to get off this mountain," Kenneth said menacingly. "Let's see what's under all of this hiking gear." His hands were busy unfastening the straps of her backpack and unbuttoning the front of her jacket. He kept her pinned to the ground while he loosened her outer wraps and then roughly ran his hands up under her sweater and the camisole she wore in place of a brassiere. He kneaded her small breasts, pinching the nipples between his thumb and forefinger. She was aware of an unwanted stimulation in spite of herself.

Kenneth released her but continued to hold her down. He straightened up and began to unbuckle the belt at his waist.

She had forgotten about his partner, Lewis, until she saw him standing over her with a grin on his face.

"Hold her a minute, Lew, while I get ready. Lew kneeled down at her head and pinned both her shoulders to the ground. Kenneth stood and pulled Katherine's hiking pants down roughly.

"Wait a minute. These Goddamned shoes are too big to get the pants off." He knelt and removed her hiking shoes and then pulled her pants completely off, leaving her clad from the waist down only in a pair of brief panties. Kenneth pulled them off as well.

"Please don't," said Katherine. "Please, please, don't.

Kenneth stood over her and unfastened his own pants. He pushed them down and Katherine gasped as she saw the largest cock she had ever seen, the uncircumcised head bobbing like an evil hooded monk. Kenneth knelt between Katherine's legs and with his left hand lifted her right leg over his shoulder. With his right hand he placed the head of his cock at the entrance of her pussy and rubbed it in a circular motion. He paused to spit on to the fingers of his hand and then rubbed the saliva over the head of his cock. With no other preparation, he leaned in and forced his cock into her. Katherine screamed again but he didn't slap her this time.

"Yell all you want, bitch. Nobody is going to hear you." Kenneth said as he continued to force his way into her reluctant body. He withdrew partially and then thrust himself back into her, sinking the full 8" length of his cock into her. He withdrew again and again he sank the entire length of himself into her. Katherine was sobbing uncontrollably now but was aware of a betrayal of her body. She could feel herself accepting him more readily and could tell that she was softening to his assault. She was aware that Lewis, still holding her shoulders, was watching transfixed as Kenneth's cock fucked into her over and over. Kenneth how had both her legs held up with her knees at his shoulders and was fucking her mercilessly. He suddenly withdrew and stood up, his huge cock bobbing in front of her.

"Stand her up and lean her over that log, Lew," said Kenneth. "That way we can both get at her."

They jerked her to her feet and pushed her over to a fallen tree and leaned her over it. Lewis stepped around behind her and, dropping his trousers to his ankles, immediately penetrated her from behind. Although smaller than Kenneth's, his cock was still larger than any Katherine had seen and he began to fuck her now swollen pussy. Kenneth stepped in front of her face and, taking her head in both his hands, directed her to suck his cock. She had no choice as he forced himself into her mouth, causing her to gag reflexively when his cock reached her throat.

Lewis continued fucking her from behind, holding her hips in his hands and thrusting repeatedly into her. As the tempo increased she could sense a response as her own body betrayed her. She was beginning to like this! She began to suck on the huge cock in her mouth as she pushed back against the one in her pussy.

"Oh, God!" said Lewis, as he fucked her. "I'm going to come!"

"Me, too!" said Kenneth. "Eat that cock, bitch!" And he thrust himself into her mouth again and again.

Kenneth pulled his cock from her mouth and shot spurt after spurt of semen onto Katherine's face and into her hair. At almost the same time Lewis thrust deep into her pussy and shot his own come deep into her belly. She could feel it as he came and she had her own shuddering orgasm in spite of the fact that she had been violated against her will. She hoped that neither of her attackers was aware of the intensity of her orgasm.

Kenneth picked up Katherine's pants and cleaned himself with them, then offered them to Lewis who did the same. He tossed the pants back onto the ground in front of Katherine and rearranged his clothes.

"Thanks, girl. Did you say your name was Katherine? Let's go hiking again sometime soon." And with that both men turned and began walking towards the parking lot which was about a half mile away.

Katherine sat up for a few minutes, holding her face in her hands. She was ashamed and humiliated and terrified but in some strange was she was satisfied. Her logical mind and her superior intelligence told her that what had happened was wrong. She had been violated and had been taken against her will. She had been raped! And by more than one rapist! In the back of her mind came the quote from some long since forgotten chauvinistic male that said, "If rape is inevitable, then lie back and enjoy it." And she had enjoyed it! She had never experienced an orgasm as intense as the one she had experienced with two men thrusting into her against her will. This would take some thought to figure out, she decided.

She got up and put her clothes back on and then sat and relaced her hiking shoes. She stood and went to the tree where Fizzy was tied and unsnapped the leash and removed it from the limb it was tied to. She rolled it up and put in into her pocket, then took the water bottle from her backpack and took a long drink of water. She then started back down the trail towards her car. There was still plenty of daylight left.

When she reached the car the SUV was gone. She changed her shoes, took another drink of water from her water bottle, opened the back of the station wagon and let Fizzy leap into the car and then sat in the driver's seat. Would she ever be able to hike this trail again? Would she ever be able to go hiking alone again on any trail? Time alone would answer those questions. The biggest question in her mind now was --- would she remember today as the day when she was brutally raped --- or would she remember today as the day when she had experienced the most satisfying sexual orgasm she had ever had!

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