tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOn Your Knees, Bitch!

On Your Knees, Bitch!


"Uh, uh...uuuhhhhh," he groaned as the sound of flesh slapping became louder. White sticky liquid spurted from the man's penis as he moaned loudly.

"You liked the show I see," she stated, crawling towards him as the other man licked her ass. "That's right baby, clean it good."

"I want to fuck you so bad, you naughty little bitch," the ma cleaned himself up as she crawled further towards him.

"Mmm. I love it when you talk dirty to me. Rape me daddy, show me who's the boss. I want both of you to take me and dominate me."

Both men looked at each other then nodded. The man she had just fucked came up behind her and grabbed her wrists, pulling them behind her back. She smiled cattily and rubbed her ass against him, his prick began to grow her once more.

"We're raping you darling; you're not supposed to enjoy it . . . yet," the first man warned.

"I know but I'm already horny," she smiled.

"You're gonna force me to get rough with you girl."

"Good, I like it rough."

"You like it period."

"I like it while on my period."

"Gag her before I do."

The man behind her threw her to the floor then straddling her he sat on his knees to tease her ass with his hardened prick. A moan escaped her.

"Quiet slut," the first man ordered. "Quit doing that to her, just hold her down and nothing more." He went over to her where he pulled her onto her knees by her hair. "Suck me bitch. You little whore I want your filthy mouth slobbering all over my big hard dick." He shoved his dick in her mouth, slamming the back of her throat with the tip of his dead. She gagged and the slapped on the cheek. Tears flowed from the woman from painful hair pulling and the fact that she had asked for more than she'd bargained for.

"Can I fuck her ass now?"


"I need release."

"Jerk off."

"I have a perfect ass right here."

"Jerk off."

The second led tot sit on the other side of the room when, when satiated he lightly pinched his nipples moving down to massage his balls he began his pace, beating his hardened rod.

"Lick my balls bitch."

She obeyed, licking his testicles lavishly while massaging and alternately sucking them.

"Moan you cunt, aren't you enjoying this?"

She obeyed, rubbing the tip of his dick back ad forth on her lips as she moaned around them.

"Lay on your back, fucker."

Slowly she lay on her back, spreading her legs and bending her knees slightly.

"I'm not ready to fuck you there yet but-," he jammed three fingers up her pussy. She yelped in pain and braced for more to come. He pumped her hard and fast making her hurt and lust simultaneously for orgasm. He pulled out as she was on the brink. Whimpering she arched her hips for his fingers or his prick to enter her again.

"Quit your whimpering hoe and slap your tits together on my dick. I wanna see you suck in again. Better yet, quit jerking off and get over here and hold her tits together. She'll be able to suck my dick and rub my balls."

The first guy straddled her face and stuck his dick between her D cup breasts while the second man held them tightly. The fist man began his pace of fucking her tits while the second guy tickled ad teased her nipples which grew hard and he lightly rubbed the areoles. His pace quickened as she sucked his penis and balls.

"Let's switch places. I'm fixing to cum."

The two men switched places. The first man slammed his big cock deep inside her while the other man began fucking her breasts as she sucked his balls. She massaged her own breasts and the nipples hardened again.

"You little slut, you're a pretty good little fuck with this tight wet pussy you have." The harder he fucked the more wildly her hips bucked and the louder she moaned.

"Oh man. . . I'm going to explode. She sucks good cock, damn little whore," the other man gasped.

"Uh . . . uh . . . uh," the first man moaned. "I can't hold on much longer. I'm gonna cum all inside you, oh fucking A bitch. I'll cream your damn hole."

"I'll shoot all over those big ol' titties . . . oh . . . and make you lick it up and clean me . . . oh."

"Oooooh," the girl replied.

"After I get through fucking her I wanna see you clean your hole."

Mmmmmmm. . ."

Oh God yes!" the first man yelled as he came, filling her pussy full of his hot sticky cum.

"Oooh, oooh, oooh!" She bucked as her orgasm exploded inside her and danced on his dick as the feeling slowly subsided.

"Here I cum," the second man spilled her seed over the vast expanse of her breasts.

"Now clean yourself up slut and get the fuck outta here."

Slowly and reluctantly she cleaned her chest off, licking her finger clean as it scooped up the jizz in the valley of her chest. She suckled off the sticky cream that landed on her nipples. Two fingers entered the folds of her swollen pussy, bringing back with them more creamy fluid until her pussy was dry and clean. Rolling over onto her knees she went to each of the men to suck dry their shriveling pricks that began to grow hard again at the sensation.

A swoosh of breath escaped the first man,"atta girl." He rubbed her head closer to his hardening penis, only to shove her away roughly. "Get the fuck out of here you cock sucking little cunt!"

Quickly the girl rebounded, gathering her things and scurried out of the room.

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