tagGay MaleOnce a Grudge, Now a Crush

Once a Grudge, Now a Crush


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"It's only for the weekend." Noah was a bleach blonde scene, that all the girls in college drooled over, with dark brown dyed underneath and almost every piercing you could think of that would fit on his face. Bridge, dimples, angle bites, snake bites, labret, industrial above his cheek and underneath his eyes, eyebrow and let's not forget the nose piercing. He had an athletic body, but not the bulky type, maybe one they would advertise swim trunks for in an add. He was 5'7 with one blue eye and one pale green.

Doctors had said the two colors were from an eye disease he had.

"You do understand that Stephen and I don't get along, right?" Noah said raising his thin eyebrows and watching his mom as she moved from the pantry towards the stove, checking the beef stew and glancing at him.

"He's changed, a lot in fact."

"Mom," Noah said moving towards the edge of the table. "I'm not staying if he comes down here. I'm not sharing my bedroom with him; I'm not going to show him around college campus. How old is he? Almost twenty-four and how old am I? Going on twenty-two and you're asking me to chaperon him around like he's a fucking retard."

"Noah!" He chewed the edge of the inside of his bottom lip, feeling his heart do a summersault as his mom spun around. She raised a finger, pointing it at him and giving him the motherly death look. "One, don't use that word. You KNOW how it makes me feel. Two, watch your language. Three, he's your cousin and I don't give a damn how much you dislike him. You will treat him with respect while he's here and you will keep him company."

"Sure." Noah said turning. He never argued with he mom when she did the one, two, three thing at him. He moved down the hallway towards his bedroom, ignoring her as she continued on in a shout.

"I expect you to eat dinner with us tonight!"

Noah shoved his door shut, kicking a pair of jeans out of his way and letting his body collapse on the bed. He buried his face in his pillow, squeezing the corners and holding in a frustrated growl trying not to let his mind dwell on the person he hated most. Stephen was one of those cousins that always teased and picked on you, embarrassing you in front of your friends and always keeping your face a bright red. Noah didn't even want to think about it. He turned his face, with a frown plastered to it, sliding his fingers up underneath his bangs and pulling them back away from his eyes so he could see the window.

He watched through the bent blind as his dad pulled up into the driveway.

"Noah!" He ignored his mom, jumping up and locking his door. He wasn't about to walk out there and pretend like everything between him and his cousin was fine, because it wasn't. A couple minutes after sitting on his bed he heard his dad knock before speaking through the door. "Noah, get your ass out here and say hello to your cousin." He could hear Stephen's voice in the kitchen, laughing and talking with his mom. "Now." Usually when his dad said now the way he just had, it meant get into gear or I'll whip your ass. So Noah clamped his jaw shut tight, standing up and moving towards his bedroom door. He unlocked it, jerking it open, standing there for a second and looking at his dad who put his arm around his shoulder's, pulling him close and whispering something he could hardly hear.

When they got into the kitchen Noah was unable to escape what he called his dad's death grip. It was one of many. This particular one was the one where he would drape his arm around Noah's shoulders so tight that it would hurt, clamping down on a shoulder and holding him up against his side while he introduced Noah to someone.

Noah hated it.

"So, Noah has decided that his room is yours until you leave Monday." His dad said, releasing him finally and patting him on the back before squeezing his neck. "Right Noah?" "Yeah, sure. Everything is yours for the taking." Noah said shrugging him off and moving around the table. He sat down next to his mom, glancing at Stephen who was already seated, and unfortunately sitting right in front of him. He really had changed. . .

Stephen used to have short brown hair, really short, the kind of short that basketball players wore. But now, he had grown it out into a punk/rock style, shaving the sides and wearing a flat Mohawk that definitely had Noah gawking over. He'd gotten the bottom left corner of his lip pierced and he had hardly realized the fashionable glasses perched on Stephen's attractive nose.

"Noah said he would give you a tour of the college campus, maybe you two can be roomies when a room opens up." His mom said after five minutes of silence.

Noah poked at his salad.

"That's cool." Stephen said over a mouthful of potatoes. Okay, Noah definitely felt awkward. Here was his cousin, ten times more attractive than he had ever been, eating with them at the dinner table and he hadn't seen him for over five or six years.

"I have a paper due in the morning." Noah said shoving his plate back and standing up.

"Noah," His dad started. "Goodnight honey, make sure you get Stephen set up okay?"


Okay, Noah was free for at least twenty or thirty minutes. It wasn't like they missed him or anything because they were laughing and having a jolly ol' time chatting away at the dinner table. But those twenty minutes diminished fast and pretty soon Noah's parents were out the front door for a little bit of gambling and hard drinking. They wouldn't be back until the fallowing morning.

Noah's bed was big enough to fit four, that's how he liked it. In case one of his girlfriends slept over, then he'd have enough room and wouldn't have to sleep in the living room or on the floor for that matter. So Stephen would be sleeping beside him and from passed experiences, Stephen was a bed hog.

"I expected there to be more than one bed." Stephen said breaking his concentration and making him glance up. Stephen stood in the doorway with two bags in his hands glancing around Noah's room, probably admiring it. His walls were black and decorated with various drawings, paintings and crazy quotes from dead authors and movie stars. His curtain drapes were red, his floor was a dark and shiny hardwood floor and ceiling painted in lustful designs and naked woman, all of which he had created himself.

Noah had always been an artist at heart.

"Yeah well," Noah gestured to the bed, looking back down at his half written paper. "this is what I have."

"Awesome." Despite the grudge Noah was holding against his cousin for all the younger years of teasing and embarrassment Noah couldn't help but watch him as he tossed his bag next to the bed.

"I sleep in pajama bottoms, you don't mind do you?" Stephen asked, stripping his shirt off. Noah stared watching as his abs flexed a little while his hand tossed his shirt near the corner. "Noah?"

"Stop talking to me." Noah said looking back down at his paper. He could see Stephen at the corner of his eye grin.

"You're still mad at me aren't you?" He asked. The sound of Stephen's belt jingled distracting Noah even more.

"I'm not mad at you. I'm just a little pissed at the fact that I'm having to share my room with you. I like my privacy." Noah sat up straight, turning his back towards Stephen. DAMN did he have a nice body! Even for as skinny as he was! He had muscle in all the right places, no hair and his voice, god his voice had matured even more than Noah had remembered it last time. Noah had always been attracted to deep vibrant voices and Stephen had just that.

"I wanted a hotel, because I knew this was how you would react." Stephen said. Noah glanced over his shoulder before turning a little and watching Stephen. He had his back turned and had just slipped the waist of his pajama bottoms up over his buttocks. Noah's eyes had worked every inch of Stephen's back admiring the smoothness. Then his eyes ran over the small humming bird tattoo just behind Stephen's right ear.

Humming birds were Noah's favorite.

Noah felt his heart skip a beat when Stephen turned, running a hand over the lower part of his stomach before pushing the covers back, eyeing Noah then climbing up into the bed. They were quiet for a long time before Stephen broke the silence.

"You know I never meant to like. . ." Noah watched his fingers as he let them etch underneath the rim of his pajama bottoms, caressing the smooth skin near his pelvic area. Stephen was comfortable, lying on propped pillows with one hand behind his head. "you know," his dark eyebrows puckered as he stared at up at the ceiling.

"You never meant to what?" Noah asked, closing his notebook.

"You know, I never meant to hurt your feelings if I did." Stephen finally said looking at Noah. "All those years, I was immature and an ass."

"Is this your idea of justification? Because I'm not buying it." Noah said slipping off the bed and moving towards his dresser. He tossed his notebook inside the half open top drawer before pushing it closed and turning to look at Stephen. He was on his elbows now, watching Noah with a strange look in his dark green eyes. "What?"

"I feel the tension, what am I supposed to do to get you to just. . .accept that I'm here?"

Noah wrinkled his nose up, squinting a little before relaxing his face.

"Nothing. Just, stop talking." He left the room leaving Stephen to his thoughts.


Stephen couldn't figure it out. He cousin had been mad at him for years. He didn't deny the fact that he would shove or tease Noah in the halls when they were in junior high or laugh at his friend's jokes when he passed by in the hall during their high school years. He was a complete ass and he had been only to impress his friends and the cheerleaders. But now that both of them were more mature and creating paths of their own through college courses and homework, his cousin seemed to take it a lot harder than he had back when they were younger.

He'd been staying at his Aunt and Uncle's for two weeks now and they were hardly home. He gathered that Noah pretty much lived in the small two bedroom/two baths alone half the time unless his parents wanted to sleep off hang over's or had to work. And even then they worked irregular shifts with Noah's dad being an officer and his mom being a full time nurse.

Noah had slept half his nights in his parent's bed because of his grudge and Stephen couldn't take the silence any longer. Today was the day he would confront him and figure out why Noah really was still so angry at him. He started off by cutting Noah off in the hallway.


Noah raised his eyebrows stopping short in his tracks when Stephen cut him off, putting an arm out and leaning up against the wall on his hand. His mind raced and he was in no mood to deal with whatever Stephen had up his sleeve.

"Can we talk?" Stephen asked.

"Is this how you approach your girlfriends?" Noah asked going to move around him. Stephen cut him off again by backing up into his path, extending his other arm out and resting his hand on the wall.

"Sometimes, when the mood suites me." Stephen answered.

"I have somewhere I need to be." Noah said pulling his phone out.

"Where would that be?"

"None of your business."


Stephen watched as Noah's thumbs raced across his keypad on his phone. He hated when people ignored him while he was trying to talk to him. He waited for Noah to look back up at him before snatching his phone away.


"I'm trying to talk to you and you're standing here ignoring me." Stephen said moving back and raising the phone up into the air out of Noah's reach. He was five inches taller than Noah and a lot stronger too.

"Did it ever occur to you that I don't want to talk to you?" Noah asked trying again to reach his phone. Stephen waved it away as the screen lit up.

" You've been such a prick lately, what is it with you?" He asked, bringing the phone closer so he could see who was texting Noah. "Keelin? Seriously? The Keelin from my senior year? The one I played in a band with?"

"Stephen, give it back, right now!" Noah had raised his voice trying desperately to get his phone back.

"Are you two seeing each other?"

"I said it was none of your business!" Noah said getting a little red in the cheeks.

"So you are seeing him?" Stephen retorted.

"Stephen just give me my phone back!" Noah always found ways to ignore people's questions if he didn't want to answer them.

"Not until you answer my first question. Why are you being an asshole to me?"

"Give it back!" Noah shoved on Stephen's chest, making his cheeks ache to grin.

"Is Keelin really more important than me??"

"You think you're important?" Noah said shoving him again.

"I like to think I am."

"Well you're not." Noah had said it through his teeth this time, shoving him harder this time. Stephen knew he was just blowing off steam. He would too if someone took his phone. So he let him continue. "You're an asshole." Shove. "And you'll never be important to me." Shove. "You ruined that chance when we were in junior high AND high school." Shove. "Give me back my phone!" Shove. "I'll never fucking speak to you again!" Shove. "You'll probably ruin my college year too!" Shove.

Stephen was against the wall now, peering into Noah's eyes. Some of what Noah had said kind of stung. He wasn't here to ruin Noah's college year, that kind of behavior was long gone.

"Can you say please?"

"Give it back." Noah reached for it but this time Stephen held it behind his back, watching Noah as he tried to get to it again. Their bodies were close and Noah's arms were now around him, fingers prying at his and his cheeks brightening red just like they always did when he got angry or turned on.

"Say please."

"Stephen," Their lips lingered and Stephen felt a type of electricity shoot through him. Just feeling Noah's breath against his lips sent pleasure coursing through him. This was something he had never felt before.

He wanted more.

He brought his lips closer to Noah's but he shied away, pulling his face back a little and frowning. He had grabbed a hold of Stephen's elbows, softly holding onto them as Stephen stepped forewords, moving towards him and backing him up against the other side of the hallways wall.

"You know. . ." Stephen started, tossing Noah's phone to the side and grabbing his jaw before he could say anything, surprising him and forcing his head back against the wall. He let his fingers dig into Noah's cheeks, puckering his lips a little and admiring their fullness. "Someone should really teach you some respect.

"Respect?" Noah said gasping when Stephen's grip tightened on his cheeks.

"Yeah. I am a guest in this house aren't I?"

"If that's what you want to call yourself, sure." Noah said grinning a little.

"You think this is funny?"

"You're so manly now, aren't you Stephen?" Noah asked bringing his hand up and pushing on Stephen's chest as he got closer.

"You have no idea what I could do to you."

It had happened incredibly fast. Stephen was dumbfounded. Noah had caught him completely off guard, shoving his wrist away before back handing him hard. His cheek stung for a long time before disintegrating into a minor tingle and the strange part was that this had turned him on and that Noah hadn't even turned to run or barricade himself in his bedroom like Stephen had expected him to do. For a long time they stared at each other before Stephen grabbed Noah's neck, squeezing and jerking him away from the wall.

He walked Noah towards his bedroom, in complete control, pushing the door closed with his foot and shoving Noah back against the bed. He watched Noah suck in air, grabbing his own neck and moving away from Stephen as he climbed up onto the bed practically in between Noah's legs.


Noah swore he had almost blacked out from how hard Stephen had squeezed his neck. Now he was recovering his breath, trying to keep Stephen from getting any closer to him. He shoved Stephen's shoulder, scooting back again. Stephen grabbed the undersides of his thighs, pulling him forewords and going in for a kiss. In the process of trying to get away from Stephen's attempt to kiss him, Noah fell flat on his back, squeezing Stephen's hips hard with his knees. At least one of Stephen's hands struggled with Noah's knee while the other held him up over his cousin who watched him in slight satisfaction with his struggle.

"You want to play this game?" Stephen asked, grunting when Noah squeezed his hips tighter.

"It already started when you fucking choked me." Noah shot back.

"Okay then." Noah gasped when Stephen grabbed a hold of the side of his hair; jerking his head to the side and feeling him bite down on his neck. Noah couldn't hold back the moan that had escaped his lips. Stephen was biting so hard that it had made him release his hips and inch a knee up. This resulted in Stephen shoving his hard on against Noah's, making him moan again as he began to suck on his neck.

"Stephen-" Noah managed to say just as Stephen pulled his face back.

"Shh." It was quick and to the point.


Stephen could hear the ecstasy in Noah's voice and this fired him up even more. He began to grind up against Noah, dry humping him and trying as hard as he could to kiss him. Every time his lips were close enough to smother Noah's, Noah would either lightly smack him or shove his face away by the side of his chin.

"Kiss me Noah."

"Fuck you Stephen." "Is that what you want?"

"It's what you want, and I won't let you."

"Yeah?" Stephen moved off Noah, grabbing the button of his pants and quickly undoing them. Even in doing this he struggled with Noah, who held onto the rim of his own pants while Stephen tried to pull them off, kissing and nipping all around Noah's neck. Sometimes, Noah yielded to his prying lips, kissing him back but the kiss never lasted long and this drove Stephen absolutely crazy. "Stop fighting me." Stephen said managing to get Noah's pants down to his thighs.

"Stop trying to get what you can't have."

"I will have you."

Stephen had his own pants down in no time, trying his hardest to get back in between Noah's legs. Despite all his efforts, Noah seemed determined to keep him from doing exactly what he needed at this point, penetration. "Fuck, I've never fought this hard just to sleep with someone!" He said as Noah rolled over on his side, trying to pull his pants back up. Stephen got behind him, grabbing Noah's left wrist and crossing it over his chest, squeezing hard every time Noah tried to get it free. With his free hand he pushed the head of his throbbing cock against Noah's entrance.

At first he didn't think he would be able to even fit himself inside of Noah. All though he was only seven inches, he was thick and knew how to make it pleasurable for anyone. He grunted in Noah's ear, feeling his cock slip in. Slowly he worked his entire length inside of Noah until he was buried within him, feeling Noah tighten and pulse around his cock. He had released Noah's wrist a long time ago and now Noah was the one gripping his wrist, squeezing it and moaning as he picked up the pace, shoving into him hard and only pulling out half way.

He let the ecstasy take over him, pumping in and out of Noah fast, working up both of their climax while occasionally sucking and nibbling on a swooning Noah's ear. Pretty soon Noah was moaning his name and whining, making Stephen want to go longer. He slid his free hand down over Noah's hip, pushing at his pants and sliding his hand over the side of his ass as he pounded him. When his climax knotted in his stomach and pelvis area, he reached around, grabbing a hold of Noah's cock, stroking as fast as he was pumping.


Noah gave in, tilting his head back and letting out a cry, cumming all over his blankets. He gasped and jerked in Stephen's arms while his body went through a series of defiant spasms until his orgasm died down. He knew Stephen had cum too because he was buried deep inside of him, moaning in his ear while his body jerked against Noah. His hot breath caressed Noah's neck as both of them lay still. Noah was still relapsing over his full body orgasm, wanting Stephen to go again but unable to ask. He loosened his grip on Stephen's wrist after he felt him pull out, caressing Noah's stomach with his hand and slowly kissing Noah's neck.

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