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Once a Month?


Author's note: Just a nice little story to kick off my new account. I will be continuing the Everything has a Price storyline in due course, but for now, here's a little something completely unconnected...


James looked nervously at his wife, she hadn't said a word since he had finally managed to spit out his unusual request. They had been indulging in some chastity play for some time now and James had been denied for a maximum of just under four weeks, but now he wanted to up the ante a little. Well, quite a lot in fact. He had suggested that his wife Janie take control of his cock for a period of one year, during which time she would allow him to cum just twelve times. Janie shifted in her seat a little, trying to get her head around the idea.

"Are you sure this is what you want James?"

"Yes baby, it really is."

"Are you sure though, this is a hell of a leap you know, I want to make you happy and I love how attentive you are when I keep you horny and frustrated but I'm going to be annoyed if you start whining as soon as it gets tough..."

"No baby I promise I won't," he said sincerely. He needed this so badly he would do anything for her if she would agree to his game.

"Well, let me think about it for a while, okay?"

James agreed, it was obvious that she would want to think about it before committing to something like that for such a long period. He slipped down onto the floor in front of the chair where she was sitting and gently removed her black heels. He bent down and softly kissed the instep of her foot bringing a small sigh from his beautiful wife.

Janie was very attractive in a slightly homely way, she was in her late thirties and was good looking without being over the top about it. Good genes and bone structure rather than make-up and preening. She relaxed back into her chair as James went about his task eagerly, she loved it when he worshipped her feet like this, she just never really thought to ask him to do it, even though she knew he would without question.

Janie wasn't a natural domme, but she loved her husband very much and over the past few years she had slowly eased herself into the role that she knew James loved her to play. She was never really into causing him pain, nor was he that into receiving it, it was more about him being subservient to her, worshipping her feet, worshipping her ass when she was in the mood and best of all for her, lot's and lot's of oral.

Indeed Janie was well aware that James' love of oral was so strong that she could have him eating her pussy every night if she wanted to. In the beginning she had struggled with that, but lately she had been taking more and more advantage of her husband's willing nature. She knew he loved doing it, so why deny herself, that was the way she was starting to see it. She just wished she'd adopted that attitude years before, all those orgasms she'd missed out on over the years, just from being timid and polite...

But not anymore. She was determined to take more control of her sex life and her husband's too. That was what he'd wanted, he'd made that abundantly clear and now he had presented her with an opportunity to really make her mark.

She switched her feet over so that he could worship the other and she sighed again as he carefully removed her other shoe and then gently sucked each toe into his mouth one after the other. She felt a certain warmth in her pussy and after a few minutes she opened her legs and whispered to James to kiss her a little higher.

James slowly worked his way up her legs until he was kissing her just below her knees, looking longingly up her skirt as he did so. He could see her expensive black underwear and he could smell her arousal, his cock grew harder by the second as he cautiously kissed along the inside of his wife's tender thighs, desperate now to taste her juices.

Suddenly Janie pushed him away and clamped her legs shut.

"That's enough for now," she said firmly. "But I may require you later."

James nodded submissively, and sat back on his heels, his cock painfully hard. He was slightly surprised by her manner, but he wasn't about to object, he'd always wanted her to be more domineering and her tone delighted him and made his cock throb with need.

"But now I want you to fetch me a calendar."

James looked up inquisitively at her and she smiled mischievously.

"Oh, and bring me a pen too, a red one if you can find one."

James went off in search of a pen and the calendar from the kitchen wall. When he returned he handed her first the calendar and then a thick red felt tip.

"Perfect," said Janie. "Now you're sure this is what you want, 12 times over the next year?"

"Yes baby," he said looking more excited than she could ever remember.

She looked down at the calendar and removed the lid from the pen, it was a little bit dry but it still worked well enough for what she wanted.

"Well, today is the 5th of January, so I'm going to put a circle around that. I want you to cum in me later, before you go down on me, I know you love to taste your cum inside me, don't you."

"Yes baby, I love it."

James' cock ached at the thought of licking his wifes's pussy clean, he hadn't cum for over a week and he knew he would have a good load stored up in his balls. He loved to lick his cum out of her, he loved how submissive it made him feel.

"Well you better make the most of it, if you're only going to be allowed to cum twelve times this year..."

James would have loved to respond with the phrase 'Yes Mistress', but Janie was not keen on it and to keep her happy he complied with her wishes at all times. He didn't really understand her objection, but she had always been most insistent that he never used that term toward her and he didn't want to do anything that would jeopardise these moments.

He heard her flick the pages and the squeak of the red felt tip as she circled eleven further numbers before handing it back to him.

"There you go," she said. "Now you can see what you've let yourself in for."

He took the calendar back from her and tentatively turned the pages, eager to see which days she had circled. January 5th he already knew... he flicked the page February 1st and 21st, he hadn't expected that, twice in a month... that meant one month he was going to have a long wait. He turned the next page and nearly dropped the calendar. March 2nd, 4th and 27th were all circled in the bright red felt. He looked up from the calendar to see his wife smiling wickedly and then quickly flicked the next page. Nothing was marked for April, or May, then June 26th was marked, that was his birthday, a nice touch. He did a quick mental count and realised that March 27th until the 26th of June, that was fourteen weeks!

He frantically flicked the next page, to see three more dates throughout July circled and then just one in August (the 3rd), he turned the next page, slowly realising that he had only one more circle to find and as he turned the page he realised exactly where he was going to find it. Nothing in September, nothing in October, nothing in November... and there, right there where he knew it would be, the last circle, right at the foot of the last page, December 31st, New Years Eve!

He looked up at his wife who could barely contain her amusement at his shocked expression.

"But...," he began.

"But what," she countered. "Twelve times you said..."

"Yes, but... nearly five months?", his voice almost cracked as he said the words.

"Yes, well perhaps you should have been a little more specific."

She stood up and walked past him.

"Well, you wanted it... now come on, it's time for your first orgasm of the year... and then I want to feel your tongue on my clit, doing that has me so horny."

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