Once a Year


"she's all yours." His tone finally starting to lighten.

i kneel up next to Sam. He smells divine. i glance at His crotch and notice the huge bulge in His jeans and can not help but blush. i look up at Him with my sweetest smile and He looks over at Master.

"So I can do anything to her Alex?"

i look over at Master and He nods. Sam looks back at me and His eyes slide down over my kneeling frame with a huge cat like smile. He wiggles His finger for me to stand, i do as i am beckoned. Standing slowly facing His side, keeping my hands at my sides. The room is silent waiting to see what He is going to do. He reaches down and takes my leg and lifts it so my shoe is on the side of His chair. I try to hold still while keeping my balance on one leg which is hard to do in these high fuck me heels. my cheeks blush deeply and i take in a soft breath as His fingers lightly tickle over the small fabric of my string thong. i glance over at Master who has a grin on His face. The material is slid to the side. i hold my breath with anticipation. my pussy has been edging for over two hours and dripping with need. His fingers slide over my smooth wet lips.

"Oh christ Alex, she is soaked!" He blurts out as His fingers start to softly explore. "Oh Jesus she has a clit ring!" All the men start to chuckle watching Sam's amazement.

Two fingers slam into me suddenly. i take in a hard moaning gasp and my hand grips the back of His chair, the sensation ripping though my whole body like a lightening bolt. Master laughs hard then narrows His eyes at me.

"Not a sound slut and don't you dare cum either!" His warning tone sends shivers over me.

Biting my lip hard as Sam's fingers start to speed up, twisting and thrusting. my muscles clench tightly around His fingers trying to hold back my building climax. Once He feels that He quickly pulls them out. "Holy fuck! her cunt is like a vice!" The whole room bursts out laughing.

"Ok gents, back to the game." Master states to bring the room back to order. i stay where i am as Sam continues to finger and play with my pussy while still trying to play the game. It was actually a little comical to watch. my insides now on fire for release but i know better then to disobey Master, especially when i am already on punishment.

Master slams down His winning hand and they all groan. Rob pipes up "oh come on! She is yours all the time!" then laughs and Master puts His hands up.

" Oh well my cock need tending too ya know!" i was so happy to see His mood so light and carefree once again. i pull back from Sam and my cheeks blush as His fingers go to His mouth sucking them clean.

Quickly walking around the table to Master's side, He pulls back His chair and undoes His leather pants, pulling out His hard cock. All He does is nod towards it and i know exactly what He wants. This is going to be torture, after Sam stimulating me so much now Master wants me to ride Him. i bite my lip hard as i slither onto His lap, letting out a soft gasp as His large cock head spreads me open, my muscles clench around Him as i lower to be filled. I still as Master pulls my body to the side so that He can sit up a little and keep playing cards. i slowly lift my hips as much as i can, rolling them slowly. my panting starts to get a little louder as i fight to hold back my now edging orgasm. i can hear little comments as they continue to play.

"Jesus Alex, how can you concentrate!" Sam blurts out loudly, and everyone start roaring with laughter. i let out a deep moan not being able to stop it. He slaps my ass hard, making me squirm.

"Hush slut, keep going." i keep my hips moving as much as possible, working His cock with my muscles until Frank jumps up knocking His chair back. "YES!!! FUCK YES!!" i stop moving instantly then Master pulls me up and gives me a soft kiss on my cheek before nodding for me to get off Him. i let out a soft breath as His cock slides from my needy slit, making me feel so empty. He lightly pulls my tail as i walk over to Frank.

He pulls His chair back and i kneel, knowing He wants a blow. Frank hardly ever wins any hands at poker so i smile at Him. i also knew that He would not last the whole next hand. i give a little smirk as i lower my mouth over His cock. It is a nice size almost the same size as Master's. i start to bob my head making my cheeks hollow with suction and He gasps hard.

"Holy fuck!" His hands grip the edge of the poker table. "I forgot just how good she was at this!" Everyone starts laughing and carries on with the game. i hear His breathing quicken and His body freeze, then a groan and His cock lurches in my mouth, pulsing waves of cum into my mouth. i pull back enough to catch it before it goes down my throat. Pulling my head up once He is spent, He grabs the glass and holds it to my lips and Master chuckles as i spit into the glass.

"Wipe her lips too Frank, I don't want her to have anything but the taste." Master's tone is icy and tosses Him a napkin, which He takes and wipes what little is on my lips. i can not stop myself from pouting.

Rob bursts out laughing. "Oh god she really is a cum whore huh!" I look over at Master who is wickedly smirking and nods.

"That she is Rob...that she is, Ok on with the game this will be the last hand then the real game begins." Everyone but Sam starts to laugh.

"Ummm hey what game??" Sam blurts out.

"Oh you will see." Master James hisses softly making my skin tingle.

Since Frank finished before the end of the hand i quietly slip away and get more drink prepared on a tray and take it to the great room and place them around to where Everyone was sitting before the game started. Master hollers making me jump a little.

"We're done here, get ready slut!" i quickly undo my boustier setting it aside, slipping my wet string thong off and crawl up onto the large sturdy coffee table on my hands and knees, head up, mouth open, tongue out, eyes closed. my knees spread, back arched pushing up my ass, the tail of the plug barely touching the back of my knees now and holds still. i hear them coming into the great room a few moments later with soft whistles and comments.

i am surrounded by all of Them, hands rubbing and touching me everywhere. Moaning deeply as the tail is tugged. Suddenly a cock is shoved into my mouth. i know instantly it is Rob. i keep my mouth open as He slides His cock in and out, my saliva starts to slowly drip down to the table, moaning deeply as two fingers are shoved into my dripping slit. my eyes still closed so i do not know who it is. my hips push back greedily on the fingers and they all start to chuckle.

i feel someone sliding under me laying on the table. Strong hands gripping my hips and pulling me down. A cock rubbing up and down my slit, then i hear Frank groan out as His cock pushes into my tight wet hole. i start to bounce on His cock keeping my mouth open for Rob. i moan deeply then hear Master hissing into my ear and someone pulling slowly on the tail.

"Good girl, time to take out your tail" He pulls slowly, my body freezes and i whimper as my tight ring stretches around the large plug. letting out a deep groan around Rob's cock as my ass is finally emptied and gaping. my mouth gets shoved hard with a loud whimper onto Rob's cock as Master James's cock gets buried into my ass. All three holes filled, my body goes into overdrive. Every muscle clenching trying not to climax.

My eyes shoot open as the swish of a cane comes over the tops of my ass cheeks, making me pull Rob from my mouth with a screech, twisting my head to see who it was and Master is standing at my side.

"Get that cock back in Your mouth whore, nobody said You could stop OR open your eyes!" i let out another screech as the cane comes down on my lower back. Quickly i close my eyes tightly i struggle to put His cock back in my mouth but He grips it and keeps it from me, laughing as i try to catch it. The cane comes down again making my back bow and every muscle clench. Frank lets out a hard throaty groan as my slit clenches around Him like a vice.

Panting deeply until a different cock is shoved into my mouth, it is much larger then even Master's, one i never had before. It was Sam. my mouth stretches around the thick girth, my lower body being ravaged harder, both holes aching for release. i let out a hard groan around the cock as my ass falls empty, along with my slit. Now able to focus on the cock in my mouth i start bobbing my head quickly up and down. the head is so large that i can not push it into my throat.

"Well that is a first." i hear Master say then He grips the back of my head forcing my head forward and the cock to finally push past my gag into my throat completely blocking any air that i might have been able to get. My whole body freezes as the cock is lodged into my throat.

"Open your eyes slut!" Master's commanding tone, fills my ears. i instantly look up and see Sam's gorgeous face looking down at me, it actually makes my blush for a split second before Master starts forcing my head to bob up and down then pulling back hard, making my back bow, gasping and panting. my saliva dripping down my chin.

i glance around and Frank and Master James are both stroking their cocks walking back towards my open mouth. Sam steps aside walking behind me. my hips start to wriggle hoping that He is not planing on putting that thing in my ass. my eyes flick back to the two of them holding and stroking their cocks in front of my mouth and i hold my mouth open knowing what they need.

Blinking my eyes hard as Master James cums first, pushing the head in just to the tip of my tongue, four large waves of His seed coat my tongue. Pulling away and looking up at Rob, who lets out a guttural growl, cuming hard. my mouth now filled almost to over flowing. Suddenly the glass is at my lips. Just as i start spit it into the glass i cry out hard. Sam's cock gets buried to the hilt in my ass in one hard thrust. my gaping ring is ripped open even wider. Not able to focus, i swallow the last of what was in my mouth, my eyes flicker up to Master who is glaring down at me. Pulling the glass away and gripping my hair tightly and snapping it back to look up at Him.

"Did you just swallow!?" His tone cold and steady. i blink at Him and let out a hard hissing moan as Sam starts to vigorously fuck my ass, not giving me a chance to speak, even though He already knows the answer. Sam grips my hips, while making little grunting comments.

"Holy fuck she is tight!"

"Yes she is, and it is about to get tighter." Master says coldly, pushing my head down. Forcing my arms to buckle and my head to hang almost off the edge of the table, forcing my ass up higher. A better target for Master's cane. i shut my eyes tightly, still panting hard with each thrust of the large cock.

i try to hold still but Sam's cock now like a hard piston, is forcing my body to lurch forward. Screeching out as the cane comes down on the bottom of my foot. Sam cries out as my ass clenches around Him. Four more stripes over my foot. my mind racing with all the different sensations ripping though me. Master holding my head in place as i try to lift it. He knows how much i hate foot caning, i can not stop myself from trying to move, but Masters is too strong.

"Please Master!! i'm sorry Master!!!" i screech for the first time all evening,being the only words i am allowed to say.

i hear Master James hiss. "Don't forget the other one Alex, I think it's lonely". my eyes glace over to Master James, His arms are crossed over His chest and a pair of clover clap clamps dangle from His hand, looking back at Master. His face not one bit impressed walking around in front of me keeping His grip on my head so i am not able to turn it. i let out a screech as my Ass is emptied of Sam's cock and He comes into my line of sight, crouching a bit, stroking His impressive cock up and down, my mouth opens and He shoots His seed into it. my head is still turned and pressed to the side making it hard to hold it all. He is like a river. The glass thank god comes to the side of my mouth and runs into it. His hand roughly wipes the last from the side of my lips and steps out of view.

"UP!" Master shouts, and pulls me up on my knees and off the table, making me stand on my weak legs. Leading me to the nearest wall and pushing me against it, my forehead pressed to the cool hard surface.

"Hands." He barks. my arms shoot back behind me and put my cuffed wrists together. He works swiftly clipping the two together. i cry out as the cane taps each inner thigh making me spread my legs wide. i know instantly what He wants. i arch my back pushing my ass out lifting my arms up my back as far as i can out of the way.

"Not a sound." He commands. my whole body trembling thinking the cane is coming over my backside but no, i take in a sharp quick breath as the clover is clamped to my right libia, pain shoots up through my body, then the left. Biting my lip to keep quite, the only sound is of the Men, talking among themselves and low enough so i can not make out what they are saying.

my eyes open wider as pain shoot up through my lips, weights added and hanging from the chain. i pant deeply as it stretches my sensitive lips making me bite my lip. my whole body trembling until Master's body presses against my ass, His hand gripping my hair again pulling my head up and to the side so my cheek is pressed against the cool surface. He leans into my ear.

"If you cum, weights will be added to your nipple rings. understand slut?"

"yes Master" i nod my head as much as His grip allows. He knows my body so well, that His cock can make me cum in a nano second if not told to hold. i look over and Frank, Master James, Sam, John and Rob are all naked and sitting around watching U/s now, slowly stroking their cocks and making whispering comments to each other.

i bite my lip hard and stifle a moan as Master rams His cock into my ass, my eyes shut tightly to stop looking at Them. He starts a hard fast pounding. The weights start to swing wildly. Panting deep and hard as pain shoots up from my stretched slit. i am actually glad for the distraction, knowing Master could make me cum so easily. i open my eyes and Master James is gone, i feel the weights slacken. i have to squeeze my ass cheeks hard to keep from cuming while Master keeps His steady pace. my mouth flies open with a hard gasp as more weights were added now are swinging once again.

i hear whispers from Them, but all my mind can focus on is the pain shooting up through my body. Master finally slows and pulls back out of my ass, His hand griping and pulling my head back from the wall to His now sweaty panting chest. He twists U/us around so i am facing all of Them. my eyes blinking back tears as His hand slides down my tight tummy and to my clit, tugging and twisting the ring.

"Please Masterrrrrr!" i gasp out loudly, as His fingers start to rub my clit hard and fast. my edging orgasm almost ready to explode. He hisses in my ear.

"Not yet pet" that little word giving me the strength to push my climax back. i watch John stand and walk over, crouching down and slides His tongue up between my stretched lips. my eyes roll back panting hard.

Master pushes me to my knees, not letting me have such pleasure, His foot kicking my inner thighs keeping them spread wide, the weights almost touch the floor. John stands up one hand stroking His cock at my mouth and the other holding the half full glass. i open my mouth wide. He puts the tip of His cock on my lower lip, letting out a guttural groan as He cums hard. my tongue pushing to the back of my throat making sure none is lost down my throat. Master stops playing with my clit making me groan as now it is just the pain from the weights rushing through me.

The glass is put to my lips once again and i spit it slowly into the glass for it swirl and mix with all the others. Keeping my mouth open letting some of His seed slide down my lower lip, blinking as Frank steps in front of me, stroking His cock. He thrusts into my mouth, deep and hard, Master's grip on my hair tightens to hold me steady while He fucks my mouth. With a loud growling He cums hard pulling out just enough so it does not go down my throat. Again i spit it into the glass.

Gasping hard as Master pulls me back to my feet, the weights tugging and swinging, my eyes looking into His begging

"please Masterrrr" i gasp in almost a whisper. He simply shakes His head and leads me back to the table, He helps me get up on it and stand. i watch Him as He walks over still wearing His leather pants and His cock tucked back in them and picks up the wand. my heart sinks knowing that is going to be the end of me. He looks over at Sam who's cock is once again raging.

"Come here buddy. You said you never seen this before, well other then in a movie" Master half chuckles as Sam rises and strolls over still stroking His cock. Master James walks up with a chair from the poker table for Sam to sit on. Master turns the wand on its lowest setting. i start panting as He gets closer. The deep orgasm edging making my tummy tingle and tighten. i let out a hard gasp as He puts it on the weights. The sensation making my knees buckle a little, and my hips twist. He slaps each thigh hard making them stiffen. my chest rising and falling deeply with each hard gasp. i keep looking at Master, pleading.

"please Master, please Master!!!" i gasp between hard moans. He shakes His head and presses the wand to my clit. my head lays back hard. my legs shaking as it makes my ring vibrate. i screech out as He turns up the wand. Gasping hard flipping my head back and my eyes look at Sam who is sitting on the edge of the seat, not taking His eyes off my clenching, dripping slit. Until i scream.

"PLEASE MASTER!!!" i look at Him and He nods.

"Now!" He hisses and with that word my whole body freezes as the hard pressure deep in my core finally pushes over the edge. my slit starts squirting and spraying. Hitting Sam in the face and chest. Everyone starts to clap and cheer. my whole body trembling and Master grabs my hip to keep me from dropping to the table. He pulls the wand from my now throbbing, dripping slit.

"Thank You Master!" i gasp hard, trying to calm my body. i look at Sam who is wiping His face and sucking it from His fingers. He stands up and reaches forward rubbing my drenched slit all around. i whimper as the weights move and sway.

"Holy fuck Alex that was awesome and very tasty too! Can she do that again?"

"she sure can, just slide your fingers in and curl them forward." Master know just where the button on me is. Sam steps in closer and without any warning pushes in two fingers. i moan out hard, my back bowing hard as He twists His fingers and starts to curl them forward. Thrusting them in and out until i start screeching.

"PLEASE SIR...PLEASEEEEEE!!" my eyes locked on Sams. He nods and another squiring orgasm bursts around His fingers, spraying Him once again. Suddenly i have all of Them with the exception of Master bending and kneeling in front of me, mouths open trying to catch some of my musky liquid. He is standing behind me gripping my hips to keep me in place. They each take turns licking and sucking at my clenching drenched slit. my eyes rolling back and closing, i am so close to blacking out from the sensations.

After having Their fill They all back away, Master holding me up as my body trembles with exhaustion. He lets me drop to my knees, the weights hit the table making me cry out. Sitting back on my heels, my knees still spread wide Master walks around in front of me, crouching a little.

"Hold your breath girl, this is going to hurt." He states. He reaches for the weights and quickly takes them off. i let out a deep hard breath as the pressure is released a little, the lips of my slit are tingling numb. i look down and watch as He reaches for the clamp. i draw in a deep breath and hold it. He slowly pinches the clamp letting it release from my lip. i let out a hard screech as the blood rushes through the numb flesh. i hear Master James snickering.

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