Once a Year


my whole body trembling in pain. Master reaches for the other one releasing it and dropping the clamps to the table and quickly starts to rub my numb lips. Pain rushing through as all the feeling comes back.

"Thank You Master!" i gasp hard. He lets me lean forward and put my head on His shoulder as He caresses the tortured soaked flesh. He whispers in my ear.

"We are not done with you yet My pet. Are you alright to continue?" His tone soft and concerned. i sit up and nod my head at Him. He smiles at me and caresses my face in His strong hands.

"Good girl. you know you have to be punished for swallowing earlier." His words purrr into my ears making my body tingle again. "Back to your hands and knees slut"

Turning around letting Master unclips my cuffs. i slowly get back to my hands and knees on the table. Master James comes over and rams His cock into my dripping slit. i cry out hard, my muscles gripping around Him. Frank comes over and runs the tip of His once again hard cock over my lips.

"Open." is all He says. i open my mouth quickly and He shoves Himself into it. my lips close around Him gasping while Master James rams in and out of my sore pussy, i glance around and Master is talking with Sam who is staring straight at me. It makes me wonder, and my teeth lightly scrape Frank's cock. He hisses out and slaps my cheek.

"Watch those teeth!" Master's eyes narrow at me and walks away from Sam. i blink up at Frank as a way of saying sorry. i moan out deeply around His cock as two fingers are pushed into my well used ass. Once again i am filled. My heart pounding like a race horse not seeing or hearing Master. Panic starts to set in thinking He has left me to Them. Frank lurchs forward one last time and fills my mouth again. The glass is held to my lips and i groan as i spit it in.

i twist and turn my head which is now freely searching for Master. My heart sinks when i finally see Him coming out from the basement door where O/our playroom is. my eyes look down and see His bull whip and two other floggers, the thin ones that sting, and my heavy Y shaped chain that He uses for most of my punishments.

Master James finally pulls from my ass with a groan, and coming around to my face and jerking it hard at my mouth. i open wide and He sprays inside. Again i spit it into the glass. Panting and hanging my head trying to calm my body knowing what is coming.

"Up!" Master barks loudly. i slide from the table and stand on my trembling legs.

Panting deeply trying to keep still as Master attatches each end of the Y chain to each nipple ring and tugs it making me lean forward a little. He spreads my soaked lips and attaches the end of the Y to my clit ring. Biting my hip hard knowing if i stand up too straight it will pull on all three rings.

"Kneel on the sofa, face on the back and arms through your legs." i quickly do as i am told and happy for this position as it keeps the chain slack. Master steps behind me and clips each wrist cuff to my ankle cuffs making me immobile, my back arched and ass up high in the air. my slit clenching softly along with my winking used asshole. i hear Master taking with Sam, explaining just how and where to strike with the thin cat o nine.

i let out a sharp gasp as it comes down over my lower back and i hear Master chuckle, telling Him it takes a lot of practice. Several more come across my flesh making me flinch and whimper out with each one. Panting deeply as my slit is now dripping once again from the heat rising up from my flesh.

"Mmmmm she sure does redden easily." Sam says as His hand slides over the red welts then down over my slit making me moan as He pushes in two fingers. "and she is absolutely soaked!"

"You might think you are hurting her, but she gets turned on from it, well most of the time." i take in a breath as i watch Master slide the bull whip through His fingers, i hate that thing even though Master is an expert at using it. "This one is not to be used without a lot of practice and not on real flesh, you can do a lot of lasting damage with it"

i brace myself knowing Master is going to demonstrate it. i turn my mouth into the back of the sofa and scream out as it lays a stripe across both ass cheeks, making my body pull in from the horrific fire rising up on my skin, panting deeply as Sam runs His fingers over it, inspecting it.

"Thank You Master!" i hiss out in a gasping breath.

"Nice straight line there Alex." He says with a little chuckle in His voice.

"Ass out girl! You have 4 more for swallowing!" i hear James laugh and know He is likely jerking off while watching.

i push my ass out taking in hard deep breaths, once again bracing my trembling body. Screaming again into the sofa as another one is laid just under the cheeks of my ass, my whole body again pushes in.

"Thank You Master." i cry out into the sofa. i repeat the same motion for the next three, one along the top of my ass cheeks and two down the backs of my thighs. Tears rolling down my cheeks as the pain rises from my welted flesh. Master steps in close and pulling my face to His and kisses me softly, wiping away my tears.

"You did well My girl, you have made Me proud." His tone soft and caring. i manage a soft smile, looking down as He opens the jar of cooling cream. Wincing as He softly rubs it over the hard welts. it instantly soothes the fire away. He unclips my wrists from my ankles and helps me to my feet. i take in a deep breath and finally look around the room. Sam is standing there rock hard along with the rest of them. Slowly stroking Their cocks.

i think that is really the first time in 5 years that Master had punished me in front of anyone. He lays me down positioning me on the sofa, clipping my wrists to my ankles once again, spreading me wide. Looping some rope on each clip and pulling my legs into the splits and tying each leg to each side of the sofa. my pussy and ass open wide for everyone.

"Have at her boys, the night is almost over." Master states wth a little chuckle. One by one they come at me. John is the first to dip to His knees and ram His cock into my quivering dripping slit, i moan out hard. Rob's hand slides down gripping my bitch tail pulling my head to the side and steps over the back of the sofa and guides His cock to my mouth, fucking it deeply, They both are grunting and hissing, i keep my muscles tightly around John, milking His cock and sucking hard around Rob's thrusting cock. He groans pulling back and filling my mouth. Master passes Him the glass and i lean ahead just a bit to spit it in.

i look at the glass and it is almost filled with that delicious cream. As soon as John and steps up around the sofa and guiding His cock to my mouth, i cry out as my ass gets ripped open by Master James. John soon fills my mouth and again i spit it in the glass. Master holds it up and chuckles*

"Jesus you guys that is a lot of Man juice." He chuckles hard. Master James is ramming His cock deep and hard in and out of my ass, building a huge orgasm deep in my core. panting and gasping looking down watching Him. His cold eyes on me as He pushes me hard into the back of the sofa with each thrust.

"Please Sir....please Sir!!" i gasp at Him and He smirks and shakes His head deigning me release. i let out a hard groan and tighten my muscles, He pulls out and stands up, coming around to my mouth, i cry out as Frank pushes into my tightly clenching slit while Master James fills my mouth, spitting it again into the glass Master is holding out to my lips.

Turning my attention back to Frank who is ramming erratically, His hands gripping my inner thighs so tight it will leave prints. my edging orgasm twinges deep in my core but i hold fast. He pulls out and around to my mouth and repeats the procedure. Panting deeply as i finally get a few moments rest. Master is whispering to Sam who is stroking His cock and nodding watching me closely. i bite my lip hard as He slowly approaches me.

He walks over to me, i blink my eyes at Him waiting to see what He and Master were planing. Master walks over and hands Sam my horse tail plug, He takes it a lifts it to my mouth, i glance over and the other three are dressed and sitting watching quietly. i gaze back at Sam as i open my mouth and He slowly pushes it in and out of my mouth making the black hard rubber glisten with my saliva.

He lowers it and rubs it over my winking back hole. i take in a deep hard moan as it stretches out around the largest part and lets out my breath as it closes tightly around the end fitting snugly. He tugs on it a few time making my back arch. He reaches up and slides His fingers over my parted lips before shoving His fingers into my mouth.

"Out." is all He states and i quickly slide my tongue out for Him to stroke with His two fingers. my slit clenching with each slow deep thrust in. i glace over at Master who is sitting in His chair with His arms crossed over His chest and cock rock hard watching Sam work me into a frenzy.

His fingers pull from my tongue and down over my throat, my eyes open wide as He grips around it. my hips try to arch up to meet the head of His cock that He started sliding up and down my drenched slit. Finally cutting off all my air He pushes into the hilt in one thrust then stills and lets go, letting me breath. i take in a deep hard breath before He grips again, pulling His hips back until just the head is at the entrance and thrusting back in while my air is cut off.

my deep orgasm building closer and closer with each grip and thrust. my eyes staying locked on His as He picks up His pace. He is great at the rhythm. His grunts and growls send shivers over my whole body. He finally pulls out, strangling His cock until He is pointed at my mouth, i pant deep and hard, keeping it open. He sprays His river like cum into my mouth, pressing my tongue quickly to the back of my throat, holding it all there.

Master finally stands and holds the glass, a huge smirk crosses His lips watching the seed now fill the glass. He passes the glass to Sam who takes it over and sets it down on a side table before walking out to get dressed. Master grips my hair tightly and thrusts into my mouth, His cock like a steel rod. He pumps it in and out fast and hard. He reaches down and smacks my soaked slit over and over, matching each of His thrusts.

my eyes water hard with each deep gag and my whole body tries to twist and move with each slap. He finally pulls out of my mouth and kneels down, ramming hard into my hyper sensative slit. He grips my bitch tail pulling my head forward for leverage. Deep and hard as only Master knows how.

"PLEASE MASTER!!!" i scream, my orgasm ready to burst like a dam. He shakes His head no and i tighten every muscle. He lets out a deep gutteral groan and cums, filling my pulsing slit. He keeps His grip on my head making me watch as He slowly pulls out until just the head is plugging my hole. He nods to Sam to pass Him the glass. He passes it to Him and Everyone is gathered around watching.

"Finish filling this glass slut!" He growls, holding the glass under His cock and pulls out with a pop. i gasp and push hard, my muslce squeezing His cum out. It oozes into the glass now it is completely full. He lifts it and looks at it with a wicked grin. my cheeks flush and lick my lips looking at all that delicious cream. He looks to me and shakes His head.

"No cum whore, you will not have one drop of this." He sets the glass on the floor next to Him and stands tucking His cock back into His pants. i am left there panting hard and still edging. my slit clenching with need. i start to tug at my bindings. Master leans over and unties each leg. i let out a soft sigh as the tension is released. He unclips my wrists from my ankles and gently helps me up, not able to stand i sink to my knees on the floor. i watch as Master picks up the glass and takes my hand, i slowly stand on my trembling legs. He leads me over to the bar sink and holds the glass out for me to take.

"Dump it." He orders.

i hear Everyone but Sam start to laugh as i take the glass. i look from the glass to Master. my eyes begging Him not to make me do this, that i want to drink every drop but He presses His mouth into a straight line, at my pause.

"Do NOT make me say it again whore, or you will have a full body of stripes" He hisses coldly. i know that tone and know that He does not make empty threats.

i bite my lip hard and look down and slowly tip the glass. i let out a deep whimpering groan as i watch all the yummy protien slides down into the drain. Master turns on the water making it go down faster. He grips my wrist and makes me swirl the glass under the stream, rinsing the glass and dumping it. He lean into my ear and whispers.

"Good girl, i know how hard that was for you." He lightly kisses my cheek taking the glass and leaving it on the side of the sink. He practially carrys me back over to the sofa and lets me gets to my knees. Each one of them comes over and lightly pats my head.

"Thank You Sir." i say to each of them softly. Master sees them to the door. i keep my head down, my body still softly trembling not having that last release. i look up when i hear Master close the door and come back into the great room. i tilt my head as Sam is standing beside Him Both looking at me. i am soaked in sweat and still kneeling with my knees spread.

"sonja my girl, I never really intoduced you. This is Sam. I am going to be His mentor over the next 6 months." my jaw drops and they both laugh loudly.

Master walks over and sits in His chair, offering Sam a seat opposite. my mind starts reeling around what i was just told. Master has not been a mentor for a long time, only one with me and it was only for a few weeks. i stay quiet as they chat about what is going to be happening, and the aspects of what He is going to teach Him.

Master's fingers snap and point to the floor between His legs and it brings me out of my reviver. i slowly crawl over and take my place between His legs and lay my head on His thigh. They keep chatting and Master carefully pulls out my messy bitch tail, and softly rubs my head. i close my eyes loving His gentle touch. my body exhausted and spent, i close my eyes and drift off.

When i wake Master is alone and carrying me to O/our bathroom, a hot tub all ready drawn. He sits me down, making me bend over and carefully pulls the plug from my sore hole, and softly rubs it.

"I was so proud of you My girl." He says softly. He turns me around letting me carefully sit on the edge of the tub while He takes off my cuffs and collar but leaves the tight chain on. He holds out His hand and helps my aching body lower into the hot water. The red welts on my backside stinging making me gasp out.

He does not get into the tub with me, He just leans over the side and carefully washes me. He washes my hair and helps me stands to carefully wash my striped ass and sore slit. He rinses me off with the shower and helps me from the tub. i have always loved Master's after care. For someone so strict, He can be so loving and gentle. One of the reasons i gave Him my heart, trust and soul. He dries me and leads me back to O/our bedroom. i ease up on the bed. Master leaves and goes taking a quick shower, dries and comes back climbing into the bed and pulling me into His arms. i drift off safe in His loving arms with thoughts of the what the next 6 months will be and my aching slit clenches making me grin.

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