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Once Bitten


Once bitten...

I need to confess being with Sam was a mistake. He was using me to the ultimate and I am not the sort of guy who goes for just a quick fling. For me, the relationship has to be whole and wholesome with consideration and caring and a sincere liking for each other, not just to gratify a sexual need.

It was fine at first, the way we met on a summer vacation. I was vulnerable then and I did not have the confidence to attempt a conversation with anyone - I just relaxed on the beach on a hot Summer Sunday, and read Fifty Shades of Grey on my Kindle which was riveting stuff, but I could only fantasise given the explicit writing and found myself changing the sex of the main character just to fit my leanings which have always been homosexual.

Girls often gave me the eyeball as they passed by; giggling as they do - but I was more interested in the guys of course and isn't it typical - like most good things in life, they seem unobtainable when most desired. That's what I was thinking before Sam came into my life.

So I guess that is why I was almost up for anything that came along. In male form that is - I did see a couple of old guys looking, as if contemplating a chat but I quickly closed my eyes and pretended I was asleep.

Not as if I don't go for older guys - I have had a couple of wonderful meaningful times with guys that are twenty years my senior; like Badger -discovering generally that they are more lasting in a sexual way than a young counterpart, who ejaculates prematurely and is off like a shot afterwards, with absolutely no chance of real lasting foreplay.

But this guy, almost tripping over my toes dropped an ice cream cornet, went to pick it up but of course it was covered with sand and entirely ruined

I apologised for my feet getting in his way.

First he looked aggravated and angry, and then he laughed I guess seeing the funny side of it.

Well all that led to a very long and explicit conversation with no holds barred and to tell you the truth I was feeling somewhat embarrassed about someone nearby hearing the things he said - I mean the compliments were fine in private about the sexual attributes of my ass and how he'd like to ravish it and so on and so on... I said for him to hush but he simply laughed at me suggesting that we should find somewhere private so that he could really shout it out what he would like to do with me. And then he said he knew just the place and would I like to go there.

I did find that exciting. When we first chatted I had no thoughts that way, again he was about ten years my senior, had a moustache which I don't like anyway ( remembering a former experience and how it itched me) and I did not find him at all attractive.

Yet the conversation changed all that which goes to show I guess there is much more to a person than just the looks.

He took me to this beach hut and prompted me to join him inside, it was well fitted with a nice mini sofa and a calor gas stove for cooking.

I took the bait finding the sequence so very unusual having never been invited to join someone in a beach hut before; and the guy, introducing himself as Sam fixed me a coffee and I gave him my name.

"You look like a Pete" he said with a raunchy laugh and I began to like him very much.

"I saw those two girls looking at you on the beach, Pete and was interested in your lack of response."

"Like all girls they drive me nuts the way the chatter and giggle" I returned.

"You know what they were giggling at Pete huh?"


"Well your bread basket was - shall we say- a little exasperating in size and content, I reckon they well had the hots for you. But when I noticed your lack of interest I thought it was my day and with a dream of a body like you have I wanted to make your acquaintance in more ways than one."

I guess I coloured up about what he'd said about those girls, never thinking for a moment about it, but I realised it was all that fantasising that spurred me up a bit and I had gained an erection without thinking about it.

I explained to Sam an he said; "well never then mind, I can do something about it."

I shivered with excitement, seeing the way he was looking at me, his eyes very intensive looking down at my lower region.

"There is still a shimmer of hope there!" Sam laughed. "I can still see a fine bulge which I would like very much to set free,"

I felt that was a good way of putting it but when he immediately felt it, squeezing his hand over my bathing shorts I felt an immediate soothing of an ache I had carried all morning in not having the privacy to do something about it. Now Sam was doing something about it and with his grunting and his heavy breathing I was quite happy to relax on the small sofa and be subservient for him.

Perhaps my fantasies in reading that book would come true, and Sam would be the masterful one.

"Let's just see what you are made of" he muttered downing my shorts and there I was. All exposed and me feeing a bit uncomfortable in not expecting Sam's suddenness

"But I have not washed." I said holding his head back as he went down on me and feeling somewhat inhibited.

"Don't you worry your ass about that, you smell good to me and anyway I love the flavour of unwashed cock." And he was there, squeezing, balling and sucking me like there was no tomorrow.

"Good huh?" he breathed - in between, stretching my cock back full length exposing my p-hole which he started to lick and prod.

The feeling was sensational and I felt my cock rise to the spur as I watched his sucking motion.

I was stuck for words, I guess my expression said all and this guy certainly knew how to make me feel so good, I was in full erection for him and felt the surge of my cock grow in his busy mouth, and the feel of his tongue licking and exploring me, stretching my ass cheeks wide apart as he plunged his face between and I relished the sheer joy and thrill of being discovered everywhere; the feel of his tongue and fingers working on me, the promise of what was to come when he started to rim and insert his fingers deep into me with lots of lubricant he had on hand.

"You are beautiful, Pete" he said as he kneaded my ass cheeks, stroking and nibbling, you have a so fuckable ass" and I knew at that moment he wanted to fuck me there and then.

I hadn't quite cum but he made certain of that , he gave me such a memorable and wonderfully expert massaging and when I spurted he had no qualms about sucking it all up with a couple of swills of cola and watching him do that was something I shall never forget.

I was ready to be all ass foe me as he wanted it, I longed for the feel of his cock inside me, but first he removed his jeans and offered me his credentials which were well defined and I was grateful to offer him my suck in return for his, knowing I was not up to his standard but he seemed happy with what I was doing, his cock tasted of salt and I enjoyed the pungency of his nectar as he held it out for me to lick and suck which I did willingly, wondering then just how that huge hulk of pure unadulterated cock would feel inside me

I was going to have to be ready for a good stiff fucking that was for certain, there was no u-turn now, I was fully committed; my ass bent high for him and the feel already of his poking up my asshole. and if I had any second thoughts about that I did not have time to ponder because soon, the throb in his cock grew intense and he wanted my ass there and then, prompting and positioning me so I was leant across the sofa arm, my ass up and ready for his fuck. First he squeezed its bulk between my ass cheeks and rolled it about, it felt so good and wonderful that I was begging for his fuck there and then.

But he teased me a bit, rubbing up my balls with his cock head and spitting up my ass to make it more supple he said. I felt another dose of his tongue poking me, squeezing his head between my ass cheeks, yelling in between that he just loved the sniff and taste of my ass.

I never envisaged how it would be, the way he yelled and carried on, then he was inside me before I knew it and his fuck hurt at first as he just thrust in and out of me like steam hammer and I was completely at his mercy. My ass being shaken about and really hard slapped between thrusts, his hands grasping my hips to get a full deep penetration and I just closed my eyes, grit my teeth and hoped it would soon be all over

It was not at all like the gentle fuck of Badger who went and died on me and whom I miss so much, but then nobody could have been like him, I had to continue gritting my teeth and take his fucking and his vile language which was all part of his fucking scene I guess but not for me.

Nope this guy didn't turn out good for me and by the time he'd finished with me I felt my ass had been hammered numb and for ages afterwards I pained and could not sit properly.

Sam was a real bastard, he showed no consideration and had his fill of me and that was that.

But at the end of the day it was my fault because I was so vulnerable after Badgers passing and I simply imagined that with Sam, being an older guy like Badger was it might be the same.

But it never is. Is it? A lesson of life, just another learning curve but almost forgotten when I met Danny and all that was gone. Time moves on...

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