tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOnce in a Lifetime

Once in a Lifetime


I couldn’t believe my bad luck. Today had been one of the worse days I had ever had, and now as I walked into this new restaurant and bar, not a single table was available. I was not in the mood to wait. I was hungry and tired from pounding nails all day, and all I wanted to do was drink, eat, and then sleep.

I looked into the bar area, and noticed that they had a bunch of small round tables that sat up pretty high, with two to four tall bar stools around them. There were also a few small booths against one wall, but again with the luck I was having, they were all taken. Just as I was turning to walk out, a couple of women started to get up from one of the booths along the wall. I jumped at the opportunity and quickly sat down.

A waitress soon came over and I ordered a cold one, and asked her for a menu. As she walked away I happened to turn my head and look up. Sitting at one of the high tables was a man and a woman whom I assumed were husband and wife. I couldn’t really hear any of their conversation, but I did hear him at one point call her Amy.

What made me take an interest in this couple, was the wife, Amy. She was seated facing me, while her husband had his side to me. She had on this incredibly sexy red, button up dress, which seemed to be riding kind of high as she sat on the bar stool. Being a true voyeur, I couldn’t take my eyes off of her incredible legs. As she was talking to her husband she would casually cross and then uncross her legs. I was dying to see what she had between those legs but she just wasn’t opening them wide enough.

My waitress soon came back with my beer, took my order, then left. When I next looked at Amy, I saw her lean forward and whisper something to her husband. He said something back, then got up to go to the bathroom I was guessing. At this point, Amy reached down to get her purse from the floor. It was too far to reach, so she had to slide one leg off the stool and step down so as to bend over for her purse. It was at this point that I felt my luck was changing. By putting only one leg onto the floor, Amy had to spread her legs very wide apart, and I found myself staring at the sexiest red panties I had ever seen. It was an incredible sight. Because the panties were stretched so tight I could actually see the crease of her pussy lips through the shiny satin material.

At this point I couldn’t help but start to get a hard on. Instead of picking the purse up, Amy kept it on the floor while rummaging through, trying to find something. She finally found what looked to be some sort of make up, then sat back onto her stool with her legs again crossed.

To say the least, I was very excited. In all of my years I had never seen such a great shot of what most women try desperately to hide under those short dresses. Almost as soon as Amy sat up, her husband walked back up to the table and sat down. She again whispered something to him, then left to take her turn in the bathroom. As she slid off the seat I got another eye full of those delicious red panties.

While Amy was gone, the waitress came with my dinner, and I proceeded to wolf down my food. It was hard for me to enjoy my dinner, because all I could think of was Amy and my aching hard cock. When Amy came back to the table, she slid back up on to the stool but this time was very good at keeping her legs closed.

The next thing I saw was Amy showing her husband something that she had in her hand. It was something red, and immediately I knew that it was her satin panties She then sexily turned her head towards my table, looked me in the eyes, and slid her one leg off the stool as she had done before. At that moment I knew that she wanted me to watch. She had wanted me to watch all this time. As she spread her legs I had an unobstructed view of a beautiful shaven pussy. The hair was completely gone. The lips looked so smooth and wet, which I took as a sign of her excitement for doing such a nasty thing.

As she bent down to put her panties and make up into her purse, the lips of her pussy spread open, and I could clearly see her clit, pink and swollen, just ripe for a licking. When she had finished with her purse, she sat back up, closed her legs, and gave me the sexiest bedroom smile that I had ever seen. My cock was so hard, that I swear it had to be poking out of the top of my pants.

She said something to her husband, and they both got up to leave. When she grabbed for her purse, it tipped a little, and a few things fell out. She again looked up at me, then squatted down to collect her things. Again I had a beautiful view of her wet pussy.

She threw her things into her purse, and then followed her husband out of the bar. Just before she turned the corner out of my sight, she looked back, and blew me a kiss. I couldn’t wait to get home and jack off with visions of her pussy and her smile.

I took my time finishing my dinner, trying to get my hard on to go down. After about 15 minutes I was able to get up, pay my bill and leave.

Because the restaurant parking lot had been full when I first arrived, I had to park behind in the alley. By now it was pretty dark as I made my way back to my car.

Just as I got to my car, a van turned the corner, and slowly made its way up the alley. The headlights were blinding, but they also made it easier for me to find my key.

I opened my door and got into my car, just as the van came along side. The van seemed to slow as it passed, and as I looked up I saw the woman from the restaurant sitting in the passenger seat, with her husband driving. As they passed she turned her head to look at me then smiled.

They pulled over to the side and parked about 20 feet ahead of me. When the van’s lights were turned off, everything in the alley went black again. I put my key into the ignition but hesitated in starting my car. I was getting excited all over again thinking about this woman Amy, sitting up ahead with no panties on, and wondering what they were doing.

Just then a small light came on inside the van, which gave off a glow, but because of the tinted windows I could not see what was going on inside the van.

We had probably been sitting there only about 2 minutes, but it seemed like an hour. I looked up and down the alley, and saw only one other car parked a bit further down the alley.

My mind was running wild with excitement at what they might be doing up ahead, but at the same time I was nervous about taking the next step.

I took the keys from the ignition and got out of my car. If someone had been watching in the mirror, they would know I had opened my door. I quickly and quietly closed the door, then walked to the front of my car.

I could feel my pulse racing and my hands were sweating from my nervousness. I again looked up and down the alley, then forced my legs to take me to the rear of their van.

There were two windows at the back of the van. I could see they had curtains on them, but they were not fully closed. With my heart beating so wildly I felt it would be heard a mile away, I looked into the rear window.

The light was coming from the ceiling, but it must have been on a dimmer, because it was just a low glow.

When I looked to the front, I could see, two, high backed seats. The woman seemed to be kneeling on her seat and had her body stretched across so that her head and shoulders were hidden from view by her husband’s seat. Because of those high seats the only thing I could see, was her mid section, from her chest down to her hips.

Because of her position her dress was pulled tight across her hanging tits, and I could see her husbands hand rubbing one nipple through her dress.

I now sprouted an immediate erection, knowing what was going on, but I was also very frustrated at not being able to see.

I knew I had to move further up, to a side window if I wanted a better view. I quietly made my way up the passenger side of the van. There wasn't much room because, being an alley there was no side walk, and the van was parked close, along side the back wall of a building.

When I was up to the passenger window, I realized that it was open. I slowly eased over so that I could peek one eye into the van.

The first thing I saw nearly took my breath away. As I had thought, the woman was kneeling on the seat. Her short dress did nothing to cover her wonderful naked ass and pussy.

I was so close I could see the wetness between her bald pussy lips. I could see the wrinkled pucker of her asshole. I could even smell the sex coming from between her legs. Oh how I wanted to run my tongue from her slick slit up to her asshole.

When I could pull my eyes up from her sexy ass, I looked over and saw her husband, with his head back against the partly reclined seat, eyes closed, and sighs of pleasure coming from his open mouth. I could see the woman’s head moving slowly up and down in his lap, and at the same time I could hear the sounds of her sucking mouth.

Every time her head would move down I could see the husband’s hips move up, trying to get as much of his cock into her mouth as he could. The problem was, I could only see the back of her head over his lap. I had to get a better view.

I ducked down, and made my way around the front of the van. Again I checked up and down the alley, then moved below the drivers side window.

Even though all of the woman’s actions, from dinner, till now, let me know that she wanted me to watch, I was still nervous about being caught. My thrill was in the peeking, and this was certainly a voyeur’s paradise, and I wanted it to last.

I discovered that the husband’s window was also open as I slowly moved up to peek inside. What I saw was better then any porno movie I had ever seen. The woman was just hitting the bottom of a down stroke, and she had all of her husband’s cock in her mouth. I had seen this in videos, but up until now I had never even seen someone having live sex, let alone giving deep throat.

She slid her lips back up her husband’s shaft and this is when I saw how big it was. It had to be at least 8 inches long, and she had taken the whole thing into her mouth. When she reached the tip of his cock, she pulled her lips off and started running her tongue around the large head at the top. She then worked her tongue down to the sensitive underside of his cock and then back up to the tip. As she pulled her tongue back, a thick string of pre cum hung, connected, from the tip of her tongue, down to her husband’s piss slit. She then sucked it up like spaghetti and then fastened her lips to the slit so she could swallow some more. I couldn’t believe how nasty this woman was, and I, was loving every minute of it.

Again she took her lips off his cock, and was swirling just her tongue around the tip. I was so fascinated with her nasty tongue that I never saw her eyes look up. As I was watching that tongue, the corners of her mouth started to pull up into the sexiest smile I had ever seen. My first thought was that she must really be enjoying sucking that cock, but then I looked up and saw that she was looking and smiling directly at me.

I reacted on instinct and jumped back out of sight. Instantly I realized how stupid that was, and so I moved back to look in again.

She was still smiling as I looked into those lust filled eyes. Next she put one hand on the window ledge as if to brace herself and then proceeded to suck her way back down that long shaft.

When she hit bottom, the hand on the ledge opened so that her weight was being supported on her palm. With her fingers spread out I couldn’t help myself, I had to be a part of her excitement.

I touched the top of her hand, and began to trail my fingers all the way down to her decadent red nails. I ran my fingers under hers and then without a second thought, brought my lips down to gently kiss the length of each finger. Next I used my tongue to caress each finger. When I had finished with her fingers, she pulled her hand from the ledge and wrapped it around her husband’s cock. She then pulled her mouth off with a sucking noise and began to stroke him. Now she looked up at me and slyly nodded her head back towards her ass.

I again knew what she wanted, but I was having a hard time moving. My cock was so hard, that I thought it was going to rip through the front of my jeans. In all of my 42 years, nothing like this had ever happened to me, and I began to think that this was a once in a life time thing, and I had better take advantage of it.

I moved back around the front of their van, to the passenger window. When I looked into the window, I saw that her husband still had his eyes closed, but he had put one hand on the back of her head. He wasn’t pushing, he was just playing with her hair. He still had his other hand under her body, and I assumed that he was still fingering her nipple.

When I brought my eyes down to that wonderful ass, I noticed that Amy was much wetter then before. There was actually moisture on the inside of her thighs, Just below her pussy.

Shaking with excitement, I reached in through the window and touched the wetness on her inner thigh. She jumped at my touch, then immediately slid her legs further apart. As I traced my fingers up the thigh to her shaven lips, I saw her head move down, and heard a moan escape from her husband's throat.

I knew he had to be close to cumming, so I sped things up a bit.

I slipped my thumb into her pussy and let my index finger begin to massage her clit. It was like I had turned on some kind of switch. She began to moan around her husband’s cock, and so I turned up the speed on her clit. Slowly she began to tremble, and then she started shaking. Suddenly she moaned, and I felt her pussy clamp down on my thumb as she shuddered through, what seemed to be a great orgasm.

I was amazed that she could cum so fast, and so hard. I was also afraid that she might bite the head off of her husband's cock. She kept moaning and shaking, so I kept going with my thumb and finger. I have never seen a woman cum so hard. As her orgasm began to subside, Amy’s husband suddenly put both of his hands on the back of her head, and pumped his hips up into her face. He was pulling her mouth all the way down his shaft, when he froze in mid air. He let out a loud groan, and I knew he was shooting his cum into her mouth. While he was cumming, I kept working on Amy’s pussy. The husband groaned and jerked several more times, emptying every bit of cream that he had into her mouth. Just as he began slowing down, and his grunts turned into moans, Amy began to shake again. Suddenly she threw her head up, arched her back and started cumming just as hard as the first time. Again I was amazed at this woman. She kept pushing back on to my thumb and finger, over and over while she came. She was so hot and wet, It felt like my whole hand could slip into her pussy if I had wanted.

Slowly Amy began to come down, and with one last, long, sexy moan, she slumped forward, onto her husband’s lap.

I pulled my thumb out of her pussy, and thought to my self, that this was the best sex I had ever had, and my cock hadn’t even been touched.

When I looked up from Amy’s drenched pussy, her husband leaned over her back and stuck out his hand, introducing his wife Amy, and himself as Bill. It took me by surprise, but I automatically reached over to shake hands. As we gripped hands, I realized that my whole hand was soaked with his wife’s pussy juice. Bill didn’t seem to mind, as he just sat back and wiped his hand on Amy’s dress.

After the introductions, Amy slowly got up off of her knees and sat down in her seat. At some point Bill must have pulled one of Amy’s tits out of her dress, and now she did nothing to cover it up. What was surprising to me was that the nipple was still rock hard.

She laid her head, back, against the seat, and looked over at her husband and smiled. She must have sent some kind of silent message, because he leaned over, kissed her, then told her to have the time of her life.

She got up out of her seat, and moved towards the rear of the van. Suddenly the side door slid open, and Amy reached out, took my hand, and pulled me to her.

She sat down on the bench seat, with her legs spread, and facing towards the open door. As she pulled me in, she gently pushed me to my knees, and wrapped her legs around my hips and ass.

My mouth went straight for that beautiful, hard nipple. I first sucked it into my mouth, then began to run my tongue over, and around the tip. I heard a slight moan as she brought her lips to my ear, and as I was suckling at her breast, she began to tease the lobe of my ear with her tongue.

I pulled her other breast out of her dress, so that it could receive equal attention.

Just as I was switching nipples, Amy ran her hands, down the front of my chest, stomach, and then, lower, to the raging hard on, that was begging to be set free. She rubbed me through my pants, then quickly popped open the button, and pulled down the zipper. Her hands felt like cool velvet as she wrapped them around my overheated cock.

As she was slowly running her hands up and down my shaft, she pulled away from my sucking lips, then brought her sexy mouth down over the tip of my cock. I was in heaven.

I have had women who would use their mouths, but only because they knew it was something that a man wanted. There was no doubt in my mind, that Amy did this because it was something that she enjoyed.

With me on my knees, and her sitting on the seat, it wasn’t very comfortable for her, so she had me switch places with her, and lay back on the seat, to enjoy the greatest cock sucking of my life.

At this point her husband got out of his seat and moved behind her. From my laid out position, I could just see the top of his head, as he had buried his face between his wife’s cheeks.

He must have known exactly what she likes, because immediately, Amy began to moan around my cock.

It wasn’t long before Amy pulled her mouth off my cock, and told me that she wanted to fuck. My god she was nasty.

She slid forward and up along the length of my body, until she could slip my cock into her wet pussy.

As I began to fuck up into her pussy, she brought her mouth down to mine, and began to lick and suck at my tongue as if it were another cock that needed to be taken to orgasm.

I had my hands on her ass, pulling her down to me every time that I drove up into her hot pussy. I could feel our juices running down onto my legs, and the smell was pure sex.

I was starting to pick up the tempo, needing to bring things to that ultimate finish, when I felt her husband stand up, straddled over my legs, directly behind Amy. My immediate thought was that he was going to stick his cock in her ass, so I slowed down, and pulled her cheeks apart so that he could have an easy target.

I was almost cumming in anticipation of what he was about to do, when I suddenly felt his cock start to slid up along side mine. I was sure that he was just off target, but he didn’t stop.

When he reached the entrance to Amy’s pussy, he pressed down and forward until the head of his cock slipped in. Immediately she began to moan into my chest. I couldn’t believe that she could actually take two cocks into her pussy at once.

He slowly pushed more and more of his cock into her, until he was buried deep.

Being on the bottom, there wasn’t much I could do, so I just stayed still, as Bill began to fuck in and out Amy’s pussy.

There was a brief thought about this seeming slightly gay, but the feeling was too incredible for that thought to stay. Amy’s pussy was filled so tight, that the friction from her husband’s cock was bringing me closer and closer to cumming.

He began pumping faster and faster, until it was impossible for me to hold back.

I came so hard, that I swear something other than my cock would soon be exploding.

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