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Once Over


"My sweet Lord," I heard her whisper under her breath, as I framed her face with my hand, and gently turned her to look me in the eye.

"Shh," I hushed, my face inches from hers, "don't speak."

I curled my lips over hers, my bottom lip gliding into her mouth. I settled in closer, my other hand sliding down her arm to lace our fingers together. I closed my eyes as she kissed me back hesitantly, exhaling in a note that made me weak. Her other hand slipped around my head, and she tilted to deepen our liplock.

How did we end up here?

I threaded my fingers in her hair and pulled her to the corner of the sofa with me. I felt rigid for a moment, still as stone, as her soft hands warmed my skin and held me close. Then, something in me snapped, and I relaxed and sunk into the kiss, allowing myself to be pressed firmly into the cushion behind me.

What was I doing?

This was something I'd been dreaming about since – God knows when.

Why was I hesitating?

What second thoughts hindered my passion now?

Sure, she was the last person I expected to be kissing in my living room, but that was because she was so far from attainable. Hell, I thought she was completely straight, until about a minute ago. We were chatting about pointless things, relationship things...

Subtext-y things, I thought, smiling.

And the next thing I knew, she was giving me a comforting hug and I was asking if I could kiss her.

Now, though, she was the one kissing ME. I had initiated it, like I said, but she swept it away, knocking it up to a solid R rating headed for NC17, slipping her fingers around my hips, and softly sighing like she'd been holding this back for as long as I had.

I opened my lips a little wider, kissing her slowly and deeply. I wound the fabric of her shirt around my fingers to tug her closer, and hiked myself up further on the sofa, helping her settle herself beside me. Awkwardly, my hands slid down around her waist, and I pressed them into the back pockets of her jeans. I pulled upwards, and she let out a groan, pulling both her legs up onto the couch.

Too involved to think about stopping, I removed my hands from her pockets and attached them to the sides of her face, subconsciously brushing the hair from her face. Gently, she made the next move, easing her tongue into my mouth with soft, slow strokes. I moaned audibly and returned the favor, marveling.

With little hesitation, I managed to get her on top of me, the tiniest shift of our mouths together making me ache and writhe. Soft, slow, deep. Long, hot, wet.

Delicious. She tasted...

I dipped my tongue into her mouth again.

...the way she sounded. If her voice had a flavor, this was it.

I slowly sucked her bottom lip into my mouth, making her moan and laugh breathlessly. The feeling of her pressed against me, threading her fingers through my hair, incessantly running her tongue along the outside of my lips, and her breath softly caressing my face made my whole body tremble. I pushed my knee in between her thighs and bent my leg up against her. She spread her legs a little and rolled her hips, groaning and desperate.

"Jesus," she whispered, laying her head facedown beside mine. I inhaled the scent of her thick hair, and pushed past some to her ear. As I ran my fingernails over her back again and again, I breathed into her ear, adoring her.

"You're so beautiful," I purred, listening with insatiable lust to her moaning and sighing, "so beautiful when you're like this. My fantasies didn't even do you justice."

She stopped and arched her head up to look at me. "You fantasized about this?" she asked, her voice cracking with incredulousness.

"I fantasized about YOU."

She blushed deeply, laughing to herself. "That's—it's just so—"

"What?" I smiled at her, curious and trying to catch her gaze.

"It's so unbelievable. Strange." She shook her head and sat up.

"Why is that so hard to comprehend?"

"Be—cause—" she stammered, "You're—you're you! And I'm—" she sighed and surrendered to her loss for words. "Me."

"Ladies and gentlemen, the queen of Vague."

"You know what I mean."

"I guess."

"We—we're not supposed to act this way. It's just—sweetie, it isn't right."

"But why?"

"It just wouldn't be. We're supposed to act a certain way around each other, and when that changes..." she paused, and I watched as her eyes glazed over for a moment before snapping back. "Well, who knows what kind of trouble we'd get into?"

"We don't have to tell anyone. It could just be our little secret." I shifted closer and slid my arms sensually around her waist, one sliding up to curl her hair behind her ear, "hmm? Think about it," I whispered, nuzzling my cheek against her, my heart crashing against my chest, "how much would you love walking around with the thought that you know something no one else does?" I gently lowered my teeth onto her earlobe, and she shivered. "C'mon, baby." I felt her tense as my far hand inched its way over her skin towards her breast. I ran my index finger along the underside of it, and she shivered again.

"I don't—" she stopped short when my thumb slid up and circled her nipple slowly through her sheer top. When she didn't stop me, I did it again, and her breath hitched in her throat. I bent my fingers into a claw and ran them down to her waist, where I caressed her bare back under the hem of her shirt with my fingernails. She arched her back and let out a suppressed moan. Though I knew her conscience was telling her not to give in, her body and spirit were anyway, and I was prepared to take that as far as possible. With my finger playing with the small of her back, I pushed my tongue into her ear and felt her relax entirely in my arms as my free hand began to work its way up her thigh. Straying my lips down to her neck, I sucked on her skin, and she moaned quietly in the back of her throat and covered my close hand with hers, tilting her head down to kiss me deeply again and look into my eyes. "You can't do that."

"Do what?" I asked innocently, already knowing the answer.

"That." She gestured at her neck where a small red mark had appeared, and she blushed.

"What, this?" I leaned in and flicked my tongue over her neck, inhaling her. She moaned again, and I smiled against her when she ran her fingers through my hair. Bending my knee, I half straddled her to gain easier access to the other side of her body. I felt the muscles in her neck tighten as she clenched her teeth and drew her breath in sharply with a hiss.

She moaned my name and half heartedly tried to pull away. "Ahhh—don't." She protested, her actions betraying her words as she clenched my hand in hers. She rolled her head back and forth and pushed me backward a little with her nose. "People are going to notice if I leave here with a hickey on my neck."

"I suppose." I sighed with a smile, and began to lift myself off of her, before noticing with a smile that she was almost pouting at the loss of contact. I then maneuvered myself back around to pull her on top of me again. Our lips locked harshly, and we simultaneously let out a small moan of satisfaction. My tongue snaked around hers and we leaned back. I saw her out of the corner of my eye smile deliciously as she slowly closed her teeth over my bottom lip. As I felt her do so, I pulled away just enough to make her try to move close enough again, and I used it to reel her in.

She tried to pull me back, but I kept moving, and eventually we'd moved around the crevasse in my sofa and nestled ourselves in the corner, my hair mussed against the fabric of the cushion, eyes closed, fingers twining through the cloth of her shirt. I laughed richly and vacated her mouth to press my forehead against hers.

"My head is spinning," I confessed, out of breath, my eyelids fluttering.

She gave me a chaste, open lipped kiss in response. "Mine too," was her reply, before we smiled through our eyes. I swallowed hard and licked my lips.

After a moment, I slipped my hand up her shirt and over her back, my fingertips resting on the clasp of her bra. I looked to her for approval of this next big step, and she took two deep, pensive breaths before nodding. I flicked the hooks open with ease, and I heard her hum against my neck. My fingers gently glided along her skin until I found the side of her breast and rested my hand on it. Her lips rested on my shoulder.

Her skin was smooth, but it was tough, like I would've expected such a well established woman's skin to feel. I could tell simply by the texture. I ran my hands down her sides over and over again, feeling her, touching her, holding her. I didn't want to stop; it was like my fingertips were drinking her in. Under that sheer blouse of hers, she was warm and soft. I held my fingers still and ran my thumbs along the skin under her breasts, imagining how this skin looked and tasted.

I inhaled deeply the faint scent of her perfume, and worked my fingers upwards, under the stitching of her loosened bra, sliding the straps off her shoulders. She shifted her arms to take the bra off beneath her shirt, and dropped it haphazardly on the floor beside us. She pulled me gently back to her, reclining against the firm cushions as she fumbled to find the binds of my own lacy garment. We managed to get mine off, with some difficulty in our dazed state, letting it fall on the floor beside hers. We both immediately began to feel each other up, giggling as we experienced this together for the first time.

And somewhere deep in my conscious, something also idly wondered if this was the last time we'd experience this together.

Looking up at me shyly, she raised an eyebrow when I looked like I wanted to say something. "What?" She asked, blushing, her hands quivering as if she wanted to remove them, but still keeping them where they were on my breasts.

"I think yours are bigger."

She began laughing. "What a thing to think at a time like this."

"Well, that's me," I smirked.

She rolled her eyes playfully, and then let out a breathy laugh as I began to roll her nipples between my fingers, then running my thumbs around them immediately after. She looked me in the eye and ran her tongue over her lips. I smiled and kept it up as she reciprocated, and we maintained eye contact as we silently relished in the new sensations.

I broke the pretense with a giggle, and we eventually both ended up laughing ourselves to tears, embarrassed with ourselves because we had acknowledged how awkward this should've felt.

Should've felt.

And yet, I thought to myself, it felt so natural; touching her skin, kissing her lips, listening to her moan my name so quietly that it was barely even a whisper.

Minutes later, we found ourselves tangled up in each other's arms, pants and shirts off, panties clinging for dear life between our aching loins, kissing desperately, knees and legs clashing with knees and legs. There was already a thin layer of sweat building over her back, and I dragged my fingernails over it, my hands and fingers gliding behind as I sucked gently on her tongue. My hands came to rest wrapped entirely around her body, cradling her back and head.

She scraped her thumbnail down over my nipple, and I jumped, giggling and nearly biting down on her tongue. She laughed into my mouth and did it again, eliciting a girlish squeal from me. I vacated her mouth to make eye contact.

"Stooooop – don't do that."

"What, this?" She teased, throwing my words back at me as she gave my other nipple similar treatment.

"Ahhh—no!" I laughed again, and she attacked both at the same time. I tensed and tried to bring my hands up to stop her, but she stopped of her own volition, smiling maliciously.

"Why not? You ticklish?" She licked her lips, and slid her arms down my sides, making me shiver, before she curled her fingers and began to mercilessly tickle me, making me shriek and moan with delightful protest.

When she finally had me in a submissive position, pinned to the couch, I began to wrench free, laughing and trying to fight back. After a few seconds, I pulled my leg out from under her and wrapped it around her waist, shifting my hips up and over. We toppled to the floor and I had the upper hand... for a moment. She was considerably stronger than me, so it didn't take much before I'd found myself wriggling under her touch again.

And I was getting ahead of myself, imagining her in the same position, but in some black lace teddy with a riding crop between her teeth, preparing herself for an illicit tango along my eager, willing body.

She must've noticed the desire building in my expression, because she assaulted me further. I smiled through my tears of laughter. "Don't make me use my secret weapon!" I admonished her playfully. She arched an eyebrow and paused.

"And what's that? Something like..." Demonstrating before I could stop to catch my breath, she pinned my wrists above me and caught my lips with her supple ones, insistently thrusting her tongue into my mouth with deep, slow strokes.

We parted, and I tried to recover my breath after her achingly wonderful kiss. "Nope," I giggled, squirming as she began to tickle me again with those long, slender fingers. Our bodies slid warmly against each other, nipples stiffening and peaked.

"Then bring it on. I dare you." She tickled me harder and I responded, my hand immediately pushing down in between us and up against her thighs. With the ease and skills of a veteran, I slowly rubbed her through her panties, my middle finger lingering over the hard nub at the top. I found the fabric damp and pungent in scent, as I elicited a loud moan of my name from her, and she stopped tickling me to cling to my sides. "Holy—mmmmh—" she began to breathe shallowly as I increased my pressure and speed. "That'll do it—oh god—" another deep breath, and she squeezed her eyes shut. "Oh, GOD!" She began to tug at whatever cloth she could get a hold of. In this particular instance, it was my panties, and she clutched like there was no tomorrow. She pushed her hips against my hand and bit her lip, trying to silence the evidence of her obvious arousal.

But it wasn't just her moans that gave her away, I thought to myself with a sly smile, as her musky aroma danced in my nostrils.

I slowed my movements between her legs and smirked at her, stopping completely before recapturing her lips with mine. She protested my kiss a little, mostly because of the lack of other contact with her body, but I drank again from her deeply and she gave in to me, threading all her fingers through my hair. I dragged my fingernails down her back and began to tease them around the hem of her underwear, the feel of gooseflesh erupting over her skin following my touch.

I followed the curves and arches in her back delicately, slowly massaging her skin in smooth patterns as I felt her legs slipping against mine to fasten together around my waist. Slowly, she began to grind, and I groaned, the soft mewls caught in the back of her throat leaving my body tingling. Our tongues meshed and swirled discreetly, and I tried in vain to kiss her deeper still. I took a moment to relish in the sensations I was feeling, finally with her in the way that I should be. Her body was so gently pressed into mine, and I cannot begin to describe what that felt like to me. A sort of perfect pressure that words wouldn't capture.

Those soft, gentle hands descended again, hooking in the waistband of my panties to slide them down. My hips rose, and she followed suit as I in turn pulled hers from her warm body. We kicked them aside, and I didn't even have time to look her over before she looped her arms and legs back around me and pulled my lips back to hers.

I arched up into her touch slowly, the shiver running down my spine making my skin tighten and my toes curl. She dipped her head down to my neck and began nipping at the exposed flesh. In one swift motion, she shifted her body up to whisper in my ear, "It's payback time." As I laughed, she took a mouthful between her lips for a moment, and after a second or two, she released me, letting me know by the playful smile on her face that she was satisfied with her brand.

Moving past my throat to my shoulder and down again, I prepared myself for the sensations I knew I was about to experience. Slowly downward I felt her slither, and that moment came. Slowly, torturously she encircled my nipple with her tongue, a feeling thrumming through my being that I knew I'd longed for. She did the same to the other, and I bit back a moan as she lowered herself to settle in between my thighs. Her kisses trailed lower, and I felt my pulse crashing against my chest. Her tongue flicked out across my inner thigh, and slowly up, closer. She kissed and gently suckled on the skin there, knowing it would be killing me. Just inches away, she hovered over me, and exhaled a breath of hot air against my sex. A long, deep shiver trickled slowly down my spine, and I trembled, knowing full well that at that moment, she was in complete control of me.

Our eyes met and the right side of her lip drew itself up into a smile before the left one did. It would've made me laugh if it hadn't made her look so damned sexy. With a shy smile and softened eyes, I reached forward to take her face in my hands and fused our mouths together with a sigh.

As I tilted my head to the side to kiss her deeper, my mind wandered a little, and I lost myself in thoughts and caresses. I thought about what we were doing, how wonderful it felt, how natural it felt. And still, here, a part of me wondered how the two of us could end up mixed up in all this. How the physical and sexual attraction and chemistry had suddenly shifted gears and brought us here. Had it shown up on its own, or were we just beginning to end our denial?

I stopped kissing her for a moment; my fingers still tangled in her hair, and locked my eyes with hers. I did my best to wipe away the confused expression dancing across her eyes. "Are you sure you want to do this?" I asked, my eyebrows rising, "because after this, there probably will be no stopping us."

She swallowed hard and looked down for a moment, looking back up with a gleam of confidence in her eye. "Yes." She nodded, as if she'd convinced herself as she said it, "I'm sure."

"Oh, good." I exhaled in relief and hooked my arms under hers, and she shivered. "You okay?"

"Mhmm," she laughed, "your hands are cold."

"Oh!" I pulled them back and rubbed them together vigorously before running my fingers down her arm. "Better?"

"Much," she replied, putting her fingers over them herself. Leaning in, I kissed her deeply and looped my arms around her neck, sitting up. I stood with her curiously in tow. "Where are we going?" She asked, as she was feverishly kissing my neck. I sighed and rolled my head back, taking small steps backwards towards the stairs.

"Up to my bedroom. Is that okay?"

"Sure, but I was just fine down there."

I contorted my face. "We could go back..."

"No, no, it's okay," she shook her head awkwardly, "I just—why?"

"Oh, I um—" I giggled and blushed, trying to figure out how to answer her question without sounding childish.

She started giggling too, but was still obviously confused. "What is it?" She asked, her voice soft and her eyes searching.

"Um, okay—I just—okay, just—do-don't laugh at me—okay?"

"So long as you stop stuttering and tell me!" She played, nudging me. I laughed again at myself. Why was this so awkward for me to admit? I took her hand and led her up with me, self-consciously clenching the muscles in my legs so that they wouldn't shake as we bounded to the top.

"I'll tell you later, okay?" I turned around to find myself twined in her arms again. She moved her head, trying to bring our lips together again, but I resisted, taking her hands in mine and pushing her back a little. "Hang on there, not so fast," I said, grinning as she eyed me strangely, "I want to look at you for a minute."

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