tagTransgender & CrossdressersOnce Upon a Laundry Ch. 03

Once Upon a Laundry Ch. 03


It had been three days since David had had his first three-way, and dressed as a woman no less! He had relived it over and over in his mind's eye, and masturbated to it every day. It was hard for him to concentrate at work and he even bought a few items to help him feel more feminine. Lipstick, mascara, make-up, nylons, panties and a training bra. Every night after work he set about getting all femme'd up and masturbating to his first experience of being fucked like a woman.

It was Friday just before 8 am. He was drinking his coffee and getting ready for work when he heard a knock at the door. Curiously he opened the door and there stood Jeff, looking around anxiously. He quickly said "hi" and brushed right past him and closed the door behind him. He clearly didn't want to be seen coming to David's apartment.

"Hey, what's up Jeff?" David asked.

"Uh, hi. Yeah. Sorry about that." Jeff said, no quite looking him in the eyes.

He paused for a minute then continued, a bit unsure of himself. Then he finally said "I need to have that ass again."

David's eyes lit up. He couldn't wait for this.

"OK, I'd like that too. Do you want me to come by tonight with Jessy ..."

"No!" Jeff cut him off quickly, "Jessy doesn't need to know about this. I just need that ass. And I need it now." Jeff said and reached around to give David's ass a big squeeze, then a quick spank.

David's heart did a little pitter-patter. He had wanted this all week. He was still new at this and didn't know how to proceed. He paused a minute.

"Why don't you go and get yourself all 'girly' and come out here so I can tap that ass again. OK, Kimmy?"

David just blinked and the feeling of submission started to overcome him. He started feeling femme, just by hearing Jeff call him Kimmy. He fluttered his eyelashes at Jeff, blushed and held his hand up to his mouth suppressing a giggle.

"Um, OK." Kimmy said is a small voice.

Kimmy rushed into the bathroom, stripped down to nothing and and quickly applied some make up. She put on her stockings and bra and sauntered out of the bathroom after applying her bright red lipstick.

Jeff was waiting at the kitchen table. He saw Kimmy and smiled as he unbuckled his belt, dropped his pants. He pointed as his cock swinging freely and simply said

"Make me happy"

It was all the encouragement Kimmy needed. She dropped to her knees and carefully guided the cock into her mouth. She wrapped her lips around his manhood gently, but deliberately. She sighed at her first taste of cock since their last meeting. She enjoyed bobbing her head up and down, getting him hard. She varied the suction and speed of her oral massage. He let out a low moan of approval.

She sucked his cock for a few minutes and then he abruptly pulled his cock out of her mouth. He then helped her kneel on a kitchen chair, draped over the back with her ass sticking straight out. He wanted to fuck he again. That was clear and he was ready to do it.

She felt the cool lube he applied generously. His fingers dug into her tight hole. She let out a gasp and looked back at Jeff over her shoulder. He didn't notice. He was focused on lining up his cock head on her ass and soon she felt the immense pressure. The tip of his cock pushing right into her ass. Or was it her pussy. Definitely her pussy she though. She inhaled sharply again feeling the tip enter her.

His hands made their way to her hips as he pressed his cock further into her. Stopping every few inches, pulling back a bit then plunging forward. It wasn't long before she felt his belly on her butt checks, his thighs up against hers and his grip tighten around her waist.

"Oh, Yes!" Jeff exclaimed "That's what I'm talking about. A tight sissy asshole. A perfect fit."

"Ohhhh" Kimmy whimpered as he pulled out a bit and slowly started to fuck her.

It was hot, steamy sex, He was tender and slow and caressed her back and shoulders while he fucked her. She was enjoying it through the initial pain. Relishing the feeling of being fucked. Of not being in control. The feeling of being taken like a woman, this time in his own kitchen. Kimmy never had felt more feminine. Kimmy held her knees together and her cock was hard and erect but sticking out front, out of view from Jeff as he preferred. They both enjoyed and preferred the illusion of Kimmy the sissy.

Jeff picked up the pace. He smacked Kimmy's ass a few times with a hard wallop. Kimmy responded with more whimpers of ecstasy and arched her back higher to receive as much dick as Jeff could give her. Kimmy had her arms wrapped around the back of the chair, desperately clutching it as each thrust from Jeff's cock started to move the chair across the floor a few inches at a time.

"Oh, fuck. I'm close, I'm close" Jeff announced.

"Oh yes. Fuck me Jeff. Fuck my pussy. My sissy pussy"

"Oh, I'm cumming. I'm cumming, Oh yes. Oh Yes. Arggghh" Jeff said as he stiffened.

He shot rope after rope of cum deep into Kimmy's ass. She felt him twitch as he came. It it felt so satisfying to her to know that she just made this man cum. And cum hard.

"Whew" Jeff exclaimed as he pulled his cock out of her ass.

He smacked her ass checks again before turning around and starting to get dressed. Kimmy turned and sat down on the chair. The cum started dripping out of her ass, or was it her pussy, and her cock at full attention. She reached underneath her butt and grabbed a handful of his cum and started to use it as lube as she rubbed her small cock in quick desperate jerks.

Jeff was finished getting dressed and clearly ready to leave. He saw her masturbating on the chair with his cum, and gave her some parting words of encouragement.

"Yeah, cum for me Kimmy. Cum you little sissy bitch."

That was all she needed and she shot her cum straight up and hit her in the face. It surprised her and she looked up at Jeff.

"Don't forget to clean up before you go to work, sissy. Oh and don't tell Jessy. This is our little secret, right?"

Kimmy nodded as Jeff turned to leave. She sat there smiling for a while, in a puddle of cum, in her post-orgasmic bliss-out and very happy.


After work David headed down to do some laundry and who should he bump into putting her clothes into the dryer, but Jessy. She smiled but seemed distracted. David smiled as he showed her the bright blue panties with flowers she had given him earlier in the week and suggested they should have some more fun together. Jessy smiled a bit more, but told him David was out with is college buddies tonight and she was all alone.

"Is there anything I can do to cheer you up?" David asked.

"Well there is one thing." Jessy replied "But it'll have to be our secret. Maybe you can help me feel better ... I mean as Kimmy"

David just stood there, unsure of how he felt about him cheating on Jessy earlier and now on Jeff, and them on each other.

"Yeah, maybe" Jessy continued, "How about your face on my pussy... right now Kimmy"

David got to his knees and moved forward, but Jessy stopped him.

"No, strip and panties on. I want Kimmy to lick my pussy. I need to fuck my girlfriend tonight."

David stripped, put on the panties and the nylons from his laundry basket. He was too far gone to care they were in the public laundry room.she took off her jeans and stood in front of him, bottom naked with her dark bush contrasting to her carmel complexion.

Kimmy's nose pushed through her pubes and her tongue licked upwards through Jessy's pussy lips. She lapped at her pussy like a kitten drinking milk from a saucer.

"Ah, yes. I feel better now." Jessy said after a long lapping from Kimmy's tongue.

Jessy turned around and grabbed Kimmy by the back of the head, forcing Kimmy face into her ass cheeks in one quick move.

"Lick my ass sissy. Get in there and lick my ass good" Jessy commanded.

Kimmy didn't need more encouragement. She love being smothered in Jessy large, ample ass. It smelled clean, but a little musky. Warm, dark and a bit dank. Kimmy was in heaven. Kimmy's tongue found Jessy's star quickly and willingly. her tongue darted around Jessy's cheeks and puckered hole. She was wet and sloppy with her mouth, making Jessy's ass wet and lubed up. She stiffened up her tongue and started poking right into Jessy's asshole. opening up her rosebud to an erotic chorus of coos from Jessy.

"Fuck my ass with your tongue. Oh, yeah that's it. Oh god yes!" Jessy cooed approvingly.

Kimmy's hand slipped around to Jessy moist pussy and started to rub her clit as she continued to tongue fuck her asshole. Jessy continue to moan words of encouragement. Kimmy savored the ability to turn her on so completely. Jessy continued to grind her ass right into Kimmy's face and started to moan in orgasmic bliss as she came with Kimmy's tongue up her ass. Kimmy felt the orgasmic contractions as Jessy's asshole clamped down on her tongue over and over and over again. As Jessy's wave of ecstasy faded, Kimmy finally pulled her face out of Jessy's ass.

"Yeah, I feel MUCH better. Thanks Kimmy."

Kimmy, still on her knees, simply smiled up at her handiwork.

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by Anonymous

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by 4yourpleasureiam11/23/18

Kimmy is who I long to be

Please continue. Oh my gosh, I need Jessy feeling my tongue work her ass. I do not care if she Jessy ever touches my clitty I just need to taste her and make her feel so good.

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by lingerie6508/29/18

The cheating threesome

first Kimmy does Jeff then she does his wife as it goes cheat on one another with her

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by blade_rocknut08/11/18

Kimmy is an interesting gurl...do proceed. :)

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