Once Upon a Time at a Swing Party


She really loved this and started moving her ass back and forth across my face. I started twisting them and pulled even harder, that set her off. For the third time my face was being covered with fat old woman juice!

As Karen climbed off me the last older lady who had been in the room walked up to me and I didn't have the strength to say no. I never found out her name but she was not anywhere near as large as the previous two, and she had a nice shaved cunt. She sat on the couch and spread her legs so all I had to do was crawl between them and start licking.

It took about ten minutes but I got her off. After she had calmed and released my head, she pulled me forward and gave me a tender kiss and said "thank you."

I was free now! All I had to do was maneuver myself to the master bedroom, grab my clothes and get the hell out of there.

I poked my head out the door and didn't see my parents. Jan was walking back into the room with another couple that I hadn't met, as she walked by me she ran her hand over my cock and smiled.

I left the room and had gotten to the living room when I saw my dad coming out of the kitchen. Oh Shit!

I turned and was about to go back into the same room but I saw that Karen and Jan were both back in there. Fuck that. I made a dash for the rec room.

Upon entering it I saw that there were now 4 women on the big mattress and still looked to be about 10 or so black guys having fun with them. There were now about 8 white guys watching the action, so I moved to the corner and maneuvered myself behind acouple guys who where playing with their cocks.

My dad suddenly appeared at the door, moved just to the inside of it and was watching the action. He pulled the towel off from around his waist, threw it over his shoulder and started playing with his cock.

I don't know why but I repositioned trying to get a better look at his cock. I mean it was above my head while he was fucking Karen but I didn't get a look at it, I tasted it but did not get a good look at it. He was not that big, about 5 maybe 5-½ inches.

He was watching the action on the mattress very intently and when I followed his eyes I saw why.

My mom was one of the 4 women fucking the black guys. Oh My God!!

She was on her knees bent over getting fucked by a cock that had to be nine inches long. In front of her was a large black man feeding her a cock that was not quite as big but just as impressive.

My dad just stood there watching and stroking his cock. I probably could have walked right by him, said hi and he would not have noticed.

I turned my attention back to my mom and saw that she was now taking the entire length of the big black cock down her throat; I have to admit I was quite impressed.

The one fucking her doggy style pulled out and said, "Lets stand her up". They both helped her to her feet. I now had a good look at what my mom, the woman who had raised me for 20 years looked like naked. I had to admit she didn't look bad.

My mom stands 5' 3", weights about 150 but carries it well, she has small perky breast with small nipples that right now looked really hard. Of course my eyes then went to her pussy, which was shaved with a very small patch of hair that looked like a heart. You could tell she didn't sunbath in the nude because her really white tits and panty line were a sharp contrast to her deep tan.

It then dawned on me that I had started stroking my now hard cock. For a moment I thought she looked at me but she had such a far away look in her eyes that I know she was only feeling the moment.

The black guy who had been feeding her his cock looked at my dad and asked if she liked it in the ass?

Oh my god! NOOO!! Would this horror ever end!

Dad replied, "she'll say no if she doesn't want to do something."

Bill showed up at the door and I saw him hand my dad a small video camera.

Mom was put her on her knees again, they bent her over and the one who had asked the question started to insert his finger into her butt. It must have hurt because I heard her say, "Get some lube." Another black guy brought the lube over, squirted it down the crack of her ass and soon there were 1, then 2, then 3 fingers stuck up her ass.

She looked like she was in some pain but she did not tell him to stop. Another guy got in front of her and she took his cock, stroked it a few times then put it in her mouth. The guy behind her placed the head of his cock against her asshole and started pushing it in.

When it finally popped through a gasp went through the room. Mom had let the cock fall from her mouth, lowered her head, and was moaning real low as he slowly inch by inch got the whole thing in her.

She was panting and sweating and you could tell by the look on her face that she was feeling a lot of discomfort. From my vantage point it did not look like she was enjoying it.

That went on for about 5 minutes when the guy fucking her ass grabbed her hips and rolled over so he was lying down. He pulled her back, grab her legs, lifted and pulled them apart so she was spread wide open for all to see.

The guy she had been sucking earlier came up in front of her and I knew I was about to see my mom get double penetrated. And the kicker was that not only was my dad watching, he was also filming it.

As the cock was inserted into her cunt my mom shouted, "Fuck, oh god slowly, slowly. "

Finally they had both cocks in to the hilt and started moving in rhythm with each other. You could tell that they had done this before. You could also tell that this was the first time for mom because again she did not look like she was enjoying herself.

My dad was though, he was moving around trying to get it all on film.

Soon the two fucking her made room for another black guy to get to her mouth, he grabbed her hair and pulled her to his cock. She took it in but could not move so he just held her head and fucked her face. He was trying to get it all in but mom kept gagging, she was trying to pull free but he would have none of that. All through this my dad just kept filming.

Then two more came over. There was my mom on the floor with a cock up her ass, one in her cunt, and another in her mouth and now one in each hand.

The room had now become packed and I was having trouble trying to get a good view. Everyone in the house must have come into the room to watch the show.

At this point I realized that my dad was a cuckold; he got off on watching my mom get fucked. Wow!

Then I thought "can a son be a cuckold to his mom", I mean here I was stroking my cock watching my mom get fucked by 5 big black guys. I don't even want to know the answer to that question.

These five guys used my mom for about ten minutes when the guy she was jacking off in her right hand pulled free and shot a load of cum all over her tits.

The guy who had been fucking her face then pulled out. You could tell mom was glad to have the cock out of her mouth, there was drool with a mixture of pre-cum coming out of her mouth and she was gasping trying to catch her breath. He stroked his cock a few times and gave my mom a nice facial.

Next the guy in her left hand pulled free and aimed his cum at her face, tits and hair. He shot a huge load; I mean I didn't think he would ever stop cumming.

The two in her ass and cunt did not seem to be in a hurry to finished and just kept on fucking her.

I will not swear to it but I think mom was crying she had so much cum dripping from her face that you really couldn't tell. All the while dad just kept filming away.

The man in her pussy finally pulled out and shot his load on her chest and belly, when the big cock was empty he took the head and rubbed it over the little bit of hair she had down there.

The man in her ass started moving her hips up and down over his cock; you could see her ass stretched tight clinging to the big black dick. He quickened his pace and suddenly jumped up and pulled free, he pushed her forward onto her hand and knees and let go all over her back and ass.

Mom was now leaning on her elbows as the man kept rubbing his spent cock up and down the crack of her ass. She finally looked back at him and he got up and walked away.

Exhausted she just flopped onto the mattress and curled up. My god she was a mess, she had cum dripping all over her, and the to top it off some of the white guys who had been watching started going over to her and adding their cum to the rest. I watched 6 more guys shoot their spunk onto my mom.

When everyone was finally done with her my dad got really close to video the final results and then left the room.

I rewrapped my towel looked out the door; good my dad was nowhere to be seen.

Out I went, I peeked into the couples room, Jan and Karen were in there but not my dad, I looked in the living room, clear also. Not in the kitchen, or the gangbang room, I'm almost home free. Just as I started to enter the master bedroom there was my dad with his back to me talking to Bill. FUCK!

I stood just outside the room and could hear them talking about what my mom had done, "wow that was some crazy shit in there" I heard Bill say.

"Yeah" my dad replied "she told me she would do it but just this once and from the way she looked when they were done with her I don't think it will every happen again."

Bill then said, "Well you can always watch the video!"

"I'm hornier than hell, I have to get off." My dad said as they were coming towards the door.

What the fuck am I going to do now; fuck I jumped in the first room.

Oh my god I was in the gay room! I went to the darkest part of the room and sat on the couch.

I could hear Bill and my dad talking just outside the door. All of the sudden there was a guy sitting to my right who was grabbing my cock, another man got up and stood in front of me, his cock staring me straight in the face. Another guy plopped down on my left and started rubbing my nuts. Holy shit!!

Please dad just leave, go watch mom get fucked again. Do anything just go!

And guess what? My dad did the last thing in the world that I would have wanted him to do. He came into the room.


I don't know why but I did the first thing that crossed my mind. I grabbed the cock in front of my and stuck it in my mouth! I was sucking a cock! I was giving another man a blowjob. I must have been doing a descent job because he grabbed my head and slowly started moving it in and out of my mouth.

Someone must have been playing with his ass because he was saying, "yeah spread my cheeks, lick that hole."

All of the sudden I felt lips cover my cock. I glanced down between the legs of the man in front of men and could see the top of my dad's head going up and down on my cock.

This day could not get any stranger could it? Well it did!

My dad grabbed my legs, never taking his mouth off my cock, pulled me forward so my ass was clear of the cushion and went after my nuts, licking them, sucking them in one at a time, then going back to my cock, taking it all the way down his throat.

He went back to licking my balls the all of the sudden he dipped even lower and ran his tongue across my asshole. I was wiggling around but he just grabbed hold of my legs and started trying to push it up in me, all the while stroking my cock.

The guy in my mouth was starting to pump in alittle faster and I started to get worried.

My dad then said "lets get him on his belly and fuck the shit out of him."

NO, I was trying to say NO, but with a cock in my mouth it was hard to understand. The other two guys were soon joining the chorus "yeah get him on his belly." NO I was now mumbling louder.

The man in my mouth grabbed my head and started to pull me around with him as he sat down. I was now on my knees in front of him.

My dad was again behind me rubbing my ass and reaching around and playing with my cock.

He was leaning over my back really getting aggressive. "I'm going to fuck this tight hole of yours, my cock is going to stretch you wide open."

He let go of my cock, spread my cheeks and was again licking my asshole. "Fuck you taste good!"

I had to stop this so I tried to lift my head but the fucker I was sucking grabbed the back of my head and would not let me.

Next thing I knew I had acouple fingers entering me. "Oh yeah, your ready now."

I now could understand the look on my mom's face when she was getting fucked in the ass. It was not a pleasant feeling.

I started trying to say "NO" as loud I could with a cock in my mouth.

Bill came to my rescue, he must have been watching what was going on because he said very loud and clear for all to hear "NO means NO guys, he doesn't want to be fucked."

Thank god, the first thing all afternoon that had gone right for me.

My moving around trying to say no must have excited the man I was giving the blowjob to because all of the sudden he was shooting his cum into my mouth. I was not going to swallow so it was spilling out of my mouth and onto his cock and balls.

When he was done he rubbed my face with his spent cock, he then scooped up the excess cum with his hand and rubbed it also over my face.

My dad was now rubbing his cock up and down the crack of my ass, it wasn't sliding very easy so he grabbed some lube and poured it between my cheeks. Bill saw what was going on and again told my dad not to fuck me.

"I'm not going to fuck him, but he has such a pretty ass I am going to dry hump it."

I was finding out a few thinks about my dad today, first that he was a cuckold, second that he was gay or at least Bi, and third that with men he was very dominant.

I was slumped over with my head resting on the couch just hoping that this day would end when Bill put his head down next to mine and whispered in my ear, "I saved your ass so when I cum you better swallow!" He then sat down and pulled me over to his lap.

Bill had a very large cock. He started to rub it across my lips, then pulled it away stroke it acouple times and a big drop of pre-cum came out the head.

"You know what to do," he said and I stuck my tongue out and licked it off.

I could feel two more guys' crowd around me and start rubbing their cocks against my back.

Bill's cock head was so big it barely fit in my mouth. He then grabbed my head and was forcing as much as he could down my throat. I think I got about 3 inches. I guess that was good enough for him because he started moving my head up and down at that point.

My dad was really going to town on my ass crack when he stiffened up and I could feel cum running up my back and down my crack.

He fell off and was replaced by another guy who lasted about a minute and added his cum to my ass. All along Bill just kept moving my mouth up and down his cock.

I think two more guys dry humped my ass and dumped their loads when I heard my dad say, "God we could have really tore up that ass!"

Someone else grabbed my hips when I heard my mom at the door, "Frank I think it's about time to go."

"Ok honey, I just want to watch one more load get dumped on this ass. Come on in and watch."

"OH MY GOD, my mom is watching me suck a cock and get my ass humped. FUCK!"

Being dark in the room I guess my dad couldn't see mom very good cause all of the sudden I heard him say, "My god honey you look a mess."

" I know Frank that's why I want to go."

My mom being in the room must have sent the guy over the edge because he started shooting onto my back.

"Holy fuck, that's the best one yet," my dad said.

And still Bill kept fucking my mouth. My jaw was getting sore!

The guy got up and dad moved up behind me, I soon felt his fingers touching the cum on my back. He reached down and grabbed my cock. "Bill we should have fucked him. He loves this, his cock is as hard as a rock!"

Bill started breathing real hard and moving my head up and down faster and faster. He stopped and said, "Remember what I told you." And then jammed as much as he could in my mouth and started cumming.

I clamped my lips around it and starting swallowing as fast as I could. He had so much cum that it started spilling out the sides of my mouth.

My dad said, "Fuck this is the best party yet!" He gave my ass a slap and got up and left with my mom. Thank god.

Bill pulled his cock from my mouth and said "clean up what you missed," so I licked his cock and balls clean of all cum.

One more guy came up behind me and started humping me and I felt two other loads being dumped on my back.

The last guy finally came and when I didn't feel anyone else climb on I slumped over on the couch. As I turned over I saw Sue standing in the room. Fuck out of everything that had happened today this for some reason was the most embarrassing.

Sue had her hand between her legs and was playing with her bald pussy. She pointed down to my hard cock and said, "I can take care of that for you but you have to clean up first."

I got up and she told me to go jump in the pool and meet her in the couple's room.

To make sure that my parents had left I asked if she had seen Frank and Beth?

"Oh they just left."

I walked down the hall and saw that there was hardly anyone left but those who hadn't were staring at me. With all the cum that was on my face, back and ass I guess I would have stared also.

I looked at the clock in the kitchen and it said 4:35, the party was almost over. I went out to the pool and it was empty. I jumped in headfirst and swam to the shallow end. I rubbed my hands over my ass, back, and face trying to get myself somewhat clean.

After I had dried off I went into the house and found Sue in the couples room. She came over to me and planted a light kiss on my lips, took my hand in hers, and pulled my down on top of her. My cock again found the warmth of her pussy.

Her husband entered the room and sat on the couch.

She grabbed my head and pulled it down to her neck and we started moving together on the floor. This was the fuck I was hoping for when I got here, she wasn't the sexy young thing that I was hoping for but she was one god fuck and she also was the one somewhat normal person that I had met!

She started moaning and said, "Lets switch positions."

She had me sit on the floor with my back to the couch and straddled my cock. Her tits were right there so I took a nipple in my mouth. Sue started rotating on my cock and groaning.

Sue pulled my head from her tit and kissed me. She then looked me in the eyes and said, "I want you to suck my husbands cock." I must have given a strange look because she said, "come on suck Daddy's cock for me, do it for mommy!" "Suck daddy's cock while you fuck mommy."

Oh my god!!! This was the icing on the cake to one very strange day.

Her husband got up and came over to me, grabbed my head and put his cock to my lips.

Sue who was now starting to pant said, "come on take daddy's cock, suck it, make mommy happy."

I opened my mouth and in went his dick!

"Oh fuck yeah suck daddy's dick, take that cock down your throat, fuck yeah make daddy cum!"

He started going faster and faster and suddenly grabbed my head and pushed his cock all the way in and started shooting his cum down my throat.

"Take daddy's cum, drink daddy's baby juice." Sue was now shouting.

"Oh fuck that's sexy, fuck mommy's cumming, oh fuck yeah keep sucking daddy's cock!" And boom she exploded.

She was going so wild on my lap, humping up and down, grinding her pussy down onto my cock.

Sue started pinching my nipples which was too much for me and I started filling her with my cum.

She pulled my mouth from "daddy's" cock and pulled it to hers, jammed her tongue in mouth, and started sucking her husbands cum out of it.

This gave her one more orgasm. She hugged me close while we all came down then slid off me onto the floor and her husband crawled between legs and started cleaning her cunt.

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