tagGay MaleOnce Was Lost Ch. 05

Once Was Lost Ch. 05


Stephen & Justin.

It was getting dark outside and Stephen was shocked to find that he had been there with Justin for almost four hours. All through their meal Justin continued to ask him about Adam and their time together. Stephen managed to side step most of them and he could feel Justin simmering with frustration, though his face gave nothing away.

He excused himself to go to the bathroom and stood there for a while trying to pinpoint just what it was about Justin that made him feel so uneasy. Was it because he was so confident in an almost arrogant way or was it those very cold, calculating blue eyes?

Stephen relieved himself and after washing his hands he went back to their table noting with annoyance that Justin had ordered him another beer. He smiled briefly as he sat back down.

"Listen Justin, I've had a pretty heavy day and I know it's only early but I think I'll just call it a night ok?" He took a large swallow of his drink hoping Justin would just agree. Did the room seem to move a little? Why were his lips feeling tingly?

Justin smiled coldly and nodded. "Sure I understand. Just let me get the check and we can go ok?" He stood and went to pay at the front of the restaurant. Stephen blanched at the odd feeling in his stomach and he was surprised to find a trickle of sweat running down his cheek. What in the fuck was happening here?

He tried to stand but almost fell catching himself just in time by grabbing the table.

He couldn't be drunk! He only had a couple of beers and that one shot. My God he drank more than that just going to his friend's house for a bar-b-que! He felt a weird sensation and looked over at Justin who was watching him with a distinct expression of satisfaction on his face.

"Poor fella." He flirted with the waitress. "I don't think he can handle his alcohol." They both laughed at the shared joke. Justin moved over to Stephen and took his arm in a firm grasp. "I think you've had more than enough fun for one night. What do you think? Let's get you out of here."

Stephen went to jerk his arm from Justin's grasp and failed miserably. He didn't feel threatened or scared just very agreeable and obliging. Which even to his foggy brain didn't make sense. He tried once again to break away and actually giggled at his pathetic effort.

Justin swung him around so they were face to face. It was like looking into a bottomless pit. Gone was the handsome smile. Instead it seemed as though another person had taken his place. The full lips curled into a vicious sneer. "Stephen you need to listen to me carefully now. I have something important I need you to understand. So focus!" And with that Stephen was lightly slapped across the face.

He wanted to protest but the words froze in his throat. What in the hell was going on? They were outside and yet he didn't remember even moving. That feeling in the pit of his stomach was rapidly turning from mild indifference to just plain fear. His brain began to register that he might just be in some trouble here and his system began to fill with adrenaline preparing itself to flee or fight. Yet oddly enough he still felt like laughing.

His body felt boneless and he knew though that if Justin let go he would fall to the ground in a heap so fleeing or fighting wasn't really an option at the moment. Justin held his face in between his hands and forced him to look at those dead eyes.

"That feeling that you're experiencing is of a person who has been given a mild dose of GHB. Do you know what that is city boy? Don't freak out its not you I'm after. Is it all starting to make sense now? So I want you to walk nicely with me to the car and we'll get you all squared away and then I'll pay a little visit to Adam and we can get better aquatinted. Sound like a plan city boy?"

Stephen had no idea what Justin was talking about and found himself going along quite willingly which only made him more afraid.

GHB? Was that what Justin had said? His drink! The puzzle began to make sense now. Beneath that very handsome exterior there beat the heart of someone that Stephen was sure he really didn't want to know better.

The world took on an odd tilt and Stephen found himself laughing like an idiot once more. He just couldn't stop. It seemed to have a life of it's own. Justin joined in on the joke and laughed right along with him as they drove off to God knows where.

He looked around and things became familiar. They were back at the hospital except around the back somewhere. The lighting was almost non-existent which he guessed was the reason they were here.

Justin opened the door and Stephen all but spilled out of the car saved only by a restraining hand from Justin. All of a sudden the lights went out and before he could stop himself Stephen yelped like a wounded puppy. Understanding set in and he realized he was now blindfolded. Surely someone would see them? But then again why would Justin choose a place that would be busy with foot traffic?

A harsh whisper in his ear made his stomach roll.

"As long as you're a good boy everything will be ok Stephen. I like you and I don't want to have to hurt you, so don't do anything stupid."

Stephen felt himself going down some stairs and then he was sat in a chair and felt tape bite into his wrists then it was being stuck across his lips. Now there really was no chance of discovery. His heart sank but now he also feared for Adam.

He had no idea how Justin would manage to get Adam out of the hospital without anyone becoming suspicious. Why, why didn't he listen to his gut and tell Justin to go fuck himself! Stephen gave himself a mental scolding. He jumped as Justin moved in close.

"It's time to get Adam. Don't worry I won't hurt a hair on his pretty head. Remember what I said, be a good boy." He cuffed Stephen sharply to the back of his head, proving his point.

Stephen now gagged could only make what he hoped was a sound of agreement.

Please God, please don't let him hurt Adam.

Adam & Justin

Adam woke with a hand across his mouth and was too startled to react. His eyes widened as he recognized the owner. It was that paramedic guy, Justin. He thought he remembered kinder eyes and a gentler smile but the man standing before him certainly had none of those endearing qualities.

"Don't do anything stupid. Be still and quiet and I will tell you what's going to happen. Nod if you understand me. Oh one more thing, I have your handsome friend so no heroics."

Adam felt little icicles of fear collect in his heart. This guy has Stephen? Why in God's name would he have Stephen and does that mean he was taken by force? Adam wondered too about his impending fate and nodded slowly.

Justin removed his hand, watching Adam for any signs that he would yell or try to run. Seeing none he began his little speech.

"You probably don't remember me but I was the one who tried to save your kid. There's something you don't know about me and that is that I actually have a hard time getting people, guys, to trust me. Hard to believe I know."

Justin paused dramatically and Adam found himself beginning to hate him with a passion.

"You see people, and by that I mean guys, need time to see the real me underneath. I am not a cruel or hateful person merely misunderstood. Don't worry about your boyfriend he's ok....for now." With that Justin motioned for Adam to get off the bed and went to the closet to get out some clean clothes the nurse had left for him.

Adam thought wildly about a way to get out of this mess or even try to leave a clue or a message for someone to find. God this was like a bad movie! He almost laughed but managed to choke it back in time. He had a feeling that laughter of any kind would not be welcomed.

"Ok Ok..I'll come with you but I have a few demands of my own. I am not going to change in front of you we're not that close and two when we get to where we're going you let Stephen go! If you don't agree to this then I don't care what you do to me I'll scream bloody murder and then we'll see whose in control." Adam let his breath come out in a rush terrified that he had only succeeded in provoking Justin into a rage.

He didn't care though. He may be in a bad situation right now but he certainly didn't have to act like a helpless victim.

Justin's eyes narrowed but he nodded wordlessly. He threw the clothes at Adam and walked him to the bathroom door. "Don't try anything or I swear to God you'll regret it."

Adam searched the bathroom desperately trying to find something to write with. He grabbed a square of toilet paper but now he needed something to scribble quick "help me" note.

Giving himself time to think Adam quickly dressed and then put his thin jacket on. It may be warm evening but he was still feeling the affects of being in an emotional upheaval.

He patted his pockets and felt something in the right one. Thank God for small mercies. A pen! But there was something else in there too. A note.

"Mr. Watts, Adam. I hope when you eventually find this you will be able to read this with a smile. I am the nurse who has been caring for you ever since you were brought in. I felt such sorrow for the loss of your little girl and you remind me so much of my own son that I just felt a connection to you. So this is to say that it has been a pleasure being able to care for you and I wish it was under different circumstances but I'm glad we met.

God Bless

Nurse Jenkins.

PS I found this pen in your pants pocket and thought you may like it back."

Adam raised his gaze to the ceiling and wiped away the tears that ran down his cheeks. When this whole stupid game was over he hoped he was still around to kiss that woman!

More Coming...Sorry they aren't really long but it's all I can manage to fit in.

I hope you're enjoying the story.



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