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Once Was Lost Ch. 06


Once Was Lost...Chapter Six..Final one!

First of all I wanted to thank those of you who emailed me about Shawn. I truly appreciate your concern and we are getting on with things the best we know how too. Anthony also wanted to say thank you for your prayers. He wanted me to finish this story and then dedicate it to Shawn...So that's what I am going to do. The real spelling of Shawn's name is actually Sean, just in case some of you picked up on that discrepancy from the story. He was worried that some of you wouldn't know what Sean spelled so he asked me to change it..So from now on it's going to be Sean.

So this final chapter is dedicated to a great man who risked his life every day so that others may be safe and who paid a great price never once questioning "why me" but only looked upon the challenges as being stepping-stones to a greater understanding.

Sean, my friend and my hero...this is for you.



Justin and Adam

Adam wracked his brain for the right thing to say. What did you say in a note like this without it being regarded as a bad joke?

It wasn't as if he wrote these every day so he closed his eyes and prayed for a higher power to help him with the right words. He glanced nervously at the door hoping that Justin would give him just a few more minutes. As if on queue, Justin's agitated voice broke the silence.

"Did you fall in or something? Come on sweetheart, you're pretty enough so let's go!"

Adam winced and frantically thought of something flippant to say. "Yeah alright big boy. Don't get your panties in a knot! Give me one more minute." Adam rolled his eyes to the ceiling praying that his false bravado would buy him some time. Justin didn't hammer on the door again so it had worked..At least for a little while.

So back to the note. God what was he going to write? He began.

'This is NOT a joke! I am being taken against my will and I don't know where we're going.

Call the police as soon as you can! Please believe me! He has my friend Stephen too. This is NOT a joke!"

That will just have to do. God I hope it works! Adam thought to himself. Folding the note into a tiny square, he tucked it against his palm. Maybe there would be a nurse along the way that he could pass it to?

Taking a deep breath he unlocked the bathroom door and stepped back into his room. Wanting for the first time to just stay there and pull the covers up over his head. Justin moved in close and took his arm.

"Let's get this show on the road. What do you say?" Without giving Adam a chance to reply Justin escorted him out into the hallway and towards the nurses station. Adam almost walked with his eyes closed, afraid to see no one manning the desk but as it turns out there is a God and tonight He was on Adam's side!

There she was. The fabulous Nurse Jenkins. Adam's number one fan and he couldn't have planned this any better if he tried. She would believe him and surely do everything she could to come to his aid.

Nurse Jenkins looked up in surprise at the movement on her floor. Her eyebrows raised questioningly as she watched the two very handsome men walk in her direction. She recognized them both of course but moved to stop them both anyway. It was after 11pm and it was way past visiting hours and when the mood struck her, she was a stickler for the rules.

"Well. Well. Two good lookin' men on my floor and me in my borin ol uniform. And where do the two of you think you're going at such an hour?"

Adam felt Justin stiffen beside him and he knew that he had not planned for this little dent in his plan. Adam took the lead and stepped forward moving out of Justin's grasp. He reached for Nurse Jenkin's hand and looked at her with what he hoped was an expression of sincerity and "please help me!"

He pushed the little square of paper into her hand and bent to kiss it's top. He shook his head almost imperceptibly, willing her not to react to the intrusion of the paper. She seemed to understand and began to play along with the game.

" Well I know Adam is doing ok now and he hasn't been out of this place since he got here so I thought it would be a nice evening to go for a walk. Come on gorgeous....Let him out for good behavior huh?" Justin gave his best winning smile and Adam saw Nurse Jenkins blanch as if she had just eaten something unsavory.

Once again Adam looked at her but this time the message in his eyes was "please let us go. Just get help!" She appeared to be thinking about it but had already made up her mind. She was curious to read the note Mr. Watts had slipped in her hand and by the looks he was giving her this was going to require help from the police.

She smiled grandly at them both and waved them away. "Just don't be taking my patient out too long Justin you hear!"

As they moved away Justin chuckled confidently. "I knew she just couldn't resist my charms. Stupid fat cow." His hand closed around Adam's arm once more and they rounded the corner heading out to the parking lot.

The second they were out of sight Nurse Jenkins practically ripped open the note and as she read her eyes widened with disbelief. Dear Lord please help Mr.Watts and his dear friend! She muttered to herself and got on the phone to the police. She hoped Darren was on shift tonight. She had worked with him before and he didn't screw around. He knew how to get the job done.

A familiar deep voice answered. "Darren is that you? Listen I need you at the hospital now! Come right now please!"

He promised to be there yesterday and hung up. Nurse Jenkins wrung her hands together with worry. Please let them be ok.

Justin drove around the hospital parking lot for a few minutes then took what looked to be a service entrance alley. It was dark and foreboding and Adam hoped to God that Nurse Jenkins was now rounding up the cavalry. Where in the hell were they going? He wanted very badly for this whole nightmare to be over and maybe he and Stephen could start a new chapter in life together.

The feelings were still there and came flooding back with a vengeance when he looked into Stephen's eyes and he knew that when Stephen heard the entire story he would forgive and forget. He had never been a person who held grudges towards another in fact Adam had always been impressed with Stephen's ability to live and let live.

He glanced nervously at Justin but didn't comment. He wanted things to go smoothly until they were found....if they ever were.

Justin seemed to read his mind. "Tell me have you ever heard of the phrase "hiding in plain sight?" Well that's exactly what we're going to do. The hospital grounds are the last place they will look when they finally figure out you're gone. This place is never used anymore so we can get to know each other without being disturbed." Justin glanced at the object of his desire and felt a surge of power run through his body. Yes this is going to be a fun evening.

Adam refused to look terrified but his insides turned to jelly. What if Justin had already hurt Stephen and by going along with this demented plan, Adam was just playing into Justin's hands? He hadn't seen a weapon or anything so what was to stop him from bolting from the car and screaming his lungs out and running like a madman?

Once again reading Adam's mind Justin looked like the cat who ate the canary. "Just in case you were thinking about running I do have a knife you know and I certainly can use it if you wish."

Adam didn't hear a word. In his mind he saw himself jumping from the car and then a flash of hot pain as Justin sank the knife in his leg. If that was all that happened at least he could still hobble and yell but if the knife hit something really important it would all be for nothing.

Adam thought of Stephen alone in the dark somewhere and how scared and angry he must be and in that instant he saw everything with such clarity. He had abandoned Stephen once and he wasn't about to do it again. If he lost his life doing so then it would be worth it to save the one person that had loved Adam with all of his heart.

Taking a deep breath and willing himself not to panic he slowly moved his hand towards the door and pulled on the latch but still keeping the door closed. Justin was smiling that arrogant little smirk that Adam had come to hate and not even paying attention to his hostage.

In one swift movement Adam flung the door open and as quick as a snake Justin howled in rage and buried the knife into Adam's thigh.

Stars danced before Adam's eyes as his body registered the pain but he was running on pure adrenaline by now and kept moving forward in his desperate attempt at freedom. Throwing himself out of the car and with the knife still burning in his leg he began a painful shuffling run towards the street.

Then the night lit up with the glaring light of a police car spotlight and Adam froze like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming car and in a gesture of survival he held his hands above his head. He heard rather than saw several heavy footsteps running towards him and not being able to hold his body up anymore, Adam sat down on the pavement with a boneless thump.

A comforting hand grasped his shoulder and he began to cry tears of relief. He heard Justin shouting. Telling them all to "go and get fucked!" and then being told to "get on the ground now!"

Oh my God! Stephen! He had forgotten about Stephen. They had to find him!

Just then a tall burly blonde came towards him and knelt down, looking at Adam with concern. "So I am guessing that you're our Nurse Jenkin's favorite patient? We know about your boyfriend and don't worry we'll find him. It's going to be ok Adam." A gentle smile curled his lips and he waved over the paramedics to take care of Adam's leg. Patting Adam's shoulder once more he moved away to organize the search.

Adam began to shiver and almost vomited when he was hoisted onto a stretcher and moved into the ambulance. His leg felt very cold and his head swam with dizziness. Please. Please help them to find Stephen! If I lost him now....

Lying in the ambulance Adam could hear voices calling Stephen's name then some slowly moved further away. Having been given a big dose of morphine he drifted away until there was nothing.

Stephen and Adam

Adam groaned loudly as he tried to move and found that it only increased the agony in his leg.

"Hey there handsome. It's about time you woke up." There was Stephen smiling like a fool and holding his hand in a death grip.

Adam squeezed his eyes shut for a moment before opening them again, wanting this not to be a dream. Nope he was still sitting there, looking a little tired but as beautiful as ever! Adam gingerly lifted the hand holding his and brought it to his lips. It was like coming home. The taste of Stephen's skin and his big capable hands. Adam shivered from the memory of what those hands used to do to his body.

Stephen stood and lent down to take Adam's lips with his. He wanted so much more but knew it would just have to wait.

Over the next few days, the two reunited lovers shared stories and tears and finally the day came for Adam to be released. Stephen wanted him to come home so they could at long last live together but he knew that Adam had so many memories here and then of course his daughter was here too.

Nurse Jenkins had told them that they had to release her body to the funeral home because they could no longer keep her at the hospital and that she had made the arrangements on Adam's behalf. She begged with her eyes for him not to be upset with her but he only held her instead and felt blessed to have made such a friend.

She also told them about what had happened with Justin. Determined not to be taken he went down in a hail of gunfire and to injured to be saved he passed away lying on the cold pavement.

Even though Justin had put them both through hell, Adam felt sorry for him and wished for a happier ending.

There had not been a service for Lilly of course, just a small plot and a lovely headstone to visit and the funeral home had waived the cost for which Adam was truly grateful. So after saying goodbye to his favorite nurse and promising to "not be a stranger" the two men went to visit Adam's baby girl, and Sergeant Darren Williams, a.k.a. Mr. Handsome their personal chauffeur drove them there and would be around for as long as they both needed.

He still had not answered Stephen's request about going home with him but he knew he had to make a fresh start. There were memories here but tragedy too and he knew that Lilly would always be with him no matter where he was.

Holding tightly to Stephen's hand, they walked to Lilly's grave and Stephen helped Adam sit. He tried unsuccessfully not to break down and watched as Adam said one last goodbye.

Adam sat; relishing the warmth of the sun on his back and praying for the strength it was going to take to really say goodbye to his baby. Tears ran down his face but he paid them no mind and sat staring at the small angel Nurse Jenkins had chosen for Lilly. Just one simple sentence said it all.

"Daddy's Little Angel." Adam pressed his face to the ground. "Daddy has to go now baby, but don't be afraid. I'll always be with you and I will always love you." He whispered and then with one last glance he motioned for Stephen to help him stand.

Stephen marveled at Adam's strength. " I wish I could have met her. I'm sure she was just like her dad. Full of passion and grace." Stephen turned to Adam and grasped both of his hands. " I love you...you know? I don't think I ever stopped. Would you come and live with me? Please?"

Adam closed his eyes and held his face to the heavens. He knew the answer. He felt it deep in his soul.

"Go on daddy. I'll be ok. I'll come and see you all the time I promise." It was Lilly...He swore it was her voice that he heard. That was the sign he had been waiting for.

"Stephen, I would be truly honored to be with you. With you by my side I can get through anything. So yes. Let's go home."

Stephen wrapped his arms around Adam and kissed him passionately. Finally, they could get on with living their lives without regrets. Hearing a discreet cough they broke apart and smiled at the blushing Darren who then escorted them back to the motel Stephen was staying at.

"Ok listen you two. Just call when you need a ride. We can't have you riding a bus to the next town so I'll give you a ride to the airport. So make arrangements to get out of Dodge then call ok?" Darren clapped them both on the back and practically shoved them through the door.

"Now get in there and make up for lost time!" Grinning wildly he drove away leaving both Adam and Stephen giggling like schoolboys on a first date.

Stephen waved in the general direction of the bed. "Well, you heard the man. Strip!" Then dissolved into laughter at the look on Adam's face. Walking towards the man he loved, he only smiled gently and said, "I was joking. Adam, we can take all of this as slow as you want. Don't get me wrong I want to practically rape you because for me, it's like we were never apart but you need to let me know when to slow down ok."

Adam closed the gap between them in a single step and crushed Stephen against him wanting to make them as one person, together at last. Running his hands over Stephen was such a familiar act to him and he still remembered where to touch him in all the right places.

He gently tilted Stephen's head and sucked gently on his neck eliciting a moan from him that rumbled deep in his chest. Stephens hands ran all over Adam wanting more contact...wanting to get closer still and pulled his shirt up exposing the sweet skin on his back and chest. Tugging it off completely he bent to tickle the pale pink nipples with the tip of his tongue causing Adam to shudder with delight.

Stephen stepped back a little, putting some breathing room between them. He panted lightly and tried to compose his thoughts. This was going to end way too fast if he didn't slow things down.

"Would you like to have a shower with me? I haven't had someone to wash my back in a long time." He smiled wickedly at Adam and slowly stripped. Standing there naked with Adam's eyes tracing their way over his body made him a little self-conscious but he loved the look of pure lust he saw.

Adam's breath caught in his throat as he drank in the gorgeous sight before him. The lean long body, the tight stomach and muscular thighs and what an ass! Then the most mouth-watering morsel of all....at least eight inches of very hard cock that he was just dying to get his lips around.

Stephen blushed as he read the thoughts crossing Adam's face. He could never quite get used to being adored with such a passion and then remembering the pain he had caused looked down at the floor.

Adam caught the change in Stephen's stance immediately and moved to take him in his arms.

"Don't love. It's ok...whatever you're torturing yourself with I forgive you....Do you hear me? I forgive you for it all. It doesn't matter now." He held Stephen close willing him to believe. He felt Stephen relax and he smiled. "Now......where were we?"

Capturing Stephen's lips with his once again he walked them to the bathroom then moving away a little he began to take off his own clothes. Now it was Stephen's turn to stare. He had always loved Adam's body and even though he was quite a bit taller and had a bigger build, he moved with such grace and was obviously comfortable in his own skin.

Adam took a step into the shower and turned on the water, then took Stephen's hand; he tugged him in under the delicious warm water. There were audible sighs as they both felt the water cascade over tired and aching muscles.

Adam took the soap and began a seductive dance over Stephen's skin delighting in the little shivers and gasps that he was causing in his lover. Stephen lent against Adam's chest and for the first time in weeks felt himself truly relax.

Adam's fingers traced the contours of Stephen's chest and stomach and brushed tantalizingly close to his aching manhood and brushed against the hard thighs. Stephen felt Adam rock hard against his ass and pushed back loving the feel of his cock delving into his crack. Adam moaned loudly at the contact and pushed back, going a little deeper into Stephen's ass and brushing against his tight puckered hole. He wanted so badly to just fuck him now but he knew he needed to prepare Stephen first.

He knelt and shoved Stephen forward causing his ass to touch his chin and with one motion dove right in with his tongue, going in as far as he could. Stephen almost lost it completely and fought to control himself. He could feel Adam's tongue buried inside him and began to buck his hips unable to stop himself any longer.

Adam's hands found their way to Stephen's cock and began to tease him, running up and down it's length then grasping his balls and rolling them gently. Stephen couldn't take it any longer and broke away. Gasping for breath he managed to pant out "Please Adam. I can't take it. Please baby just fuck me."

That was all Adam needed and lubed himself up with spit then slid slowly inside his man, crying out at the hot velvet tightness that was Stephen's ass. When he was buried to the hilt he paused for a moment just savoring the feeling and felt the tears come again. After all they had been through, here they were like a love story from the movies.

Adam sniffled quietly against Stephen's back and wrapped his arms around his chest tugging on the pert nipples. "Oh God! Please fuck me baby. Please!" Stephen sounded desperate now. Wanting release.

Adam moved slowly out then back in all the way then once again until Stephen picked up on the rhythm and they began to move as one. Adam suckled on Stephen's neck and ears wanting to taste him everywhere. Stephen's movements became uncoordinated as he felt his orgasm begin to build. Adam was close too now ramming himself deep inside of Stephen, all thoughts of being gentle disappeared as he felt himself being squeezed by Stephen's ass.

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