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Once You Go


"I am sick and tired about the whole deal. I am leaving you for Mark. He has asked me to move in with him and I have agreed. He has also promised to legally adopt Michelle and Halle so that you don't have to pay any child support. He earns enough to take care of us well." Aasera said as she went to the cupboard and took out her suitcase.

"But baby, what about my 9 inch dick?" Her husband Jerome intervened. He was sitting on the bed fidgeting with the front of his pants which encased his black snake and feeling like the king of the world.

"He has never even spoken in loud voice to me and I have seen him get drunk. He treats me with respect and does not ravage my body when he makes love to me. He takes care that I feel pampered in bed. Only last night he brought me to orgasm after orgasm and then we gave each other massages only to get turned on again and make love like mad" Aasera started to take her clothes out and putting in the suitcase.

"But baby, what about my 9 inch dick?" Jerome opened up his fly and took out his impressive dick. Although flaccid it was quite a view for any woman to lust after.

"You know, he has held the same job for the last 12 years and is a highly respected member of his church. I can't even tell you the number of people who came up to thank him for taking up the job of the minor league coach for the church team. He is a gem of man who knows his place in the society and respects people around him. He gets a lot of respect in return too." Aasera did not so much as give a second glance to her husband's dick.

"I can't see how you can live without a 9 inch dick. Last night three whores took up the challenge to deep-throat and failed." Jerome said stroking his growing cock.

"In the last three years you have spent around 2 in jails around the country and he has never even been stopped for speeding. Last Christmas when you were in Jail he took all of us to Disneyland and insisted that I stayed with my daughters in the other room and not given them a bad role model." Aasera was going through her top drawer now.

"Just take a look at this nice inch shaft and you will change your mind about leaving me babe. Imagine me pushing the whole nine inches inside you and making you come." Jerome walked in front of his wife with his now hard shaft dangling in front of him.

"Okay, I will stay back if you can tell me the height of both of our daughters." Aasera turned to her husband and spoke. She was sure that he would not know this rudimentary fact about his daughters.

"Who cares about how tall the brats are? The only thing that matters is the length of my shaft. Can't you see there is nothing more important in life than a black shaft up your ass?" Jerome shrugged at the stupid question. He was getting irritated, didn't she know that any measuring tape over six inches long was for measuring the length of a black shaft and not the height of some by products of mind-blowing sex.

"You have never been to any PTA meeting and have never worried about where the next meal comes from. My dad was like that and so was your dad. Bums, that what they were and that's what you are. I do not want my children to grow up to be stuck in teh life that I am stuck in. He will take good care of them. Then there is the matter of romantic candle light dinners and the leisurely hours spent in the bath tub just talking about our days and planning for the next." Aasera said as she finished packing.

"Come baby let me push this nice inch shaft up your ass and you will feel better. One fuck and you will forget all about him. Me fucking you once every three months in between jail time is more than him fucking you daily. You just don't realise the fact. You are in a fog, that's what you are. " Jerome pleaded.

Aasera picked up her suitcase and walked off. She stopped at the door and turend back to say, "You know Jerome, it is true what they say about a black woman. Once you go white..."

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by Anonymous

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by 26thNC08/14/18

Really different

Didn't see that xoming, a fun story.

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by cub4acougar06/10/18


can`t stop laughing
great job

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by silentsound03/13/18


Stupid fun and short.

Poking fun at the cliché often used.

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by Anonymous12/05/17

Re Anonymous 04/14/17

The BBC lovin' guy said "the big dick trope was also created by the white man. Not our fault the brothers were born with bigger than average phalluses."

Get you story straight wise ass. Either its a fictionalmore...

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