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Once You Go Black...


This is my second submission to the site. It's been a long time coming as the story seemed to take on a life of its own. I started with an idea of what I wanted to write but ended up with far more than expected. The story is filled with plenty of hardcore action so you may want to skip it if you prefer the romantic story lines. Comments and suggestions are always welcomed (I already have a few spin off stories planned eventually) and I apologize up front for any typos or grammatical errors that slip past by mediocre editing skills. Once again I urge the readers to practice safe sex even though our characters seldom do. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed reading yours over the years.


Amy swore to herself and sighed in frustration. Why was it so difficult to search the Internet without getting all these pop ups lately? Many were for absurd products or offers that seemed too good to be true, but the vast majority of them were ads for pornography sites. No matter what she searched for, it seemed that porn always managed to find its way to her desktop. Her plan had been to spend an hour or two browsing the net, but she wasn't able to get far with the constant distractions. She decided she needed a drink and went to the kitchen pouring a glass of white wine to help her relax.

Returning to her office, which she'd set up in a spare bedroom, she tried clicking on the next link in her search results. What she got was another barrage of advertisements on her screen. She started to close them again when she came across one of the most disgusting porn ads she'd sent yet and hesitated. It was the same one she had seen three weeks ago and had been fantasizing about since.

It the animated ad, this bleached-blonde bimbo with huge fake tits was leaning back looking over her shoulder. She had a huge dick jammed in her mouth and was riding two more, one in her ass and one in her pussy. All three men were black and sported incredibly big cocks. This revolting slut seemed to be enjoying it and appeared to have cum leaking from every orifice as she looked more closely. Shaking her head to clear her mind, she laughed nervously to herself. She lived alone in her apartment, but still felt an irrational fear of being caught looking at such filth. I'm a grown woman she thought to herself, so what if I want to look at this picture?

Attributing her curiosity to the recent problems in her love life she stood up from the computer and went to watch the movie she had rented on the way home tonight. Instead of closing the ad she minimized it so it would still be there later. She didn't even attempt to rationalize her train of thought behind this decision. After the movie she got ready for bed and found herself thinking about the picture again. She tried to force it from her mind. Tomorrow was Friday and she needed her sleep to be sharp for the meeting with the lab's head of research they ended each week with.

All night she tossed and turned dreaming of the ad, except she was the woman in the picture now. Waking 15 minutes before her alarm was set to go off, Amy couldn't believe how horny she felt. Reaching down between her legs she pushed aside her wet panties and tried to find the release her frustrated body needed. She wasn't shy about taking care of her own needs, masturbating several times a week, but today she felt dirty doing it and this fueled her excitement.

Using both hands she rubbed her clit and spread her lips. She knew exactly where to touch and just the right amount of pressure she needed to force herself to cum quickly. Closing her eyes, her mind filled with visions of black men with huge cocks ravaging her. Soon she felt her pussy pulse and started leaking thicker juices from deep within, as she was overcome with ecstasy. Lifting her fingers to her mouth she tasted herself, something she only did when extremely turned on. As she lay there trying to compose herself her alarm sounded and it was time to get ready for work.

Soaping her body as she showered, she tried to make sense of what had been happening to her since she'd first saw that ad while the suds and warm water wash over her. If only she could find a good man then she wouldn't need to live her sex life through such far-fetched fantasies. It had only been two months since she has split up with her most recent boyfriend. They had been together almost a year and she had though that he loved her. Then she caught him cheating on her with a girl he worked with, shattering her happy life. She was starting to get over him now, but wasn't ready for another relationship just yet. Why did he have to turn out to be such a pathetic scumbag?

Stepping out of the shower she dried herself with a fresh towel. She was in her late 20s now and the big three oh loomed closer and closer by the day. Her biological clock hadn't started ticking in her head yet, but it would soon be time to wind it. She laughed thinking all she needed now was a call from her mother mentioning grandchildren again to push her over the edge and she'd been ready for some heavy binge drinking all weekend.

Studying her reflection in the mirror, she thought to herself that she still had plenty of honey to catch a few flies with yet. She was a petite brunette with blue eyes and wore her hair in a short, manageable style. Growing up she had hated the freckles across her nose, upper back and chest, but combined with her size they helped her look much younger than she really was, a bonus she was beginning to appreciate as the years passed. Hefting her B cup breasts, she rubbed her small sensitive nipples. Her breasts looked a lot bigger than they were on her small, slender frame. She looked down between her legs and ran her hand lightly over her mound. Since her recent break up she been neglecting her ground keeping duties and her hair down below was much longer and thicker than normal.

After putting on a white bra and panty set she dressed in typical Friday work clothes. She put on a white blouse and a knee-length dark gray skirt. Today she chose a pale yellow light-knit buttoned sweater to finish the outfit. The lab work was often messy and they spent most of the day covered in lab coats, so she preferred comfort over style wearing jeans and alumni sweaters the rest of the week. Regardless, she always dressed up a little for the end of the week meetings and it felt good to remind her mostly male co-workers of her femininity once in a while too. After drying and styling her hair, she added some quick makeup and a few dabs of her favorite scent before heading towards the kitchen for her morning coffee.

As she passed the spare bedroom she had converted to a home office, she went to her computer. Moving the mouse to clear the screen saver, she clicked the ad from her task bar intent on getting rid of it. The mouse pointer hovered over the red X that would close it, but she couldn't bring herself to make that click. She could feel her temperature rise as she looked at the picture again and replaced the woman's face with her own in her mind. Knowing that if she stayed much longer she'd have a wet pair of panties to change, she fled the room.

Finishing her cup of coffee, she tried to get a grip on her thoughts. Since first seeing that ad a few weeks ago, she felt as if she was losing control of her libido. She had always enjoyed sex and even considered herself a little adventurous in the bedroom but she never would have guessed such sleazy thoughts possible until now. Perhaps a stop gym on the way home would be a good idea? A nice work out should help get her back to a normal state of mind she decided. After quickly packing her gym bag, she grabbed her purse and car keys before heading out the door.

Her morning at work followed the normal routine. Making a quick round in her section of lab, she checked her current works in progress for any signs of trouble or promising results. With that done she collected the data she needed to make her daily entries and prepared notes for the grad students who monitored the lab over the weekend.

Consumed by her work, she was oblivious to the passage of time and was surprised when lunchtime arrived. This week the head of lab research was treating them to a catered lunch for their meeting. As always the meeting would cover their current projects and anything new set to commence in the next few weeks. She left the lab removing her coat, protective glasses, and gloves and made a quick stop at the ladies room before heading to the boardroom.

When she got to the boardroom the caterers has already arrived and had started to serve some delicious smelling dishes. A few of the people from her lab were here and had already filled their plates with food. The serving girl asked her what she would like and she accepted a plate piled high with her choices before taking a seat. Soon everyone from her lab had arrived and a short time later their supervisor Dave came in with a tall, muscular black man before closing the door.

"Good afternoon everyone, I hope you're all enjoying the food. I wanted to introduce you all to my counterpart from our facility across town. This is Karl Wilson and he'll be briefing us on an important project we'll be starting in our lab next month," Dave said as they both collected lunch plates before sitting at the front.

Amy could barely concentrate on eating while sharing the room with a man whom so perfectly embodied her recent desires. He was easily over six feet tall and was clean-shaven with closely cropped hair. As she studied his body the words "football player" sprang to her mind. She could feel her pussy starting to moisten and her thoughts filled with fantasies again, this time of her riding Karl.

"Amy? Amy do you have anything to add?" asked Dave's voice.

Snapping out of her daze, she realized everyone in the room had turned to look at her. Having no idea what they had been talking about she felt her face turning red in shame. Relax she thought to herself, no one knows what you were daydreaming about, "No not really," she answered softly.

"Ok. Well how about your current work? Anything of interest to report there?" he continued.

Having prepared notes for the students to follow over the weekend earlier in the day, she managed to stumble through a quick summary that seemed to satisfy him as he moved on to the next person. She hoped her relief wasn't too obvious while trying to focus on the rest of the discussion. For the rest of the meeting she refused to look in Karl's direction and listed intently to what they said, though it was nearly impossible to keep her mind from wandering when Karl spoke in his deep baritone voice.

Her afternoon was spent preparing things for a new round of tests she that were scheduled to commence next Monday. They always start the new projects on a Monday so the experienced staff could carefully monitor the early stages of the tests. The entire staff was in a directory listing for the students who came in on the weekends to check things over. It was rare to get a call, so Amy didn't mind at all and most of the time they just had a question, especially some of the new ones who were unsure of themselves and prone to second guessing their own judgment. Losing herself in the work again and suppressing any sexual thoughts that tried to develop she was relieved when 5 o'clock finally arrived.

As she was heading to her car she saw Karl speaking with Dave near the elevator and decided she better take the stairs. Even this brief glance at Karl had her pussy stirring beneath her skirt. Taking a few deep breaths after reaching her car before starting the engine she headed for the gym in the hope it would help her get back to normal.

When she got there guy at the front desk checked her membership pass before waving her on in. She changed quickly, hoping none of the other women would notice the embarrassing wet spot on her panties. Once changed into her shorts, T-shirt, and running shoes she headed to work out area. She forced herself to maintain a harsh pace with her exercises and after an hour or so she was exhausted.

Removing her sweaty clothes and wrapping herself in a towel she decided a steam in the sauna would feel good before she showered. The room was empty when she entered so she lay down naked on the upper level of the wooden bench. Using her arms to cushion her head, she covered her ass with her towel. The relaxing steam help sooth away her worries and she soon felt at ease for the first time today.

The hard work out and warm steam was just what the doctor ordered. It helped her to relax her muscles and she could feel the tension of the past day evaporating. A few minutes later, two women entered and sat down across from her. Amy found herself admiring their towel clad bodies, and chalked it up to her raging sexy drive. She'd never been with a woman but thoughts of these two were quickly filling her mind.

Neither of them seemed to look in her direction or even notice her as they started talking to each other. Amy pretend to be asleep peering out though the tiniest of slits in her eyeslids, but was forced to stifle a gasp as they dropped their towels and sat back naked on the opposite bench. They must have though she was asleep because they started discussing their sex lives as if they were alone.

"Sometimes I wonder if the stiff muscles are even worth it Michelle," said the redhead as she rubbed her calves, "My legs are sore from riding that damn stair master all day but Greg still isn't interested in sex beyond getting his rocks off."

"Relax, most women would to kill to have a body like yours," the blonde haired Michelle replied, "Besides its your own fault for getting married. Peter knows he needs to keep me happy in bed or I'll dump his ass like that." She snapped her fingers as both women laughed.

"You're not helping," scolded the redhead in mocking stern voice when they had calmed down.

"Well do something to spice things up," suggested Michelle. "You guys have been married for nearly six years now. He's bound to loose a little interest and I'm sure he kinda feels like your his now and he doesn't need to try any more. I remember when you guys started dating in college Leah. I couldn't study in my bedroom any more you guys were so loud across the hall every night." Leah blushed as Michelle continued, "I know he was doing something right back then, trying his best to impress his new girlfriend. You need to do something new to get him excited again. I always thought Greg was cute... we could try a threesome? I know Peter wouldn't care as long as he got watch or get a turn," she finished with a devious grin.

"Well I haven't been with a woman since our college days," she said giving Michelle a smile that spoke volumes. "Why not? I'm sure that would get Greg exited in our love making again."

The two women began devising a plan to seduce their men into a night of swinging. Amy was sure they were putting far to much though into it, I mean how hard could it be to "lure" two men into group sex with women who looked as good as they did? As she listened to their planing she had to admit it sounded good and she could see the merit in teasing their men until they were ready to cum in their pants before giving them what they wanted.

The door opened and they stopped talking, quickly snatching their towels up as another woman entered. Amy was shocked by what she had just heard them openly discussing. Listening to them talk brought back all the thoughts she has just succeeded in ridding herself of. She'd even started discreetly squeezing his swollen lips between her thighs and rubbing her hard nipples into the bench. They soon stood up wrapping themselves in their towels before leaving, as she fought the impulse to jump up and blurt out, "Can I come too?"

Amy waited until they had been gone for 20 minutes before she left the sauna herself and showered. She went for a cool shower and to help suppress her out of control desire. Rinsing away the sticky secretions from between her legs, she had to resist the urge to finger herself right there in the public showers. Dressing in her work clothes again for her drive home she was disappointed that the trip had been for naught. It was going to be a long, restless night she feared.

As she drove home all she should think about again was big cocks and what those two women would end up doing tonight. The route she took home passed an adult bookstore and on impulse she pulled into the parking lot instead of driving past. She didn't know what to do now but felt stupid sitting the car. There were no other stores sharing the lot so anyone passing by would automatically assume she was going in or had just left anyway.

What the hell she thought, a quick look around and I'll leave. As she opened the front door she had no idea what to expect. She was worried the store would be full of seedy looking men in long trench coats, but her fears were quickly abated as she stepped inside. Considering where she was and what she was expecting, it looked reasonably classy on first impression.

She wandered the isles noticing that a lot of what they sold seemed to be geared towards couples. Maybe this explained the cleanliness she speculated, knowing most women would have left already if the place had been half as bad as she had feared. She avoided eye contact with any of the other customers and took only fleeting glances at the merchandise. After wandering the store for a while she noticed she was one of the few customers left. The guy at the counter called out asking, "Is there anything I can help you with?"

"No I'm just looking," she stammered in a nervous voice turning around.

When she turned she came face to face with a wide assortment of dildos and vibrators. All she could do was stare at the long black ones on the left. She stood there mesmerized imagining what it would feel like to shove one of these big toys into her pussy. Amy didn't even notice the clerk had come up behind her until her pointed to a toy with tiny barbs on the shaft and all sort of bells and whistles saying, "My girlfriend really likes this one if you're looking for something new." When she didn't respond he seemed to sense he was making her jittery and backed away saying, "I'm sorry. Listen I'll be at the checkout if you need anything."

The toy that had caught her eye was a dildo called "Big Ben" and came in 10, 12, and 14 inch models. Its box shamelessly exploited the image of the famous London clock with a drawing of it and a big DONG, DONG surround by musical notes. She spent a long time studying them before convincing herself to buy one and get it over with. The salesman had already been recommending toys for her enjoyment so she couldn't imagine buying one being that much worse. Settling on the 12", or "medium" as it was labeled, she hurried to the counter hoping to get outside with it before any new customers arrived.

Buying it ended up being far worse than she thought possible. First, the guy at the counter widened his eyes at her choice and gave her a knowing smile. She stood frozen feeling so dirty as he undressed her with his eyes, picturing her using the toy as she was unable to say anything.. Then once he got a good look at her face he said, "I'm sorry but I'll need to see some ID before I can sell you this. We're not allowed to serve customers under 21."

Normally she'd have been flattered to be mistaken for a much younger woman, but she was mortified by his request. Fumbling through her purse in a panic, she showed him her driver's license proving he age before he would ring up her purchase. Handing him her money she waited for her change and hoped their bags weren't transparent. Then he asked, "Do you have one of our frequent shopper cards? If not I can sign you up for one right now, it'll just take a minute. For only $10 you'll save 10% on your purchases of selected merchandise for a year starting today. Anything marked with a red sticker is eligible for the rebate, like your dildo here see," he said pointing to the red dot sticker on the price tag.

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