tagInterracial LoveOnce You Have Black...

Once You Have Black...


I finally found a chance to get away today and head on over to the mall. I got there around one or so just when it started to crowd with the teenage guys. I made my way down the aisles of Sears and into the main mall. It just so happened that there was a group of guys by the fountain in the middle of the mall. I decided that since the whether had been bad for days and the mall wasn't to crowded and I had a lot to do today that I would be a bit of a slut. I walked down and sat at one of the tables and grabbed a cup of coffee. I sipped on my coffee for a little bit and made eye contact with one of the guys in the group. He was black and very light skinned. He smiled at me and finally walked over to me.

He asked if he could take a seat with me. I offered him the chair across from me and we started chatting. It turned out he had just graduated from one of the local high schools and was going to go to PJC in the fall. He told me that he didn't have a girlfriend and how he was just at the mall today killing time. That is when I turned up the volume on my sluttiness. I smiled at him and took a small sip of my coffee. "I guess you could say I am killing some time to. I was just going to try and find some nice, hot, guy to see if maybe he could give me his opinion on some lingerie. I have some amateur porn that I want to do in the next few weeks and I need some good outfits. But I really need a man's opinion on them. *took another sip of the coffee and let the tip of my tongue touch the top of the cup gently* I guess I am just going to have to go shopping by myself." He looked like I had slapped him in the face.

I thought the poor boy was going to fall out dead right there. He smiled though and tried to recover quickly. "I could go with you. I have my car here and we could..." I leaned over and kissed him. I slid my hands up to his cock and rammed my tongue into his hot mouth. He returned the kiss and I pulled away. I stood and motioned for him to follow me. We headed down the aisles of Sears and out to the parking lot. He smiled at me and we got to my car. "Let's go and see if we can't find some lingerie that you like." I smiled at him and he got in the car. I decided to go to Crystal Palace. Anything goes there and I know the owner.

We got there and walked in. Claire (surprise....smiles) was behind the counter and she just smiled at me and waved me back to the lingerie section. I led James back to the lingerie area and proceeded to pick out the skimpiest thing I could find. Of course I wouldn't have been caught dead in it but hey it would serve the purpose. I grabbed this little white lace see-through number that tied all the way down the front...definitely made for someone with not tits. :) I lead James over to the dressing room area and went in. I shut the door and quickly took off every stitch of clothing that I was wearing. I stood back and leaned against the back wall of the dressing room. "Ok, I'm ready." James opened the door and just looked shocked. I grabbed his arm and quickly pulled him into the small room and shut the door. He reached out for one of my nipples and pinched it gently. "I told you I was ready......*smiled at him*.....and I am. For your big black cock."

I immediately dropped down to my knees in front of him and unfastened his jeans and slid them down his legs. He stepped out of them and I began to slid his cock out of his bikini underwear. He had a pretty good sized cock. It was about 6 inches and 2 inches wide. I looked up at him and began to take him into my mouth deep throating his shaft. I bobbed my head up and down his shaft all the way to the base.....letting my chin touch his balls before going all the way back to the head of his cock and starting over. He moaned and dropped a hand down to the back of my head pushing me into his cock harder. I starting moving my head faster and faster until I figured he was about to explode. I stopped sucking his cock and stood back up. I looked up at him,"DO you want my slutty little cunt wrapped around that cock?" He nodded and I smiled at him, "Well, take it then. Ram that huge cock into my slutty cunt James. I wanna feel you pounding my white slutty hole.

He grabbed me and lifted me up letting me wrap my legs around his waist. He reached down between us and rammed his cock straight into my cunt hard and fast. I almost came right then but instead just moaned and told him to pound my slutty hole and to shoot his hot cum into my juicy white cunt. He started pumping me harder and harder not saying a word but just grunting and raping at my cunt. I moaned and he bit my shoulder a little bit as he pumped into my juicy swollen snatch. He leaned his head down and sucked and bit at my nipple while he fucked my cunt hard and fast. There wasn't anything sweet or soft about it.

He was straight out fucking the hell out of me. I moaned into his ear and started cumming around his cock. My muscles were spasming and clenching his shaft hard. He screamed into my shoulder and before I knew it he was shooting loads of that interracial cum deep into my juicy white snatch. I moaned one more time and came all over the head of his cock while he was pulling out. I dropped my legs and licked my lips. He stood against the wall out of breath and we both go dressed. I drove him back and dropped him off at the mall.

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