tagGay MaleOne Afternoon at the Gym

One Afternoon at the Gym

byKen Nitsua©

Revised version copyright 2007 by the author.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: An early version of this tale was my very first erotic story, written when I was in high school, inspired by gym class and gang showers. It's gone through countless drafts in the decades since but the fantasy remains as potent as ever for me. Best, KN

Paul finished his jog and walked off the outdoor track, panting. It was a sunny late spring day and the afternoon was warm. He had taken off his shirt and stuck it in his waistband early in his run, and used it now to wipe the sweat from his face and chest as he headed toward the locker room.

The exercise program he had begun several months before included weights as well as running. Looking in the full-length mirror earlier as he had changed, he had been pleasantly surprised by the increasing muscle mass in his chest and shoulders. His hard work was paying off. If only someone would notice.

Paul's locker was in the basement of the gym. Apparently that room had been the last to have lockers in it assigned that year, as only the three or four aisles nearest the door had occupied units.

There was a small additional room off the back of the main locker room, near the showers, with temporary lockers. Paul knew that a lot more than changing went on there. He had seen men in towels strolling in with elaborate casualness, or peering out through the windows of the double doors to see if anybody could be enticed to join them. He himself had occasionally tricked there. Not lately, though.

As he pushed open the door and walked in he heard the shower running. He found his locker and stripped off his sweaty running gear. Leaving it on the bench, he got his towel and shampoo out of his locker. Just then the shower stopped. Paul walked to the showers and entered the outer area where towels were hung. The man who had been showering was there, drying himself. He smiled and nodded.

Paul replied, "Hi," with some difficulty. This one was the genuine article--strong features, dark eyes, and even white teeth under a mustache almost black like his wavy hair. His body was well muscled without being overdeveloped. Defined pectorals were lightly covered with hair that thickened as it descended over washboard abs, smoothly joining with the thick pubic mass out of which jutted a nicely sized and shaped cut cock with a purplish, conical head, heavy ball sac swinging beneath. Sturdy arms and legs completed the picture.

To his embarrassment he found himself getting hard. Paul swiftly dropped his towel to cover himself as he passed the dark stranger to enter the shower. He hung it on a showerhead and turned on a cold blast to steady himself, but could not resist turning toward the outer area again. Now the dark man's back was to him. The sight of broad shoulders tapering in a perfect V-shape to a dimpled, hairy butt brought lust coursing into Paul's body again. He sighed.

Forget it, he'd never look twice at me.

With an effort he turned away and got down to the business of cleaning himself up. As he concentrated on soaping and shampooing himself he began to feel calmer.

When he turned again the man had left. He finished his shower, dried himself off, and went back to his locker, which was directly in front and some distance away from the double doors that led into the back locker room. As he bent to open it, Paul glanced toward the back room.

To his surprise he saw the dark handsome man he had encountered a few minutes earlier, a towel around his waist, standing at the entrance, gazing outward. His eyes met Paul's, sending an unmistakable message.

Paul's breath quickened and he felt his cock stiffen. He hitched his towel around his waist and walked quickly into the back locker room, letting the door fall shut with a thump. His cock sprang out in full erection as he removed the towel from his waist and took it in his hand, walking back to the last row of lockers.

The dark man was standing in the aisle, his towel on the bench beside him. He had one foot on the bench and leaned forward, a hand on his bent knee, smiling. Paul stopped, hypnotized by the masculine perfection before him.

The stranger's hand moved, beckoning. That brought Paul out of it. He took a step forward and the dark man moved to meet him. Both men's hands reached out simultaneously for the other's cock.

As Paul's hand made contact, he let his eyes drop to his prize. He gripped the shaft, noting with satisfaction its length and thickness. His thumb slid over the smooth head and reached the moist opening at the front. He spread the precum over the head and heard a quick intake of breath from the other man in response.

The hands of the stranger had been occupied too, squeezing and fondling Paul's organ. Now they moved up and began to work Paul's nipples. The blond threw his head back, eyes closed in pleasure. Then Paul bent his head down, brushing his lips across the darkly furred chest in front of him. He opened his mouth and let his tongue flick slowly and delicately across one large nipple. As the other's breathing quickened, Paul began to twist and squeeze the other nipple as he engulfed the first with his entire mouth, keeping his tongue in constant motion. In a few moments the stranger gasped and pulled away.

Paul spoke to his partner for the first time. "What's wrong?" He asked.

The other man smiled. "Nothing. Just felt so good I thought I was going to cum."

Paul chuckled. "Not yet." He knelt, his hands cupping the other's hard dimpled ass cheeks. He closed his eyes as he let the jutting flesh of the dickhead play across his face, burying his nose in the damp pubic hair, inhaling the scent of soap mixed with a faint hint of man musk. Finally he let his lips part and close on the cock. Slowly he slid down past the flaring head and down the shaft, then up again. Giving head to this guy felt very good. As Paul increased the pressure and pace, he began to pull on his own stiff dick with one hand. The man standing before him sighed, his hands caressing Paul's tousled blond head as the kneeling man buried his face in his crotch, taking the entire length of erect cock down his hot throat. A moan escaped his mustached lips as Paul twisted his head on the way up. The blond now raised his hands to the chest in front of him, teasing his partner's nipples as he continued his efforts.

Paul raised his eyes and saw the dark man's head thrown back, his eyes closed and mouth open in pleasure. His knees were beginning to hurt from the cold tile floor of the locker room but he didn't care. He felt the strong hands on his head, caressing and guiding him, and felt a rush of pride that he could give this much pleasure to another man. He grasped the ass again and lunged forward, deep throating the cock until it choked him, keeping it stuffed in his mouth even as he gagged. With a grunt the man in front of him pulled back.

"You okay, man?"

Paul looked up and grinned, though he was gasping and his eyes were watering. "Never better."

The other man laughed. Hands under his arms pulled Paul to his feet. "Now it's my turn."

He knelt and soon the blond felt waves of pleasure flood through his body up from his crotch. His partner's hands and mouth moved rapidly and expertly, making a hot slippery tunnel for Paul's cock. Paul looked downward at the masculine form before him, down the broad shoulders and muscular back to the cleft of his ass. He cupped the dark man's face with his hands, raising it to his own as he bent down and placed his lips on the other's mouth. Paul fleetingly wondered whether his partner would even want to kiss him, but the stranger took his mouth even more eagerly than he had his cock or nipples. Strong arms encircled him as the man rose and kissed Paul passionately. Paul hugged back with equal abandon as their tongues and lips tangled together. After long moments they broke apart. Paul let his head fall against the shoulder in front of him, letting out a long sigh.

His partner spoke again. "Anything the matter?"

Paul chuckled. "Not one damn thing," he replied, "except maybe that I don't know your name."

The dark man smiled. "I don't know yours either. I guess I was more interested in other things. Anyway, I'm Gary, and you're...?"


"Paul," Gary repeated. He shook his head. "There I am in that shower, thinking I'm the only one in the place, and you walk in. Damn."

He took Paul's cock in his hand again and reached around behind with his other. Paul felt a finger push into his asshole and closed his eyes. "Mm, I'd love something bigger up there."

Gary grinned. "Thought you'd never ask. Turn around and bend over."

Paul obeyed. In a moment the blond felt the soft, wet touch of Gary's tongue on his butt, moving closer and closer to the crevice between his legs until it tickled the hairs around his hole. Then it was probing the soft flesh of the hole itself. Paul groaned softly as he pushed his butt back against Gary's mouth, trying to get as much of his tongue up his asshole as he could. His friend redoubled his efforts, moving his head from side to side, pressing his lips against the soft flesh as he thrust into his target. The grunts and obscene smacking sounds coming from the man rimming him drove Paul wild. "Come on, man. Yeah, eat my ass. Get my hole ready for your big fat cock," he whispered through gritted teeth. "You're getting me so hot...can't wait to feel that rod slamming into me."

"You got it, buddy," replied Gary, rising to his feet. He pulled Paul back toward the bench, reached under his towel, and pulled out a small plastic tube. He winked. "I came prepared."

Gary squeezed out some lube and quickly applied it to his hard-on. Then he sat on the bench with his legs spread, his erection glistening. He motioned to Paul. "Come here and sit on this baby."

"Sure thing."

Paul put a hand on his friend's shoulder. He straddled Gary's body, took the cock with his other hand and guided it toward his waiting hole. He pressed the hard flesh against the opening and felt himself beginning to yield. In a moment he gasped as the flaring head pushed past his sphincter and his hole closed behind it. This moment always hurt but he knew he could take it. Sure enough, in a moment the rest of Gary's dick began to slide into him without any trouble. He bent his knees further until he was sitting in his partner's lap, Gary's entire cock inside him. Paul closed his eyes and savored the moment, pressing down with his body to get it in as far as he could. His partner let out a grunt of pleasure.

Paul began to ride Gary's cock, tightening his ass muscles to give maximum friction as he slid up and down on the greased pole of flesh. With his free hand he pulled on his own stiff prick.

"Oh yeah," said Gary. "Ride that cock, man...feels so good.". He thrust upward with his body in reaction to Paul's movements. In a moment Gary said, "Lay back on the bench, man."

Paul leaned backward, supported by his partner's arm, until his back was on the wood. He raised his legs in the air and brought them down on Gary's shoulders. He looked into the dark eyes of this stud who had conquered him and smiled his encouragement. In response, Gary leaned down and put his mouth to his. The kiss inflamed their passion. Grasping Paul's ankles, Gary began driving his cock into Paul's rectum. Paul jacked his own rod furiously. He knew he couldn't last much longer. "Gonna shoot my load, man," he grunted.

"Go ahead," replied Gary, increasing the pace of his thrusts. "I'll come with you. Oh yeah...gonna shoot my hot cum in your ass...oh...oh..." His speech turned into wordless shouts as Paul felt the dick inside him begin to throb, emptying its fiery liquid into his gut. He groaned in delight as his asshole convulsively grasped the cock inside him and his own cock expelled hot jets across his heaving chest and stomach.

For long moments, the two men let their bodies stay joined. The intensity of the shared climax left them both gasping. Finally Gary sighed and began pulling out gently. It seemed to take forever. Paul chuckled.

"What's so funny?" asked Gary.

"Feels like it's a mile long coming out."

"Not as long as it was a second ago."

"God!" Paul moaned as Gary's cock finally popped out and his asshole closed behind it.

Their mouths met again in another, gentler kiss. Gary smiled. "You're OK."

"I bet you don't get many complaints yourself. How come I've never run into you before?"

"Well," said Gary, "I didn't hang around here much because I never saw anything going on. Then, one afternoon I was showering late, like today, and this cute guy in the shower starts giving me the eye. Turns out he's the maintenance man. We had a hot little scene back here. So then I started cruising a little more seriously. I've had my share of hot times, but you're the best by far."

"Wait a minute," Paul said. "What was this guy's name?"

"Only found out his first name--Dan. Kind of short, real muscular, has a buzz cut."

"Oh, yeah," Paul laughed. " I've had a few good scenes with him myself up in a john on the fifth floor."

A glint appeared in Gary's eye. "Be hot to have a three-way with him sometime."

Paul nodded. "Sure would." He stood. "Guess we should get cleaned up." He gave Gary's cock a squeeze. "Thanks. That was great."

Gary grinned. "Any time, man."

Paul took his towel and headed for the door to the main locker room.

When he opened the door the shower was going again. He turned to Gary, who was just behind him.

"Sounds like we have company."

They walked quietly toward the shower and stepped into the outer area. Clothes and a towel hung on one of the hooks. The unknown man was using a shower off to one side.

Gary spoke behind him. "That could be Dan's stuff. He sometimes cleans up here."

Paul raised his eyebrows. "Let's check it out."

He tiptoed to the shower room entrance and stuck his head in. It was Dan. The blond custodian's back was to him as he finished rinsing off. Paul feasted his eyes on the muscular back and tight ass.

At that moment Dan turned and caught sight of him. His body jerked in surprise, then relaxed as he recognized Paul. "Jesus, you scared me, man," he shouted over the rushing water. "Why'd you sneak up like that?"

Paul went up to him and put a hand on his shoulder. "Sorry." He smiled into Dan's eyes. "I was enjoying the view."

Dan smiled back as he shut off the water. "Just got off work. I was changing some ceiling lights, got pretty dusty. I didn't think anyone was going to be here since it was so late. I locked the door." He grasped Paul's stiffening cock. "So we're safe."

Paul reached out and pinched one's of Dan's nipples. "Mm, nice. Just the three of us."

"Three of us?"

"That's right," Gary said, stepping into the shower. His cock was rising semi-hard between his legs. "We were just talking about how great it would be if you came by. So you're off now?"

"Gary," Dan said, grinning. "Yeah, just got off." He snickered. "Well, off work, I mean."

"Come on in the back room. Leave your clothes, you won't be needing them."

When the door closed behind them Gary turned to Dan, his eyes shining. "Let's party," he said.

Gary took the towel he had been holding and started to dry the blond custodian's wet body. As he toweled off Dan's head Gary put his lips on the other man's mouth. He quickly worked his way down the hard body with both towel and tongue until he got to Dan's cock. In a flash the rod was in his mouth.

Meanwhile, Paul had knelt behind Dan. He parted his asscheeks and found the small puckered hole. In a moment Paul's mouth and tongue were devouring the prize while his hand beat on his own stiff dick.

"Fuck me Paul," Dan gasped.

Paul found Gary's lube and quickly rubbed some on his prick. He got behind Dan and in a moment was inside him, closing his eyes in pleasure as his shaft was surrounded by hot smooth flesh. He began to thrust slowly in and out. Dan threw his head back against Paul's shoulder in ecstasy. "Damn that's fine!" he whispered.

"Fuck yeah," Gary murmured, pulling on his rod as he watched Paul plow Dan.

After a while he turned and straddled the nearby bench. "Who wants to shove their cock up my ass?"

Paul whispered to Dan, "You first. I'll pull out." He kept playing with his dick, keeping it hard, as he watched the maintenance man take Gary's ass from behind. Paul moved so he could see the custodian's long straight shaft sliding in and out of Gary's hole. His dark-haired friend's eyes were closed and his mouth open as Dan's dangling balls slapped against him with every hard thrust.

"Take it, Gary," Dan cried.

Gary grunted as the assault behind him continued. He opened his eyes and caught Paul's lustful gaze. He grinned, opening his mouth and wagging his tongue. Paul took the hint and shoved his cock down Gary's throat. He looked up and saw Dan's eager face in front of him. In another moment Paul's and the custodian's tongues were tangling together. When they broke apart, Paul whispered, "Let me have him."

Dan grinned and nodded. "Hey," he said to Gary. "Turn around and suck me."

"Sure." Gary leered as he eased himself off Dan's cock and turned around, offering his ass to a new invader.

Paul's cock grew even harder at the sight of those buns ready for the taking. In a second his face was between them while Gary licked the cock clean that had just been up his hole. When he was through Dan climbed onto the bench and got under Gary. They kept up their mutual sucking as Paul finished rimming Gary and slammed his erection into the stretched-out hole. As he got his rhythm going, rod sliding in and out like a piston, he felt Dan's hands parting his legs and the custodian's head sliding back between them. Dan's mouth was aiming for Paul's asshole. In a moment it had reached its target.

"Damn," Dan said. "He fucked you already. I can taste the cum leaking out of your hole. Fucking hot."

Paul reached in front of Gary's body, pinching and squeezing the hard nipples he found, bringing another moan of ecstasy. "Oh God, stop, I'm going to cum."

"Don't you want to?"

"Not yet," Gary replied, working Dan's prick with his hand. "I don't want to waste my load on the bench. I want it inside one of you."

He eased himself out of the tangle of bodies and turned to watch Dan and Paul continue fucking. The custodian had flipped the blond jogger on his back on the bench. He pushed his cock into Paul's ass and grinned at Gary.

"You greased him up good," he said. "Nature's best lube."

Soon Paul was crying out at every massive thrust Dan delivered, his hand pumping furiously on his cock. Dan decided to finish Paul off and substituted his own hand. It only took a moment before Paul shouted "Oh God!" and shot, white liquid arcing upward for the second time that afternoon, hitting Dan's face and splashing over Paul's tight chest and stomach. Dan took as much as he could in his mouth before feeding Paul his own load.

Finally he raised his cum-spattered face toward Gary and grinned. "One down, two to go. You've got to be in on the finish, man."

"You know how I want to finish it."

In reply Dan pulled out of Paul's spent body, stood, turned his back to Gary and bent over, pulling his cheeks apart with his hands. "Come and get it."

In an instant Gary was in him, and Dan put his hands against a nearby locker to brace himself against the onslaught. Gary began to gasp as he rushed toward orgasm. At that moment Dan was totally surprised to feel his own cock engulfed by Paul's hot mouth. That sent him over the edge, and crying out hoarsely, the custodian shot his long-delayed load into the eager throat as Gary, matching him shout for shout, emptied his second load of the afternoon simultaneously into Dan's bowel.

Paul released Dan's cock and quickly rose to his feet. He planted a kiss on Dan's lips, giving him back part of his load. Then he reached over Dan's shoulder and pulled Gary's mouth to his own, sharing the rest of the cum. Reaching around Dan's trembling body, he put his hands on Gary's buns, still flexing slowly as his thrusts gradually slowed and stopped. His head fell onto Dan's shoulder.

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