tagGroup SexOne Beach, One Night, Four Friends

One Beach, One Night, Four Friends





This story was given to me by a friend. He has since met his wife again in paradise. It could fit in group sex, interracial, impregnation, nudity, etc.

Getting pregnant is a need--the ultimate need--self-preservation and self-perpetuation. It's like eating or sleeping. It's beyond sex. It's part and parcel of every animal including humans. I've seen it happen many times, right here on this beach. Hell, I've even caused two pregnancies. Marguerite, Maggie as I loved her, blessed me with two kids many years ago. She died three years ago. My kids are grown now with kids of their own. Yep, I call all my grandkids every week.

I'm 65 and retired. So as not to overstay my welcome, a while back I rented a cottage in Pensacola, Fl. I bought fishing poles, tackle, a fancy video camera and a nice cooler. I made a cart to carry all my stuff. Hell, I was a machinist and mechanic for forty years.

My favorite spot was on Santa Rosa Island. It's a short drive from the mainland. Except for my prostate condition, the doctor says I'm in good health. He said I can still drive and should have plenty of stimulation and fresh air. Unfortunately, several storms in recent years and my age have changed things.

May and September were my favorite months on the island. The weather felt warm, pleasant and usually dry with fresh gentle breezes. Most people were working or in school. Therefore, it was not hot or crowded like the summer months, nor cold, foggy and damp like the wintertime. I preferred peaceful, beautiful and remote eastern portion of the island. The beach and Gulf were hidden from the road by sand dunes. A few pretty young girls in itsy bitsy bikinis dotted the landscape. Sometimes the sights got interesting, especially if the dots were very few, pretty and bold enough to forget or forgo their bikinis.

Sometimes I caught dinner, sometimes just fresh air, sometimes...I got out late that day, set up my chair, fishing pole and other stuff. It did not look very promising.

Over the dunes came the unmistakable noise of young ones. Their radio and other noises destroyed my peace and quiet. I almost wished the seagulls would...until I saw four of them. The first one was a tall and svelte with long dark reddish tinged hair. Underneath her striped T-shirt dress, you could see the outline of her very brief bikini. She berated her cohorts and made two trips for every one of theirs.

Three girls, maybe 19 or 20 in age, followed her. The black girl wore a halter style pastel and poke-a-dot romper. The first white girl was short and petite with pixie cut blond hair and blue eyes. She also wore a romper but hers was a solid pastel blue. The other white girl had a more meat on her bones and tits on her chest. She wore baggy shorts and a loose fitting flowery top. They made several trips over the dunes carrying, dragging or pushing various boxes and coolers between them.

I watched them set up "camp." One read a book. Another slept on an aluminum chaise lounge. Throughout the afternoon they exchanged pictures and told stores about babies—babies and pregnancies of their friends, sisters and brother's wives or girlfriends. Sometimes I heard them wish for babies children of their own.

The little black chick tossed her white friend a bottle of lotion and broke the silence. "Put this stuff on me. I'd hate to burn."

"Seems to me you've already done that." Giggled the white girl.

"Quiet pale face. Or I'll let you burn to a crisp like me."

"Kendra, I didn't know black people burned."

"I'm not burned, just dark skinned. And we do burn. I'll prove it." Kendra stood up, reached back, untied her top and let it fall forward. Her small round tit mounds were definitely a lighter color. The small dark brown quarter-sized areola and cylindrical nipples pointed slightly up. You could even seen a "tan-line," exactly what her bra did and didn't cover. "Now would you mind smearing the stuff on me, Patty?"

"Humph." Patty replied. "I guess black people do tan."

"I need it here too." Kendra said turning her bare chest to her friend.

"OK." Patty smeared and rubbed the lotion on her friend. "Now it's my turn." Patty undid her top and exposed two small orbs each topped by a tiny pink rosebud nipple that pointed upwards. "See anything you want?"

"You horny bitch."

"Tell me you don't want these." Once again, the white girl taunted her black friend by jiggling her bare chest.

Their bodies and mouths smashed together. Each set of arms wrapped about the other. Each tongue dueled inside the other's mouth. Fingers frantically fumbled and untied the remaining clothing. Each girl took a step back and let her clothes fall. Patty showed everyone her shaved cunt and pearly pink vaginal lips. Both were quite pretty, cute and nicely curved. Like two innocent schoolgirls, they took great delight at the sight of each other's nakedness and beauty. They settled on a beach towel then kissed, licked, fondled and fingered each other. They even went into a torrid 69 position. Thirty minutes later they broke apart panting but satisfied after both had come. Afterwards they spent the afternoon properly attired in bikinis reading, talking, exchanging pictures and occasionally scampering in and out of the water.

The tall redhead removed her T-shirt dress cover-up and showed us the skimpiest bikini I've ever seen with a perfectly fitted dark red triangle of cloth at the groin that matched her hair perfectly. She almost appeared naked. Her shapely backside was bare except for a thin elastic band between her cheeks and around her waist. Her legs, like the rest of her body were exquisitely formed, long, lean and tanned. I don't know how those thin straps and two tiny triangles on her chest contained her magnificent breasts.

The girl in the flowery top slept or read quietly most of the afternoon. Each time she bent forward I saw two magnificent treats. Each breast looked like a honeydew melon with delicate, smooth and creamy skin topped by coppery colored areola with cylindrical nipples a half inch in diameter and nearly and inch long. They made my mouth salivate and revived memories.

The fish weren't biting. I didn't care. The scenery was much better. Sometime later, about sixish, three guys. I changed the settings on my equipment and continued to spy on their party. Two guys, Tom and Jerry, began stringing crab traps in the shallow water. The third guy, Sam, began setting up the propane fueled crab pot. Everyone else began searching the beach for firewood.

I could see several people now drinking beer. This party was definitely growing. The shadows grew longer. The sky began to glow orange and red. The fire on the beach now mimicked those same colors and warmth. I panned the camera towards the water. The guys were lucky; each trap had two or three large crabs. The girls squealed as the guys teased and splashed them. The propane pot and boiling water was ready for cooking. All the fixings for dinner were set on a portable picnic table.

The girls all huddled so each could change into something dry. I saw their wet bikinis drying on a hastily strung clothesline behind the table. The bright firelight silhouetted each girl's legs body and breasts.

"Hey Tammy, want another beer?" Someone called.

"No! God damn it. I got to piss!" She stammered.

Another male voice called back. "So? Go find a friendly bush."

"Yeah right." The girls chorused with discomfort and full bladders evident in their voices.

For the men who don't know, many rompers or jump suits don't have snaps or crotch openings for females to use. Even so, females are very different anatomically than males. Females must drop their drawers, squat and urinate. That's why it takes ten minutes for women to do what men do very quickly, even in a civilized setting. With rompers they sometimes have to disrobe completely then do their thing.

The girls were now dancing and shivering with a desperate need to pee. Tammy, the tall one, ran to the bottom curl of a dune pulled her T-shirt dress up, removed her bikini bottom and let out a yellow stream of relief. She carried the stingy cloth that once covered her down there, walked back with her red bush in full view while slowly pushing her dress down and said, "Sorry guys, the show is over."

Her friend with the white shorts and flowery top quickly followed Tammy's lead. She hurriedly turned away from the crowd, slid her shorts and drawers down, squatted, peed, dressed and walked back to her chair.

Patty and Kendra were not so bold or quick. Both seemed terrified by their predicament and need. They held back too long. The yellow liquid suddenly and uncontrollably began squirting from their loins. Wet, stained, embarrassed and frightened they ran into the water. The foaming waves washed their failure and tears away. The wet clothes were plastered to their bodies. Even in the pale moonlight, every cunt hair, nipple and goose bump became visible and clearly sculpted. A cool night breeze made them both shiver and sneeze.

Tammy ordered them to get out of those wet clothes.

"Everything's wet. What can we wear?"

Both sneezed again.

"Come on. You'll get sick if you don't change."

"Here use these towels."

Several female hands stripped off the wet clothes and quickly wrapped the towels around them. The wet rompers joined the wet bikinis on the clothesline. Patty and Kendra were just glad to be covered. I shut the camera off as they ate boiled crabs, sweet corn, bread, and drank beer. I also ate the last of my fixin's.

I heard the fire crackle. I saw some sparks fly into the black night sky. Stars twinkled in the sky. Moonlight provided an eerie blue cast to the shadowy figures now pairing up by the fire. I turned the camera on again and set it for night vision. The timer in my viewfinder showed 9:18 PM.

I finally recognized Sam, the same guy who set up the propane pot. Sam was five eleven, with dark eyes and a sort of muscular Italian look. He sat next to Patty who frequently shifted and retied her towel. He put his arm around her and said. "Relax."

She removed his arm and repositioned the towel, her only covering.



Eventually Patty leaned back against Sam's legs while sitting on the sand and keeping her legs tightly closed. He gently and quietly massaged and rubbed her neck and shoulders. She began to smile and loosen up. Minutes later he nuzzled her neck and ears. She twisted, turned and readjusted the towel several times.

Sam gripped her upper arms and whispered. "Stop fussing." He nuzzled her again. This time he pushed to towel down and away exposing her breasts. "Anything you haven't seen before?"

Oohhs and aahhs came from the group.

Sam helped Patty stand. As they walked hand-in-hand away from the group, Patty did not attempt to cover her bare bobbling breasts and very hard pink nipples.

In the shadows he cupped her chin and gently kissed her on the mouth. The towel began to slip lower and lower. She made no effort to retrieve it. He deftly unwound the towel and spread it on the sand. She pressed her naked body to his, wrapped her arms around him and gave him a long kiss. They continued kissing and crumpled to their knees.

Hands began touching and rubbing very special areas. She settled back as Sam's hands began to rub, tweak and twiddle her small hardened nipples. They kissed again. He nuzzled her neck then kissed, licked, nibbled and suckled each breast and nipple. He continued down her firm flat stomach. Patty obviously liked it when his tongue traced patterns in and around her belly button.

His tongue flicked and licked like a slithering snake down her belly as it searched for the hottest spots. He slipped between her legs and found the hottest spots on her body, her bare cunt and clitoris. She hissed and moaned with pleasure as his tongue did all those things on her small female spot. Her breathing became wild and hurried. She arched her back, shuddered, gasped, shouted, vibrated and rapidly opened and closed her legs several times as the climatic crescendo of waves thundered and crashed through her body.

It seemed like along time, actually only a few moments had passed. She recovered and kissed him profusely. "Thanks, that was wonderful."

He pulled away, reached for his pants and said, "I have something."

"It's OK." She lied. "I'm protected. Just...just...love me." She laid back then opened her arms and legs to receive him. He rolled next to her and again gently kissed her lips, neck and breasts. His right hand twiddled tweaked, rubbed and stimulated her other breast and hard exposed nipple. His left hand and fingers rapidly rubbed and stimulated her love bud. Her breathing accelerated. She lifted her hips and buttocks as his long, bare, hard and erect penis entered her female opening. He slipped his arms under her back and held her shoulders to his body. Her breasts were mashed between them. She held her ankles wide apart and helped him slip deeper inside. Their sweat drenched bodies slipped and slid together with frantic pumping movements. They each took in huge rasping breaths. Suddenly he stopped pumping. His entire body shivered and shuddered. Instinctively she wrapped her legs about his as he exploded inside her.

Moments later they lay panting and apart from each other. He was empty. She was full. Almost an hour later the incoming tide lapped their toes and woke them. They walked proud, nude and hand-in-hand towards "camp." They made no effort to hide the white splotches of cum on their groin and thighs.

I lost count of who and when each person did it. I do have this article and pictures of four women and six babies from the local paper dated exactly nine months and five days later.

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