One Blissful Night


"Hannah!" I snapped.

Her grin remained, and she kept laughing. "Bet you never got a suck job like that," she said. "Bet you never had a girl build you up, then make you shoot like fucking Mount Saint Helens—"

"Actually, I have," I said, meeting my sister's gaze boldly. "You remember Charlene?"

Hannah's brow furrowed in thought. "Matt's sister?"

I nodded, smirked to my sister. "She spoiled me."

Hannah's eyes blazed suddenly. She seemed surprised. "That cutie? She sucked you off?"

"Like she needed it," I answered wistfully, remembering all those times, in my room, in my car, in the movie theater . . . . I sighed heavily. "Hell, sometimes, she'd just wanna do it over and over."

Hannah stared, mouth agape. She grinned. "Wow! I never would'a thought. She was so . . . innocent!"

"If you only knew," I sighed, sipping my beer.

"So that's what it is," said Hannah. "Little Charlene gave you the best head you ever got, and now you're with Sandra, who barely even licks your wick."

I breathed out through my nostrils, tapped the rim of my bottle. I tilted it back, drank deeply, then lowered the beer. I stared out as I spoke, not looking to my sister, not really looking at anything. "Maybe I'm just being selfish," I said. "I mean, yeah, it feels damn good, and it's really the only kind of sex where I don't have to do anything, just lay there and enjoy it. Most of the time with Sandra, I gotta do most of the work. It's nice to just . . . do nothing but get off. Still . . . ."

"Still, nothing," said Hannah flatly. She gulped deeply from her beer. "You suck her off, right? So, she should do it, too. I don't care what's happened to her, if she's willing to let you eat her pie, she should be willing to eat some sausage. That's all I gotta say 'bout that."

I chuckled, then sighed with discomfort. My cock was still hard, and bunched up in my jeans. Automatically, I reached down and adjusted it, squirming slightly.

"Billy," said Hannah.

I looked to her. "What?"

My sister rolled her eyes. "Just go do it, okay? Go pop in one of those pornos you got, rub one off . . . you'll feel a lot better."

I huffed. "I can't," I said.

"Why?" she asked.

"'Cause you'd know," I said simply, feeling embarrassed again.

"So?" she asked. She sighed. "Look, I do it all the time, too. Hell, I did it, like, half an hour before you got home!"

I gave her a surprised look. "You did?"

Hannah giggled. "Yeah. So, go ahead," she said. "I'll wait. Tell you what: you go make the monster squirt, then we'll watch the Sci-Fi channel. Promise."

I groaned. I still felt uncomfortable. "That just sounds too weird," I said.

Hannah breathed in deeply, looked away a moment, and huffed in exasperation. A thoughtful look crossed her face as looked back to me. "Okay, then," she said.

I frowned. "Okay what?" I asked.

Hannah stared at me for a long moment. "You want a blow job, right?"

I frowned. "What?"

Hannah rolled her eyes, then lifted the bowl from between her legs, leaning forward to set it once again on the coffee table. Her sense of modesty had apparently vanished. For a brief moment, before my sister got up from the couch and approached me, I caught a glimpse of her pussy, puffy pink vulvae lined with ethereal wisps of light blonde hair. My breath caught in my throat.

My sister leaned over me as she very casually pulled on my jeans, popping the button. "I can't believe I gotta do this," she said.

"Hannah, what—" I began, shocked, surprised, but ultimately turned on. I did not stop my beautiful kid sister as she pulled down my zipper and slid her hands under the denim toward my hips.

"Lift up," she said. "Come on, they aren't gonna come down by themselves."

Dumbfounded and aroused, I lifted my hips off the chair, and Hannah shoved my jeans down to mid-thigh. My erect cock was revealed, thick and long and hovering above my abdomen. Hannah smiled excitedly, her cheeks coloring. Her hands slid up my legs, one of them wrapping around my shaft, the other cupping my heavy, swollen balls. I sighed at the contact, and slowly pumped my hips as my sister's hand squeezed my shaft. Her slender fingers barely touched around my girth.

Hannah looked to my face. "You tell anybody about this, and I swear I'll kill you," she said seriously, even as she stroked my cock.

I shuddered. "I won't tell anyone," I said.

Hannah smiled sweetly, then licked her lips. She looked to my cock as she pumped it, watching as pre-cum oozed out over her slender fingers. As I stared with arousal and shock, Hannah lowered her head, parting her lips. I sighed loudly, sagging back in the recliner as my sister's hot, wet, eager mouth wrapped around my cock, sucking tenderly, pulling me in. I moaned, pushed up with my hips, settling my hands on her blonde-haired head. Her hair was still a little damp.

Jesus Christ, I'm getting a blow job from my own damn sister, I thought. Oh, fuck, this feels so good! Suck it, baby, yeah, suck my fucking cock!

My sister, I quickly realized, was an incredible, expert cocksucker. She slid her mouth up and down with long smooth gliding motions, smacking her lips and sucking wetly, swirling her tongue about the head of my dick each time she pulled up, and massaging my shaft with it every time she went down. With each plunge of her sweet, sucking mouth, she took more and more of my cock, eventually opening her throat and letting me slide in.

Hannah's throat bulged as she took me to the root, and she worked her mouth back and forth to get every inch of me inside her. I gasped and shook, reveling in the intense sensation. Not even Charlene had given me deep-throat. The feeling was incredible, heightened by the sight of my sister pressing her jaw to my abdomen and feeling the tip of her nose brushing my balls.

After a few moments, she slid up, breathing deeply through her nostrils. She sucked noisily, slurping up her own spit, stroking my dick with her hand at the same time. She essentially masturbated me into her incredible mouth, squeezing my cum-laden balls all the while. With the sexual frustration I had been plagued with all evening, and my sister's expert skill, I felt my orgasm building far faster than normal. I felt my toes curl and body tingle as I realized I was about cum.

My dick pulsed, sending a little burst of semen into Hannah's mouth. She moaned as she tasted it, then suddenly stopped stroking, stopped bobbing. Keeping the head of my cock in her mouth, she squeezed the base of my penis, keeping my orgasm in check. I gasped, on the very edge of exploding, my body tensing. I winced, feeling my sister's mouth gently chewing on the head of my dick.

I sighed as the need to cum faded. Hannah murmured around my cock, then resumed sucking, slowly bobbing up and down, pushing my cock down her throat again. I groaned in pleasure, massaging my sister's scalp. I had never received such an incredible blow job. My cock glistened with saliva, and my sister's hands became slick as she stroked it.

Again and again, Hannah stopped her intense sucking just before I was about to erupt, stemming the eruption of my juices by pinching the base of my straining cock. The effect was both pleasurable and frustrating, and finally, I had to cum. I simply had to.

"Hannah, please," I groaned as my sister bobbed. Hannah laughed softly around my cock, but sucked seriously with the intention of making me spurt. I gripped her head in my hands, panting as my cock throbbed between my sister's lips. My balls were heavy and swollen, ready to burst.

"Oh, God!" I gasped, bucking in the chair, plunging my cock into my sister's mouth over and over. She remained passive for the most part, letting me fuck her mouth even as she stroked and squeezed my throbbing cock with her hand. "I'm gonna cum!"

"Uhm-hmmm," she responded, pulling with her mouth, sucking harder and harder. I convulsed, the sweet rush washing through my body. I spasmed, slapping my hands to the arm rests of the chair, my cock pulsing in my sister's sweet mouth. I finally groaned in pleasure as I erupted.

Thick sluices of sperm gushed from my dick, filling Hannah's mouth, flowing toward her throat. My sister moaned appreciatively as she felt and tasted my creamy cum, and kept sucking to get it all. My dick pulsed and pumped in her mouth, releasing shot after shot of semen, and I thought my orgasm would never end. Hannah's tongue swirled around the head of my dick as she slurped loudly and wetly, her hand tugging urgently on my shaft and bumping her lips. Frothy bubbles of semen mixed with her saliva trickled from the corners of her mouth and glistened along her chin, or were smeared into the shaft of my cock as she stroked it.

I convulsed, grunting, spewing every drop of sperm my balls contained into Hannah's hot mouth, before falling back and wincing as my dick became too sensitive. My sister seemed to know just when to stop sucking and slip her mouth off me. She lifted up, regarding my spent dick as her hands slid lightly up and down. A thick bubble of semen oozed to the tip, and she ducked down to lick it away.

Finally, Hannah looked up to me, smiling around her sperm-filled mouth. Her lips and chin glistened wetly, dripping cum. I stared at her in bliss and gratefulness, breathing heavily. Hannah breathed out through her nose, then opened her mouth to show me thick, gooey white puddle on her tongue. Her mouth was fully saturated with my load. I stared in amazement. With a giggle, Hannah sucked in her cheeks and swallowed loudly. She sighed in satisfaction, licked her soft, full lips.

"Mmm, that was tasty," she commented, her hands fluttering along my shaft.

I almost fainted, my head falling back. "Oh, shit," I muttered.

My sister giggled. "Damn, bro, that was one big monster load," she said with a sigh, gently tugging on my cock. She smeared her lips around the head, glazing them with cum once more. "Man, all those times I watched you squirt, I kept wondering if I could handle that much all at once. I should have done this a long time ago."

I panted, drained and incredibly satisfied. "Oh, Jesus . . . oh my God . . . that was . . . unbelievable."

My sister giggled, then slid her leg across my body, straddling me. I felt the heat and wetness of her pussy against my balls. Hannah lifted up her shirt, exposing her toned, bronzed abdomen as well as her barely trimmed, incredibly blonde bush as she wiped her chin. Her pubic hair was so light-toned as to be nearly platinum, an erotic contrast to her full-body tan. She had puffy vulvae and a thick little clit wrapped in a bright pink hood.

I barely knew what Hannah was doing as she lifted up, rubbing the sperm-smeared head of my dick between her hot, slick folds. My cock had barely softened after her blow job, and now reacted to her heat and stayed erect. My sister sighed deeply as she slowly eased down, her incredibly snug tunnel sucking me in. I winced at the tight fit and burning heat of her cunt around the head and first inch or so of my shaft.

I suddenly realized what was happening, and I stared at my sister as she impaled herself upon me. Her expression was one of pleasure, her glossy lips spread by a smile. Still, as much as I was turned on, a wave of panic washed through me. My sister's fucking me! My dick is in Hannah's pussy!

And then I felt it: that tell-tale barrier, the proof of my sister's virginity. Holy shit! Hannah's a virgin? "W-wait!" I gasped. "Hannah, wh-what—"

My sister grinned down upon me, her cheeks glowing red. "Uh-uh, big brother," she said, pushing down a little deeper with her cunt. Hannah stared down at me, eyes blazing, lips and chin glistening wetly. She gave me a sudden impassioned, dreamy look. "It's about time we fucked, Billy," she whispered heatedly, and shoved down suddenly, making my thick cock drive all the way up inside her, ripping through her barrier.

Hannah shrieked, head falling back, long blonde hair trailing behind her. I felt a gush of thick, warm fluid, knew it was blood. Hannah mashed her pubis against me, her cunt sucking and spasming convulsively. Her face grimaced intently as the pain of her deflowering washed through her. Her body shook and her hips bucked, her thighs tensing and pussy clenching.

I just stared at her, awed, surprised, amazed, and worried. My sister has just given me her virginity, I thought astonishingly. How is that possible? How is she still a virgin? I thought she gave it up years ago!

Hannah shook for a while longer, until the pain faded and pleasure dominated. Eyes closed, she smiled broadly, and began moving up and down, sliding her slick cunt along my fiercely-throbbing cock. The realization that I was being fucked by a virgin made my penis jerk inside her. I forgot about the reality that Hannah was my sister, that what we were doing was incest in its purest form. All I thought about was how tight and wet and incredible her sweet blonde pussy felt wrapped around my cock.

Hannah gave herself fully to her first fuck, bouncing up and down, her thighs tensing as she lifted and lowered her body over and over, impaling herself eagerly. She braced her hands against my abdomen, panting and gasping as she fucked me. Her juicy cunt squelched around my thick shaft. I felt her fluid dripping down my balls.

I gave in, and helped her along with her frantic fucking, guiding her hips as she rolled and pumped them. Blood smeared along her puffy vulvae and became matted in our mingled pubes, but the pain of her deflowering was long gone. All my sister felt now was pleasure. She worked the first cock her pussy had ever known with desperate enthusiasm, fucking hard and fast, slapping her sweet ass to my loins, then grinding against me with tight, rolling motions. Her fingers clawed and scratched my abdomen and chest, and she never stopped grinning, except when she came.

She shrieked and gasped as she orgasmed for the first time, her unbelievably snug tunnel contracting even more tightly around my shaft. I grunted at the contractions of her pussy, barely able to move inside her. But she eventually relaxed enough to keep fucking me, and as her neck and cheeks glowed intensely from her first real orgasm, she stared down at me, eyes blazing with lust.

"I came, Billy," she panted. "Oh my God, I came! Holy fuck, that feels so good!"

Overcome with her abandon, and knowing there was no turning back now, I lifted up, turned us over, and lay my sister on the recliner. Hannah whimpered, giving me a pleading look, and moaned deeply as I held her legs wide apart. "Fuck me, Billy," she whispered heatedly. "Fuck me, big brother!"

I groaned, unbearably turned on. I plunged into her cunt again and again, slapping my hips to her upturned cheeks. Cum and a little blood leaked from her pussy and streaked along my shaft, oozed down her cheeks. The sight was strangely arousing.

My sister watched my cock sliding back and forth between her quivering legs, mesmerized by the sight. Her pussy squelched wetly around my pumping shaft as I pounded away. I held her ankles in my hands, admiring her long, lean, tanned legs. Jesus, but my sister was gorgeous.

"Ohmigod! Ohmigod! YYYEEEAHHH!" screamed my sister as she exploded again. Her pussy clamped down hard, making me wince. Her spasming, rippling pussy was too much, and as she kept cumming, rolling her hips aggressively, fucking me back, her stiff clit throbbing against my pubic bone, I felt my own orgasmic rush begin.

"Oh, fuck!" I cried, jerking my throbbing, glistening cock from Hannah's squelching cunt. Hannah gasped, watching as I stroked my dick over her. Her face was so flushed, glowing so beautifully, her eyes wide and bright. She yanked up her shirt to her neck, exposing her incredibly firm and perfectly round tits, dominated by swollen, puffy areolas that swelled half an inch above her breasts, sporting pencil-tip nipples.

The sight of those delicious pink puffies heightened my orgasm, and I groaned as spurts of semen lanced from my cock, splashing her tits, abdomen, and pubic mound. Hannah jerked her head back, then giggled, watching my explosion of cum. I squeezed out every drop of cum my balls had to give as my sister cooed beneath me, staring at the semen coating her body and grinning. Then, on impulse, I slid back down and shoved my dick back up inside her, burying myself to the hilt in her tight, rippling cunt. Hannah gasped and hissed deeply, then panted as she slowly relaxed.

My sister smiled blissfully, eyes closed. She smeared her fingers in the streaks of semen that decorated her body, erotically sucked the fluid off them. I sagged over her, panting for breath. Her cum-smeared body pressed against mine as my sister hugged me tightly. I shivered as her lips and tongue tickled my neck. Her pussy sucked on my cock.

Holy shit, I thought. Did that really just happen? Did we . . . my sister and I . . . we . . . oh, God . . . .

I rolled over, onto my back, bringing her with me. Hannah cuddled on my chest for several moments, murmuring as she breathed in and out. Then, abruptly, she lifted up. her shirt fell down over her body like a curtain, sticking to her cum-smeared skin. She looked dazed, even drunk. Her eyes seemed to avoid me. I heard her wince as my dick slipped from her pussy. She stumbled toward the bathroom, almost falling against the wall. She slammed the door behind her, and I heard the clatter of the toilet seat being flipped up.

And I felt immensely guilty.

I just fucked my sister, I thought. And more than that, I took her virginity.


I took a quick shower upstairs, in the bathroom my sister and I shared, washing away the evidence of our coupling. The crimson band around the base of my shaft was like a badge of shame, a scarlet letter, before I washed it away. After toweling dry, I stared at myself in the mirror, so utterly sober that I felt like it would take a twelve-pack to even give me a buzz.

You fucked Hannah, one side of my brain said. You took her virginity. That's sick and perverted and twisted.

Um, excuse me, Mr. Right Brain, but in case you weren't paying attention, she fucked me! Weren't you paying attention when I tried to stop her?

Yeah, you tried real hard didn't you? Especially when you rolled her over onto her back and started pounding away, when you busted a nut all over her tits and . . . .

All right, shut up!

I sighed. I'm going crazy, I thought. Arguing with myself. I can hear the doctors now: "Why is he being admitted to the psychiatric ward?" "Oh, he popped his sister's cherry and went schizo. Watch out for him. He's a real sick fucker."

I shook my head, turned away from the mirror. In my room, I pulled on a pair of shorts and a tank-top, hesitated before going downstairs. From the TV, I heard the sounds of some elite special forces group fighting a giant snake. I paused at the foot of the stairs, saw Hannah seated as she had been before, bowl of sunflower seeds in her lap as she shelled and popped them in her mouth.

I watched her a moment, just admiring how beautiful she was, how sweet and casually sexy. She had changed into another long white T-shirt, this one with a faded 'Hello Kitty' on it. Her long, straight hair was mostly dry now, tied into loose pig tails behind her ears that hung down over her breasts. Briefly, I wondered if it had all been a strange dream. Maybe I had just gone upstairs and masturbated, and only fantasized about doing Hannah. Jesus, she looked so cute, so sweet . . . .

Hannah's softly-glowing face turned toward me, her eyes wide and innocent, but laced with something else. Guilt lanced through me again. Her innocence was just an illusion, now, I realized. Thanks to me.

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