tagIncest/TabooOne Daughter's Desire

One Daughter's Desire


As was her normal routine, Cynda Morgan bathed after dinner and was now curled up on her couch reading from a novel of her favorite author, Sue Grafton. She was up to K in the series, as in "K" is for Killer, and she was just as enthralled with this as she had been with A-J, only tonight, there was something else on her mind besides murder most foul, something that would not allow her to give the book all the attention it deserved. She was going to have a conversation with her daughter on a subject she never imagined would be a topic of discussion between them. Cynda dog-eared the page she was currently on and closed the book. She attempted to affect a few scenarios of how to begin when her daughter Marissa entered the living room. "You wanted to see me, Mama?" Marissa asked as she sat across from her mother.

"Yes," Cynda said as she sat up a bit. She had told Marissa to come see her after she had washed dishes and bathed. Cynda knew how she wanted this conversation to go, but what she wanted and what she got might end up being two completely different things. Even with her tiny attempt at preplanning, she really didn't know how to start things off, so she simply held up a small, penlight flashlight and asked her daughter, "Did you lose this?"

Marissa literally turned pale as a ghost as her jaw dropped—yes, dropped. If this were a crime scene and Cynda a detective showing a perp a clue, the body language would attest to her guilt. Marissa tentatively reached for it, then pulled back. "Wh-Where did you find it?"

"When I awoke this morning, it was in my bed, under me," Cynda answered. "Any idea how it got there?"

Marissa stared at the flashlight. Her bottom lip began to quiver, then she blinked and twin tears poured over her cheeks. Her throat had seized, but she managed to push through it the following, discernable just above a whisper: "I ... I must have left it there." The tears continued to flow, but Marissa had not yet reached a state of all-out boo-hoo sobbing. Her emotions were still under her control, though she didn't know for how much longer that might remain.

"And why would you have left it there?" Cynda asked. "More importantly, when? It wasn't there last night when I went to bed."

"Mom? I need to tell you something," Marissa said with a shaky voice. "Your first instinct might be to get angry, but please don't. Can you promise me that?"

"I can promise to keep an open mind," Cynda replied. "Good enough?"

"Mm-hmm," Marissa said as she simultaneously nodded frenetically. The tears continued, but she was yet to lose control. She took a deep breath, then began. "Last Friday I came home early from work. I figured you were in your room, so I was going to surprise you. I reached your doorway and that's when I saw ..."

"Yes," Cynda asked when her daughter did not immediately finish her sentence. "Saw what?"

"I ... I saw you masturbating," Marissa said.

"Oh. I see," Cynda said in response.

Perhaps Marissa was in such emotional turmoil that she did not pick up on her mother's total indifference to this declaration, which is why she continued on as she did. "I watched you, Mom. I watched you masturbate until you came, and then I saw you stick two fingers inside of yourself, and then I saw you move them to your mouth and lick them like you were licking melted ice cream from them, and then you did it again."

"Uh-huh," Cynda intoned, same indifference present as was before.

"I ... It got me wet watching you do that, Mom," Marissa said. "I went to the garage and masturbated myself to three orgasms. By the time I was done, I re-entered the house and you were finished so I pretended like nothing was wrong, but something was wrong, Mom. I couldn't stop thinking about what I saw. When I went to bed that night, I could see you as plainly as I can now. I've always thought you were a beautiful woman, but seeing you naked on your bed, your breasts ... your ..."

"My pussy?" Cynda offered.

Marissa laughed, but it was borne of nervousness. "Yes, your pussy. Your pussy was—is so beautiful, and all I could think about was you masturbating and swallowing your own cum. I played out various scenarios as I masturbated throughout the night. The first was you seeing me and masturbating for my benefit. The second was you allowing me to masturbate you. The third was mutual masturbation, and the fourth was ... It was me going down on you, Mom, and that's how the flashlight came into play."

"Do tell." The indifference was still there. Why had Marissa not yet picked up on it?

"I tried my best to dismiss it, Mom. I really did, but the more time that passed, the more crazed I became over wanting to know what your cum tasted like. Then, on Monday, you'll recall that I brought you a glass of wine?"


"Mom, I emptied two of your Ambien into the bottle before pouring it. I realize that it was a dangerous thing to do, but I could think of no other way of doing what I wanted to do to you. I'm so sorry, Mom. Please forgive me."

Cynda was about to take this opportunity to completely clear the air, but she was rather enjoying her daughter's story. Hell, it was just as good as anything Sue Grafton had ever written. With that in mind, she simply said, "Continue."

"I waited a few hours after you went to bed, then I sneaked in and—Oh, there was so much I wanted to do, Mom. First, I slowly removed the cover from your legs, then I spread your legs wide open, then I peeled back your panties to reveal your ..."

"Pussy," Cynda offered again.

"Yes, Mom. I pulled back your panties to reveal your pussy. It was still dark. I lowered my face toward it and inhaled deeply. It smelled so beautiful, Mom. I must have smelled it for five minutes, but then I brought out my flashlight so I could look at it. I entered your room naked, and I had begun masturbating right at the point of smelling you. When I finally shined the light on you? It is the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen, Mom. I just looked at it, admired it in all it's glory, then I lowered my mouth onto it and began sucking your clit. I guess you were so knocked out that you didn't wake up, but I did hear you lightly moan a few times, and your legs jerked occasionally. Finally, though, you came, Mom. You came in my mouth and I spent the next ten minutes licking the cum from your pussy."

"Do tell."

"When I was finished, I was careful to cover my tracks, Mom. I left you as I had found you. I did go to my room and masturbate myself to about ten more orgasms before finally going to sleep. I remember thinking as I drifted off that this would be the end, but the following night, after you came down to read, all I could think of was doing it again, so I brought you another glass of wine, and much like the night before, I waited until around midnight and went into your room and did the same thing all over again."

"I see."

"Mom, the bottom line is that I have been doing it every night this week. Every night around midnight, I enter your room and eat your pussy. I guess I got careless last night, wanting to get back to my room to masturbate myself, and that's why I forgot the flashlight. So, there it is. Now you know. You have a pussy eater for a daughter, Mom."

Cynda just looked at Marissa, lightly nodded her head, then said, "Give me some time to process this, okay?" Marissa nodded, then went to her room.

As Cynda watched her daughter walk up the stairs, she knew that it didn't matter which approach she took to this, Marissa could very likely end up hurt or angry or both. Still, Cynda had to hope that because of the circumstance involved that her daughter might be receptive to ... whatever it was Cynda decided to tell her. She took all of thirty minutes going through one scenario after another, then finally decided on the one that she thought would best suit them both.

Cynda stood and made her way to the stairs, the penlight flashlight in hand. Her shirt was removed and left at the halfway point, and her panties were left just outside of Marissa's door. She entered without the benefit of knocking and made her way to her daughter's bed. She then held out her hand and said, "Here. This is yours." Slowly, Marissa reached out and took the flashlight from her mother's hand. "You may want to check it to make sure it still works."

Marissa flicked it on, and that is when she noticed that her mother was standing before her completely nude. She quickly sat up as she said, "Mom? Wh-What's going on?"

"I have a confession to make as well," Cynda said as she sat next to Marissa. "I was awake that first night you went down on me."

"What?" Marissa asked in complete astonishment.

"That first night, and every night since," Cynda revealed.

"B-But how?" Marissa asked. "The Ambien?"

"Two in a whole bottle of wine?" Cynda said with a small laugh. "It might be enough to induce sleep, but not enough to keep one asleep, especially when she is being treated to the kind of oral sex you were giving me."

"So I woke you up every night?"

"No, just that first night," Cynda said. "Every night after, I just lie there waiting to see if you would come again, and you did."

Marissa thought about that, then said, "Wait a minute. You were actually anticipating me coming to your room, to your bed?"

"Does that make me a bad person?" Cynda asked. "I wanted so desperately to tell you that I knew what you were doing, Marissa, but I thought it might embarrass you so much that ..."

"That what, Mom?"

"I want to share every bit of that with you, Marissa," Cynda said. She then took her daughter's face into her hands and kissed her full on the lips. While still kissing, Cynda reached down and removed Marissa's pajama top, then she lay her daughter back and began to suck her nipples. "Let Mommy do for you what you have been doing for her."

"Oh, Mom," Marissa gasped as Cynda removed her panties and began massaging her clit.

Cynda got her daughter off in no time, then lowered her face between her legs to taste a pussy that she knew had to be every bit as sweet as her own, and it was. She licked all inside of it before settling onto Marissa's clit again, and in no time at all Marissa was coming again. They moved into a sixty-nine where they spent the next couple of hours getting each other off, and finally they were done.

They lay together, saying nothing, both envisioning where this new chapter in their lives would take them.

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