tagInterracial LoveOne Day, But Not Tonight

One Day, But Not Tonight


Calvin loved his job. He was the owner of Top Choice Janitorial Service and he worked the Tech One Building for a dozen years. Thursday nights were his favorites because; he had the pleasure of seeing Mrs. Natasha Crawford's curvaceous body, when she routinely came in to monitor the network servers.

I just know Mr. Crawford isn't stroking her right, Calvin thought as he watched Natasha set her coffee cup down and press her security badge against the keypad to gain entrance to the ground-floor lobby.

"How are you doing, Calvin?" Natasha asked as she put her access badge into her coco brown calfskin Piquadro laptop briefcase.

He put his feather duster in the back pocket of his navy blue uniform pants and grinned. "I'm doing fine now that you're here."

"You've fed me that line for over three years now. When are you going to come up with a new one?"

"Just as soon as you stop looking so damn good."

"Watch it. That's borderline sexual harassment." Natasha self-consciously pulled closed her Dolce & Gabbana hip length black with a camel pinstripe suit jacket. She could feel Calvin's coffee brown eyes travel over her bountiful breasts.

"Borderline? I must be slippin'. Usually you threaten to at least call security."

"If you didn't keep this place so spotless, I would've had you and your company fired a long time ago."

He looked into her glacier-blue eyes once more before she walked past him toward the elevators to the basement. He thought to say something else smart but decided against it. It took nearly a year before he was able to get more than a simple hello out of her. She wasn't the finest woman in the building, but she was one of the few he wanted and hadn't fucked yet. He found most of the stuck-up executive women he worked with were freaks on the down-low. His basement office had doubled as a mini motel to quite a few horny female executives of all sizes, shapes, and nationalities.

Since the Tech One Building was a relatively small office building in midtown Atlanta, Calvin only needed a three-person janitorial staff; one for each floor. Being the owner, he always worked the ground floor and basement. He usually worked days; working nights only when he knew Natasha was scheduled to come in. At night the building was a ghost town. The only living soul there was the silver-haired security guard named Teddy who worked the graveyard shift.


Natasha used her access code and entered the server room. She placed her laptop bag on the main console and logged into the mainframe. On top of the console were two monitors. One gave a view of the hallway outside the server room and the other a view of the security guard desk. Six other monitors displayed detailed information on the status of the humming servers.

"Wake up, babies, Mommy's here," she said to herself. She removed her jacket and hung it up next to her smock on the black metal coat rack in the corner. She put on her white smock and checked the wall-mounted thermostat. The server room was the normal sixty-seven degrees. She slipped out of her Black Jimmy Choo pumps and into her well-worn Sea blue Finn Comfort "Soho" sneakers, which sat beneath the coat rack.

"Fuck! I must have left my coffee cup in my car," Natasha thought as she sat her firm round ass in her ergonomic black leather chair. "I should ask Calvin to get if for me," She smiled at the thought. Even though she dared not to admit it, she wanted to give in and get some of that black cock. She'd heard the rumors about how freaky and well equipped he was. Being the guarded person that she was she didn't want to be added to the rumor mill.

Natasha heard the click of her automatic coffee machine as it began brewing. Teddy always made sure to set it up for her on the nights she was scheduled to come in. "Mmmm, that smells so good. Maybe I can get Teddy to get my cup for me," she said as she drew the hazelnut aroma into her nostrils. Natasha glanced at the console and saw the intercom button labeled with Teddy's name. Just as she was about to push it, she looked at the monitor and saw him walking away, putting on his cap. He was going to make his scheduled rounds.

"Oh hell. He's going to be gone for at least an hour." Her caffeine demons demanded to be fed. She looked at the phone and saw the word "Janitor" labeled as the fifth button on the speed dial list. If she pushed it, it would ring Calvin's basement office. If she got no answer there, it would automatically forward to his cell phone. "What's the worst that could happen? He would come down here and give me his man meat along with my coffee cup?" A sudden throb of her clit told what she'd been denying for three years now. She wanted Calvin's black cock in the worst way.


"How the hell did they get sunflower seed shells on top of the refrigerator?" Calvin wondered as he wiped down the stainless steel fridge in the employee lounge. Next to the sink he picked up a used Styrofoam cup that had lipstick stains on the rim. The lipstick was a similar color to that Natasha wore.


Just the thought of her a floor beneath him began the running of blood to his sleeping cock. Her sexy curves flipped his switch. He didn't care for the model stick figure type of woman. Calvin liked his woman with some curves. Natasha certainly fit the criteria. At about 5'6" and nice and thick in all the right places, she was right in his sexual wheelhouse. As stiff as she always appeared to be, he knew she wasn't getting the "good stuff" on a regular basis. He would split that tight peach wide-open right here if he could. His throbbing hard dick agreed.


To take her mind off of raping Calvin, Natasha plugged her laptop into the console and began her automatic antivirus update of the network. The mere act of pushing her plug into the console-networking jack made her moist. She felt her bubble gum pink nipples grow to the size of gumdrops. "Maybe I should've fucked Sheldon before I left home," she thought as she let her hand fall in her lap. "On second thought, I need a longer deeper stroke." After fourteen years of marriage, Sheldon had become a two-minute lover with the same old moves and completely inattentive to her needs. No matter how many times she suggested a new move or a new position, he reverted back to his old boring ways. A sigh escaped her as she rubbed her neglected clit through her thin wool Dolce & Gabbana pants.


After leaving the employee lounge, Calvin went to empty the trashcans in the visitor's area. He passed Teddy's empty desk and absently rubbed the countertop to check for dust. He found none. He made sure his access badge was clipped to his retractable key ring before opening the bulletproof double doors that led to the visitor's area. He pushed his rolling cleaning cart through the doors and emptied the two chrome wastebaskets and relined them with trash bags before straightening the magazines on the low-slug coffee table.

On the table to the right of the access pad, he noticed a stainless-steel coffee cup. It had the initials "NC" engraved on the side.

"This has to be Natasha's," he said as he inspected the cup. Only the head honchos in the building were given cups with their initials on them. The smooth feel of the cool stainless steel made him think of how soft and smooth Natasha's ass would feel in the palm of his hand. How soft and smooth her large tits would feel to his lips. Stiffness, once again, invaded his pants.

"I think I'll take Natasha her cup. I need to go downstairs anyway and refill my glass cleaner bottle." Calvin put the cup on his cart and headed toward the elevator.


After prying her hand out of her lap, Natasha battled to regain hold of her senses. Between her caffeine and sex cravings, she had quite a fight on her hands. "If I can't get some dick, I have to at least have some java," she thought. As she stood up to search for a cup of some kind, she glanced at the security guard monitor and spotted Calvin. He had something in his hand.

Her coffee cup.

"What the hell?" she wondered. "How did he get my cup?" Before her wonder turned to panic, she retraced her footsteps in her mind. "That's right, I put it on the table by the entrance door so I could get my access badge out of my bag," she recalled. A beep from her laptop informed her that the antivirus update to the system was completed successfully. That gave her about forty minutes of free time as the system diagnostics ran.

She bit her lip and thought wickedly, "If I call and have him bring me my cup, I'm going to freaking give him some."

Natasha watched Calvin push his cart to the elevator and push the down button. "Oh fuck! He's on his way down here!" A mix of fear, desire, and excitement filled Natasha. Her years of loyalty to Sheldon were on the verge of being ruined. She knew she would let Calvin have his way with her tonight. She just knew it.


In the elevator, Calvin lusted for Natasha in his mind. His stone like rod pounded in his pants as he imagined spreading her soft thighs apart and tasting her sweet juices for the first time. "Down, boy," he said to his stiff member. "Mrs. Crawford isn't just another office slut. She'll mess around and tell HR if I overstep my boundaries, and bye-bye contract." He exhaled loudly as the elevator doors parted. Forty-two steps to the right and twenty-one to the left and he was at his office door.


When Natasha saw Calvin appear and disappear as he left the hall camera's viewing angle on the way to his office, her large nipples became rigid. "Why am I acting like this? That man's probably not even thinking about me," Natasha thought as she filled a tiny cone shaped paper cup full of water from the water cooler. She'd nearly fooled herself into being in control of herself until her phone rang.


"Hey, Natasha. I found something of yours."

"Calvin, what are you talking about?" The sound of his voice added another log to her freak-fire. She sat back in her chair and twisted a lock of her strawberry-blonde hair.

"If you are missing a cup with your initials on it, I'll return it for the reward."

"What reward?"

"The one written on the bottom of the cup. It says, If found, return to owner for a generous reward." Calvin sat on the corner of his desk grinning into the phone.

"I don't have time to play with you right now, Calvin. Just bring me my cup, please? Bye." After hanging up, she realized she'd just invited the fox into the hen house. "Okay. All I have to do is make sure to keep some furniture between us," she thought as she pulled her compact mirror out of her bag and applied a fresh coat of pink brandy lipstick.


Calvin listened to the dial tone for almost thirty seconds before he hung up. "Damn, this will be the first time I'm totally alone with her." He went into his small bathroom, and made sure he was presentable. "Don't fuck this up." He lifted her coffee cup off his cart and left.


Natasha's blue eyes never left the monitor as she watched Calvin approach her door. The way his uniform fit his athletic body and the confidence in his walk made her kitty purr. He was nearly six-foot in height, and his body looked as if some famous sculptor had chiseled him out of huge chunk of black onyx. She wanted to lick his smooth dark skin from top to bottom.

"It took you long enough," Natasha said into the intercom as she buzzed him in.

"I'll take that as a thank-you." He held the cup out to her.

"Sorry, Thank you." She gave him a smile. When she took the cup, her hand touched his. The heat from his skin made her swallow hard and take a step back.

"You okay? It looks like you just got stung by a bee."

"I'm fine."

"Yes, you are."

"Do you ever give it a rest?"

"It's against my religion to rest." Calvin's eyes surveyed her body as though he had X-ray vision. He wasn't aware that he was at three-quarter salute behind his zipper.

"Is that his dick?" Natasha wondered as she glanced down at the front of his pants. It looked more like he had a flashlight in his pants.

The silence between them was awkward. The hum of the servers could have easily been mistaken for the energy that flowed between Natasha and Calvin.

"Don't you have work to do?" Natasha could feel her black La Perla lace thong panties getting soggy. "Thank God the computer console is between us," she thought.

"As a matter of fact I do. It's about time I gave you a good cleaning." He walked slowly to the end of the console.

"Excuse me?" Natasha's hand knocked her coffee cup to the floor.

"Calm down, Natasha. Just relax." He continued to close in on her. The horseshoe shape of the console offered Natasha only one exit. It was past Calvin. When she bent over to pick up her cup, she found her face about a foot away from the bulge in Calvin's pants.

"What do you think you're doing?" She spoke directly to his crotch while in her crouch.

"Well, it's now or never," Calvin thought. He'd already crossed the line by walking up on the way he did. "Hell I have seven other building contracts. I can always pick up another one if I have to." As she slowly got to her feet, he took another step toward her, backing her lovely ass against the console. She had nowhere to go.

"Calvin..." That was all she could say before she found his lips against hers and his tongue attempting to part her painted lips. She was amazed at how quickly she accepted it. His tongue seemed to do somersaults in her mouth. Natasha's hands had a vice-like grip on the edge of the console as she sucked his tongue. When he pressed against her and she felt the hardness of his cock rub against her leg, she broke the kiss.

"What's wrong, Natasha?" Calvin continued to kiss the side of her neck.

"You know...what's...wrong. You...Me...Us...This." She found just a tiny bit of strength and pushed him away from her.

"Tell me you don't want this." Calvin took her hand and placed it on his beating chest as he looked deep into her conflicted blue eyes. In unison they moved their hands together down to his throbbing beast in his pants. He took a glance at the monitors and saw Teddy walking down the hall to the computer room.

"I'm married." She closed her eyes and squeezed his hard dick as she spoke those words. Calvin nibbled on her ear as she held his thick meat. Mental snapshots of Sheldon, the women gossiping in the break room, sucking Calvin's dick, her son's smile, Calvin fucking her neglected pussy from behind, Sheldon snoring after another night of disappointing sex, and Calvin's head buried between her thighs played behind her closed eyelids.

Calvin broke away from Natasha and pointed at the monitor. "You have company," he sighed. Natasha stoked Calvin's cock though his pants then reluctantly let go of his manhood and sat in her chair.

"Evenin', folks," Teddy said after opening the door. "Just checking to make sure everything's okay."

"Everything's fine. Calvin just bought me my coffee cup and was on his way out," she said as she got up and walked past him to the coffeepot.

"Yeah, I just have to finish the bathrooms down here then I'm done for the night."

"Glad you reminded me. Can I get a box of tissue from you? My allergies are acting up something fierce!"

"Thank you, Lord," Natasha thought.

"You ready?" Teddy asked the disappointed Calvin.

"Yeah, let's go."

After going back to his supply closet and giving Teddy his tissue, Calvin decided to give Natasha one more go. "What the hell do I have to lose? If she's not on the phone with HR right now, I'm dammed lucky."


"Fuck no! I just know he's not coming back," Natasha thought as she watched Calvin walk toward he in the monitor. "Good thing he doesn't have the access code to this room." That thought gave her a little comfort.

"Let's finish what we started, Natasha," Calvin said into the intercom.

"It is finished, Calvin. I'm sorry but we can't... it's not right." Her pussy had other nasty thoughts. It wanted to be fucked by that big black dick of his in the worst way.

"All right," he said with his head against the door. "But if you change your mind, you can have this anytime you like." He stood back and looked up at the camera over the door.

"What the hell is he doing?" Natasha said to the camera as he unzipped his pants.

"Oh no he's not!" Shit! Natasha intensified her stare at the screen. Calvin's hard, massive ebony cock hung out of his unbuckled pants.

Although she couldn't hear now that he had moved away from the intercom, she read lips good enough to see him say, "Come get this, Natasha." She watched as he stroked his meat dick slowly from the bulbous head to his neatly trimmed base. "Damn! Even with his large hand around it, there are still several inches sticking out." It was fat and long, just how she liked. Sheldon's dick was big but nothing like the ebony beast Calvin was stroking. Natasha pushed back in her chair and slid her hand inside her pants. She found her throbbing clit in a pool of pussy juice and rubbed it gently as she watched Calvin's show.

She imagined herself nude on the console with her ankles locked behind Calvin's neck. Her hands gripping his ass as his massive dick sinks slowly into her salivating cunt. Tip to root, and then tip again, feeding her famished pussy exactly what she needed. Natasha added a third finger inside her pussy and fucked herself deeper while her pinky finger teased her ass. Calvin jacked off faster. His eyes closed as he pictured his dark cock sinking deep into her pink folds from behind. His hands gripping her sexy hips while working his dick in a slow and steady rhythm, in and out of her juicy peach. His balls were heavy with cream. He felt it demanding release as he added more friction to his dick.

Natasha put two fingers in her mouth and sucked on them like she desired to suck the cock on her monitor screen. Four fingers massaged and fucked the inside of her wet pussy at the same time. The slick sounds of her sopping pussy echoed against the walls of the room causing her to fuck herself harder. She longed to have one of her "toys" hidden in the shoebox in the back of her closet.

Calvin leaned back against the wall for support, as he got ready to let his load flow. In his mind he was trying to knock the walls of Natasha's pussy down. The first drops of pre-cum let him know it was time to let loose.

The server room was completely filled with the sweet aroma of her sex. Natasha spread her legs as wide as she could. She felt the warm wave moving inside her, signaling climax was approaching. "Oh fuck me, Calvin! Fuck this pussy good. Oh... Please... fuck me...Calvin," she uttered at the screen as a violent orgasm shook her body just about off her chair.

"Oh...shit...fuck!" Calvin's cock stiffened up and began pumping out a thick spray. He lay back against the wall panting as the final drops of cum dripped out. He looked into the camera and grinned and licked his sexy thick lips. "I'll be back to clean that up in a minute." He turned and left.

Natasha eased her hand out of her panties and sucked her cum-coated fingers clean, as she desired to suck Calvin's cock clean. She staggered to her feet as she watched Calvin walk out of view on the monitor. She hadn't cum like that in months. She knew right then it was going to be hell denying her pussy of that good dick. "Yes he was going to fuck this pussy one day, but not tonight..."

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