tagBDSMOne Day in Germany Pt. 02

One Day in Germany Pt. 02


James made his way straight to the station bar and ordered a bottle of local beer. He was in a daze, his phone had already rung twice and he just hadn't bothered to answer it. All he could think about was the day with Karin. He felt the chain still locked around his wrist and smiled, there was only one key in the world that would open that lock and it belonged to Karin. That felt nice, he had no intention of trying to remove it.

He moved to a table at the back of the bar and pulled out his phone and typed in her website address. The photos didn't do her justice and they certainly couldn't portray what it felt like to have her sit on your face.

'Head scissors' was another service she offered. There were no photos demonstrating what she would do, but from his knowledge of her thighs, James knew it wouldn't be an unpleasant experience. He pulled himself back to reality to find that he had finished his beer and was already totally aroused.

It was dark outside and it would be a cold night. He had planned to fly back home on the redeye, but was there another option? He smiled to the waitress who brought his second beer as he started to text.

'Karin, wonderful day, thanks. Free tonight?'

'Come,' she texted back.

It was all the encouragement James needed. He headed out into the cold night and was soon back outside her small flat.

Karin answered the door. Her hair was down and lay randomly around her head, she'd removed her glasses and was squinting slightly to see him in the dimly lit hallway. She was wearing a black night dress that barely reached past her butt, it was old and slightly ripped over one shoulder.

"Pretty not," she said as she picked at her lips.

"You look fantastic."

James followed her inside and watched her dig around in her jeans for her keys.

"Here, I unlock."

"No, no, I just wanted to try something else...umm head scissors."

Karin thought for a moment.

"You understand?" he asked.

She nodded, she certainly understood those words. She had been delighted to see James again, in fact she had fantasised about him calling her, but in her fantasises, he was taking her out for dinner and then back to make love. This wasn't quite the same, but it did still give her the chance to spend the night with him.

"For all night, no escape."

James hadn't expected that, but he wasn't going to complain and dutifully followed her into her bedroom.

He stood in the middle of her small room as Karin removed his suit jacket and unbuttoned and removed his shirt and trousers. With James standing in only his boxer shorts, Karin couldn't help but run her hands quickly over his arms and chest. He was fitter than most of her recent dates and still he was paying her to be there. She hoped this would live up to his expectations.

Karin pulled back the covers and lay down on her bed. She indicated for James to lie down next to her, but with his head down at the foot of the bed to that they were lying head to toe. They both lay on their sides facing each other so that James was look straight at Karin's thighs. Once in position, Karin pulled up her night dress and lifted her top leg.

"Inside for you."

James paused to examine her legs. For a slim woman, she had beautifully curves and her butt and legs were the best part. Up close they seemed large and strong, but not in a muscled way, there was plenty of feminine shape.

James eased his head between her thighs and let Karin pull him right up into her crotch, so that his face was buried into the lower part of her butt. Karin lowered her thigh back down to trap his head between her legs.

"Comfortably?" she asked.

"Yeah," he replied.

In the cold room, Karin's thighs felt wonderfully warm around his neck, somehow managing to be both soft and scarily secure at the same time. Right in the middle of his limited field of view was her cute butt with which he was already very well acquainted. Yet he was still obsessed with its beautiful shape and the way it was barely contained in her tight white satin panties.

"This is your danger," she announced.


"If you try get out before tomorrow."

With that Karin squeezed, her legs and butt working in unison to crush his neck. Within a few seconds James was madly tapping out with his hand on the mattress.

"Fuck Karin!" he was hoping she might let him out to recover, but she held him in place with the previous comfortable pressure.

"You understand?" she checked.

"I understand."

He lay there completely still and slightly shaken, wondering how something so beautiful could also be so deadly. Where the hell did that strength come from? He looked again, this time more warily, at her soft perfumed legs that surrounded him.

Karin pulled a duvet over them both, positioning it so it only just covered her thighs and butt and in so giving James a gap through which he could get fresh air. She switched off the small table lamp and lay down.


"No talking," she whispered as she tensed her thighs as a warning.

James felt far too excited to sleep. Her soft warm legs felt fantastic and he amused himself by gently kissing her butt. She didn't react by squeezing his throat and so he assumed she must be enjoying his attention. After a while he got a little braver and tried to ease his lips underneath the hem of her panties. He didn't get far, defeated by the tight elastic.

Suddenly Karin's legs twitched and then again. James listened and realised that she was asleep. All her movements were now subconscious, no doubt as a result of her dreams. She twitched and tensed again. It was like having a neck massage, one that would probably last all night.

He buried his nose into her panties, pushing in between her butt cheek, and breathed. Almost instantly he was rewarded with another involuntary squeeze from her thighs and a small moan.

Exploring his predicament was providing no end of fun. James tried to lift his head to see if he could open Karin's thighs. Nothing moved, she evidently slept with her muscles tensed, or at least she was tonight. As he relaxed again, he noticed that her grip around his neck had increased in reaction to his escape attempts.

"OK, sweetheart, I'm not going anywhere," he said, his lips brushing across her butt as he spoke. Her grip didn't reduce, she still seemed to be compensating for his earlier attempt to open her legs. James ran his hand along her legs and could feel the muscles working with no way to turn them off. It felt wonderful, warm and safe and completely consuming.

An unknown time later, when James had been running his fingertips over her butt and watching the small hairs stand on end, the situation changed. Without warning, Karin relaxed her top thigh slightly, moved her hips back and tightened her gip again. It was a small movement but it resulted in James's head being pulled further between her thighs. She did it again, thrusting his head tighter and tighter between her legs.

Karin's inner thighs now rested against the sides of his head and blocked out all sound from his ears. Of more concern, though, his mouth and nose were now deep between her legs squashed up against the bottom of her butt and now without access to air. He tried to pull back out, but her thighs, now tacky from perspiration held him in place.

James didn't want to wake her up. Even the demonstration of what she would do if he misbehaved had almost killed him. What would it be like to be squeezed between her thighs when she had just being woken up.

He strained his head left and right and finally found a position where his nose could suck in a small amount of air. It certainly wasn't fresh air, it was coming from about as deep in her crotch as it was possible to get, but it would keep him alive.

Before a little light had streamed in under the blanket, but now he had nothing. With his eyes pushed up against where her thighs met her butt, it was pitch black, damp, almost airless and the atmosphere was getting more and more strongly filled with her scent. Staying alive was now taking effort and yet Karin was still sleeping peacefully. She still twitched as she dreamt, with the twitches that coursed through the woman's strong thigh muscles crushing James head as they passed.

In felt warm and safe deep in Karin's crotch, but James missed not been able to see her cute little ass. He decided to reach up and run his hands over her backside instead, but by doing so he inadvertently caused her to cry out in her sleep and thrust her hips forward. The resultant tightening of her butt cut James's air supply completely. He took his hands away and waited for her to relax so he could breathe again.

That was fun and so he ran his fingertips over her butt and waist again. Again she cried out in pleasure and again she thrust forward. Again James felt as though his head was set in a sealed block of concrete.

James lay there exploring other ways to tease and stimulate this beautiful sleeping woman. She was certainly a heavy sleeper, nothing he'd tried yet had come close to waking her, but maybe he had changed the course of her dreams. Karin was moaning from time to time and her body twitched and fidgeted more than before. She was also increasingly pushing her hips back and forth as if trying to arouse herself against him.

Being so intimately connected to a horny, sleeping girl felt great and meant that James had been aroused himself for most of the night. Karin being aroused had also created a build up of heat and pressure between her legs. James had to lie still for a while waiting for her to relax again, maybe then he could even get his head out of the deepest confines of her crotch and then maybe even get some sleep.

It hadn't worked. James had spent the rest of the night in exactly the same position and hadn't even come close to sleeping. He was hot, inundated with her scent, aroused and completely exhausted when she finally woke.

"Hi, morning," Karin said with her sleepy voice.

After getting no reply, she looked behind and saw James's face pushed up hard between her legs. She opened her tacky thighs a little and thrust her hips forward so that his head once more stuck out from between the back of her thighs.

"Morning," James's dry mouth barely moved, but at least he was back in fresh air, once more facing her beautiful butt.

"You sleep?" Karin's face was still hidden behind a bundle of wild hair.

"No, but I'm not complaining."

Karin felt the front of her panties and was embarrassed by how wet she was. She must have multiple wet dreams, but she was hardly surprised given who she'd had between her legs.

"Open up?" James tapped Karin's' thigh as if conceding a wrestling match.


"Karin?" James was now feeling claustrophobic after eight hours between her damp thighs and started to try to force his way out.

"You forget?" Karin tensed up and squeezed.

James buried his face back into the crotch of her panties and cried out in frustration, how was he going to get away from this crazy girl.

Within seconds, though, James's cries had changed from pain to pleasure. Karin had slipped her hand inside his boxers and was running her fingers over him. It was his quickest and most intense time ever and he closed his eyes and enjoyed the natural drugs running through him.

James's eyes were now closed and he felt incredibly tired as he lay there.

"Do you want me to open?"

"No," he was almost asleep.

"Last chance or I will time lock you two hours."

Karin started to count down from ten to one. When she reached one James felt a small squeezed around his neck to signify that the prison was now locked. Karin was explaining in a mix of broken English and German how she would absolutely not open up for at least two hours as James fell asleep.

It was past ten o'clock when Karin finally released him. He lay on the bed watching Karin's butt bounce as she made her way to the bathroom. When she returned she sat down on the bed right next to James's head and he reached around her and pushed his face into the outside of her thigh.

"Did you sleep well?" James asked interested to know what his attention had meant for her sleep.

"Really good for all night."

"I thought you enjoyed yourself."

Karin crossed her legs to try and hide her wet underwear.

"Maybe I should paid to you," she said standing up and pulling on a pair of old grey track pants and white t-shirt.

James showered and returned to drink a cup of black coffee that she had made for him. When they were both standing, he was taller and bigger than her, yet he'd spent the whole night convinced that she was some kind of giantess. It was bizarre how the female body could do that to a guy's mind.

Whereas Karin's mind still hadn't worked out why this sexy guy was paying her, he was turning her on as much as she was him. Her eyes flicked across his body and she remembered the chain that she's locked around his wrist the night before.


"Yes. I can't really take it off without your key."

To James's surprise Karin produced the key from inside her bra.

"Would you want other hand?"

James nodded and held out his other hand and dutifully waited for Karin to padlock another shout length of chain around it. James tugged on the padlock and chain to confirm it was locked far too tightly to ever slide off his wrist.

"Is this key in your bra as well?"

"I can put where you liking."

"You know where I liking," James smiled as he pulled on his jacket and walked towards the door. Again, standing there in old casual clothes, Karin looked very ordinary and James couldn't quite believe how such an unassuming girl had exerted so much power over him. He followed her out to the front door where she gave him a kiss on his lips.

"Anytime you want more please come."

James was just about to open the door when Karin grabbed one of his wrists and hooked yet another padlock through the chain. She then pulled his other wrist over and looped the same padlock through the chain that encircled his other wrist.

"I can lock for you?" she purred.

"Then my hands would be chained together... difficult for the plane."

He looked at the padlock that she held between her fingers.

"How would I get home?"

"Maybe you have to come back, begging the keys."

James was swallowing hard, this was all getting complicated.

"OK," he replied hesitantly.

Karin had closed the padlock almost before James had closed his mouth. He pulled and twisted to confirm that his wrists were chained together.

"The keys?" he asked.

"Come tonight."

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