tagGroup SexOne Debauched Weekend Ch. 02

One Debauched Weekend Ch. 02


"Fuuuuuck," Paul groaned, as he made one final deep thrust.

"Yeah," Ally panted under him. "We keep doing that."

Chuck laughed and turned back to his video game.

As Paul climbed off the bed, swatting Ally playfully on the ass, the buxom blonde coed noticed the time. It was after 1:00 pm on a Saturday. She had been in Paul and Chuck's dorm room for over twelve hours now.

She had arrived late Friday night, when her date with Paul had ended in his bed. After a night of rough and wild sex, she had dozed off only to be awakened by strong hands caressing her skin. Without really waking up or opening her eyes, she had responded warmly to those caresses. It hadn't been until after his cum flooded over her tongue that she had discovered the cock in her mouth belonged to Paul's roommate Chuck. Ally strongly suspected that the guys had planned the whole thing. Certainly, rather than being upset Paul had simply taken his roommate's place in her mouth, while Chuck ate her out and finally fucked her pussy. In the warm afterglow, Ally had drifted back to sleep only to be awoken with Paul taking his turn fucking her pussy while Chuck pushed into her mouth.

Since then, Ally had found herself spending the day in the guys' room. She had left it only once, to make a mad dash to the bathroom, naked. (Paul had laughingly insisted on keeping her clothes "...so you don't run off on us.")

When Ally had suggested that maybe she should get dressed and head back to her dorm, Paul had produced a pair of fur handcuffs from somewhere. Amid much laughing and playful struggling (she hadn't really fought that hard) the guys had pinned her down and cuffed her ankle to the bedpost. After they had both fucked her again, they had left her there while they played video games.

Amused, Ally had spent the rest of the morning lying naked, cuffed to Paul's bed, reading a magazine. Every once in a while, when one of the guys recovered enough to get hard again, he would sit down beside her and start caressing her. Chuck, she had discovered, gave wonderful languid backrubs and was very fond of rubbing her ass. Paul was rougher, more urgent and liked to play with her tits. Foreplay aside, they ended the same way, thrusting away until they came in her pussy. Then the guy would climb off to return to his video game.

Ally was pretty sure her Women's Studies group would be horrified, but the truth of the matter was she had been having fun. She felt sexy and free, completely at ease as she lay naked on the bed, floating in the warm afterglow of multiple, repeated orgasms.

Still, the day was getting on.

"Hey guys," she said, rolling over and looking at them.

"Yeah," they chorused in reply, not looking away from their game.

"What about something to eat?" Ally asked.

"We're not feeding her enough," chuckled Paul.

"I got something you could eat," Chuck leered, grabbing his crotch.

Ally rolled her eyes. "Tasty, but a girl can't live on cum alone. Come on, guys, it's after noon. I'm hungry... like for food. Let's go get something."

The guys exchanged a look.

"Oh, come on," Ally laughed. "You've fucked me like five times... each. The least you can do is spring for lunch."

"We could order a pizza," Paul said with a grin.

"Oh... and then what?" Ally laughed. "I open the door naked and give the pizza guy a big 'tip'... or maybe he gives me his big tip."

"Dude," drawled Chuck. "That would be..."

"A total cliché," Ally barked. "It's like a bad porno."

"That's why it would be cool," Chuck muttered, downcast.

"Ok," Ally grinned.

A half-hour later, Ally stood nervously in front of the dorm room door, waiting. She shifted uncomfortably from on foot to another, occasionally trying to smooth her bed-tangled hair. She was trying to affect a cool, collected demeanor, as if she opened doors to strangers while stark naked every day. It wasn't working. A quick glance at the mirror build into the dorm's dresser showed her a tall, naked blonde, blushing so deeply that her face, neck and the tops of her full breasts looked sunburned. Ally took a deep breath, watching in the mirror as her flushed breasts rose and fell. She thought she felt a little steadier.

A loud, staccato knock rattled the door. Ally jumped, her heart racing at the sound. Behind her, the two guys laughed and elbowed each other. Ally glanced at them and realized they expected her to chicken out. Defiant, she turned, thrust out her full breasts and yanked the door open.

"Pizza," said a bored voice. Then, with a hint of laughter, the voice added: "Oh."

Ally's jaw dropped and, though she hadn't thought it possible, felt herself blush even more. The pizza delivery driver stared back, smiling slightly. Ally took in the driver's loose sweat pants, logo t-shirt and ball cap... the cap covering long blonde hair, the t-shirt swelling over small but perky breasts and the sweats hugging long, rounded legs. The driver's smile widened as her eyes traveled unabashed over Ally's curves, then took in the two guys behind her.

"Let me guess," the delivery girl said. "You were playing out a scene from a bad porno."

Ally's voice caught in her throat.

"Kinda," Chuck muttered the background.

"Met the driver naked at the door?" the delivery girl continued, stepping into the dorm room, handing the pizza to Paul and plucking the cash from his hand. She turned back to face Ally. "Maybe offer some oral sex as a tip. Was that the idea?"

Ally blushed even more.

"Well," the delivery girl said, looking Ally up and down again, "was it?"

"Yeah," Ally whispered, mortified. "Something like that."

"I could use a good tip," the delivery girl said with a wicked grin.

"Huh, what?" Ally blinked.

"Dude," Chuck muttered.

The delivery girl stepped close to Ally, smiling. Her hand slid up the buxom coed's naked side to cup her full breast. Ally shivered as the soft fingers caressed her, teasing her nipple.

"You were gonna give these boys a thrill, right?" she whispered, her lips practically touching Ally's. "I'm game if you are. I'd love a good tip from you. What do you say?"

Shivering harder, Ally felt herself nod fractionally.

"So come on." The delivery girl stepped back, speaking so the guys could hear. "I want my tip."

In a quick motion, she pulled her sweat pants down around her ankles and dropped onto the edge of the bed. Ally stared, stunned, at the woman's long firm legs and the neatly trimmed triangle of blonde hair between them. The driver reached up and pulled Ally closer. Unthinking, the buxom coed dropped to her knees in front of the other woman, who spread her legs wide.

Behind them, the guys laughed with glee.

Ally leaned closer, staring in awe at the soft folds nestled between the other woman's legs. It wasn't the first pussy she had seen by any means, but it was the first one that had even been offered to her like this, the first one she was supposed to... God, Ally thought, what am I doing?

"Come on, girly," the delivery girl growled, "where's that tip you owe me?"

"I've got a tip for you," Paul groaned in the background.

"Not you," the girl barked at him. "Or you." She added to Chuck.

"I..." Ally stammered. "I don't know what to do."

"A virgin box-licker," the delivery girl crowed. "Come here, darling. I'll teach you."

She slid her hands into Ally's hair and pulled her face down between her legs.

"Put your hands on my thighs," she commanded. "That's right, just like that. Rub my legs. Good girl. Now, put your face down there... don't be shy darling... lick me... go on... just stick out your tongue and lick..."

Shivering, Ally breathed in the delivery girl's warm, spicy scent. Tentatively, her tongue slipped from between her lips and she brushed it against the other woman's folds.

"Ahhh, yeah," the delivery girl sighed. "More... lick me up and down."

Feeling braver, Ally fluttered little licks along the other woman's pussy.

"Oh don't tease," the delivery girl moaned. "Lick me... eat my pussy... eat my fucking pussy."

Ally's tongue parted the other woman's folds, tasting her tangy wetness. The delivery girl's hands tightened in Ally's hair, pulling her face harder against the wet pussy. Ally's tongue lashed and spiraled, striking almost by chance the hard nub of the delivery girl's clit.

"Yes," the delivery girl groaned. "Right there... right there darling... lick my clit... eat my pussy... oh yes, eat me... fucking eat my pussy, you little slut."

Ally bobbed her head, licking and swirling her tongue wildly over the delivery girl's pussy.

"You like that, boys?" the driver said, and Ally made to lift her head. "No... don't stop... keep licking... good girl. Your boys are rubbing their crotches. They've got boners from watching you eat my pussy. You boys have a good slut here. Does she suck cock as good as she eats pussy?"

"Fuck yeah," growled Paul from somewhere over Ally's shoulder. "She's a great cock sucker, right Chuck."

"She's a great fuck too." Chuck added.

"You've both been fucking her?" the delivery girl moaned.

"All fucking weekend," Paul chuckled.

"So it's a 'fucking' weekend," the delivery girl laughed. "Sounds great. Well, boys. Let's see those cocks. "

"What?" said Chuck, even as Ally heard the rush of Paul's zipper.

"Whip 'em out," the delivery girl repeated. "I want to see what you've been fucking this box-licking slut with."

Ally looked up from between the delivery girl's legs. She could see Paul standing beside her, his cock in his hand. Chuck stood on her other side, pulling out his own. The delivery girl smiled. Looking down at Ally, she wrapped her fingers around both cocks. Then she leaned over and took Paul into her mouth.

Soon the room was full with moans and wet, sucking sounds.

Ally's fingers danced against her own clit as her tongue lapped at the delivery girl's pussy. Paul and Chuck moaned and grunted as they took turns thrusting their cocks into the delivery girl's face. She moaned and sucked noisily, pausing occasionally to lewdly command Ally not to stop eating her.

Suddenly, the delivery girl started to buck violently. Her legs clamped around Ally's head, holding her tightly as her hips rocked in orgasm. Somewhere overhead, Ally heard Chuck growl. After a last shuddering spasm, Ally was able to pull herself from between the delivery girl's legs. She looked up to see Chuck's cum oozing down the delivery girl's chin.

"Damn," the delivery girl groaned. "I have got to run. I was supposed to be back to pick up some more pizzas ages ago."

The delivery girl stood suddenly and pulled her sweats back up. Wiping her chin, she smiled down at Ally. Quickly, she knelt. Her hand cupped Ally's cheek and she smiled. Nervously, Ally smiled back as the delivery girl leaned close and kissed her. Ally tasted the delivery girl's swollen lips and musky flavor of the guys' cocks. Slowly, the delivery girl pulled away and smiled again.

"That was a great tip, darling," she said as she stood and headed for the door.

"Hey, what about me," Paul groaned, his hard shaft still in his hand.

"Finished him off for me, won't you darling," the delivery girl said to Ally. "I've really got to run."

With that, she dashed out the door.

"Damn, that was cool," said Chuck.

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