tagBDSMOne Dozen Roses

One Dozen Roses


Hello and welcome to my readers. Thanks for the votes, feedback and comments on my previous submittals. I hope you all have a Happy Valentine's Day.

In this story, Naomi and Janie explore the boundaries between pain and pleasure, testing the strength of their love. Enjoy.


"I'm home Janie. How was your day?"

Naomi Patterson closed the front door and walked into the living room. "Hello, I'm home," she called again. Still no answer. Janie said she would try to leave work early. I'm sure she'll be home soon. They had planned on a quiet evening at home celebrating Valentines Day, the day they met.

Naomi put her canvas shopping bag on the coffee table, sat on the couch and pulled off her running shoes. She stretched and leaned back against the cushions, recalling that day in the coffee shop when Janie had come into her life. The small shop was always crowded, but they made the best coffee and pastries for blocks around, so Naomi was used to waiting.

Finally seated, she looked up from the menu when a warm contralto voice asked if she would share her table. Naomi gazed into the hazel eyes of a blonde-haired full figured woman with a dazzling smile. She was easily a head taller than Naomi, as curvy as Naomi was slim, her tailored business suit in sharp contrast to Naomi's sweatshirt and jeans.

She introduced herself as Janie Borman, shaking Naomi's hand as the server came scurrying over to take their orders. Soon they were sipping their coffees, nibbling on their pastries and chatting like old friends. Janie was an account executive with Decker, Black and Associates, a prestigious advertising firm. Naomi was a video game software designer that worked from her home. They clicked their coffee cups together and wished each other a Happy Valentine's Day.

Janie's hazel eyes locked on Naomi's green as they talked, their legs making contact under the table. Naomi held Janie's hand, asking if she could come for dinner on Friday night. Janie accepted. They exchanged phone numbers and Janie was off to work, her goodbye kiss burning on Naomi's lips.

After three years, Naomi remembered vividly their first lovemaking and the exquisite orgasms they shared. They never left Naomi's apartment that weekend. They pleasured each other for hours, then cuddled and slept until their passions rose once more. They parted reluctantly on Monday morning, already missing each other.

A month later Janie moved into Naomi's apartment and they began a life together. Three wonderful years, Naomi thought happily, taking a heart-shaped box of butter cream chocolates from her shopping bag. They were Janie's favorite. Naomi had also bought Janie a pendant with three diamonds, one for each year of their relationship. She took the blue velvet box from her bag, wondering where Janie was, when she saw the flower on the floor.

It was a red rose with a white ribbon tied around the stem, moisture still glittering on the petals. Naomi was intrigued and went to pick it up. Then she saw another one several feet away, and another and another, leading her down the hall. Curious, she followed the trail of flowers, picking up ten of them until she was in their bedroom.

Naomi squealed in surprise as she saw the room hung with red ribbons. Red sheets were on the bed and two white roses lay on red pillows. Red cloths draped over the bedside lamps bathed the room in a pink glow. She squealed a second time as a red blindfold covered her eyes "Janie, what are you…" she began.

"Shhhhh, don't make a sound," Janie said, embracing Naomi from behind and nuzzling her silky brunette hair. "This is our night, a special night, and one you'll never forget. Do you trust me, my love?"

Naomi nodded, shivering as Janie's hot breath swirled in her ear. Janie's hands were on her shoulders, moving her forward until her knees bumped the mattress. She unbuttoned Naomi's jeans, tugging them down her legs and off, her panties followed, then her sweatshirt and bra. Naomi's breath quickened as Janie's hands moved over her body, stroking between her legs and cupping her small, firm breasts.

"Turn around and hold out your arms," Janie said. Naomi did. Soft fur covered her wrists and she heard two clicks. A thrill of fear ran through her. Soft hands stroked Naomi's legs. She flinched as fur enclosed her ankles with dull clicks.

"Still trust me?" Janie asked. Naomi nodded, her mouth was dry and her heart was racing. She and Janie had talked about adding spice to their sex life, now it was happening. Janie eased Naomi on the bed, positioning her on her back in the middle of the mattress. Naomi shivered as Janie tied her arms to the headboard and her legs to the footboard. She tugged on her restraints. She could barely move. Then Janie sat on the mattress next to her, their bare hips touching.


Janie's excitement rose as Naomi lay helpless on their bed. Doubt suddenly assailed her, could she go through with it? She had planned this surprise so carefully, Naomi didn't suspect a thing. Still, the thought of causing her partner pain… No, I'm going to do this. We've wondered what it would be like to be at our partners mercy…to put our love and trust to the test. I have to try... I love you so much, baby…

"Here are the rules," Janie barked in the harshest voice she could muster. "You will address me as Mistress and I will call you slut. You will obey me without question. You will not speak unless I say you can. If you disobey, I will punish you. Finally, you will not cum unless I give you permission. Do you understand?"

Naomi nodded.

You're ready to play, aren't you. "Pick a safe word, slut. If what I am doing to you is too much, you must say the word or else I will continue. What is the word? You may speak."

"Cupid, Mistress."

"Very good, slut," Janie answered, "Let us begin." She reached under the bed, pulled out a cardboard carton and began removing things from it.


Naomi barely suppressed a moan as Janie's lips closed on her nipple. She loved to have her nipples played with. Janie could make her cum just by sucking on them, it felt so good…


Naomi twisted in her bonds as something cruelly pinched her nipple, the abused tissues sending tendrils of agony to her brain. Janie's lips moved to her other nipple. A suck, a lick …


Tears began to well in Naomi's eyes as her nipples turned to fire. Her pussy was moist and her clit throbbed. She suppressed another moan as Janie licked her pussy, her lips sucking the erect nub. Naomi's brain reeled, Oh no, please, not that, not my…


Naomi strained against her bonds, trying to escape the agony of her pinched clit. She wanted to scream the word and tell Janie to stop, but she did not want to fail her partner by calling a halt so soon. She clenched her teeth and the pain became a bearable throb. Her pussy was soaked, the sensations stimulating her arousal.

"How about a little more, slut?" Janie's voice breathed in her ear. Naomi's back arched as Janie pulled the nipple clamps. "Or maybe this?" Naomi's mind exploded as Janie tugged on the clit clamp, a shake of her head the only reaction to the pain she was experiencing. I will not scream. I will not…I will not…I love you Janie…I love you…


Tears dampened Janie's cheeks as she watched her lover fighting the pain she was inflicting on her. She is so brave, so strong, I love her so…Heaven help me, I'm being turned on…her pussy is dripping…she's getting into this…. And so am I.

Janie reached into the carton and pulled out three lengths of thin chain linked to a ring. She fastened the chains to the clips on her lover's nipples and clit, giving a short tug as Naomi's body twisted on the bed. "How does that feel, slut?" Janie barked, "Speak to me."

"It, it hurts, Mistress, it hurts," Naomi replied, licking her lips. "But I can take it. I love you, Mistress."

Janie smiled at her lover's words, her resolve to continue strengthened. "I am proud of you, my slut," she answered, her voice quavering, "but we have other things to attend to, are you ready?"

"Yes Mistress."

Janie wiped her eyes and caressed Naomi's flat stomach, "Then we will continue."


Naomi winced as Janie gave the chains another tug, then she was untying the restraints. "Turn over slut, get on your knees." Naomi did as instructed. Her limbs were stiff, so she welcomed the chance to move them. Janie pushed Naomi's shoulders down, refastening the restraints. Goose bumps covered Naomi's body as she anticipated what would happen next.

Janie was moving about on the bed…preparing… what? Naomi felt something slippery spread on her asshole. It quickly became warm, making her flesh tingle. She flinched as Janie thrust a finger in her puckered hole, twirling it inside. "Noooo," Naomi moaned as another finger wiggled in her asshole. They had tentatively explored anal play before, but Naomi was frightened.

"What was that, slut?" Janie growled. "Did I say you could speak?"

"Please, Mistress," Naomi whined. "Please, not my ass."

"Quiet, slut," Janie said. "Did I say you could speak? Now I will punish you. Your ass is mine to do with as I wish, do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress," came the tearful reply.


Janie could not believe how arousing this was. Her pussy was sopping as she lifted the leather paddle and brought it sharply against Naomi's buttocks, leaving a red mark on the pale flesh. "Count each one for me, slut."

"One, Mistress," Naomi responded, "two, three …"

After ten sharp blows, Naomi's ass was red and she was crying quietly into the pillow. Janie dropped the paddle from nerveless fingers as her lover's sobs lanced through her heart. This is hurting me too my sweet baby. I must finish, I must. She daubed more lubricant in Naomi's ass, inserting three fingers, spreading the hole wider. Naomi sniffled, but she wiggled her ass on the probing fingers.

Janie slid off the mattress and picked up a three-pronged dildo, rubbing lubricant on the stubby end before sliding it into her pussy, its bumps and ridges arousing her as she fastened the straps. After lubing the other shafts, Janie climbed back on the bed behind Naomi and eased forward on her knees, sliding the rigid plastic into her lover's ass and pussy.

She felt Naomi relax and eased in inch by inch, rotating her pelvis to increase the sensations. With a final thrust, Janie buried the dildos in Naomi's pussy and asshole. She began rocking back and forth, impaling her on the slick phalluses. Naomi gasped and pushed back against Janie, the tempo of their fucking increasing rapidly.


Naomi's head was spinning as the dildos filled her pussy and ass to bursting. The faster Janie fucked her, the faster she raised her hips to meet the plunging thrusts. She could feel a massive orgasm rising, her entire body suffused in increasing warmth, but she could not cum unless her Mistress said she could. She did not know how long she could hold out. Her body shook and her pussy was creaming. She gritted her teeth, trying to hold off her orgasm.


Janie's body quivered and a moan escaped her lips. The dildo moving in her pussy and the harness rubbing her clit were becoming too much to bear. She leaned over Naomi, her breasts flattened against her back, fucking in quick jabs as her orgasm blossomed through her body. She gripped Naomi's waist, thrusting into her one last time.

"Come for me slut," Janie screamed, her pussy gushing, drenching her thighs. She hugged Naomi tightly, whimpering and moaning as one orgasm, and then another ravaged her.

"Mistress, I'm cumminggg …" Naomi cried, her release coursing through her like a bolt of lightning. Pussy squirting, she rode the dildos for two more orgasms, then slumped forward. Janie gently removed Naomi's blindfold and restraints, kissing and caressing her.


"I adore my pendant, sweetie" Janie said, looking at it once again as it swung between her breasts. She finished rubbing soothing lotion on Naomi's nipples and ass, and lay next to her.

"And I really enjoyed my surprise, you devil," Naomi replied. "I've never cum like that in my life. A little lotion on my clit would be nice though."

"Oh you want more, do you?" Janie laughed, "I thought I had worn you out."

"Only for the moment," Naomi replied, sitting up, and then straddling Janie. "This is the best Valentine's Day anniversary we've ever had. And it's not over yet."

"What do you mean, babe?"

"It's my turn now and you're gonna hurt so good."

Janie raised her arms, breath catching in her throat.

"Your slut loves you Mistress."


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