One Fat Summer Day


Stef, slowly dropped down to where he was on his hands and knees over me, raking his eyes over my nude curves like a starving man.

I dropped my knees to the side, leaving my crotch open and exposing my wet pussy to his eyes. Reaching up, I cupped his cheek and purred, "Well, Tiger . . . what'cha gonna do to me? You need a few suggestions?"

Stef turned his head to kiss my palm, his fiery blue eyes never leaving mine. Suddenly, he crouched back and swooped his face down towards my pussy; his tongue hitting a perfect two-point landing -- a swipe across my labia and clit.

The electric shock made me hiss through my teeth, and arch my back from the sensation of his wet flesh against mine. "Oooo! I guess you're getting the ide-AAHH!" My words cut off when Stef set to his task with a vengeance. Licking and kissing all over my kitty with firm motions, he sent my passions spiraling higher and higher with every passing second. I found out later that Stef, for all his shyness, was a rather staunch purveyor of online porn, which is where he learned the technique of eating pussy.

For now though, all I cared about was chasing after my first orgasm, which was being coaxed along quite nicely by Stef's oral efforts. He may have been a novice, for all he was eager and a bit sloppy, but after a few nudges and words of guidance from me he quickly proved to be well on his way to being a world-class cunt-muncher! His thick tongue did wonders when drilled deep inside my quim, and Stef seemed to be relishing my flavor. I was spread out nearly in a full split, humping my hips up into his face while I cupped the back of his head with one hand. Braced with the other behind me, Mewling, crying and almost yelling with bliss as Stef snacked away on my little cookie, I was only minimally worried about attracting the attention of the neighborhood. All that mattered was I was getting my cunt thoroughly eaten out by my lovely neighbor-boy . . . fuck! Stef had left his boyhood image far behind with this performance. He was definitely becoming a grown man, right before my eyes!

Soon, I felt my imminent climax approaching. Tensing and sucking in air for the big push to the edge, I was about to give Stef another round of verbal encouragement . . . when he suddenly pulled back and left my sweating, pulsing body to fall back onto the towel!

"Hu-wha--?" I flopped back, surprised and feeling a bit frustrated that I didn't get to finish. "Stefan!" I was about to protest strongly, when Stef fell over my body and pressed me back to the ground; taking my hands and pinning them both over my head as he crowded in close between my thighs. We were belly-to-belly, and his hard-nosed cock was bumping eagerly at the gates of my drooling-wet pussy.

"Kymi," Stef wasn't talking just then. More like he was growling. His voice and whole demeanor was changed. In hindsight, I guess my nickname for him was fitting, because Stef was now all 'Tiger' -- the sexual beast lurking inside that shy young man had been unleashed.

"Stefan?" I breathed through clenched teeth, feeling the shock waves of my impending climax still racing through my loins. Having the blunt head of Stefan's cock nudging my nether lips was only keeping the sensations from vanishing completely.

"Kymi, I . . . I gotta fuck you," he growled.

I didn't bother with any more niceties. I wrapped both arms up around his neck and bumped his forehead with mine, staring up into his eyes with all the pent-up passion I could muster. "Then do it, Tiger! Fuck me-OOAH!" Clearly, he'd been ready for my approval, because the sudden surge of his dick through my pussy practically robbed me of all the rest of the air in my lungs. The sparks flying with that one thrust of his thick cock were too much, and I crashed head-first into my first climax. Squealing, I clamped down hard on his dick and shivered through wave after wave of pure orgasmic energy.

I think I lost touch with reality for a bit, because the next thing I knew, I was now on top of Stef, who was cradling me within the circle of his big, beefy arms. His baby-blues were searching my face, his own features flush with concern.

Well, you see a girl climax for the first time, I guess any man would be worried. "Kymi? You o-okay?" he asked.

I was panting, trying to get my heart rate down, but I managed a smile and said, "Gawd, Stefan . . . you trying to kill me with pleasure?" I shivered with an aftershock, and realized he was still inside me and still thick and hard as ever. "Ooo! Someone's still trying to kill me, I see!"

Stef let out a soft bark of laughter. "Geez, Kymi! What do you expect?" He ran his big hands down my bare back, before cupping both of my butt cheeks to squeeze them. "I thought I'd hurt you, for a second."

I wiggled my tush against his hands, feeling his dick stir the insides of my pussy deliciously. "Mmm, it was the 'good' kind of hurt, tiger!" I reached down to press both of my hands against his chest. "Believe me, you and I are not finished with each other."

"No?" Stef asked.

"Nuh-uh," I said, before smoothing my fingers across his furry chest in a loving caress. "You've got a bit more to do, and learn about pleasing a woman." I smiled and winked at the look of awe in his face. "And I'm gonna just love showing you just what you can do to me."

Stef smiled, and there wasn't a trace of shyness left in him as he boldly reached up to cover my boobs with his hands. "Well . . . I guess I'd better be a good student, then." He surprised me by capturing both of my nipples with his thick fingers, pinching them with just enough force to make me squirm harder on his dick.

"OOoo-mmm! Yeah, I think we're both gonna learn a lot from each other, Tiger," I said, leaning over to paint his lips with my little tongue, before swooping in for a really hot kiss. We Frenched like that for minutes, before I straightened up and braced myself against his chest. "Now . . . let's put that wonderful cock of yours to work, shall we?" With that, I slowly lifted up, dragging my soaked pussy along his length until I felt the rim of his dick head just against the seal of my labia. With a groan, I plunged myself back down the length of his cock, which set off equal parts of pleasure for the both of us as I continued to post on Stef's prick.

I really wish I had thought to set up a camera or something, because in my mind's eye I figured we were making quite the spectacle of ourselves in my folk's backyard. Both of our bodies covered in a sheen of sex-sweat, stretched out over a bath-sheet on the grass as we fucked lovingly under the summer sunshine. I kept the pace slow-but-smouldering -- just giving a little extra grind or wiggle here and there to keep the energy flowing. Stef was willing to let me do my thing, 'cause he was rolling along with me on the path to another glorious climax. He wasn't totally idle though. His big hands were sweeping up and down my compact body, pausing to pinch, grope and caress with trails of lusty fire following every touch.

Panting, I grinned down at Stefan. "Enjoyin' the ride?"

His broad chest heaving, Stef nodded eagerly before he hissed as my hard clit touched a sensitive spot on his dick. "Y-yeah . . . Geez! This is . . . so amazing!"

I had to laugh, though it was a laugh filled with tenderness as I listened to Stef go on about how much he loved what we were doing. Stopping with his cock seated firmly inside me, I dropped down to cover his chest and beamed down into his face. "You're not even at the best part yet, tiger," I panted. It wasn't that far off for me, and as I started up again I could tell by the twitching of his dick he wasn't gonna be that far behind. But, I have to tell the truth. Both of us had been fucking for a good spell, out there in the open, under the hot sun. Our bodies were getting slick with sex-sweat, which might have been fine . . . if we were indoors amid the A/C. Right now, while I wanted another yummy-O, I also wanted to be cool and not so sticky on the outside.

I slowed my rocking for a beat, and gave Stef's left nipple a tweak to get his attention. "A-huh?" he grunted, looking up at me.

"C'mon, Tiger. I know the best way to finish this!" I popped up -- shivering at the slick-sticky POP-sound his dick made as it left my pussy -- and tugged at his hand as I motioned towards the outdoor shower with my chin.

Stef quickly got the idea. Getting up, he followed me over to the partition, while taking a moment to grope my bottom while we walked. When I gave him a mock-scowl and a giggle, he growled playfully and scooped me up into his arms. Woah! He easily carried me into the two-quarter stall, pausing only to give me a passionate kiss before staring into my eyes. "God, Kymi . . . what am I going to do with you?"

Rhetorical, yes, but I couldn't help the warm smile I flashed him. "I think you'll know, Tiger." With that, I reached over and twisted the shower knobs, sending a lukewarm spray cascading down onto both of us.

"Gah!" Stef nearly dropped me from the shock of the water, but I kept my footing and quickly got the two of us more or less positioned under the running shower head. We quickly got soaked, all while keeping the fires smoldering inside as we licked, kissed and nibbled on every inch of each other's exposed skin that was in reach.

Eventually, after giving Stef's dick a good fluffing-up, I turned and presented him with a great view of my back and bottom while leaning over to prop myself against the partition wall. Looking back over my shoulder, I gave my lover a wink and a grin. "Well, Tiger . . . wanna ride me to the finish?"

Stef bobbed his head eagerly, before wrapping both hands around my waist and shuffling up behind me. He had to crouch to get his cock lined up with my drooling kitty . . . but, when he got us connected he surged into my body, hitting every nerve ending inside with every bump and ridge on his prick. Ooo, LORD! The fires quickly blazed up with every slow thrust, and soon we were back into the steady, loping rhythm that we set back on the grass. With every thrust, he made my tits swing and bounce, and the slap-slap of our wet skin just drove my libido to new heights. Add to this, the scent of sex wafting in the air, mixed with sun, grass and . . . well! Believe me, I felt like I wanted to fuck my lover forever! Every stroke, every touch . . . it was like all the best, good-feelings I'd ever experienced in my entire life, concentrated and jam-packed into those six or so inches that connected Stef and me.

Though, it wasn't meant to last. After all, a body can only take so much stimulation before something has to give.

Panting and moaning, I could hear Stef's breath and feel it hot, heavy and gushing across my neck. He was now bent over my back, with both arms wrapped around me as he made his sprint for the finish. With the electric sparks in my kitty, I wasn't going to be that long in crossing the line myself.

"Oh! Oh . . . oh gawd! K-Kymi-?"

"Mm-hmm! Yeah," I squealed softly, feeling the edge of the oncoming climax just, right there. "Gonna cum, baby!" I gushed, dropping one hand to grip Stef's arm.

"Oh! Oooh, yeah!" Stef's muscles seemed to turn into solid iron under my touch. He started to make several sharp jabs into my body, his dick twitching like a live wire. "Kymi . . . um-?"

I had enough sense in my sex-charged mind to understand what Stef was gonna ask me. I turned my head, staring into his blue eyes and huffed. "I-It's 'kay . . . do it! I'm safe!"

As that registered across his mind, Stef pulled me in tighter against his heaving body and -- just as I felt the lurch of his dick inside me -- he locked my lips up in a steamy, all-or-nothing kiss.

A second after that, two things hit me like a tsunami: Stef's cock swelled up and blew several thick, heavy spurts of his sperm deep inside my pussy. and the splatter against my honeycomb walls set off my own orgasm.

I would have probably alerted the neighbors with the shriek of satisfaction that threatened to burst out of my throat. My pussy was rippling up and down Stef's shaft; milking him for every ounce of cream he had. His own growl of release further muffled my own cries, as we both rode out our climax under the shower.

Eventually, the greatest feelings-EVER began to wane, and what little strength I had left in me wasn't gonna be enough to hold me up. Yeah, serious case of the noodle-legs, ladies! I started to try to slip out of Stef's arms to keep from falling down . . . .

"No, don't!" Stef whispered in my ear, his grip on my little body just firm enough to immobilize me, but hardly rough enough to cause harm. His cock was twitching and wriggling inside me, and I felt a last, feeble spurt of his cream dribble out to join the other spurts in there. Geez! I could swear he'd pumped a good half-pint into me!

Catching my breath, I said softly, "Stef, sweetie . . . Ya gotta let me go, or we're gonna fall down here."

Stef chuckled, before he tugged his hips back -- and let his half-hard dick slip out of me!

Ooo, no! I wanted it back in there! But, alas, it was not to be. However, my lover easily turned to pull me upright, lifting me up to cup my bottom with both hands as he leaned his own body back against the shower wall. Left with little else, I curled my legs around his lower body and leaned against his chest.

I could feel his chest heave with each breath, and feel his thatch of curly hairs tickle my cheek as I listened to his heart beat slowing as we stood there. Mercy! To be all naked and wet, under the still-running shower, with the sun beating unmercifully down on our sex-sated bodies. I really didn't have any words to say at that moment. I mean . . . WOW, I just had sex with the boy-next-door, with whom I'd been dying to have between my thighs for like, forever! And it had been the most wonderful, and damn-near hottest experience I'd ever had. On National Nude Day, no less!

Eventually though I felt Stef nuzzle through my wet hair and place a kiss on the top of my head. "Geez . . . Kymi," he murmured. His whole body seemed to be humming with energy, yet relaxed in the way only a good super-orgasm can give you.

"Mmm!" I nuzzled into his chest, my own body feeling very good as I clung to him. "Did you like it?" Hey, I'm not so selfish that I'm gonna think about my own satisfaction here! After all, if I wanted Stef to come back for more, gotta make sure he got his share, right?"

Stef rumbled a chuckle, holding me tighter to his body. "Yeah, I loved it," he said, turning his head to press his cheek to my hair. "Mmm . . . are w-we going to . . . well-?"

I giggled softly. "You want to go again, Tiger?" Believe me, I was more than willing to go another round with my lover, and from the way he was rubbing my wet body with his hands -- not to mention his half-hard cock nosed up between our tummies -- I'd say he was more than willing.

Stef laughed, and lifted his head to speak . . . .


Both Stef and I went still as a pair of rocks. Oh crap . . . that was Stef's Momma, Rose.

"Stefan?! I know I saw you come over here."

Double-dipped crap! She sounded upset, and from the nearness of her voice I could tell she was already on OUR side of the fence.

Nothing can sober you up out of a sex-haze that getting caught out in the open. I tried to think quickly, and looking up at Stef, and saw the panic in his eyes. I gave him a short head-shake, and prayed that Mrs. Gustafson would try looking in the house first before looking this way. Mind, the shower stall has mostly-opaque walls, so she couldn't possibly see the two of us. Yet, our towels and Stef's trunks were still by the side of the pool, several yards away, and there was no way she couldn't miss seeing them!

"Kymeria? Is that you over there?" The sound of feet swishing over grass came nearer, followed by a small huff of exasperation. "Stefan Oliver Gustafson! Kymeria Vanderschmitt . . . I know you two can hear me!"

Now, I know a lot of you might have wished a hole would open up and swallow them, just to avoid the embarrassment at a moment like this. Getting caught by the mother of your lover, post-coitus, might cause anyone of us to wish just that.

Me? Well, I may be in trouble, but I wasn't gonna play dumb about it. I cleared my throat and said softly, "Yes, Miss Gustafson?" I nodded to Stef.

He looked skyward for a moment, then said weakly, "Yes, Momma?"

"I know I taught you better manners, young man. When I call, you'd better answer me right away." Rose made another exasperated sound, before she said easily, "If you don't mind, Kymeria, Stefan has to go get ready for lunch." There were footsteps on the grass, then one of her arms appeared, holding a long, red-and-white striped towel and Stef's trunks in one hand. "Stefan, go get cleaned up, young man."

Stefan set me gently down on the shower stall floor -- blushing as he gave me a quick, soft peck on my lips and whispering "Talk to you soon?" -- before he turned and took both items from her hand. Wrapping the towel around his waist, he said, "Yes'm, Momma." With that, he stepped around the partition and disappeared.

I stood there for a moment, before I turned around and shut off the water. Geez, what was gonna happen now, I had to wonder. Well, Stef's Momma didn't keep me waiting. There was a soft, throat-clearing cough behind me, so I turned and prepared for the worst . . . .

Only to get the one thing I NEVER would have expected in my life, staring me right in the kisser! Stef's Momma was standing there in full view, holding the bathing sheet I'd left on the grass . . . and she didn't have a single stitch of clothing on her! Let me tell you, It's easy to see where Stef got his genes from, because Rose Gustafson was clearly a well-build, yet very feminine, over-fourty gal! Taller than me by a good six-inches, she had a Nordic cast to her features, but a svelte-physique that my brother would have definitely called MILF-material.

"Now, come-come," Rose said, holding out the towel to me. "You've been soaking long enough, dear."

I had the good sense to blush, even as I took two steps and got within reach of her. "Um, yeah . . . I guess." I turned around, letting Rose drape the towel over my shoulders. Taking hold of it, I started to mutter an apology as I quickly rubbed myself dry.

"Shush, dear . . . now, I'll not have any hurt feelings or recriminations, Kymeria," Rose said. "After all, I cannot fault you for doing what you've done."

That got me sucker-punched, believe me! I turned and stared at her. "You, y-you can't . . . ma'am?"

Rose smiled, and pinched my cheek affectionately. "No dear, not for this." She nodded at my bare body. "After all, my family practices at being nudists, and have done so for many generations."

"Really?" I asked. Wow. Who knew, right?"

Rose nodded. "As well, if you're worried about what you did with Stefan . . . well," she drawled the last word, smiling affectionately. "I'd been hoping you'd be the one to pull him out of his shell. Even after all these years, I've seen how he reacted to your affections and friendship." She stepped close and put and arm over my shoulders. "It's always been my one worry that Stefan would never attract a girl, because he was so shy. So, even with what you two did out here today-."

"Today!?" I squeaked. I looked down, then back up again at Rose. "Um . . . Ma'am, just how much-?"

Rose chuckled, and hugged me briefly to her nude body. "Dear, I saw just enough to know how much you care for Stefan, and let me tell you this; don't worry. I'm certainly not going to tell your parents. What the two of you do with each other . . . is your own affair."

I felt a wave of relief wash over me. "Really, Ma'am? Then . . . you're not gonna punish Stefan?" Yeah, girls. I was more worried for what his folks were going to do to HIM, rather than what might happen to me for my shenanigans this day.

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