One Fateful Night: The Aftermath Ch. 03


Once home, Anna began wrapping presents in the living room while I watched television. As evening rolled by, I grilled some fish fillets and made a couple sandwiches for Anna and I. I plopped down on the couch after dinner while Anna sat at her makeshift workplace, the floor in front of me, putting the finishing touches on some presents. Anna leaned back against the couch, between my legs and I began to massage her shoulders while she worked. I must have been in a trance staring at the television because I hadn't noticed that Anna had finished wrapping gifts for some time and was just enjoying my massage. Anna groaned and rolled her neck, snapping me out of my daze. She stood up and took my hand in hers,

"Care to join me for a shower?" she asked with a 'come hither' look on her face. Before we headed upstairs, I grabbed a black plastic bag off the counter, something I picked up on my private trip.

"What's that?" Anna asked.

I opened the bag and pulled out a tall slender bottle of lube. Anna giggled and we rushed upstairs. Once in the bathroom, I began to undress, watching Anna as she slid her khaki shorts down her legs along with her white panties. Anna undid the buttons on my blue checkered shirt, then lifted her white v-neck off her body. We stepped through the glass doors of the shower and I turned on the water. Anna and I both soaked our bodies beneath the warm stream of water then began to lather ourselves. I reached my soapy hand behind Anna and ran it across the smooth soft curve of her ass, making my way between her cheeks. Anna looked up at me, directly into my eyes as I gently pressed my middle finger against the ring of her asshole. We both smiled as my finger, slippery with soap suds, massaged the area. Anna gasped when I pressed my finger a bit harder against her opening. My finger slid in with ease. I didn't probe too deeply, just up to my second knuckle, then wiggled my finger about. After a few seconds, I pulled my finger out. I slid my hand up Anna's body to her back and pulled her hard against me, crushing my throbbing penis between our stomachs. As we kissed, Anna and I stepped beneath the water, washing away the soap from our bodies. I broke our kiss and reached up, grabbing the detachable shower head, focusing the stream on Anna's modest breasts, watching the water cascade down her gentle curves. After a while, I placed the showerhead back in its spot.

Anna turned away from me and I kissed the back of her neck. I kissed my way down Anna's wet body till I was kneeling behind her. I placed my palms on Anna's butt cheeks and squeezed her delectable flesh. Gently pulling her cheeks apart, I stared at the dark pink rosebud ring that was Anna's asshole,

"Oh my god baby, even your tiny butthole is adorable," I commented as Anna twisted her neck back to look down at me. She laughed.

I moved my face close to Anna and pressed my lips against her right butt cheek. I must admit, I was a bit apprehensive of taking the next step; this was all new territory for me.

I closed my eyes and stuck out my tongue. Pulling Anna's cheeks apart, I moved in, letting my tongue press against her tight opening. I traced my tongue around the delicately crinkled skin of her asshole and felt it contract. A little more teasing and Anna seemed to calm down and her puckered asshole relaxed. I began licking away, once in a while letting my tongue slip inside her anus ever so slightly. I noticed Anna had begun massaging her pussy with her hand as the still warm water beat down on us both. As I became more acclimated with the situation, I let my tongue slide deeper into Anna and squirmed it around inside her. I heard Anna moaned as I probed her virgin asshole. Although I couldn't see, I sensed Anna increasing the pace of her hand on her cunt. I began to move my tongue faster and faster and before long I felt Anna's suddenly contract and she cried out. Her body shuddered; I could tell she was cumming. I pulled my tongue from Anna's anus and continued to tease the surrounding areas as her orgasm spasmed through her body.

I finally stood up and wiped my mouth with the back of my hand. Anna turned to me, and with absolutely no apprehension, pulled me close for a kiss. I felt her tongue dancing around my own, as she probed my mouth, eventually pulling away,

"That was unbelievable babe," she panted.

Turning off the water, I turned to Anna and smiled,

"That was just the prep work baby."

We stepped out of shower and dried our bodies and walked into the bedroom; I could sense Anna's nervousness. I put my hands on her shoulder,

"Are you okay Annabelle," I asked, using her full name to relay my genuine concern.

She held my hand on her shoulder and smiled at me,

"Yeah, I'm fine, just some butterflies I guess, that in there was amazing," she said, pointing to the bathroom, "I'm just anxious about what's next. Anxious in a good way though."

"I must admit, it was pretty exhilarating for me too," I confessed, "But you have to promise me, you have to tell me the second something doesn't feel right, or something is uncomfortable," I pleaded.

"I will babe, I promise," Anna replied.

I led Anna to the bed and laid her down. We began kissing, her erect nipples rubbing against my chest. My hand glided up her thigh, all the way to her breasts. I squeezed her wonderfully firm flesh in my hands, then lowered head, taking her nipple between my lips and kissed it. I held Anna's rock hard nipple gently between my teeth and flicked my tongue back and forth against it. I moved my head between Anna's breasts, kissing the flat surface where her petite mounds separated, licking her warm skin. I felt Anna's hands running through my wet hair and looked up to her smiling face. I raised my body off her and she rolled onto her side, curving her legs like if she was spooning. I got up and retrieved the bottle of lube from the dresser table then quickly returned to Anna's side.

I opened the bottle and squirted a generous amount of the cool slippery liquid into my right palm. I locked the lid of the bottle and placed it on the bed behind me. Scooting up so I was positioned behind Anna, I ran my clean and along Anna's neck, leaning in and kissing her shoulder, then the curve of her neck. My cock was pressed along Anna's back, drooling precum onto her skin. My lubed hand found its way down to Anna's bum. I pressed my palm between the crack of Anna's ass, sliding it all around, spreading the lube over the entire area. When I felt that her entire ass was well lubed, I positioned my index finger at her anus. I prodded gently,

"Just breathe baby," I whispered into Anna's ear.

I felt her asshole relaxing and slid my finger in; it slid it with ease thanks to the lube. I heard Anna gasp and felt her asshole tighten around my finger. After wiggling my finger around for a bit, Anna loosened up again and I added my middle finger. With two fingers buried in her tight ass, I felt the heat of Anna's body. I began sliding my fingers in and out, in and out. The lube was making it an easy task, my fingers slipping in with ease. I continued kissing Anna's neck, nibbling on her earlobe, and saw that she was massaging her breasts with her hand. When Anna began bucking her hips I whispered into her ear again,

"You think you're ready baby?"

"Uh huh," Anna whimpered in response.

I pulled my fingers from Anna's bum and reached for the bottle of lube. Anna rolled over to face me,

"Let me babe," she insisted, holding out an open palm.

I squirted another generous amount of lube, this time into Anna's hand. I resealed the bottle and set it down while Anna lowered her hand to my penis. She pressed her palm against my mushroom head, then slid it down, grasping my shaft. I watched as my cock throbbed in her hand. She stroked me a couple times making sure every area of my erect dick was fully lubed. When she was satisfied, Anna rolled over again and resumed her previous position. I moved into position behind Anna, lying on my side like she was. I grasped onto my cock and held it in place as I pushed between Anna's butt cheeks. I stopped when the tip of my cock was pressed against Anna's anus. I saw her clutching the bed sheets, wrought with anticipation I was sure.

"Anna, you need to calm your body, just relax and breathe," I instructed.

Anna remained silent, all I could hear was her breathing, then she whispered,

"Okay babe, I'm ready."

On her 'go ahead' I pushed forward and felt the head of my cock slipping past Anna's stretching asshole. I could hear Anna's breathing intensify as I slowly eased forward. I had the head of my cock inside her and continued pressing on when Anna let out a brief shriek then placed her hand on my thigh and held it in place. I immediately stopped my advancement,

"Do you want me to pull out," I asked, my voice littered with concern.

"No, no, just give me a second," Anna protested.

We both remained still as statues while Anna continued taking heavy breaths. After a few seconds, I could feel Anna's sphincter relaxing, and she gave the 'okay',

"Okay babe, go ahead."

I resumed pushing forward, taking extra precaution to go slow. I eased into Anna a millimeter at a time, the feeling was unbelievable, her ass was so tight; I felt her squeezing every part of my cock that was in her. At halfway in, I paused again at Anna's urging and we took a half a minute break. That however, was the last time Anna asked me to stop. When my cock was about two thirds inside her, I felt Anna's ass completely relax and accept my entire mass. Anna bellowed another shriek as I filled her to the hilt. I was completely buried in Anna's ass and it felt amazing, her heat around my pulsing cock, her body clamping down on me; it was heaven. Every once in a while Anna would clench involuntarily and her muscles would contract, squeezing my manhood even tighter.

"How are you doing babe?" I inquired.

"Good, I'm okay, you feel amazing baby, I could feel your cock throbbing inside me, and look at this," Anna replied as I watched her lower her hand to her pussy then bring it up to my face; her hand was soaked. I licked her fingers tasting her wonderful juices.

"You feel unbelievable too baby," I responded, "You ready?" I asked.

Anna nodded and I began to pull out slowly then slide back in. I could hear Anna softly moaning at my every movement inside her. After a few strokes I was able to slide in and out with more speed. I slowly built up a rhythm and before long I was pistoning my cock in and out of Anna's tight asshole.

"Ahh ahh ahhh fuck baby yesss!" Anna cried.

I was holding onto Anna's hip with my hand, steadying her body, as she began pressing her ass back to meet my thrusts. Every time I filled her felt breathtaking and spectacular. Anna was now moaning constantly and her fingers were working furiously at her pussy. I pressed my head against the back of her shoulder, kissing her warm skin.

"Oh fuck babe ahh ahhh, I'm gonna fucking cum," Anna moaned.

"Me too baby, I'm almost there," I grunted.

Moments later I felt Anna's ass squeeze down on my cock hard and begin to spasm,

"Ahhh yess yess fuckkk mhmmm," she moaned

At almost the same instant, I felt my cock suddenly jerk and twitch. I began spewing my cum deep inside Anna's anal cavity. Her insides continued convulsing around my penis, almost sucking the cum from me. We both moaned in delight as our passionate orgasms traversed our bodies. My climax was like none I've ever felt before. I remained buried inside Anna, my cock slowly deflating, twitching every couple of seconds. I finally pulled my penis from Anna's opening; it slid out with ease. Still kissing Anna's neck, I moved my palm in-between Anna's butt cheeks, feeling her gaping opening with my fingers. The entire area was sopping wet. I traced my finger around the ring of her slick anus, feeling as it slowly contracted to its original state. Anna was sucking on her fingers, which were soaked in her cum, her body twitched every once in a while and she whimpered when it did, remnants of her orgasm I suspected.

After a few moments of recuperation, Anna turned to me,

"I love you so much baby," she cooed.

I leaned in and kissed her hard,

"I love you too Anna."

"So how was that for you?" she asked.

"It was great, nothing I've ever felt before," I eagerly stated, "What about you, did you like it, was it uncomfortable?"

"At first, but once you were all the way in, it felt so nice, and when you started fucking me, oh my god baby, it was amazing," Anna exalted.

"I'm gonna clean myself up, I can feel you dribbling out of my bum," Anna giggled as she walked over to the bathroom.

I watched as she left, noticing a line of creamy cum trickling from between her butt cheeks.

I heard the flush of the toilet then saw Anna appear in the door way. I was halfway through changing the bed sheets when she returned.

"Be right back," she said before she exited the room and made her way downstairs.

I could hear Anna walking up the stairs as I stepped out of the bathroom, I had just quickly rinsed off my body. I laid down on the bed and watched as Anna walked in, chugging on a bottle of water, her glowing nubile body looked so sexy. She laid down beside me and handed me the half-filled bottle of water. I gulped down the rest and placed the bottle on the side table. Anna curled up into my arms and we started into each other's eyes.

"So, Christmas eve is tomorrow, do you have my present all wrapped and ready for Christmas morning?" Anna asked in a cute, soft, girlish voice.

I nodded.

"Wanna give me a clue?" she asked.

"Nope, it's surprise."

Anna scrunched up her face into an adorable frown,

"Not even an itty bitty clue?"

I kissed her on her forehead,

"Nope," I firmly stated.

"Fine, I guess I'll just have to wait then," Anna replied, finally giving in.

After chatting for a while about Christmas day plans some other things Anna and I eventually fell asleep, our naked bodies pressed together.

When I awoke the next morning it was just past 10am; I was alone on the bed. As per usual, I was dying to take a leak. I approached the closed bathroom door and noticed light coming from inside. I knocked and waited for a response,

"Come in," Anna yelled.

I cautiously opened the door and stepped in. I found Anna sitting on the edge of the tub, her feet hung on the inside, shaving her legs. She looked up at me, dressed only in white cotton panties,

"Morning sweetie," she greeted.

"Morning Anna," I replied as I waltzed over to the toilet.

I lifted the lid and began to pee, leering over to see if Anna took offense. She just casually continued shaving her legs. When I was done, I flushed, closed the lid and washed my hands. After brushing my teeth, I turned to Anna.

"Want some breakfast?" I asked.

"No thanks, I had some coffee and toast," she replied with a smile.

I went downstairs and had some cereal while I checked my email. After breakfast I sat at the couch and turned on the television. Half an hour later, Anna came skipping down the stairs; she had thrown on a white cotton t-shirt but remained in just her panties. She laid down on the couch, stretching her legs out on my lap. I put down the remote control and ran my hand along Anna's long legs; they were so smooth and soft, yet toned.

"Mhmmm, nice and smooth," I commented, then leaned in and kissed Anna's leg just lightly.

Anna giggled at my tickling and playfully thrashed about her feet. I raised my head and leaned back laughing.

"So. . . how's your bum feeling this morning," I asked with a chuckle, reaching under Anna and pinching her butt cheek.

She squealed with laughter until I pulled back my hand.

"It feels okay," Anna replied, faking injury as she rubbed her backside with her hand. We lounged around for a bit then decided to go out. We got changed and headed out the door.

Anna and I spent the day aimlessly wondering around the city, starting off with a walk along the south beach strip. We dined at a bar-b-que joint for lunch then relaxed in the park, enjoying the weather. Anna did some last minute shopping at the mall while I was more than happy to keep her company. When we got home it was late, we took a shower and cuddled on the sofa, watching a movie on Netflix. After the movie we made our way upstairs and went to bed, both unwilling to admit to the other how childishly excited we were about Christmas.

The next morning I was awoken by Anna's gentle nudging on my shoulder. I looked to the clock and saw it was 8:30am. We both sat up and leaned against the wooden bed rest.

"Merry Christmas baby!" Anna excitedly said as she leaned over and kissed me.

"Merry Christmas," I replied, almost equally as excited.

Anna pulled away from my face, and like a nine year old, screamed,


"Me first!" she insisted, holding out an elegantly wrapped box, about 6"x6".

I smiled at her and began unwrapping, inside was a black velvet box.

I looked up to Anna; she seemed more excited that I was.

I opened the box, revealing an astonishingly gorgeous Armani watch, rich textured brown leather band, sophisticated stainless steel round body.

"Babe, this is. . ." I started, but couldn't find the words, I was truly astounded.

"Anna, this is amazing," I finally muttered.

Giddy with excitement, Anna reached over and grabbed my arm,

"Here, try it on!"

Anna wrapped the leather band around my wrist and fastened it,

"Do you like it? If you don't, you can exchange it for something more your style," she stated.

"I love it babe, just the way it is, I love it," I professed, leaning over and kissing her.

"Okay okay, me now!" Anna yelled, pulling her lips from mine.

I reached over to the bedside table and retrieved a wrapped box from the draw. Staring at Anna nervously, I handed her the box.

She grabbed it and immediately began ripping the paper away. Anna stared down at the white cardboard box and opened it. I watched as she stared silently at the contents; a sing bronze key.

She retrieved the key and held it up to me inquisitively. I reached out and clasped both my palms around Anna's hand, the one that was clutching the key. I gazed deeply into her eyes,

"It's a key to my house, I want you to live with me when you come to back Miami for grad school," I explained.

A half-smile made its way across Anna's lips and she stared down to the mattress. I placed my hand beneath her chin and lifted her face back up to me. When I stared into Anna's eyes again, they were welling up with tears. She suddenly lurched forward and wrapped her arms around me,

"I take that as a yes?" I asked.

"Oh god baby yes, yes, I'd love to!" she shrieked.

Anna's grip on me was tight but I managed to pull her face to mines and she kissed me. We finally broke free and I saw a tear rolling down Anna's flush cheek. I wiped it with my finger and she sniffled a bit before I kissed her again. After we calmed down I made my way to the kitchen and started on breakfast. Anna sat at the kitchen counter bar, watching me cook, while she spoke to her folks on the phone.

"Tell them I said merry chirstmas!" I yelled as I flipped the final pancake onto the stack on a plate.

Anna hung up a couple minutes later,

"They said to tell you merry Christmas as well."

We sat down and had breakfast.

After breakfast, Anna and I sat on the couch and planned her move down to Miami. When 11 o' clock rolled around, we got dressed and drove to my parent's house. We spent the rest of the day there, exchanging presents and celebrating Christmas with my parents, some aunts and uncles and some cousins.

When we got home it was close to midnight; Anna and I were exhausted. We trudged upstairs and into the bedroom. I collapsed on the bed while Anna took a shower. I showered after her and we went to sleep.

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