tagLesbian SexOne Fateful Wednesday Morning

One Fateful Wednesday Morning


Chapter One:

Three Days to Go:

Wednesday morning, the last week of term before the Christmas holidays, it was almost here, the moment all teachers live for...freedom...two child free weeks to eat, be sociable...and most importantly, to drink. I'd never been as ready for a break in my life!

I wasn't overly excited about the holiday itself, I was just in desperate need of some time to myself. It was going to be a turkey dinner for one this year since my now ex-girlfriend Amy had decided that jumping into our bed with her previous boyfriend while I was on residential with my class was a perfectly acceptable thing to do, because, and I quote, 'she was lonely and I was never there'...

Amy was the latest in a string of failed romances, although admittedly for the most part this didn't bother me. I had always been a bit of a lone wolf and working the hours I did meant I didn't have much time for girlfriends anyway, besides this I had a fairly expansive toy collection that kept me more than satisfied...most of the time.

As far as I was concerned I had made damn sure that I carved out time to see Amy whenever I could, for us to just be together, enjoying each other's company...more often than not these occasions would end with her begging the Gods for help while her body shook to a mind-blowing orgasm under my touch...not that she was ever eager to return the favour.

I spent a few days after discovering her spread eagle on our bed with that twat laid on top of her wondering if I actually did deserve this, I mean, ironically enough her ex was, physically at least, effectively me in a male body. Short black hair, green eyes, roughly 6ft...granted he didn't have my abs or my b-cup breasts but we did look similar enough. Perhaps it was that I really hadn't been attentive enough or physically there enough and she actually did find me attractive...then one night, when I was laid on the sofa treating myself to a well-earned glass of wine (or two) I watched a couple of episodes of some soap opera or other and found myself reliving the last few days of my life, seeing the woman on the show take her cheating partner back as if nothing had never happened got me so wound up I knew instantly that it was time to stop moping over Amy and to move on with my life.

Which leads me back to today, Wednesday morning, the last week of term before the Christmas holidays.

I had no plans to start any new work with the kids this late into the term so my class had spent the last couple of days making paper snowflakes, playing games and watching Christmas films. It had been snowing on and off all week meaning that they hadn't had much time outside to release some energy...needless to say it had been a loud few days, but hey, the kids were enjoying themselves.

I was hiding behind my computer screen rubbing my temple in an attempt to stop the incoming headache and scrolling through my emails when a quiet voice filtered slowly through the din the kids were making.

"Miss Watson...Sara...Sara? Hellooo...anyone in there?"

I looked up over my screen to see Lucy (or Miss Johnson if you're being professional) the bubbly, somewhat irritatingly cheerful NQT from across the hall smiling down at me. Normally I find it incredibly hard to stop myself from smiling back at her, there's something about her that I find oddly endearing no matter how much she irritates me, but today not even she could drag me out of my funk.

"Hi Lucy," I answer, plastering a small smile on my face, "what can I do for you?"

"Nothing major, don't panic." She smiles again and brushes her long red hair out of her eyes. "This afternoon I've got the Polar Express lined up for my kids to watch, keep them occupied for a couple of hours and all that. But I was thinking maybe I'd start it before lunch and they can have sort of a picnic while they watch and they've got time to watch all of it...I was also thinking that it'd be nice if your class came and joined mine for the film?"

"Erm, yeah," I reply, thinking at least it'll be quiet for a couple of hours, "sounds good to me, I've got nothing planned with them so if you think..."

"Great!" She interrupts. "I've got sweets too so we can get them all hyped up before we send them back to their parents." She laughs as she starts walking away. "See you in an hour or so."

I feel a couple of things as she walks out of my classroom; firstly, a small pang of irritation as I was hoping she was going to take this task on solo...not that I'd have to be there too. But secondly, and perhaps more surprisingly, I find myself experiencing feelings of arousal as I watch her walking away, my mind transfixed by her long hair leading my eyes down her spine to her lovely round, firm ass...

I shake my head a few times as she closes the door behind her and try to stop thinking about how good that ass would look not covered by jeans. She has to be at least ten years my junior...and probably very straight...it's just been a while, I tell myself...nothing I can't take care of tonight with the help of my favourite toy.


Two hours later I gather my class together and take them across the hall to Lucy's classroom, after several arguments over who's sitting next to who and who's in who's space, we finally get all the kids sat down together in the same room. While Lucy hands out sweets and the kids promise with cheeky grins on their faces to eat them after their sandwiches, I sit myself down at a table at the back of the room where I can keep one eye on my laptop and the other on the kids.

"Aren't you going to watch the film?" Lucy asks as she sits down in the chair next to mine.

"Erm, maybe I'll tune in later," I reply, "I just want to get this sorted for next term."

"Next term is miles away," Lucy laughs leaning in to me and squeezing my arm, "here," she passes me a bag of Haribo, "eat these, watch the movie and relax. The last week of term was meant to be a wind down."

Reluctantly I switch off my laptop and open the sweets, I'm trying my best to maintain a happy disposition for the kids in light of the fact it's Christmas and they're so excited but my heart isn't in it. Normally I wouldn't still be working this late into term but when you're feeling down I've often found it's best to try and keep yourself busy...not sit still trying to focus on not letting your mind wander. Especially when what your mind keeps wandering to is sat by your side at the back of a darkened room...


"Polar Express not your cup of tea? " Lucy enquires roughly an hour later as she catches me staring off into space.

"It's not that," I smile, "I just dumped my cheating girlfriend so all I want to do at the moment is drink and wallow in self-pity."

"Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear that." She rests her hand on my knee. "Can I just say though, she must be absolutely insane to risk losing you."

"Thanks," I laugh, trying desperately to ignore the contact, "but I'm..."

"Miss Johnson?" We spin around to find Tom, the headteacher, leaning round the classroom door "Ah, Miss Watson you're here too, excellent. I've got some parents here for you."

"Some parents?" I ask surprised, looking at my watch "There's another two hours to go yet."

"Haven't you seen the weather?" He asks incredulously, giving me a superior look.

"Not from a dark room we haven't no." I snap back as Lucy pauses the film and opens the blinds.

"Oh wow," Lucy gasps looking outside, "ok kids lets go. Time to get your coats on."

The kids grumble a bit when the movie goes off but are soon shouting with glee when they see the snow falling heavily onto the already covered ground outside. I make my way over to where Lucy is still standing beside the window and peer out at the snow. It has to be at least half a foot deep.

"Well," I sigh, "at least I live within walking distance."

"I don't." Lucy says quietly from beside me as the parents make their way in and round up their children.


Ten minutes or so later as more parents arrive to collect their children I glance across at Lucy and see her still staring out the window with a worried look on her face. I sigh inwardly, having company over isn't high on my priorities list at the moment but my conscience kicks in as I watch her and I realise I can't just leave her stranded at school overnight...my decision to invite her over didn't rest completely on this fact (despite what I was telling myself) there definitely is something about her I find her strangely endearing...and I'd also seen Tom hovering in the doorway.

Tom and I had never really connected, mostly due to my lack of interest in men and his utter disbelief that a woman would ever turn him down...but I also didn't like the arrogant way he strutted around the school...or how he behaved when he met pretty, young women...and I was quite keen to keep him away from Lucy.

"Come home with me." I say as I walk over to her.

"What?" She replies drawing her gaze from out the window back to me.

"This afternoon. Once the rest of the kids have gone, come to mine, you can't stay here overnight, you won't have time to walk home before it's dark and I only live about a mile and a half away."

"Oh no, I couldn't do that. You don't want me hanging around when you're at home. I'll just..."

"Lucy," I interrupt, "honestly it's fine. So long as you're ok with drinking wine and eating rubbish I'm sure we'll have a great night."

"I'm ok with those things." She laughs "Thanks Sara, it really means a lot." She squeezes my arm again and our eyes meet properly, Lucy blushes as we stare at each other and promptly turns away to help the last of her kids with his coat.

It takes roughly another forty minutes for the rest of the kids to be collected by their parents and for Lucy and I to get ourselves ready to go. We say goodbye to the other staff members still waiting for parents, avoid passing Tom on the way out and make our way home.

"You didn't pack for heavy snow then?" I ask Lucy when we set off as I note her fairly thin coat, small boots and jeans.

"No," she shivers "I'm gonna be wet and cold tonight. I've got a change of underwear from my PE kit but I'm not sure that'll be much use in this weather."

"It's ok, I'm sure I can lend you something warm to wear when we get to mine. Here, put my scarf on, it probably won't keep you all that much warmer in this but it's worth a try."

"Oh, no, that's ok." She stammers "I'm sure I'll be fine once we get walking."

"Lucy for God's sake just take the scarf. If not for you then do it for me, it'll drive me mad looking at you in hardly any clothes in this weather." I pause for a second and then blush lightly as I realise that despite my innocent intentions, there could possibly have been some sexual undertones to what I just said.

Lucy obviously thinks so as she blushes too and smiles nervously when she takes the scarf from me and wraps it round her neck.

"Ready?" She asks digging her hands deep into her pockets.

"Ready." I nod.

Chapter Two:

Adjusting to Company:

What should've been roughly a twenty-minute walk back to my place actually ends up taking us a staggering two and a half hours, Lucy's lips were blue when we arrived at my front door and I had to help her peel off her coat, shoes and socks she was so cold. I went upstairs, found some dry clothes for her and basically forced her into the bathroom to get a shower and warm up while I changed my clothes and headed for the kitchen to switch the kettle on.


"Hey." A small voice whispers from the kitchen doorway some fifteen minutes later.

"Hey there," I reply turning around to see Lucy leaning against the door-frame, the clothes I lent her burying her five-foot three-inch frame "you look better. Want a drink? I was going to wait for you but I was in desperate need of a cup of tea."

"Tea would be great thanks." She smiles "Thanks for the clothes too by the way, this hoodie is particularly comfy."

"It's one of my favourites," I reply passing her a mug of tea, "it looks good on you though."

She blushes a dark shade of pink as I lead her into the living room and sit her down under a blanket on the sofa. We sit in silence for a while before Lucy clears her throat:

"There's no decorations."

"Hmm?" I enquire.

"That's what's missing. I've been looking round the room trying to figure out what's different and that's it." She pulls the blanket tighter around her body. "I know you probably don't feel like decorating but maybe it'd help cheer you up a bit to get festive?"

"Maybe," I sigh, "are you sure you're warm enough there? You still look really cold. I don't want you getting hypothermic."

"I'll be ok." She smiles. "I feel loads better, just a bit tired. I might just lay down here for a while if that's cool?"

"It's cool." I laugh. Grabbing our empty cups, I take them through to the kitchen and lean against the sink with my back to the window. I think to myself as I stand there that maybe she does have a point. Perhaps putting up some decorations would cheer me up a bit and help take my mind off Amy...I make my way back to the living room and pick up the book I'd been reading, trying my hardest not to stare at the pretty, young woman asleep on my sofa.


A couple of hours later I finally abandon my attempt to read my book and decide that how often I've found myself watching Lucy sleep is starting to get a little bit creepy.

As quietly as I can, I run upstairs and find my Christmas decorations, I stack the few boxes I have in the corner of the room and glance across to the sofa where Lucy is still sleeping soundly. My stomach grumbles as I look up at the clock, it's too late for a huge meal but I am hungry. Walking across to where Lucy is sleeping I kneel down next to her, I can't help myself as I brush some lose hair from her eyes and tuck it gently behind her ear, my fingers resting lightly on her head. She truly is gorgeous, blemish free skin, soft, silky hair, full lips just begging to be kissed...stop it Sara!

"Lucy," I whisper, trying my best to get those thoughts out of my head. She stirs a bit in her sleep, reaches up and laces her fingers through mine sending a warm feeling through my chest, "Lucy..." she opens her eyes slowly "...hey, I'm hungry so I'm gonna just put some toast in. You want some?"

"Mmm, yes please." She whispers back, her eyes widening as she realises her fingers are laced through mine. "Sorry," she gasps sitting up and pulling her hand away, "I just..."

"It's fine, honestly, don't worry about it. I'll be back in a bit."

What the hell am I doing? I shake myself as I re-enter the kitchen and start on the toast. A pretty girl falls asleep on my sofa and suddenly I can't switch my brain off, I had absolutely no reason at all to touch her then! She's too young and cheerful for me, definitely not the person I want to try my luck at a rebound fling with! How awkward would that be for the next god knows how long as work?

I finish sorting the toast and make a point of sitting as far away from Lucy as I can without it looking like I'm avoiding her. I catch her looking at me a couple of times but thankfully she still seems to be too embarrassed about what happened to bring it up again.

I give it another half hour and decide to head upstairs, pausing only to put a toothbrush and some pyjamas on the bed in the spare room for Lucy I quickly head to the bathroom for a shower before bed. I think Lucy opened her mouth to speak as I got up from the sofa but I hurried past her before she could get the words out...


Exhausted from the walk home I fell into a fairly deep sleep, meaning it takes a few long seconds before the soft tapping noise at my door manages to rouse me.

"Sara...Sara, are you awake?" Lucy whispers from the doorway.

"Hmmm." I groan back still mostly asleep.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you, but do you have another spare blanket I could borrow? I just can't seem to get warm."

"Erm, I don't think I do actually." I answer truthfully "Do you think a hot shower would help, or a drink?"

"Maybe...but I don't want to use all your hot water or anything...you'll never invite me round again." Her voice shakes slightly with the cold as she laughs.

"You wanna get in here with me?" I find myself saying, genuinely lost for any other solution. I lift one side of my duvet, inviting Lucy into my bed. She doesn't hesitate and I soon hear her footsteps padding across the carpet and feel her climb into bed beside me.


I fell asleep again shortly after that but awoke perhaps an hour later to Lucy trembling beside me. Turning over I see she's laying facing away from me, I close the distance between us and encourage her to turn to face me.

"Are you sure you're ok?" I whisper.

She gives me a shaky smile and an unconvincing nod. Bringing my hand to her cheek I feel her skin, she's cold but not quite like ice, I slip out of bed and grab her blanket and the other duvet from the spare room. Laying them on top of mine I climb back into bed.

"Better?" I ask.

"Loads better, thanks." She manages to get out through chattering teeth.

"Do you want a hot drink or anything?"

"No thanks. I'm sure I'll warm up soon."

Still not convinced, I sigh and pull her against me, body heat is the best way to warm someone up, right? I wrap my arms around her and she lays her head on my chest, her legs intertwining with mine.

"Try and get some sleep ok?" I whisper "And promise me you'll let me know if you need anything."

"I will do," she nods, "thanks Sara." She stretches up and gives me a shaky kiss on the cheek before settling herself back on my chest and curling her arm protectively around my ribs.


The next morning I woke up to my alarm blaring out at full blast and Lucy missing, I assumed she was in the bathroom as I rolled out of bed. Seeing the snow falling again I decided instantly that school would be closed, climbed back into bed and didn't stir again until gone 9:30. I'm not sure what woke me up but I ambled downstairs and made my way to the kitchen.

I was looking out across the garden from the kitchen window again when a pair of freezing cold hands lifted my shirt and pressed themselves flat against my back.

"Jesus!" I gasp. Lucy giggles and presses herself against my back as I try to escape, trapping her hands between us.

"Don't struggle," she whispers against my ear, "you'll only make it worse."

"Why are your hands so cold?" I gasp again secretly relishing in the feel of her body pressed against mine.

"I went for a bit of a walk, I was checking out the roads to see if maybe my dad could get here to pick me up since I'm stopping with them for Christmas." She lowers her hands to my hips. "I don't think he'll be able to get all the way here but if I walk a bit of the way..."

"You're more than welcome to stay here..." I interrupt, turning around to face her "...until the weather clears up, I mean...you don't need to leave on my account."

"Are you sure?" She asks "I don't want to impose, I can't see them opening school tomorrow but if they do maybe I..."

"Lucy, I promise you, you aren't imposing...I'm enjoying you being here."

I feel a deep blush spreading across my cheeks. What the hell is wrong with me? I never blush! Get a grip Sara!

"Ok, great." She smiles and blushes herself before kissing my cheek "Maybe I could help you decorate?"

"Sounds good, I'll just get dressed and we'll get started." I feel my cheek burn even more where her lips touched my skin as I stumble out of the kitchen...realising when I get half way up the stairs that I've left my tea and cereals half-finished on the kitchen side.

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