tagIncest/TabooOne Final Dare

One Final Dare


"Loser has to do all the winner's housework for the entire month."

That's what my cousin Lauren and I had decided earlier in the day. She was staying with me for the next month while checking out my college and town. She also had a major dislike when it came to cleaning or helping out in any possible way. Bigger than the average person's dislike. But after 4 hours and a series of ties in the broadest range of challenges we could think of, we were still no closer to finding a winner. We were sat opposite each other on my bed, trying to think of one last deciding challenge. At least she was, I was actually just checking her out. Even though she was my cousin, I couldn't help but admire how sexy she was.

Lauren was short and a little bit chubby but in a cute way. It added just the right amount of curve to her hips and ass. Lauren's pale white legs looked so smooth and soft, as my eyes traced up them to the mini skirt she was wearing. She shuffled around giving me a brief flash of her lacy pink panties as she got more comfortable. For a split second I thought she caught me checking her out and I prepared a defence but the accusation never came.

"I finally have it!" She said proudly. My eyes begged her to continue. "Poker. Simple as!"

"Except we have no money, so nothing to bet..." I argued.

"Okay, well..." She closed her eyes tight while she thought hard. "Strip poker!" She proclaimed even prouder than before. "I mean, we're cousins but if one of us, you, get uncomfortable you can always just forfeit."

I thought about my response long and hard, knowing this was the perfect opportunity to get a better look at those pink panties.

"I have a better idea. Strip poker is too long so instead... We strip. One item at a time and whoever forfeits because they're uncomfortable loses." I said with an evil laugh.

"Too easy." Was all she said throwing my plan out the window. I thought a moment longer before coming up with a greater plan.

"We strip each other. Until one of us forfeits..." I replied, hoping to have enticed her into my game.

"What if we both just end up naked?" She asked.

"Well, then we come up with a new challenge!" She eyed me up, curious and angrily for at least 2 minutes before walking straight up to me and pulling my Jimmy Eat World sweatshirt up over my head.

"Game on, bitch!" She snarled at me, giving me this grin that sent chills up my spine as I decided which piece of clothing would come off first. Eventually I decided it had to be her socks, they would also give me my first chance to touch her soft skin.

"Hmmm, on your knees already, huh?" She giggled as I knelt down before her. "May as well give up while you're down there!" 
I laughed, looking up at her, our eyes meeting. A new plan formed in my head. My smile widened as I grasped either side of her waist. "Not... A... Chance..." I whispered pulling down her mini skirt so her thong covered snatch was mere inches from my face.

Lauren immediately pulled away, covering herself. I laughed at her again as I got to my feet again. Easy victory I thought to myself. She clearly hated my laughter because she pushed me back down onto the bed, grabbing my shirt and pulling it over my head. As the shirt fell away from my body, I could have sworn I could see Lauren's eyes tracing my body up and down. I smirked at her, while she stood nervously in front of me. I pondered my next move carefully. Did I go in for the kill early, pulling her panties off? Or did I draw it out, taking off her socks first? Perhaps neither, perhaps I go for her top and get my first sight of the large sexy boobs so perfectly outlined by her tight shirt.

The top had to go, I eventually decided. I climbed off the bed, my body nearly touching hers, so close that I could almost feel her every inhale and exhale of breath. My hands grasped at her waist once more, this time they slid upwards over her sides as I pulled her top off. Lauren gasped as my hands slide over the sides of her ample breasts, pulling her top away from her body.

"So we're allowed to make this as uncomfortable as allowed then?" She said breathlessly. 
"I'm pretty sure that's the whole point!" I said with a laugh. She snarled at me, before smirking. It was obvious a plan had come into her mind. She knelt down before me and started pulling at my jeans. She grabbed two thick handfuls and yanked them away. The only problem was my underwear went with them in her handfuls of clothes. My growing cock was exposed to her, mere centimetres from her face. In fact, if the slightest wind was to blow through, my tip probably would have tapped her right on the lips.

"Oops..." She said, giggling. The smirk on her face said it all, that obviously wasn't an accident.

"Oh well, just means I get to take two things off too then." I said, immediately jumping on the opportunity. She frowned at me but obviously accepted I had outsmarted her. She pulled the jeans away from one leg and as she pulled them away from the other I seized the perfect opportunity to win the competition. Not that I was completely sure that's what I wanted anymore. As I stepped out of the jeans I feigned losing my balance and tripped a step forward. It had the exact effect I desired. My cock swung forward and met Lauren's plump lips perfectly, tapping them firmly enough to feel the damp resonance of her spit on my cock as I pulled away.

"Oh fuck..." Lauren exclaimed. "Can you fucking be careful? I'd rather not take a cock in the eye or some shit!" She continued, looking rather startled but not overly upset. I just laughed as she climbed back to her feet. "Well come on! Take it off then." She turned away expecting me to unclip her bra. I ignored her though, kneeling behind her so my face was close enough to her curvy butt that she would have been able to feel my breath on it. I reached around her waist, sliding my fingers under her lacy pink thong. I slowly took it down, my fingers tracing along the inside and then the outside of her thick sexy thighs. As soon as I got it to her feet, I led her to the bed and sat her right on the end, kneeling between her legs.

"Woah, hold on... What are you doing?" Lauren asked uncertainly. I just smiled back at her. 
"You can quit at any time, you know that?" I laughed back, knowing she wouldn't, not at this stage. She glared at me, silently. "Good. Now Lift your feet up onto the bed and lay back." She obeyed my command and lay back, staring at me between her legs. I lifted one foot off the bed into my hands and slowly pulled the sock away from her foot.

With her positioning and willingness to submit to me, it gave me a perfect look at her shaved snatch which was clearly getting wetter by the second. I wanted to just lean in and have a taste but I knew I couldn't rush ahead, even if my now rock hard cock was begging for me to do exactly that. When I had finished, Lauren got off the bed and made me sit in a similar position to her except sitting upright.

"We may as well just do the last two at once?" She said as she knelt between my thighs, how could I say no to that. So I nodded in agreement, she smiled and rested one hand mere finger widths away from my cock while the other pulled at the first sock. She tugged at the sock until it eventually came free. She rocked, losing her balance as it came free and the hand resting near my cock ended up grabbing me for support.

"Oops..." She said with a cheeky smile, as we both realised the support she had grabbed was my rock hard member. "I'll just keep going, okay?" She smiled and didn't let go of my cock, but as she readjusted so she could grab my other sock, her hand teased my cock up and down. "Sorry, just a natural reaction to holding one of these." She joked. But as she pulled at my sock, her cock holding hand teased me more and more. Eventually the sock came free and she released my cock. There was something about the way my cousin held my cock that made me immediately feel like I was seconds from firing a thick load of cum.

"My turn..." I whispered as I pulled her to her feet and lead her to my dresser. I made her stand in front of the large mirror that sat atop it. I tugged at the bra straps on her shoulders, pulling them down her arms so they hung loose. I wrapped one arm around her, my hand resting on her right breast so the bra couldn't come away without me seeing. Lauren sighed, breathlessly and just loud enough for me to hear. I twisted the bra clips loose and watched the bra start to fall away from he body. The only thing that held it there was my strong hand firmly cupping her large breast, and that soon released her.

"Fuck..." I breathed into her ear as the bra dropped away from her body and her perfect naked form was reflected to me in the mirror. Her supple tits, nipples harder than two perfect diamonds. Her curvy figure was guiding my eyes to Lauren's glistening vulva, my cock twitching and throbbing against her ass as it begged to be allowed into her warmth.

"Hurry up and get my sock off so I can give you your next dare!" She begged. I complied, as quick as I could. It took all my inner strength not to bend her over and start tongue fucking her sweet snatch as I knelt behind her. It was even harder when I had to lift her foot, she was practically dripping just inches from my mouth.

"Okay... wow... fuck..." She was breathless and obviously aroused as I stood back up, sock in hand. "We fuck... first to cum, loses." She fired the idea with a very happy look on her face.

"Loses for today." I shot back.

"So... This is going to be daily then?" She said very curiously.

"Damn fucking straight!" I said, dragging Lauren over to the bed and throwing her down on all fours. She started to beg for it and as I placed my cock at her entrance, I didn't even hesitate. I pushed inside and started to thrust slowly.

I started to pick up my pace as she started to moan louder and louder, I knew at this rate I wouldn't last very long. I reached around and began to tease Lauren's clit, making her purr and moan. Her body started to buck and push back into me with every thrust.

"Fuck... Don't stop. Cum in my pussy." She moaned loudly. I didn't need a second invitation. I thrust harder and faster as I continued to tease her clit. "Don't stop... Don't stop! I'm... ohhhhh... I'm cumming!!" She was breathlessly moaning the words as her body collapsed under mine. I stopped teasing her clit so I could grab two handfuls of her thick thighs and fucked her harder and harder. I felt my entire body tense as Lauren moaned beneath me, her eager cunt begging for cum.

"Take it! Take my cum, Lauren! Take your cousin's cum!" I moaned and last few words as the thick ropes of cum began to fire from my cock and fill her begging snatch. Each shot felt even better than the last until eventually my cock slowed it's canon like firing and I slid out of Lauren's pussy, along with plenty of my cum. I collapsed on the bed next to her, huge smile on my tired face.

"You lose, little cousin." I said smirking at her blissful face. She closed her eyes and reached back, taking some of the cum leaking from her pussy and tasting it.

"Maybe this time... But, just wait until what I have in store for you tomorrow!"

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous02/17/18

Very erotic!!!

Love your story!!! I have one cousin who is the sexual deviant of the family... We have also had naked fun together. She got married a few years ago, and she does admit to having a wild.past!!

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by SupportMain42012/08/17

Well written.

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by Anonymous12/06/17


I actually have a cousin named Lauren, got real excited reading this one! Thanks :D

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